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extremely wrong answers to pokemon questions


I Crush Everything
Out of a shallow pond, naturally!

Where does pikachu launch electricity from?


Fool him slightly.
The dark parts of the internet.

What is the natural weakness of the Steel-Type?


The Mega Punch, The Mega Kick, and the Mega Evolve.

Where did the design for squirtle come from?


I Crush Everything
From a mysterious scroll deep in Atlantis

What's tentacool's favourite temperature of water?


No longer active
Salty Platoon. :p The temperature all the more 'manly' water types strive in :U And well what MAN just WOULDN'T want a weak common jelly fish with a flashy jewel on its head?

Why doesn't Magcargo evolve into Torkoal? (srsly, i always thought it woulda made sense...lol)


Active Member
Because Magcargo is so good in competitive play that making an evolution of it would have created the AG tier back in gen. 3.

Where does Mega Rayquaza get its power?

Janice Quatlane

helloooo ladies
Shiny mews are the type to be both poor emitters and absorbers of infrared radiation, making them unsuitable for heating pipes.

How many magi could a magikarp karp if a magikarp could karp magi?


129 magi.

Why do groudon and kyogre hate each other?


No longer active
Spongebob/Patrick type :p Its main weakness would also be Squidward types, and it would be defencively good against Krabby Patties as IT LOVES those :p

Why is Lucario Korrina's signature Pokemon?
Because Lucario is the only Pokémon name which Korrina can write it in perfect calligraphy handwriting.

In Diamond and Pearl, when Riley gives you the egg at Iron Island, what hatches out of it?