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Explorers of the unknown


Alvion Region it is!
Explorers of the unknown sign up {Fixed}

Explorers of the unknown sign up

Explorers of the unknown:

Twenty-two years ago: Areas west of the Kanto/Johto regions started experiencing tremors that registered up to 9.8 on the Richter scale and tsunamis up to one-hundred and fifty feet in height, but surprisingly, the phenomenon never affected every day life in any regions in the area, using hi-tech equipment, geologists and marine biologists went out to the epicenter of the strange happenings and figured out that the quakes and waves were not the cause of what was originally thought to be the doings of Kyogre and Groudon, but were not pokémon related , instead was the breaking of the sea floor and a less dense rock breaking through.

Twenty years ago: The once mysterious tremors had finally ceased to happen, but one week after the sudden stop, a record breaking 13.9 Earthquake ripped through the zone now claimed as “The unknown”, causing multiple 9.0 through 9.6 aftershocks in the end and completely flooding cities like Cinnabar Island, Vermilion city, Pallet town, and multiple Johto region cities, after the aftershocks ended a ship named the S.S Celadon set sail to “The unknown” with more geologists and a news group that was to capture footage of the event’s aftermath, this is what they captured on tape:

News reporter: "This is PNN, the pokémon news network we are here on the S.S Celadon and we are witnessing a once in a lifetime phenomenon, an entire continent is raising from the depths of the ocean due to some bizarre tectonic activity! We are getting reports from geologists that this land is in fact an Island that sunk into the ocean two hundred thousand years ago. We are unsure if any pokémon are on the island, or if there or will ever be any. Whoa! Josh you're getting this right?" The news reporter said as massive waves started rocking the boat.
"Yeah Teresa, I think we should head inside this is getting to dangerous." The cameraman responded.
"Oh quit being such a ba..." She said before being cut off by a near deafening roar from a nearby volcano.
"I'm going inside." Josh said frightened.
"Good idea we have to let the captain know that we have to turn ba... What the hell?" after that the camera was shut during a loud roar and the boat doused in flames.

The ship never docked or was ever head from after that, after ten years and countless search parties that recording was found, half melted, along with the charred remains of the S.S Celadon. No bodies were found, only the burned shadows were the only proof that nobody made it off the ship, people that searched the ship reported that it crashed into three islands that were completely identical to each other in every way except that on was topped with Ice, another topped with a never ending flame and the third, covered in Lava. The continent was not explored due to the high radiance of heat during the day and the unforgiving cold at night. Six years ago, the first plants were noticed at the shorelines of the unknown and Wingull were seen on the beaches. Two weeks ago the first settlers explored the islands and part of the mainland, finding no threats of making settlements there. Now, the governments from all the regions have started offering young adults the chance to visit the new lands. Of hundreds of hopefuls, only eight were chosen to discover new adventures…

This is where you come in...

Name: (First, Last)
Age: (13-19)
Gender : ( Male/Female)
Physical Description: (At least one full informational paragraph)
Personality: (One full paragraph, two would be awesome though)
History: (two full paragraphs about your characters life before the voyage)
Pokémon: (Name of pokémon (NOTE: you may have a fakemon, you just have to fill out brackets and I must find the pokémon legit in everything (No psuedo-ledgendary stats, abilities, etc.etc)))

Pokémon Name: (Nickname or actual name)
Pokémon gender: (Male/ Female or genderless)
Pokémon Ability: (Normal or dream world)
Pokémon Personality: (At least one solid paragraph)
Pokémon level: (no higher than 10)

Fakemon only:

[*type]: (Any combination of one or two types)

[*physical description]: (What it looks like, it must be very good description, or at least a good looking picture)

[*Ability]: (Must not be Wonder guard or any weather altering abilities)

[*Height]: (Keep it decent for a first stage)

[*weight]: (Same with Height)

[*evolution chain]: (may be only one stage, cannot be more than three stages)

{Moves}: (Okay, this might be tough for some of you, but if you cant think of all the moves right away okay, no problem, just
PM or VM me to let me know)

LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----
LevelX: -----


Example: (My character)

Name: Volk Fellingrad

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Volk is a tall (6'0) boy that weighs about one-hundred and fifty-three pounds and has light blond hair, A masculine face that complements his athletic body. He is very hyper and He has a Slavic accent that points where his family’s origins are. He has a scar on his right wrist where he had to get surgery due to breaking his wrist when he was twelve.
He always wears a Leather jacket no matter what the weather, along with a White ***-shirt with a blue stripe down the Middle-right side and blue jeans that are slightly faded.

