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Fairy Altaria


Obsessor Collector
I'm relatively new to the TCG, so I'm unfamiliar with what's meta and such right now, so I've just built a cheap fairy deck while I get used to things. This deck is in the unlimited format, and it's built around abusing Altaria EX (XY Fates Collide)'s Powerful Gain to win the prize card war. While I don't know how competitive this idea is, my first goal is to just make this single idea as reliable as possible.

Altaria EX (XY Fates Collide) x3
Xerneas (Steam Siege) x2
Flabebe (Flashfire) x2
Floette (BREAKthrough) x2
Florges (BREAKthrough) x2
Florges BREAK (BREAKthrough) x1
Ralts (Ancient Origins) x2
Kirlia (Ancient Origins) x2
Gardevoir (Ancient Origins) x2

Level Ball (Ancient Origins) x2
Professor's Letter (XY) x4
Evosoda (XY) x3
Pokemon Fan Club (Aquapolis) x2
Tierno (Kalos Starter Set) x4
N (XY Fates Collide) x2
Professor Juniper (Black & White) x2
Professor Sycamore (XY) x2
Skyla (BREAKthrough) x2
Fairy Garden (XY) x2

Wonder Energy x2
Double Colorless Energy x2
Fairy Energy x10

Strongly considering adding:. Trainer's Mail, VS Seeker

My main concerns right now are that I have too many evolution Pokemon, and I may have too much energy.