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Exploud and Clear! (342)


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Sheer Cold said:
The animation was tons better than the Ursaring one, that was just utterly terrible.
It wasn't that bad... :/

Anyway, I forgot to say that they should have had a flashback of Charizard, concerning Loudred's/Exploud's disobediance. Or at least they should have mentioned it. Funny, it took Ash a heck of a lot longer to re-bond with Charizard than it took Gai to do so with his Pokemon. I guess that's because Gai saved Exploud out of caring for it a lot sooner than Ash did to Charizard (Gai pushed Exploud out of the way of James' cork-canon/Ash warmed Charizard up in "Charizard Chills!", after it froze from Tad's Poliwrath's Ice beam, not to mention Ash's Primeape, and how it was saved).

Also, I think lately James' voice has been getting a bit closer to his normal old ways. It wasn't as silly, especially during the motto. But it was very subtle, so maybe I was imagining things out of my hopes and dreams. :/

Edit: Max: It was a joke, please don't hurt me! (lol)
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*swoons for Noland*
Why is Ash so dumb?

They start glowing (Loudred and Treecko). "Uhhh...what's going on?"

Come on! His Pokemon evolved before you'd think you tell by now. His stupidity is what's getting old.

Other than that, yay for the evolution finally. Though it totally gives away who Ash will use in Norman's gym battle.


i missed it

:(:(:(:(:( i missed the episode but i saw it thanx to serebii on the picture thing, i hope grovyle evolves into a sceptile

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jolteonjak said:
Why is Ash so dumb?

They start glowing (Loudred and Treecko). "Uhhh...what's going on?"

Come on! His Pokemon evolved before you'd think you tell by now. His stupidity is what's getting old.
The other trainer didn't seem to realize it either at first. Pokemon glow when performing certain attacks, and sometimes when powering up as well, so it's reasonable it would be confusing at times. Still, I agree it is a bit tiring having them act like they have no clue at all what is happening. I much prefer the times they've said things like "is it evolving?" or "I think it's evolving."

Wing said:
they kept the old Grovyle's voice. (I was REALLY pulling for him getting a deeper voice. Ah well. I was wrong on Zangoose, and I'm wrong on this.
I thought it was fairly different (and better) than the old Grovyle voice. And really, a low voice wouldn't suit the lithe Grovyle (it really didn't suit Zangoose).

As much as I would have liked a more animalistic call like Charizard or what Grovyle's Japanese voice is like (I haven't heard it personally), Ash's Grovyle's strikes me as a "good" dub voice as it retained personality.

Exploud's voice on the other hand... it was so annoyingly repetitive, had virutally no emotion and its tone varied very little.

On another note, I'd like it if they'd have Grovyle start using Slam. The attack is basically identical to Pound but more powerful and it'd be nice to see Grovyle advance in that way. But then again attacks don't exactly have power levels in the anime like in the games.


Team Awesome
I liked this episode a lot. It was definitely an improvement over last week's disappointing episode (I saw the Gulpin episode a second time and I'm still underwhelmed). It was great to see Treecko evolve, and I bet a lot of his bad attitude at the beginning stemmed from the previous episode. It made for interesting viewing.

The best part of all, though, had to be the last act. As much as I love Team Rocket's motto, Ash's interruption and Team Rocket's reaction were just plain hilarious. :D I liked James wondering if he meant they're getting old or the motto is. LOL The motto's certainly not old to me. :D

Edited to correct myself, I just watched the episode again yesterday. :p
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Yay! it is about time! Treecko evolved! Yahoo! this was one of the best episodes I have ever seen!


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It had a lot of funny expressions, too.
Geodude said:
It had a lot of funny expressions, too.

lol! that is one of the funnest pic ever!

EDIT FROM DOGASU: There's no need to quote all the pictures that you did. It just makes it annoying for all those dial-up users.