Personality: Volk is a rather outgoing kid what is rather erratic on what he does, he claims he's "Krunk" about almost anything good that happens. He never has a problem meeting people but has a problem with being quiet when needed. he's smart, but not Intelligent, he doesn't know much about exploration but knows how to survive.

History: Volk was born in Mossdeep medical center and lived there until His family moved to a distant region when he was only three. He soon excelled in people skills, when he was younger, he showed a strong like for sports but his dreams were cut short when he was walking down a mountain trail and the ledge snapped causing him and his family to fall off a eighty foot drop, him and his family were missing for days until a rangers pokemon that is native only to that region found him as a survivor along with his father, X-rays showed that he suffered extensive damage to his wrist, a simple surgery helped him from losing his arm, but his father died about a week later from irreversible brain damage and internal bleeding. The local gym leader took him in and taught him everything about the steel type pokemon. During his high school career he excelled in the sport of football but was unable to finish region finals due to his wrist giving out during a play. After the team lost the game he tried reclusing himself but ended up failing at that, during his graduation he got news that the government had personally selected him to go to the new region

Pokemon: Spikee

Pokemon Name: Spikee
Pokemon gender: genderless
Pokemon Ability: Levitate
Pokemon Personality: Spikee is rather timid pokemon who prefers to stay hidden in his pokeball at most times. He will become playful during the night, around the time Volk starts winding down to sleep, which causes some problems in thier trainer- pokemon bond, although they have diffrences, Volk and Spikee are inseperable due to the fact that spikee can become very dependent.
Pokemon level: 7

[*type]: Steel/Poison

[*physical description]: Picture of full stage:

[*Ability]: Levitate

[*Height]: 1'00

[*weight]: 45 Lbs

[*evolution chain]: Spikee -lv 25-> Spiker -lv 36-> Spiketor

Level 1: Tackle
Level 1: Defense Curl
Level 5: Poison sting
Level 7: Spikes
Level 13: Spike cannon
Level 17: Protect
Level 22: Rapid spin
Level 30: Signal beam
Level 36: Rollout
Level 37: Iron head
Level 40: Synthesis
Level 67: Explosion

Level 25: Wrap
Level 25: Constrict
Level 36: Rollout
Level 37: Iron Head
Level 40: Mega Drain
Level 50: Wring out
Level 67: Explosion


Level 36: Rollout
Level 45: Giga Drain
Level 47: Giga Impact
Level 55: Hyper Beam
Level 56: Repeater Charge
Level 67: Explosion


if you are denied, you have three more tries to get in, there are going to be a total of eight slots open including mine


Volk (LegnaK) - Spikee (Fakemon)

Major (Mlcclm09) - Axew (Abel)
Chimera (The Jewel of Life) - Amare (Swoobat), Gladius (Yellow Quarrush), Nullum (Green Quarrush), Celeriter (Electoid)



--Too late (put on if someone drops)



-No spamming (I mean if it's only you and one other person posting, DO NOT GO ON AND ON, please if it's just you two, no more than five posts each in unison. (Kinda hypocritical because I did that to what shoulda been a epic RP and I killed it :( )
- No controling of other players (unless I have a message from them giving you permission)
- No God Modding (As in stopping a waterfall.)
- Light swearing is allowed (Don't go overboard like someone with torrets syndrome or a sailor)
- No instant evolving (Unless with a stone or trading someone.)
- NO FLAMMING (That's a big one.)
- no trolling
- no bumping (unless I give the okay)
- no overly sexual content (I'm sure you know what I mean, No bleah words that describe anything!)

These are the ship names you'll be on, depending in your starting region

Names of ships:
Kanto: S.S Vermillion
Johto: S.S Vermillion (*Same ship)
Hoenn: S.S Liberty
Sinnoh: S.S Explorer
Unova: S.S Freedom
Unknown (Fake) Regions: S.S Leviathan)
-- All ships will dock at same dock --

(NOTE: all pokemon found on island will be any pokemon from generations 1-5 and non ledgendary , the only Fakemon on there are the legends)
(NOTE: there will be a lot of talking)
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Okay first things first. This is way too short. The minimum word count for a forum RPG is 400 words, this is just over 200. Bare in mind that the sign up does not count towards the word count =P

As for the plot...I'm a little confused as to why the government would let YOUNG adults visit an island that has caused the deaths of multiple people that have visited it before o_O...that is one uncaring government if you ask me....I highly recommend you change that, because at the moment I'm not really buying it. I dunno, perhaps they can be a bunch of explorers that just happen across the land or rebel against the government and go in search of the island despite the warnings. Hell they could even be shipwrecked from the last crew that visited....

