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Fairy Tale Heroes: A Fairy Tale Magical Girl RP (PG-13)

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
GM: Mon (Me!)
Co-GM: Sketchie

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a magical kingdom known as the Kingdom of Stories. In this kingdom, the fairy tales you know are real, and live out their happily ever afters. Coexisting peacefully together in harmony.

Then everything changed when The Demon King Yasha attacked! The emobodiment of evil itself, the Demon King brought chaos and destruction with him. Together with his army of minor demons, war erupted in the land the likes of which no one had ever seen! He wanted to bring a Sad Ever After to the land, and then feed on their negative emotions.

To save the Kingdom, it’s protector, known to all as The Fairy Godmother much of her power to seal The Demon King away. The process left her very weak, and on the verge of death.

Now, the Demon Kings minions, the villians of all the tales, have banded together to bring their master back. To do this, they must collect Negative Energy, produced from the bad feelings of the people of Earth. Once they’ve collected enough, the villians will have enough power to break the seal, resurrect their master, and bring an unhappy ending to both worlds. They can finally have revenge and come out on top.

The Fairy Godmother, knowing full well what the villians were planning and being in no position to stop them, she used what little magic she had left to send out magical artifacts that hadn’t been used in centuries to Earth. These artifacts are powerful items that embody different stories. When used by someone chosen by the artifact, it will transform them into a powerful magical warrior. Together, theese warriors formed the Fairy Tale Fighters. The artifacts were sent to earth to seek out chosen warriors. Only with their combined power would they be able to defeat the villians, and save the happily ever afters. She also sent her son, to guide and help the heroes fulfill their mission.

You don’t know it yet, but you have been chosen to be a Fairy Tale Fighter. Right now, you are just an ordinary person going about your day. Magic and Fairy Tales are not a real thing, they’re just works of fiction as far as you know. Even so, today is still bound to be a special day for you. You’re on a trip at Disney World. Located in Orlando Florida, and known to many as the happiest place on Earth. The artifacts have been sent here, and scattered throughout the park for the chosen warriors to find. Your life is about to get a lot more exciting!


Hi guys, it’s Mon. This is my third attempt at a Fairy Tale RPG. I’m hoping this goes well. I think I covered everything but if you have any questions, ask me.

Standard Serebii Rules Apply

Don’t be obnoxious (Don’t be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, don’t be rude to other players, don’t bunny other people’s characters without permission, all the things that fall under that umbrella of being irritating to other RPers)

I will allow up to two characters per player

NPCs I created are to only be controlled by me unless otherwise stated

I encourage you to ask me questions if you have any. I have a Discord channel for that purpose. If you’re not already in it, I’ll give you a link once accepted.

I also encourage discussion and feedback in that Discord channel. I know good and well I need all the help I can get

Have fun

Characters. (There is a list of Fairy Tales you’re allowed to pick from. If there’s a Fairy Tale you want that’s not on this list, ask me and I may consider adding it for you. Keep in mind I want mainstream Fairy Tales only. Sorry)

Cinderella: Max Hudson (Monster Guy)
Snow White: Lucas Moncrief (Sketchie)
Little Mermaid: Nina Rose (Vern)
Rapunzel: Len Charme (Innerflame)
Beauty and the Beast: Clementine Charme (Innerflame)
Sleeping Beauty:
Little Red Riding Hood:
Alice in Wonderland: Allison De Luca (Mace)
Dorothy: (Wizard of Oz)
Odette (Swan Lake): Fiona Swan (Monster Guy)
Aladdin: Hikaru Desposito (TheCharredDragon)
Jack and the Beanstalk
Peter Pan: Ren Imani Jacobsen (Sketchie)
Pinocchio: Giuseppe Oak (mehmeh1)
Robin Hood: Kogoro Waite (TheCharredDragon)

I do not need all these spots filled. They’re just there in case there’s a lot of interest.

Sign Up



(The title says magical girl RP, but that’s just to tell you the aesthetic I’m going for. Boys (and any other gender in between) are definitely allowed)




Fairy Tale:

An Important item from your story that activates your powers.

