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Expert Socky's Expert Sprites!

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Expert Socky, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. SilverCloudCatcher02

    SilverCloudCatcher02 is not here.

    Your request is a little confusing, can you fill out in a form?

    Well only Maletrix can do that (unless if the other people can do it) and I have no idea where he went
  2. SilverCloudCatcher02

    SilverCloudCatcher02 is not here.

    [​IMG]I hope this what you wanted...
  3. plusleandminun

    plusleandminun Well-Known Member

    It is great but can you make it the same as the banner size limits
  4. SilverCloudCatcher02

    SilverCloudCatcher02 is not here.

  5. [aka]

    [aka] Well-Known Member

    thx for the fusion
  6. Expert Socky

    Expert Socky Now Squeeks.

    Well, everyone I have an announcement! I am going to make a new shop with a whole bunch of new things! Any of my workers who still want to work for me can just pm me.
  7. ioioio

    ioioio New Member

    hey can u plz make me a chaos seel, a pokekirby meowth, an egg and a pokeball walrein with th pokeball in body?

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