You definitely need more back story too. I'm sorry but a news report does not sum up what has happened. Why has this island suddenly appeared? Why has no one discovered it before? Why now has it decided to emerge? There are so many questions that are left unanswered. You say that the government has allowed these people to visit yet you gave no reason...

You really need to fill in the blanks. I'm still a little confused as to what kind of plot you are trying to set. What are these people expected to do when they arrive on the island?

I know I've been overly harsh on your first RPG...but its just advice and I cant allow you to continue until you reach the minimum word count anyways, so I thought I'd give you a few pointers? If you can call them that =P It's your RPG you make it what you will, but until it fits the rules I cant let it go ahead. So if you edit, then I will allow it to continue =)


Delta Hunter

The G-Rank MH
i would like a reservation. would it be okay if i modeled my fakemon off a monster from monster hunter freedom unite? It has a wiki if you need a reference


Name: Major Carr

Age: 15

Gender : Male

Physical Description: Major has tanned skin, the color of Hoenn sand. He has dirty blonde hair that matches perfectly with his skin tone. He has chestnut colored eyes, that blend all the shades of brown together. His eyes seem to show of loneness that not many could understand. He has a small body, that is built with low shoulders and long legs and arms. Major wouldn't be considered small, but more on the line of an athletic lean build up. There are many details to Major's body such as indents on one ear, or a long scar on his left hand where he was burned on with the oven when he was seven. Major's outfit consist of a t-shirt in all the seasons but winter, where he would wear a long sleeve polo. A pair of blue jeans, sometimes one-eyed jeans. And black or blue converse. Also he wears about fifth-teen wristbands on his right wrist.

Personality: Major is a very closed up person. He keeps everything to himself and doesn't speak much, for two reasons. One, he knows that anything he says can be used against him later in life. Two, he doesn't have much to say. Major, though he may not talk much, is very nice once you get to know him. He is very helpful and encouraging, most of the time. Since the shipwreck, Major has become somewhat depressed. He strays away from crowds and friends, and sometimes, he doesn't talk all day. Major is very smart and is an honor student. Even though he's somewhat depressed, he won't let his grades slip. He knows they mean to much to his parents. When he grows up, he wants to be a pokemon professor.

History: Major has lived a prosperous life, with little bumps in the road. He was born in Driftveil City. His dad was Clay's son. Soon, they family moved to Undella Town, by the crystal blue waves. Next, they bought a house in the Twist Mountains. Soon, Major would travel with his parents back and forth between Undella Town and the mountain home. Why did they switch back and forth? Because Major's parents were Geologist, meaning that they studied rock area of Earth, including the tectonic plates, in which they specialized in. The reason they owned two houses because the Undella Bay area is right over a plate. And the Twist Mountains are too.

Soon, Major has started school, made friends, and grew up. And so did his parents job. Kanto was experiencing tectonic plate movement, so Major's parents would have to take frequent trips to Kanto, so they could help. Finally, they concluded that for Major's birth month, February, they would stay. This year, Major was turning thirteen. The biggest surprise was that he was getting a pokemon! Once he got his first pokemon, Major started to play with it, show it off to his friends, and train it a bit! Soon, Major had had it for two years. That same month of his fifth-teenth birthday, Major's parents set out on a ship to investigate the new islands. But they never came back.

Pokémon: Axew

Pokémon Name: Abel

Pokémon gender: Male

Pokémon Ability: Rivalry

Pokémon Personality: Abel is a baby Axew, according to nature, and Major. Abel is very confident and will take on any opponent. Thus, usually making bad results. Abel though, is considered to be extremely cute! Many people just want to squeeze him tight! Abel is somewhat strong. He can take many opponents. Abel is one of the only beings in the world that will instantly make Major smile.

Pokémon level: 10

Pokemon Moves: Scratch, Leer, Assurance, Dragon Rage
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Alvion Region it is!
@Mlcclm09 = Accepted, I should let you know that the celadon shipwrecked five years before he was born.

EDIT: Okay, I'm sorry, it's bothering me that his parents were on the ship, can you please change that?
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Not be a smart Alec, but I said a ship, because I did the math, so I put them on a ship, but not the SS Celadon.


Oaky, cool! Glad to help clear that up.


Alvion Region it is!
Okay, so, deltakurumiru4 it's your deadline but, to be lenient, I'm giving you until Friday... I'd hate to deny you but I have great expectations for this Rp. Thanks. On another note, Mlcclm09 you will be aboard the s.s freedom.