A magical girl/boy style costume your character transforms into. Please consider your fairy tale when making this. The outfits are usually based on the main character of the story. Although you may incorporate other elements/characters of the story if you wish

Make sure its thematically appropriate. No guns... Also, you don’t need to have a weapon if you don’t want one.

Abilities: Yes, you get magical abilities. That’s par for the course in these kinds of RPs right? Describe what you can do when transformed here. Please keep your Fairy Tale in mind when choosing abilities.

All characters can fly, and have enhanced physical abilities and increased healing from injuries
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Okay very tempted to join in. Maybe. We'll see. Because I wanna ask something first...since it's mainstream fairy tales, is it okay to add Robin Hood? Disney did make a film on it (even if it was using animals for it) and his tales are on par with King Arthur's tales (which I remember you allowing in last fairy tale inspired RP that I last saw). I had a character in mind for Aladdin and that character is tied with the character I would have for Robin Hood and I really wanna use the ones I have in mind. if not guess i'll think on it more on whether i wanna join in on this

Gamzee Makara

Flirtin' With Disaster
Name: Cassandra "Cassie Greenwood


: Cishet female

Cassie has red hair held in a very "Sukeban"-esque long perm, and a cute baby-face.

She has black eyes that can be shift from fierce and intense to cute and innocent-looking in a heartbeat, and suntanned but still freckled white skin. Her frame is well-built for someone of her height, due to her activities. She uses her cute looks to distract from her athletic body.
Cassie is remarkably small but not a little person, being 4' 0", the combination of which makes her look like a cute harmless innocent younger girl when necessary, which is often.

She typically wears a loose red sweater, even in the summer, a acid green skirt, acid-green Mary Jane shoes (that she found in a dumpster), a necklace with a picture of her mother in it, and a periwinkle bag, all of which fit her quite well and are deliberately and meticulously kept in good condition to keep up her innocent facade.

Cassie tends to be the "Mama Bear" of a group(Taking care of and defending her Grandma and anyone she works with(By force if necessary) via basic first-aid, repairing clothes, cooking food and/or getting revenge on attackers), and is a natural criminal by trade(Which includes lying, cheating, theft, intimidation, breaking and entering, covering up evidence, outwitting the police, and street fighting, all of which she is a prodigy at performing) but hides a passion for dessert-making, clothing design and sewing from her bosses, skills of which she acquired in her spare time.

She hides her emotional and physical pain, even in a fight, due to being raised to never show weakness or buckle to pain. Due to the way her life has been, she pretends to have a sadistic, malicious mindset to her bosses and to be a cute as a button child to the police, even though she just wants to be actually sweet and cute.. Make her smile and you might get a chocolate cookie cake, but she'll take you down and break you if you tell anyone about it..

She pretends to be innocent to strangers, but is much smarter than her acting gives on, and those who know her can attest to her tactical knowledge and calculating intelligence...for example, she caught a goon of her gang molesting a hooker, and, quickly thinking, recorded it on her smartphone, then intervned, and when the a**hole was about to rat on her, she played the video on max volume to attract the boss.

Cassie likes to habitually deceive in combat by pretending to be a lost, sad and/or angry child, crying, throwing a fit and/or asking for a parent, which, due to her looks, typically causes people to let their guard down...then, seizing the moment, Cassie quickly takes down the opponent through hits to critical areas, all while pretending that it was a tantrum.

She also has a habit of counting in her hands, even when it's impractical, due to trauma involving her Grandma. For Example, she will multiply 23 X 6 on her hands even in the middle of a jewel heist.

History :
Cassie Greenwood never had it easy. Days after her birth, she was taken from her parents by Child Protective Services, due to her parents disagreeing on custody time, her father having a checkered past and her mother having a drug problem, via the(at the time) recent street drug "Porridge".

She ended up with her "Grandma" (An innocent and sweet old German lady who was a baker and seamstress by trade), who had outstanding protection money debt to the Wolfpack Gang which was waived in exchange for "goodies"(The gang's language for hostages, loot and any other gains), and, as soon as she was able to walk and talk and was out of diapers, the leader of said gang, Leonardo "The Big Bad Wolf" Toscanini taught her how to lie, cheat and steal as his called in his "goodies".

