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Any cool peeps on facebook? That's all i'm wondering.


Well-Known Member
Who isn't on facebook?
I am but I don't really like facebook, so I rarely get on.


Confused and Dazed
To answer the OP's question, technically I am on Facebook and I'm almost certainly a cool peep, so my initial answer is "yes".

Still, Facebook is a cesspool that has made me look at all my friends in a terrible new light, so I hate it and avoid going on as much as possible (which, as it turns out, means that I never go on).


Not a tool
Facebook is pointless to me personally

When I'm at school, I see my friends

On the weekends, I tend to my own devices

There's really no need for me to keep in touch with people I don't see on a regular basis anyway


love at first sting
I'm on facebook but I don't add just anyone. I have to know a person in real life usually. I only have 3 internet friends on there but that's because I'd known them for years.

Cool people USED to be on Facebook. But now it's mainstream so it is no longer cool.

In that case I hear that the "cool people" are going over to Google's version.


Hide and Seek
Facebook? Yes. I'm there alright. but I rarely write any statuses. People have no buisness in knowing everything I do.

Also: I heard it's very cool and popular to jump off cliffs.. Just sayin'


Hide and Seek
Also: Facebook shows just how civiliced people are, with their pesky comments and "discussions" I would rather call it internet-bullying