Delta Hunter

The G-Rank MH
sorry, i have more things to do and school has been kicking me in the pants. i have to drop the reserve

The Jewel of Life

A Gift From Arceus
A roleplay where we can use fakemon? FRICK YES. Now all I have to do is choose from my 100+ fake buddies that I came up with... /has waaaaay too much time on her hands.

Also, can we have more than one pokemon? Bah, who cares. My trainer is experienced and I shall give her a few. I will edit if you want me to though.

Name: Chimera Henry

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Physical Description: At about five feet and seven inches, Chimera is not the tallest, but she is certainly not the shortest either. She is about medium weight and, if she does say so herself, has decent-sized breasts. Chimera's hair is dark golden in color and fades almost to a deep brown as it reaches her roots and tips. Typically, Chimera will keep her rather long hair tied in a ponytail with her black hair tie down near the base of her back so that only about six or seven inches hang down below it. While Chimera herself describes her eye color as "forest green", they are really more of a light, gold-green color like a pale herb of some kind. Because she has been on the go for almost six years, Chimera has spent a lot of time in the sun and is quite tan as a result. Although Chimera is usually busy or in too campish (and yes that is a word I just made it up :D) a setting, she still manages to put on makeup, usually in the form of dark green eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara, as well as cover-up for her troublesome pimples. Chimera doesn't like to use lipstick, but her lips do glitter a little because of her sparkly chapstick.

For clothing Chimera chooses to wear a v-neck shirt with some kind of matching tank top every day. I suppose that at the beginning of this role-play she will be wearing a white shirt with a gold pokeball design in the lower left corner and a matching gold tank top. Regardless of the weather, Chimera chooses to wear her durable, olive-green jacket every day. I would guess it is kind of like one of those detective jackets, if you know what I mean, only not so long. While her pants vary greatly from day to day, At the start of this game Chimera will be wearing yellowish-tan khakis that are quite ripped up at the base simply because they are a little too long and she steps on them often. Which brings me to the last part of her outfit: shoes. A pair of beat up old tennis shoes will do. How about brown. Yeah, let's go with that.

Personality: Ah Chimera, the strong, silent type I would say. She doesn't often speak to others unless she is spoken to and she prefers to keep her distance from large crowds. Being a logical person, Chimera bases all of her arguments and beliefs on evidence and she almost always judges people by their appearance. She likes to think of herself as a super fancy-shmancy detective or archaeologist like Sherlock Holmes or Indiana Jones. In reality, Chimera is good at figuring things out based on observation, but not that good. She does read books, however, and knows a lot because of them. Due to her immense interest in pokemon, Chimera made an effort to commit most of their names to memory as well as quite a few of their types, and she was careful to do plenty of research on her own pokemon. When around her pokemon or other people, Chimera will be the one who tries to logic things out and put pieces of a puzzle together, and this is partly because she very much enjoys challenges and puzzles. All in all, we have Chimera's description of her own personality: Indiana Jones + Sherlock Holmes + Spock = me and I am awesome. And my definition of Chimera's personality? A wannabe of the above combination who actually works toward such a result. So, yes, a hard worker indeed.

History: It all started in a beautiful town called Icirrus, Unova where Chimera was born. The lovely couple who birthed and raised her were known as William and Molly Henry, a not too rich but not too poor family who had no children until the arrival of Chimera. After a few years went by, however, Chimera's younger sister Desiree was born. The Henry family favored unusual first names in order to compensate for their rather boring last one. Chimera grew up ice skating on the small ponds that gathered around the city and listening to the tales of legends and dragons and legendary dragons. In short, life in Icirrus was peaceful and fun.

The very minute Chimera gained a second digit to her age, she also gained an annoying voice for her need for a pokemon. It took about ten, maybe eleven seconds of nonstop "I WANT A POKEMON PLEASE GET ME A POKEMON POKEMON NOW POKEMON I'M OLD ENOUGH POKEMON PLEASE IF I SAY IT ENOUGH YOU WILL HAVE TO GIVE ME A POKEMON SO GIVE IT TO ME NOW etc." before the reluctant parents of Chimera Henry took her to the local pokemon center and asked about how she could go about receiving a pokemon. As luck would have it, a trainer who was staying there for the night happened to have a pokemon egg, and because he didn't really want it, he offered it to Chimera. Ecstatic with the prospect of getting to travel all around the Unova region with her pokemon buddy, Chimera sat over the egg and stared it down until it finally hatched into her first partner: a woobat she called Amare. And so began Chimera's travels throughout Unova.

