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extremely wrong answers to pokemon questions


In jail.

Why do pokemon fight?


Because they're actors paid to be bad guys so that the police look good.

What is Ultra Space?


The Imminent Storm
Bad. However, if you were meaning to ask WHO the Masked Royal was, then Crasher Wake's long-lost brother.

How do you catch a Chansey in Kanto's Safari Zone?


The Imminent Storm
Yes, by throwing a punch so hard near its tail that the resulting shockwave somehow puts out the fire on Charizard's tail, therefore rendering it unable to battle.

What's the fastest way a Luvdisc can defeat a Garchomp?


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Blue :p

How do you progress in a Pokemon game?


You stand still at the nearest Pokemon Center for 5 hours straight.

How do you prevent Entei from fleeing a wild encounter in HG/SS?