Cassie grew up being raised a hood, and, being a bright kid, she knew that she had to play the part. She was given partitions of any "goodies" to bring to Grandma's apartment, to pawn or sell later. Cassie had a criminal habit right out of of Kindergarten, as she stole $400 from a car while on school property, using her short stature and cuteness to pull it off and pretend to have been oblivious, naive and childish, while having time to switch the money for a bag of
counterfeit currency while the actual money was secure in her "Lily Lovechild, Little Loremistress" lunch box. After that, The Big Bad Wolf began to treat her as his best asset, teaching her more advanced tricks of the trade.

However, she had a secret life away from crime:She learned to cook and take care of people from her Grandma, and, as she got older, would even patch up the Wolfpack Gang's clothes and make them cookies, while scaring them into silence about it with a sewing needle and a flesh-colored doll.

All her life she committed crime after crime, getting away with them with her ability to use her height and cute looks to convinced even the most brutish cop that she didn't do it, while wiping evidence to the point where she befuddled forensics teams.

Then, on her 18th Birthday, the hospital called her on her smart phone:Grandma had had a stroke while counting spices, and she'd have to pay out of pocket. Desperate, she began begging TBBW for better jobs, wanting to make enough to pay her caretaker and bacon of hope's bills to keep her alive. However, what she didn't know was that TBBW had a more personal connection to her than she thought, and that she was about to find out more about herself, her parents and Grandma then she could want to...

Fairy Tale:Little Red Riding Hood and [CLASSIFIED]

A Red Hooded Cloak with a silver lining

A cherry-red, snow white, coal black and green full-body, form-fitting suit, with her signature skirt included but also having red and white snowflake patterns on it and her cloak on her head, fused to the suit.

Various objects she pulls out of the cloak, and a small (seemingly) wooden crafting mallet that is more durable and powerful than other, similar ones.

Abilities: Her cloak/Hood acts as hammerspace, and, by reaching into it, allows Cassie to pull out nearly any benign object she desires(Her "Goodies"), along with gag items of great but niche power(Such as a glass vial of hair growing potion that causes an opponent to be unable to see due to their hair being in their eyes or a feather boa constrictor), and she can teleport herself and 3 others to any location she already has or been given sufficient knowledge of(Can see unaided, has a map, etc., in order to avoid crashing into/materializing inside of an object, or ending up in a random point in said area), provided she use Grandma's house as a waypoint. She is subconsciously proficient with any item she pulls out, but Cassie must have a clear picture in her mind of what "Goodies" she summons. Her final power is rather odd and seemingly random, as she can determine whether somebody is good or evil just by knowing their name. She doesn't know where this one comes from....
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WIPPPPPP because base is done but idk what i'm doing w the rest lol

Name: Lucas Moncrief
Age: 22 (December 20th)
Gender: Cisgender Male
Theme Songs: Avalanche . Bring Me the Horizon // The Hit . TWRP // Laura Palmer . Bastille


Lucas is gorgeous. A total babe. He stands tall at 6' 3", has some build to him. While his coloration suggests otherwise, his features are very German. His head is somewhat long, with a well defined chin and angular features. He has a strong jawline, and sharp cheekbones. He has short, pitch black hair that lately he's been keeping down, his bangs brushing his eyebrows, and thin, well trimmed sideburns that end just below his ear. His eyes are expressive and emerald green, decorated with long, dark eyelashes. He has thin lips that are usually drawn up in a smile and an angular nose. His teeth are unnervingly straight and white, and very pointed in some places. His ears are pierced, and he usually has black studs in. His body is fairly proportional, with toned arms and legs. His hands are averaged sized, and his feet are a little larger than average. His core muscles are very well defined (or, to put it bluntly, he has abs), and he's been told he has very nice biceps. His collarbones and hipbones are very well defined. He has several self-made scars. On his left wrist he has the X scar, as well as two other horizontal scars just above them. He also has a couple on his left shoulder and bicep. The rest of them are on his upper thighs, and they're pretty long. He also has two longer scars, one on his left pectoral and the other on his right hip, though they are very faded.