After a few years of traveling around Unova, Chimera's thirteenth birthday rolled around and as a gift her parents bought her a ticket that would allow her to board a ship that was bound for the vast region to the south: Fantaea (and what region is that? Mine. 'Nuff said). Upon arrival there Chimera set out to a new goal. Having only attempted to collect three of the Unova badges and having had almost no fun doing so (mostly because she lost all three times), Chimera decided that she would try to raise and capture the rarest pokemon she could. That is what led her to the quarrush line. She never managed getting her pokemon to the final stage, but the stage is set for her to complete that goal once she reaches the mysterious islands that have now captured her attention.



Pokémon Name: Amare (Swoobat)

Pokémon gender: Male

Pokémon Ability: Unaware

Pokémon Personality: Amare is a very friendly and open pokemon. He loves life and living and is really just happy all of the time. Whether he be battling or just spending time with his trainer, Amare is a happy pokemon. Or maybe he just seems happy, because quite frankly, it is hard to be that happy all of the time.

Pokémon level: Ten is fine, seeing as it was her first pokemon and evolves by friendship.

Pokémon Name: Gladius (Yellow Quarrush)

Pokémon gender: Male

Pokémon Ability: Levitate

Pokémon Personality: Gladius is a lean, mean, fighting machine. He loves to battle, battle and battle. His entire life is dedicated to charging headfirst into fights against wicked powerful opponents. The sad part of his personality? Gladius is the weakest pokemon on the team.

Pokémon level: Six

Pokémon Name: Nullum (Green Quarrush)

Pokémon gender: Male

Pokémon Ability: Levitate

Pokémon Personality: Nullum doesn't pay much attention to other pokemon. He is dutiful and loyal to his trainer, but she is pretty darn close to the only thing he cares about, at all. To tell the truth, if Nullum was on fire he probably wouldn't notice, which ends up making him excellent in battles because as long as he is not fainted he still stands ready to fight as if nothing had happened.

Pokémon level: Seven

Pokémon Name: Celeriter (Electoid)

Pokémon gender: Male

Pokémon Ability: Minus

Pokémon Personality: Celeriter is constantly on the move, bothering his trainer, bothering her other pokemon, bothering wild pokemon, bothering other trainers, and all around just bothering the crap out of the universe. Many times has Chimera debated dumping him for another electoid, but given how rare they are and how they most likely all behave similarly due to being just a high energy species, she has decided against it.

Pokémon level: Nine



Height-Seven inches
Weight-Approximately one pound.
Appearance- A rather humanoid pokemon that walks on all fours. It has is a solid color with a box over it's butt that resembles the buttoned butt flaps on the clothing of toddlers and it's face is a white shade in contrast to the rest of it's body. It appears to be wearing a hood with a sphere on the very tip, a little like a santa hat. They can be either purple, green, or yellow. It has a long flexible tail

Yellow Quarrush => Positoid
Green Quarrush => Neutroid
Purple Quarrush => Positoid (attack is higher) or Neutroid (defense is higher)

Height-Two feet and six inches
Weight-Approximately seven and a half pounds
Appearance-A humanoid pokemon that is solid red in color with a salmon pink belly that has a white plus sign on it. It's face is also white. On the top of it's head it has a trident like crest that reaches down onto it's forehead and gives it an angered look. It has a long, flexible tail with a spade tip.

Height-Two feet and eight inches
Weight-Approximately ten pounds
Appearance-A humanoid pokemon that is solid brown in color with a tan belly that has a white "O" on it. It's face is also white. The top of it's head forms a crescent-like shape with a hollow on the very top. It has a short, flexible tail.

*Basic Stage Electroid:
Height- Two feet even
Weight-Approximately Five pounds
Appearance- A humanoid pokemon that is solid blue in color with a cyan belly that has a white minus sign on it. It's face is also white. It has three long growths that run along it's head in a streamlined manner. It has two long, flexible tails that it spins like propellers.

Positoid + Neutroid + Electroid (all three fuse into one) => Atocalypse

Type-Psychic and Steel
Ability- Radiation (cuts the foe and self by one sixteenth HP every turn)
Height- Six feet and nine inches
Weight- Approximately ninty one pounds
Appearance- A humanoid pokemon that is with with a yellowish-green belly that continues on to color it's tail. The tail is very long and flexible and ends in a spherical tip. The forearms of this pokemon form hollow tanks where electric green dna strands can be seen connecting the elbow to the hand. The face of this pokemon is the same color of it's belly and is surrounded by two rings with two balls of light zipping around each. It's head has the same streamlined protrusions as electroid, but angled in such a manner as positoid. There is a darker green "O" that stands out on its belly. It floats in the air with it's legs crossed.

That is it for now. I will add the moves later.