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Fainting and Passing Out


Oh yeah.

There was this other time when I was going to faint during a holiday party, so I rushed to the restroom to get some space. Then I fainted for a very long time, repeatedly, and I continued to faint, and faint, and faint... Then someone entered the bathroom as I was collapsed on the floor with exhaustion from the excessive fainting. She asked if I was all right, and even though I was in the men's bathroom, she could hear the loud noises from my fainting from the other room, so she wanted to see if I was okay. I don't remember much after that, but on that particular day I recall fainting approximately 42 times.

Darth Sabreus

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^Good God.

The closest I came to fainting was on the bus going home from school. It was a hot day and the odour from all the teenage boys was really overwhelming. I told my dad afterwards and he told me it was probably because I hadn't had much water that day, which I guess makes sense. On a side note, my sister fainted when she was about eight. She'd had a really heavy bleeding nose I think.


formerly R. New
I've never actually fainted but I've come really close a few times. Once was from having not eaten anything for wayyy too long but I managed to sit down before I fell down. I also once almost passed out in a biology lesson because I had to stand up for ages and it was really hot, but again I managed to sit down. And one time I blacked out in the shower and heard weird giggling. It was a wee bit creepy.

Archangel Azazel

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I almost passed out once on sixth grade. I hadn't drank water all day, it was P.E. and the Sun was at full power. Playing baseball and suddenly feeling dizzy... I was freaking scared of just collapsing. I saw everything with red, blue and black spots dancing in my eyes.. it was just plain scary :(


I'm anemic (my blood pressure is very low, and my body temperature is 96 degrees Fahrenheit), so I've fainted a few times. It's more puzzling than anything to wake up in the middle of doing something.

Lt Steel

The Steel Curtain
You guys need to maintain a healthy diet.
No but seriously, I've never passed out before. And i don't plan to.

The Arceus Delusion

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I nearly fainted from low blood sugar. I remember I woke up that morning feeling pretty horrible. The day before I was extremely heart broken about something, so I figured maybe I just got myself stressed out. I got up, washed my face, and about the time I reached the end of the hallway I knew something was wrong. My first thought was to eat something, because I knew I had severly restricted my caloric intake over the past few days. I tried to get a glass out of the cupboard in the kitchen, but I felt dizzy and next thing I know is that I'm lying on the kitchen floor with my parents over me dialing the parademics.

Kutie Pie

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I might have passed out a few years ago. I took a shower with an empty stomach, and when I came out, I was dizzy, and I didn't feel very well. So I had to sit down for a breather, and when I opened my eyes, I was on the floor for who-knows how long. Since then, I've made sure to eat prior to taking a shower.

Ace of Shades

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I have a passed out in church before. I was standing in the main part with my aunt under a light. Then my shoulders got really hot and I became lightheaded and started to walk back to the door where my parents were. Along the way my vision became blurred and my legs just gave out and I fell into a crowd of people. Then when I came back to it I felt like I was waking up from a nap.


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Oh wow. That's a lot of fainting and passing stories. I wasn't expecting there to be this many responses already! I read through most of this Thread , and I was and am really surprised by some of the stories. I hope that it gets better for those of you who have a medical condition, or something else.

Also, thank you Drinkwaterluara for telling me the difference between the two, fainting ans passing out! Thanks! :D


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Once, from dehydration. Let me tell you, when you're seven and on a camping trip at the beach, passing out and ending up at the hospital with an IV stuck in your arm is NOT FUN?


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I have fainted at least once. I don't remember exactly what the cause was, but I know I was in my house. Sadly, I have low blood pressure, so I have to make sure I have to make sure that my showers are at a right temperture, or else I get a bit too close to passing out.
I've had plenty of times were I am running, exercising, etc. and I get close to fainting.
Pretty much, it is embarrassing, and I hate it.


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I have never fainted.... I have a high HP stat... My defense and Special Defense is up there as well... I'd say 100/110/120


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I remember the sun was affecting because I didn't have enough sleep nor drink enough water. Was trying to buy something at the store but then I couldn't remain in the line. I have to leave and my mind is all distorted. I pretty much fell on the spot. Took me a minute or two to even get back up me think. So I came home and slept for a bit. Then return to the store later on and bought what I wanted.


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No but I felt like I was going to back in science class - my vision was blurred with those annoying colours, I had to sit down and felt seriously sick

Hatsune Miku

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I've never fainted but at my school i see people faint every day and i see their poor health diet at lunch.

*munches on apple*


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I've fainted twice. Once in fourth grade that I don't remember what happened. I also fainted last month in science class. I fainted because I have a heart problem and my heart rate went up really high, then dropped really low in short amount of time. I was reading the science textbook, and my head felt heavy, and my vision went black. I went out, fell off my chair, hit my head on the desk and got a concussion. One of my friends thought I was dead. o_O I'm not allowed to have PE because my concussion STILL isn't healed. :(


The pangolin
Haemaphobia (fear of blood) suuuuuuucks -.- It gives me nausea and a feeling of tiredness and weakness. Have I collapsed? Nearly, the teacher caught me in time before I smashed my head on her desk. A papercut caused it ...... Seriously