When he's not all dressed up, Lucas is honestly pretty casual in dress. He's typically wearing some tank top or another, usually in shades of either green or gray. He has a collection of various skinny jeans and shorts, and switches back between the two often. He likes wearing converse, or no shoes at all. Lucas isn't necessarily lazy, he just has a very specific aesthetic, and that aesthetic happens to be very simple and neutral. He does, however, put effort into his appearance when he needs to dress fancily, and has a collection of assorted Interesting Ties (also known as his Dad Ties. He really likes ties, okay.). As he's fully taken control of the business, he dresses in a fine, perfectly tailored black suit, white shirt and black tie, adorned with gold cuff-links initialed LSM.

Personality: Lucas is an upbeat kind of guy, kind and always has other's best interest at heart. He adores making friends and being surrounded by people. He usually has a smile on his face, and is always happy to help his friends. He loves the attention, he loves the lights, he loves being loved. He's incredibly romantic and spontaneous, coming up with stuff on the spot is a natural talent of his. He's passionate about everything he does, even the small things. Lucas is an incredibly talented musician, and can play nearly any instrument he tries because of how long and how hard he's worked at it. He's especially proficient in viola, guitar, and vocals, and is usually humming one tune or another. He's quite responsible, very good at managing finances and schedules and anything that can be put into spreadsheets. Lucas is empathetic, incredibly empathetic, and it can be both a blessing and a curse.

He enjoys a wide variety of pursuits besides music, athletics being one of them. Though he's never been good at sports involving a ball, he's a talented ice skater and ballroom dancer. He can dance all on his own, but he always feels a little exposed when he does. He likes going to the gym, especially when he's in a bad mood, because working out and getting stronger helps him feel again, and get his mind off things. He loves the delicateness of ice skating and ballroom dancing, and has become very strong through a lot of lifting other people up in both areas. He does enjoy a good video game from time to time, but he prefers storyline over anything else. Pokemon has always been a favorite for him because of this, and he adores Banette, having one on every game possible. He hates alcohol, as it makes his symptoms worse, and refuses to drink it. He also hates coffee. His love language is easily physical touch, and he loves every excuse to hold his lover's hands or hug his bro.

As a fiery person in the first place, Lucas is quick to anger. While this still manifests explosively as it did in high school, now that he's older his aggravation seeps out as bitter and sarcastic. He's cocky and arrogant in most of his doings. His emotions are extreme than normal (i.e. he gets really angry by simple annoyances), especially the more negative emotions. His reactions with other people tend to be more intense also, and he doesn't handle criticism, unkindness, or rejection well. His emotions and reactions often change on a dime, going from on top of the world to lower than dirt in mere moments, and it can confuse others around him. Lucas can't focus very well, and is also very impulsive, never really thinking things through. He can also be very moody, and occasionally goes through periods of "swinging," usually an hour or so of extreme mood swings. His long-term moods can also be a bit shifty, sometimes spending weeks feeling depressed and unmotivated, then getting right back into a frenzy the next week. He takes a medication to suppress his dreams, as he often has repetitive nightmares about his past. He's isn't sure if he'll ever not blame himself for what happened to his father, and although he doesn't outright hate himself like he did as a teen, he doesn't have the highest esteem either. While his PTSD, ADHD, and Bipolar are all fairly managed, and a lot of his crazy feelings have calmed down, it hasn't (and probably won't ever) fully gone away.

Love is stored in the Lucas. Lucas wants love and wants to be loved. It's his drive. Highly charismatic, he's constantly trying to make friends wherever he goes, or at least do something to brighten their day. He even tries to make friends with ex's, or at least be on good terms. He's the type of person that gives his everything to his partner, and is huge on romance. He will learn what you love and make sure you always have it. Even with all the scarring and trauma and therapy visits, Lucas is a bright shining star piece, and he's going to let everyone know it.

