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Fairy Tail Club



Hello, and welcome to the Fairy Tail Club. Here we can talk about the anime/manga Fairy Tail, created by Hiro Mashima. If you are a fan of the anime or manga, or both, feel free to join this club! Even if you just started reading/watching Fairy Tail, anyone is welcome to join!

What is Fairy Tail?

Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series created by Hiro Mashima. It is about wizards and guilds. It is a rather popular anime/manga series.


- All Serebii Club Rules apply.
- Please try to avoid posting one liners.
- If you have been inactive for a month, you will be kicked out kindly. If you would like to join again, just VM or PM me.
- No spamming, stay on topic.
- Please try and post at least once a week, if you can't for some reason, just notify me.
- Do not post on this thread unless you have been accepted into the club.
- You can talk about episodes, but if you are far in the anime or manga, please use a spoiler, some people do not want to be spoiled.
- When you sign up for the club, please use the sign up sheet.

Strike System:

Please try and follow the rules. Breaking the rules will result in a strike.

Strike 1: Warning
Strike 2: 24 hour ban
Strike 3: One week ban
Strike 4: One month ban
Strike 5: Permanent ban

None, thankfully.

Sign Up Form:
[B]Favorite Fairy Tail Character(s) and why:[/B]
[B]What do you like about Fairy Tail?:[/B]

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