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Face-Offs Rules

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Dramatic Melody, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. face-offs // the rules

    Ohai people.

    Welcome to the new version of the Face-Offs rules. Seeing as no one has changed it for a long while, I took the liberty of updating it.

    So here we go.

    i. Follow the General Rules
    General Forum Rules
    General Games Forum Rules

    And it's a given that you should follow these ones, too. :D

    ii. Face-Off Creation Rules
    > Always make sure that your face-off topic isn't already that of an active face-off. You can use the Games and Face-Offs Index to check whether there's an active face-off with your topic or not.

    > Make sure that the first post of your face-off contains relevance. It should have rules, an explanation of what your face-off is about, a list of co-owners and tallyists, and while it is somewhat optional, the first round of the face-off.

    > A big change in the face-off rules is the type of face-offs you can create. With the Face-Offs forums being a subforum of Games, you can now create any kind of Face-Off you like. Pokemon-related or not, go crazy!*

    *Only exception to this rule: No forum member face-offs, as those can become popularity contests.

    > Like the general Games forum, the topics in this forum need mod approval. Thus, we ask you very nicely to be patient with us in approving your face-off. It is wise to check the Approved/Disapproved Games and Face-Offs thread to see the status of your face-off.

    iii. Face-Off Voting and Management Rules
    > When voting, follow all the basic posting rules. No spamming, flaming, trolling, use of foul language, multiple posting, etc...

    > Be sure to read the rules of the Face-Off before you vote.

    > Owners [and co-owners] must be responsible of their face-offs. They have the power to ban a user from their face-off. Should said user still continue to post in said face-off, the owner/co-owner may PM a moderator to settle the issue.

    > If a face-off has been left unreplied for THREE WEEKS (a change from the previous two-week rule) and the owner cannot give a valid reason for its inactivity, a moderator has the right to close that face-off.

    > If a user wishes to make a remake of an active face-off, he/she must first ask the permission of the original face-off's owner. This must be noted in some way (either in the first post of the new face-off, the last post of the original face-off or through PM).

    Any questions, comments, suggestions, reactions, or whatever? Feel free to send Sweet May, Hydrohs or Schade a private message about it!

    So, uhh, thanks for reading, and happy voting!

    ~> DM
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2019
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