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Extracted Pikachu From Pokémon Yellow

Extracted Pikachu From Pokémon Yellow

Hey, as a spriter, I like to practice my skills. Especially scratched work. I'm not very good a making stuff from scratch, so I thought this would be good start.

I turned this:

into this:

Some parts needed to be scratched because text was blocking. Believe it or not, most of this was done on Microsoft Paint. The transparency and watermark was made in GIMP. Normally, I wouldn't need a watermark, but this one needs it in case someone decides to steal my work. What do you guys think?


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No idea what to think, the watermark is obnoxiously large and blocks the entire picture. But from what I can see it looks good and really well done. Try adding some of the orange/yellow shading to the left foot (our right) since I can see some of it peeking behind the text under "Yellow Version".


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It's very good for MS Pain, although it's very pixel-y, download a different program so slightly blur the edges to make it nicer.
The Render would have been a of better if the image wasn't so low quality, and the Lighting just looks awful on my skin.

If you download GIMP, use one of the brushes to extract it, it will be a lot nicer.