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[ F l o u r e s c e n t . S k i e s ]

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Northern Lights, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Pika22

    Pika22 A Relic of The Past

    They aren't looking at the first post. They're looking at the first page, back when people where requesting with those forms
  2. cjmitchelltv

    cjmitchelltv Active Member

    This Munchkin would like a Banner* / Icon* / Wallpaper* / WBG Banner*

    Image +Shiny gyrados's wrapping around the text
    Style +water style
    Text +"cjmitchelltv(lowercase) and in graffiti letters
    Colour Preference +[/B"]i want the text dark blue and light blue water backround
  3. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights [BritishSarcasm]

    Wow, that is just ... wow, so instead of breaking the rules but actually using the correct form provided in the first post, they ignore the first post entirely, search the page for an incorrect badge form and post with that to increase the amount of rules broken. lol what?

    Requested when Full, Did not provide image - Banned Until 9th April


    Ergh, I'm getting rusty... been a while, sorry about that, had Birthday weekend and work straight after that.



    Mr. E Goods

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2011
  4. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    This Munchkin would like a Banner

    Image + http://img821.imageshack.us/i/redegibattle1280x1024ph.jpg (Could you only incorporate the dinosaur digimon who's in the top right?)
    Style + Desert-like and sandy, if possible.
    Text + Strom
    Colour Preference + Yellow, orange or red. Whichever you think works the best.

  5. Nightdreamer

    Nightdreamer rawr .

    This Munchkin would like a Pokemon Badge

    Pokemon Region + Unova
    Pokemon No +609
    Pokemon Name + Chandalure
    Main Features + It black head surrounded by its purple flames. Thanks in advance ^^
  6. bleeding-chocobo

    bleeding-chocobo On Cloud Nine

  7. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights [BritishSarcasm]

  8. 123fakestreet

    123fakestreet Metalopolis King

    Huray a space! :)

    This Munchkin would like a Banner

    Image + Sugimori art for Lucario, Scizor and
    Style + Metal, Industrial
    Text + Fakes Metalopolis
    Colour Preference + Silvers, Greys, (Maybe some rust colour)

    Think Ive done that right, if ive done too many images since its a banner and im not sure if it goes under your 1 image graphics rule. If it does break the rule then just make it The Sugimori art for lucario with the same everything else. (is that is the case then please dont ban. Honest mistake and said sorry in advance proving i read rules (Damn this is a long bracket))
  9. Cinccina

    Cinccina Archaeologist

    This Munchkin would like a Banner

    Image + Sugimori art for Whimsicott, Leavanny, Scolipede, Virizion, Volcarona.
    Style + Scruffy, Grungy.
    Text + Compete for the Maple Leaf
    Colour Preference + Greens, Greeny yellows... use you imagination for mine :3

    (If I included too many pictures, just downsize it to the Volcarona. I dont wanna break rules T_T)
  10. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights [BritishSarcasm]

    I'm afraid Fakestreet got the lat spot.

    Banned Until 2nd April
  11. Mr. E Goods

    Mr. E Goods Gone for good

    Ohh thankyou Northern Lights, very pretty <3 I will use it on PokeCommunity Forums with credit.
  12. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Thanks NL, love it! Waitin for another open spot...
  13. EzzPeon

    EzzPeon just a passerby

    I love it, thanks so much. =]
  14. Big Beluga

    Big Beluga u r a fatty

    Just wanted to post saying that your work is amazing, probably one of the, if not the best that ive seen. Keep up the great work, and be ready because I might be requesting something again soon :)
  15. Zekerom

    Zekerom My little Pwny!

    Man, I really want to order from this shop but it never seems open for a new request! I've been trying for a few days but the queue is always full :p
  16. flawlessazn

    flawlessazn Spiffy ~ ^^"

    ^ You've been trying for a few days? Try a few months ... =(
  17. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights [BritishSarcasm]

    ^ aww, I feel so sorry for you guys, maybe I should post a list of the times i'm most active.

    Why thankyou =]


    Times I am Most Active @ SPPF

    Monday to Friday: 4.00pm - 6.00pm [GMT]
    Saturday and Sunday: 10.00am - 12.00pm / 2.00pm - 6.00pm [GMT]





    Last edited: Mar 28, 2011
  18. 123fakestreet

    123fakestreet Metalopolis King

    Thanks, that's awesome.
  19. Assassin9399

    Assassin9399 Wanna hug?

    This Munchkin would like a Pokemon Badge

    Pokemon Region + Sinnoh
    Pokemon No + 448
    Pokemon Name + Lucario
    Main Features + Just the head

    Thanks in advance!
  20. uhhhhh

    uhhhhh Too sweet

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2011
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