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extremely wrong answers to general questions


it transforms into an exploding teletubby

how does spaghetti taste


A single misplaced step
Like exploding teletubbies.


A single misplaced step
Because I am Groot.

Who can count to five?


A single misplaced step
My second cousin thrice removed's mother-in-law.

Why do you watch dogs?


A single misplaced step
Because NASA doesn't want you to know that it is, because if you knew you would eat it.

Why do I go on this thread?


A tomato that evolved from the ashes of his mother's eyeglasses after they discovered gravity is caused by Australian pasts salads.

Why am I so tired all the time?


My will be done
Because I slipped prescription grade sedatives in your food when you weren't looking...

Why am I being creepy?


A single misplaced step
Because I heard you liek Mudkipz.

Why do you liek Mudkipz?
Because the government, and most other ruling bodies are ruled by snake people, or sneaple for short.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll?


A single misplaced step
Because it contains radioactive dopamine that causes us to become addicted, and eat it until we explode.

What is the mantle?