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Exploud and Clear! (342)


Great battles, great evolutions.

Especially the battle of Loudred vs Treecko, what a battle.



Well Treecko finally evolved, that pretty much made this episode epic in it's own right haha. Glad that we got two evolutions in one episode, even if one was just a COTD's Pokemon evolving. That doesn't happen too often, at least not anymore. I noticed that the battle itself was dull around the edge though; the same could be said about most battles in the AG period. Anyway, Treecko's evolution was still a sight to see. 7/10.
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Kira- Both May's and Jessie's Wurmple evovled at the same time. But yeah in the Sinnoh is a bit rare now.

Both evolutions was interesting. Exploud reminds me of Charizard in a way. I wonder if that Loudred was the same one on Dewford Island that everyone kept waking up.


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The best non-gym episode I remember in AG.:)
I'd wanted to see the end of the battle between Grovyle and Exploud. Too bad it didn't come to end. As a Treecko and Loudred, Treecko would have lost eventully in the battle.


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I was really glad that Treecko evolved, Grovyle is awesome.

I'm also glad that Loudred evolved too, the only thing I was unhappy about was how they didn't finish the battle, it could have been really good.

Overall, this was a good episode.


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This episode was good. It was cool to see an Exploud for the 1st time. It was great to see Loudred and Grovyle evolve at the same time. I'm glad Grovyle keeps using a stick in its mouth, and learned Leaf Blade after evolving. The battle between Treecko and Loudred was cool, as well as the Grovyle vs Exploud battle. It was sad to see Exploud ignoring its trainer after evolving, but glad eventually it started listening.

The battle between Treecko and Loudred was interesting. I liked the double evolution, but then when I saw Exploud, I was kind of in awe... it was really weird! I didn't like Exploud in the first place and I really don't like it now! Hahaha. Anyways, Grovyle is always good and so is Leaf Blade. Good episode!


Not a bad episode. Treeko evolving into Grovyle was disappointing for me since I dislike Grovyle's design. I guess Treeko's bad attitude was because it was on the verge of evolution or something. Exploud is an uninteresting Pokemon and that's all I have to say about that thing.


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Well, both Exploud and Grovyle are some pretty strong Pokémon and I loved to see Treeko evolving after a while. I think the battle and humor was great and I certainly loved the continuation (for the most part) of Treeko's personality and Grovyle.
With how Treecko was behaving at the beginning along with how raring to to go it was to battle, I had a feeling an evolution was coming. Wasn't expecting a double evolution!
Glad Ash's Treecko evolved in to Grovyle. I've always liked Ash's Grovyle better than others for some reason. :)

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I thought it was funny seeing Ash's pokemon get big tummies after they had eaten and I was surprised that Ash's Treecko and the Cotd's Loudred evolved at the same thing. Grovyle learning Leaf Blade was a nice touch. :D


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Two pokemon evolving at the same time is rare and so was pretty surprising.The boss fantasy was funny! 6.5/10.


Grovyle evolving was the best part of the episode but Guy's Loudred evolving at the same time almost over-shadowed Grovyle. 7/10


Meh, it took way too long for Treecko to evolve. So by the time we got this episode, I wasn't impressed by Grovyle.

Mrs. Oreo

but Guy's Loudred evolving at the same time almost over-shadowed Grovyle. 7/10

I didn't think that Exploud came close to 'overshadowing' Grovyle tho since Ash was the main character any ways, meaning that his Grovyle still got the most focus even compared to Exploud. ^^;
Ash's Treecko seemed like he was in a bad mood, but when he evolved he changed and was friendly again. Exploud seemed really awesome.
I thought this episode was quite good, it could have been a bit more exciting with the battle and all. Treecko evolved really fast! I'm gonna miss him. I loved the flashbacks of when Team Rocket were attacked by the Loudred


Grovyle's voice bothered me, but it's not the worst voice we've had to deal with, at least in my opinion. I also liked how Ash and Guy went back to their battle, but they didn't really get to finish it. I mean, I hate it when they don't let Ash finish his battles. And I really wanted to see who won that match too.