Pinky the Mew

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You know what bugged me was that Ash didn't bother to mention any of his own pokemon. And thier disobeidient problems(Primape/Charizard). He IS the most experienced trainer there (not counting Brock). He acted as if this was a new learning experience. Pretty stupid and frustrating to me.


True, Ash could've mentioned all his disobedient pokemon. Charmeleon/Charizard, Primeape, Haunter, Snorlax, Totodile. I though Grovyle was using Vine Whip when it used Pound.


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Heh...you should know very well that the Treecko line can't learn Vine Whip. :p

This is the scene from this ep in Japanese where Grovyle first used Leaf Blade to cut off a new twig for itself. If you've never heard its Japanese voice, listen to this, and compare it to the dub voice.


I new Grovyle can't learn Vine Whip, thats why I was so confused until they said it was Pound.

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Though I haven't seen the dub yet, I just saw the Japanese version of this one - and I must say, there was some fine direction in this episode. I love the use of darker outlines whenever a close-up is used, it makes the art look a lot more interesting. And the facial expressions in this one were great too. I want to know who directed this one (and "Poetry Commotion", since that one seemed to have the same style of animation as this did).

Since the dub reruns on Friday, I'll be able to compare it then.


Old Coot
Guys, Juputoru wasn't the disobediant one. o_O It listened quite well to Satoshi. It just wanted to fight abit more. Nothing among the lines of Lizardon.

Bakuongu, however, had the disobeiance issues.

As for Ash wondering what was going on..4Kids dumbed that one down. Satoshi clearly said "Kore wa..?!" during the evolution, meaning he knew exactly what was going on. Everyone but Masato and Haruka knew that the two Pokémon were evolving.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Well, now that I've seen the dub, I can honestly say that I REALLY prefer the Japanese version of this entire show. Few things I noticed:

- Grovyle's voice SUCKS compared to Juptoru's
- 4Kids can't tolerate silence in the least (the whole scene where Exploud and Gai reconcile totally lost its emotion)
- When Gai jumps into the path of the corks that Jessie and James shoot at Exploud, 4Kids removed the three that hit him in the back. Point, please?
- Jessie and James' puns are even less tolerable now that I've heard their original dialogue ("Explain Exploud"; "Stick a cork in it"; "A Pokémon poised precariously on a precipice", which Kojiru never even SAID in the Japanese version; etc.)

Apparently, once you've had Japanese, you can never go back.


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Just saw this Episode. It will take some time to get used to Grovyle's voice even though I heard it way back in What You Seed is What you Get. I liked Exploud a lot very Touching with Guy. Also introduced part of a Game element in the Trading when if you only have a certain number of badges A Pokemon up to that level can obey you but if it's over that The pokemon might disobey you. Leaf Blade looks awesome, Funny that Ash was the only one that didn't seem to notice their would be at least 1 change. Furthermore was that the Loudred from the Dewford Island Arc or another one.


Hm, just saw the ep, too. I liked it. Then again, I am biased because Exploud is one of my FAVORITE Pokemon. Both Exploud and Grovyle's dub voices are EXACTLY what I expected them to be, so I'm not disappointed in the least. I found Meowth's vision of Giovanni with the Exploud to be funnier than usual. I always find them to be funny, becuase they're always so retarded, but it was especially funny this time. The only thing against this ep is that I...HATE....TREECKO'S FAMILY LINE!!! I just wish Ash had a different Pokemon evolve, because I can't stand the Grass starter's family of this gen.

4/5...Lost a point due to Treecko/Grovyle being in it...And having TOO much screen time...


Swellow said:
A Pokemon up to that level can obey you but if it's over that The pokemon might disobey you.

urm anime doesnt follow the games somtime pokemon just disobey look at ash and primape and ash and charizard

just because it doesnt obey doesnt mean you have to have the correct badges it was simply down to it evolution that it went crazy and then it wouldnt obey because it wanted to beat grovyle by it self