Content warning in effect for abuse. Trigger warning in effect for murder, suicide, self harm mentions,

Hair, black as ebony.
Skin, white as snow.

Isaac and Luana were an arranged marriage -- Luana was the heir to Cranford and Company of England, Isaac the heir to Morningstar Incorporated of Germany. As part of the agreement, neither could take on the other's last name, but they chose a middle ground. Maxwell was chosen because it was an English name, the origin of Cranford, and it began with M, for Morgenstern.

Lucas was born on a cold December morning. He was the gem of the family, a happy and smiling baby. Isaac didn't want Lucas to grow up overly pampered and sheltered, so they moved from Germany to America when Lucas was four, where would enjoy a relatively normal life (though, let's be honest, they were so well off they could live just about anywhere they wanted). Isaac loved Lucas very much, and spent a lot of time with him. A couple months before Lucas started school at five, Luana became pregnant with her second child. Tragically, it ended in a miscarriage late second trimester.

Luana was never quite the same. She started to be more introverted, spending more time with herself than with Lucas or Isaac, and she started to be much more violent and unpredictable, snapping at Lucas for the silliest things. Isaac felt the change and started to worry, but unfortunately, work got in the way. Isaac's parents died shortly before they moved to America, and Luana's was very ill. Though Lucas was set to be the heir to combine the two companies/families, he was only five years old. It was on Isaac's shoulders to take on the Morning Star mantle, requiring increasingly more time overseas in Germany. With her husband gone, Luana slipped into incoherency and madness, caring more about booze than taking care of her son.

Over the next five years, the abuse ramped up. A warped system of "rules" was put in place, Luana demanding much of Lucas, proving little, and changing the game when it suited her. Her punishments were outlandish, and sometimes given for the hell of it. She'd beat him, scream at him, starve him, make him sleep in the garage or even outside. Coffee and cigarette burns weren't uncommon. At one point, she made him drink bleach. (It was awful. Don't ask.) She stabbed him twice--once on purpose, once on accident. As badly as she broke his body, however, she could not fully break his spirit. He lost his voice, rarely speaking a word to anyone... but he would sing himself to sleep, even if he didn't have the words, singing to keep going, keep surviving until Dad came home and Mom would go back to normal.

["But Sketchie!" someone from the corner whines. "Child Protection Services!!" Oh, sweetie from the corner, worse things happen that go right past CPS. Luana had a knack for the motherly act, and was even better at lying. She convinced everyone, including her own husband (who mostly lived in Germany at this point), that the problem was in Lucas, not Luana. He was a troublemaker, that's his problem!]

Four days before Lucas's tenth birthday, Luana accidentally stabbed him in the side. The wound required staples to be put in for the first little while. Early morning two days before Lucas's tenth birthday, Lucas had a particularly bad dream. In his thrashing and tearing at himself, some of the staples were torn out, waking him. As you can guess, there was blood everywhere -- both from the newly opened wound, and the places where the staples had ripped. Lucas panics and tries in vain to hide his sobbing and to stop the bleeding. Whether he was successful or not wouldn't have mattered. Isaac got home early that night, ready to be home for his beloved son's birthday, and decided to surprise him. Isaac entered Lucas's room to find the tear-stained blood-stained boy, and immediately takes him back to the ER to get everything patched up again. When the doctors lifted off Lucas's shirt, Isaac noticed just how thin Lucas had become, as well as a myriad of bruises and a stitched up wound next to his sternum. Isaac is shocked, and very confused. On the way home, Isaac asks Lucas where he got his injuries. Lucas, sick and tired of keeping it all in, gushes to his father about everything that had happened over the past five years. Isaac is heartbroken to hear his son's tale, and decided that it had to end tonight.

There is no happy ending for the Maxwell family.

Isaac had a handgun. It had been passed down for generations and would go to Lucas when he came of age. It was truly gorgeous, blue tulips adoring an ivory grip. It was kept in a safe that only the eldest of each generation knew the code to. Unfortunately, Isaac made a fatal mistake. He left the safe unlocked, giving Luana access to the gun only two months prior. December 18th. Lucas tells Isaac all. Isaac is racked with guilt at being such a neglectful father for five years. Isaac waits for Lucas to go to bed, before confronting Luana. Everything snaps. Luana pulls the gun from somewhere nearby (she had been using it to scare Lucas only a few days earlier) and begins to fire.

