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Exploud and Clear! (342)


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......Umm the match?! What happened in the end?! That's the second time they've done that in the Hoenn region. They made it such a good battle originally, with both pokémon evolving and whatnot and then decided to completely abandoned it? It's like watching Tyson versus Lewis with all the pre-match hype and then have your cable operator disconnect it at round two.

Nice episode, expecting/hoping Grovyle's voice would sound the same as it had done in "What you seed is what you get!", and it did, so no mix up there then.

I like the no-nonsense approach also from Ash when they met Team Rocket, "Huh! OLD!!" and then Pikachu blasts them away lol, nice :p


Contaminated KFC
I think this is the first episode of Advanced Challenge I've actually bothered to wake up at 7:30 in the morning to watch. Go me? Yes indeed.
Overall, I think the episode classes as one of my favourites of the series. We have a rather interesting plotline, some seriously tough looking pokémon, excellent animation and drawing style, all topped of with a considerable dosage of humour provided by the ever amusing Team Rocket. And it wasn't a filler either. Hooray.

Not to be a typically predictable jerkass or anything (as I assume I usually tend to be), but god-damn, I just couldn't stand Grovyle's voice at all. I really tried my best to like it, I really did. Gritted my teeth, dug my ears clean, sat close to the TV to get a good listen, the whole 'try my best' drill. Oh lored, how I tried. But, I just hated it. Hate with a capital 'H' even. I'm sorry, but with a voice like that, I don't understand how anyone could take Ash's Grovyle seriously. It just sounds terribly stupid and goofy. I just couldn't get that badass vibe off of him at all. BLAH.

....many appologies to all who had to sit through and read that rather short little rant.
All in all, good episode, 10/10

Blazing Charmander

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Great episode. One of the best in Hoenn. Treecko finally evolved into Grovyle and there was a great battle with humor on the side to top it all up. A real shame that we didn't see the winner. Did that with the Nicolai V Ash battle too.

It was funny when Team Rocket appeared and Ash started arguing about the motto being old with them coming back at how using Pikachu is old. Good stuff. I also actually found Meowth's boss daydream funny this time. They're starting to grow on me. The other one that got me laughing was the Bagon one. Exploud looked funny just standing there as an alarm clock.

Overall Rating: 9/10

♥Princess Ketchum♥

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it was a totally cool episode today and i glad treecko is grovyle now and i rate it

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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but not as good as gulpin it down

look at my sig for the reveiw

Factory Head Noland

I thought this episode was quite good, it could have been a bit more exciting with the battle and all.
Treecko evolved really fast! I'm gonna miss it...it looked so cool...oh well, now we got Grovyle! It's Leaf Blade attack is really something.
I loved the flashbacks of when Team Rocket were attacked by the Loudred at Dewford Island, they were so funny.

I was actually a really funny episode like when James said "Usually I say you gotta catch 'em all but not this time."

Overall: 7.1/10
This ep was good but a few things.

1)Exploud was NEVER ment to smile! It was ugly at that point! Agree?

2)Grovlye's legs looked wierd at times but his voice was the same as lass time I thought it would be different.

3)I wanted to see who won!

4)Well I thought Gai was a girl before I saw this ep! lol!

5)The battle was COOL and GOOD!

Overall 9/10 A good ep!
I just saw this episode yesterday in the afternoon. I was amazed! Who drew this episode, and what others have they done? The facial expressions on the Pokemon were so cool. And Exploud looks so cool! It even made me start to like Grovyle a little as a real character. Grovey sure has had a lot of character development. He has a lot of dimension. The only other characters that have had development are Corphish, May, and Drew. The others are flat and dull. Yay for Exploud!

Mudkip Master

I loved this episode I would have liked to see the battle between Exploud and Grovyle


Bow Chicka Bow Wow!
Seen the episode yesterday. It had very good graphics and the battle scenes were awesome!!! One thing I could not stand was Grovyles voice!!! UGGHHH what a horrible sounding voice it has...when I first heard it I was like that is SO not Grovyle's voice... He kinda sounded like a nerd with a lot of growling on the side.

Exploud was cool... ugly... but still cool since it used Hyper Voice

Oh yeah and Gai, Guy however you spell it, his voice was damn low for a guy/kid that age... And him getting hit by corks and that 'saving' Exploud...oh please.... Gai should just go off and soak those corks for looking like a girl

Oh yeah and I had two revelations I learned that Grovyle is said Grow-vile...I said it like Grow-vee-ul... And the pokemon choice thing...I learned that Numel is said Numb-el and not Noo-mel... Stupid names with so many ways to say them...


Well this episode's the one that is coming to Singapore tomorrow, Singapore Time, Saturday. It looks nice, Exploud and Grovyle.Treecko and Loudred both evolving in battle seemed a bit too much. Though it's quite a good one. I love the cool moves Grovyle does.


I have returned.....
I may not have seen Ash's Treecko evolve in this episode, at least I even see Grovyle on the succeeding episodes.


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Both pokemon evolved at the same time!You don't see that everyday...


kiss my greens
Now this episode, I remember clearly. A double evolution, disobediant raging Exploud... who incidentally is one of my favorite Hoenn Pokemon... awesome ^^

CyberCubed said:
Team Rocket also had a disturbing scheme in this episode with "plugging up ever hole".

Agreed. That does have a double entendre to it, but I can guarantee that this scheme is completely shadowed by one of Meowth's more recent... er, fantasies. *shot*