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Fade to Black~Fortuneshipping One-shot (LucasXDawn/KoukiXHikari) [PG]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by xXBlackRoseXx, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. xXBlackRoseXx

    xXBlackRoseXx .:Clueless:.

    Ello...I thought I'd try to write a one-shot before continuing a big story. I'm usually a Scarfshipper, but I feel Fortuneshippy-ish todayz...

    We both only had 24 hours...I only had so little time with her. Although both our lives would end soon, I'd rather die than live without her.

    Normal POV

    A boy with shaggy, black hair jogged painfully past the crowd of people. His body was weak, he only had so much time left. His name was Kouki.

    He checked his watch, squinting his eyes in the darkness to look at the time. Three more hours... He thought to himself. Just three days ago, they were told they only had 72 hours left, before their life ended.

    Kouki knew where he was going, to where she was. He had released his Pokemon, so they wouldn't have to go through so much pain. But before he left, he knew he had to see her. Just one more time. He stopped at the clearing.

    Lake Verity.

    There sat a girl with long, navy blue hair. She was bent over, wincing in pain. This girl's name was Hikari.

    Kouki walked over to her, standing feebly over her. She made a moaning noise, showing how bad she felt. Realizing his presence, Dawn looked up from her agony nonchalantly. Her lips shaped into a tiny, almost unnoticable, smile.



    He plopped down next to her, not caring about the pain. To Kouki, Hikari was his aspirin. She leaned on his shoulder lazily. "When'd you get here?" Kouki asked. His voice was croaky, just as hers was cracked.

    "I thought I'd let my Pokemon go here. I've been here for a while now. Maybe an hour...? I don't know..." Her voice trailed off. It was silent in the atrementous night. Kouki decided he would continue a conversation, no matter how much it hurt.

    "Did you tell your parents?" He could feel her hard, course breathing as she leaned on top of him. She was losing air as they spoke. Although Hikari as well wanted to talk to him as much as possible.

    "I thought maybe..." She stopped to try and breathe again. She sucked in a big gust of oxygen, only getting a very tiny amount into her lungs. "...It would be better...If...If they didn't know where I was...You...?" They both took in a few more stridulous gasps before Kouki answered her.

    "Same here..." They spoke quietly out of their motionless mouths for what seemed like forever.

    "Thanks a lot, Kouki." As he turned his head, his chin rubbed against the top of her head.

    His hair had a silver gleam in the moonlight. "For what? I don't see anything good I've done..." Hikari tilted her head more upward to Kouki's, rubbing more hair on his chin. His deep, dark blue eyes met her pretty, light blue ones.

    "You've done everything." He smiled a small, meaningful smile. Kouki liked Hikari, a lot. He wanted her to know that.

    "Well, I'm no miracle worker," He started hoarsely. "But I really want you to know this before...You know." Hikari nodded. She didn't look curious, which confused him slightly. Kouki sighed softly.

    "I love you. I think you might know that, but this moment is very important." His head drooped a bit to the left some more.

    Hikari leaned up with the little strength she had left. Her soft mouth met his in a delicate, passionate kiss. Then she let go, because she knew she couldn't hold on anymore. "I love you too." They both collapsed, hand-in-hand, as the morning sun rose.


    The next day, the police found the corpses lying together at the lake. There was a funeral held the next day. Only relatives and close friends were aloud to attend. Many tears were shed that day. But they were together.

    That was what mattered, right?


    Well, hope you liked it. I'm sorry, it was kinda sad (Kouki and Hikari died TT_TT). But I think it came out pretty good. I think I might be a full-time Fortuneshipper now. o_O''

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