One shot through the light bulb. One shot through the floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee. Isaac cries out. A neighbor has been awoken. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. Luana, calm and collected and insane, sets the gun down on the table. She walks into Lucas's room, takes him by the ear and slams him out of bed. She then drags Lucas into the dining room, and sets Lucas across from his father. Luana goes off on some rant, though her speech is slurred and incomprehensible. One shot through the lightbulb. One shot through the kitchen floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee.

One shot through Isaac's head.

In one quick motion, Luana had grabbed the gun, and shot her husband through the temple. She walked over to Lucas and placed the gun to his head. A neighbor awoke a long time ago. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. They called the police, afraid for the Maxwell household. The trigger is pulled. The gun never fires. Police break down the doors. They rescue a dead father, a disowned mother, and a broken son.

With Isaac dead, and Luana in prison, Lucas couldn't stay in his home. Both of Isaac's parents were dead, and Luana's parents were living in Belgium, dying. Lucas had a godfather in Germany, but both he and the caseworker decided it wasn't suitable for Lucas to travel all the way to Germany, so Lucas was put into foster care under careful watch. He went to a couple houses around the city, before coming to the Moncrief home. Elaine and Ollie Moncrief were a nice couple, and had been married for seven years. They already had a child, five-year-old Matthew, and Elaine was pregnant with another son, to be named Markus. Elaine was a mechanical engineer, and Ollie was a doctor. Elaine and Ollie took Lucas into their home gladly, and after a few months Lucas was adopted. Lucas abandoned the Maxwell name, and took on the Moncrief name.

But, the years of abuse and the traumatic night of his father's death had taken a toll on the boy. He refused to speak unless spoken to, and cried if anyone raised their voices too loud. Elaine, an abuse survivor herself, aided in Lucas's recovery. One month after Lucas arrived at the Moncrief home was the first time he said a word unprompted, and you could see the relief and joy in Elaine's and Ollie's eyes. However, around this time began the nightmares. Turbulent, terrorizing, violent nightmares that shook Lucas to the core, leaving him tossing and screaming night after night. Though Lucas had already been seeing a psychiatrist, they took him to a specialized doctor to see what was going on. Everything pointed to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Lucas was put on medication to suppress the nightmares.

The nightmares stopped. Lucas simultaneously got better and he got worse. He began to talk more. He stopped singing solely at night, and began to sing whenever he felt. Elaine bought him a guitar and a viola for his 11th and 12th birthday, hoping music would help heal the pain. And it helped to an extent. He reconnected with two of his best friends, Collin and Issak. (They'd not drifted far, but now that Lucas had his spark back, it was easier to be friends.) Lucas got better. Lucas got worse. As time went on, it was evident something was seriously wrong. He was so incredibly irritable and moody. And reckless. Mostly in terms of sexuality. He lost his virginity when he was only fourteen, and since has had partner after partner after partner. Life was a game and Lucas was too angry and in so much pain that he didn't care what happened to him. He just wanted to play. Needless to say, Elaine was concerned, and began to take him to another psychiatrist. After months of evaluation and therapy, his therapist diagnosed him with ADHD and Bipolar type I. Over time (and therapy, and medication), Lucas was able to straighten things out, and learned how to control his emotions. To a point. It's a process. During this whole mess of mid teen years, he and four of his friends decided to start a band. They named it Russian Roulette, partially because of a band member's nationality, partially because of the role guns have played in Luc's life, and also because of a Bring Me the Horizon song.

Life happens.

He got drunk once at 15, but was raped by his boyfriend at the time, so alcohol is out. He’s taken ketamine once, but it gave him a bad trip, and messed with his nightmare medication for a few weeks. Drugs are also out. But, Johnathan was born at 15, and who doesn't love babies? Fun times! Lucas's life went on as normal as it could be until he was 17. One fateful night, when the rest of his family were out of the house, and Lucas was alone, he started to go into his panic mode. Trying to suppress it, he made himself a nice warm bath, and just soaked. Then he started to think, and his thoughts spiraled out of control. He started thinking that he was truly alone, that he had been abandoned by everyone. Not having people in the house made it worse. Somehow, his mind found a conclusion - it would be better if I didn't exist. In his state of cloudy thinking, he grabbed his razor from the counter, took a deep breath, and cut two slits in his left wrist. He leaned back, watching his blood color the water red, and fell asleep.

When Lucas woke up, he was in the hospital, an IV in his arm and his family gathered by his bed. Elaine told him that when they had come home, Matthew had found him unconscious in bloodstained water. Freaked out, Matthew told Elaine and Ollie. From the time Lucas slit his wrist to the time the rest of the Moncrief family found him, Lucas had lost a lot of blood, and was as pale as snow. Ollie found a way to stop the bleeding, bandage the cut, and dress Lucas quickly. They took him to the hospital where Ollie worked, and were able to give him a blood transfusion. After a few days, Lucas was able to go home. After a long talk with his parents, Lucas retired to his room to think. As he thought, he realized something. The pain he felt when he cut himself... felt good. Not good in a fulfilling way, but there was some wanted release. He confined himself to his room, and once again brought the blade to his wrist, though he didn't cut as deep that time. For a time, it was very out of control, and scars appeared on his shoulder and mostly his thighs. Late senior year, he finally took the steps to overcome his problem, but the temptation never truly went away, and he still had the occasional relapse. The bathtub incident marks the steady decline of his self destructive sex life, and the steady incline of self destructive self-harming.

Eventually, he graduated high school and moved on to college. He stayed in the Seattle, Washington area, but he moved into a penthouse apartment with Collin and Issak. They have a snake named Greg. He's yellow and the boys love him. While their band never really went huge, they still play when at local bars and things when time permits. Back at home, Ruth was born when he was 20, and while he doesn't get to see his baby sister much, he makes a point of coming home whenever he can. Lucas burned through college quickly, earning his MBA with a minor in music a year early. At 22, he and his cousin, Martin Cranford, are now living it up owning Moncrief Enterprises in the name of making the world a better place, and making sure that even the "lowest" jobs are still being paid a wage worth working for. After a quiet break up with a young Francis Duvall, Lucas ran into another fine young man. Lucas was performing at a local Pride festival, and close to the end of his set, he saw in the crowd a crying young man. He sought the man out once he was done, to be sure he was okay. The two had tacos, and the man introduced himself as Maxwell Hudson. The two hit it off almost immediately, and have been dating for the past two years. They have been living together in Lucas's penthouse for the last little bit.

Fairy Tale:
Snow White

Ruby Apple

Lucas's Snow White outfit is very reminiscent of the classic Disney Snow White dress. He has a royal blue doublet, with puffy peasant sleeves that go down 3/4ths of his upper arm, accented by red gussets. The rest of the sleeve is pale yellow and fitted down to his wrist with a little triangle going over the back of his hand. Underneath the doublet is a cream fitted shirt with a tall collar. On his shoulders he wears a red caplet, attached to the doublet by golden apple emblems. His pants are the same color as the yellow half of his sleeves, and he wears brown boots to finish the look. He also has a cute pair of apple earrings.

Weapon: Golden bow and arrows. His arrows just... materialize, so we don't have to worry about a quiver. They're magic!

1. Lucas is able to call cute woodland creatures (deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, mice, a turtle, skunk, etc.) to his command. He does this through SONG! (We've all seen Snow White. We all know how this works.)

The next three abilities are all used through Lucas's bow. While he can use regular arrows with no effect, these are his main abilities. He can modify the intensity of the attack by using more arrows, up to five.

2. Phoenix: a brilliant arrow that transforms into an eagle mid-flight, its feathers dripping with flames. Can either be used to rain fire on top of enemies or hit them directly.

3. Ursa: a jagged arrow that transforms into a brown bear made of stone and rocks. Can hit and attack directly, or slam the ground which causes rocks to fly up from the ground and strike the enemy.

4. Stallion: a shimmering arrow that transforms into a wild stallion, its coat made of ocean and its mane of sparkling river. As it forms into the horse, it brings a tidal wave with it as it smashes into its target.

- Bisexual, but leans towards men. Just slightly. Also, bilingual, and speaks both English and German fluently.
- Lucas has four younger siblings. Matthew is the oldest at 17, who is getting ready to graduate high school and go to the University of Washington on a basketball scholarship. He is going there for business, and hopes to join Lucas eventually. Markus is 12, just starting middle school, and taking it by storm. Johnathan is 7, and is full steam ahead in love with trains. Ruth is now 2 years old and is the jewel of Moncrief life.
- Lucas has a *lot* of property: his penthouse in Seattle, his family mansion in Germany, and a cabin in back Washington country that belonged to his father. Although he was the rightful heir to the Cranford manor, he gave it to Martin because he hated the idea of having two giant homes to himself.
- Besides Max, Lucas has two other roommates: Collin Hannula and Issak Vetrov. The three have been thick as thieves for years. Collin and Issak love Max and treat him as one of the bros.
- Speaking of #richboy, he owns two cars: a 1965 black VW beetle with spikes running up the hood, and the newest Bugatti available, also in black. (He mostly only deals in black and can't find a color he really likes.)
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Name: Allison De luca
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Allison is tall and a bit on the thinner side, with soft curves. Her skin is a light olive tan, dashed occasionally with hardly darker freckles. Her face has soft features coming down to a pointed chin. She has large expressive hazel eyes, rimmed with thick dark lashes. Her nose is straight and medium in size, and her lips are thin. While naturally a brunette, she has dyed her long hair a vivid shade of pink. Well, most of it is long, except for some bangs and a shaved patch on the lower left size. Usually she has it pulled back, with one or two braids thrown in for decorative style. Whatever strikes her fancy at the moment, really.

Allison's day wear tends to be pretty casual, usually consisting of a pair of jeans, capris, or yoga pants, and a couple layered shirts (usually a longer sleeved one over a shorter sleeves one, but sometime the opposite). Layered shirts are perfect because if you're too hot you can take one off, or if you're too cold, you can put another one on. Some of her shirts have holes in them, but it's not always easy to tell if this is from age or the punk-ish style that some of her clothes are. Speaking of punk style, for footwear she usually wears mismatched socks under red high top sneakers or black pleather combat boots depending on the season (the high tops aren't good for rain). She doesn't wear a lot of make-up, and her ears aren't pierced, but Allison usually wears a bit of blush as well as a black and silver choker.

To many, Allison may seem like a contradiction. Though to herself, her logic tracks just fine. She is bold and brave, but she also knows there is no shame in running away, and no profit in dying. She is fairly intelligent, being rather good at solving puzzles and strangely proficient at giving good logical advice, but she is also not above doing something just to see what will happen, and as a result, often won't honor her own advice. This doesn't exactly instill confidence in others that she can give good advice, and it probably doesn't help when she mention seeing and hearing things that aren't there.

As for manners, she is polite and well behaved, when she wants to be. When she doesn't, she behaves however she feels suits the situation or her current mood. And well, she certainly can be moody. She's not always exactly good at hiding it either. But while her emotions are pretty easy to read, she's not easy to get close to. She is understandably not great at making friends, though she care very deeply for those she has, and for her brother. Of course you may have trouble convincing her your her friend as well, since she's kind of suspicious of other people's motives after everything she's been through.

Romantically, Allison is of the opinion love is love, not really having a preference for men or women, but definitely preferring someone she feels like she can trust. That kind of relationship tends to take a lot for time for her, so her relationships tend to move pretty slow. Because again, she is predisposed to be suspicious.

Once upon a time, a perfect family lived at 1444 Meadow Drive. There was a hard working father who spent five to six days a week at the office working on high end ad campaigns, a equally hard working mother who kept house and looked their child (as well as doing some self-pace make-up sales), a delightful three year old boy who loved dinosaurs and spaghetti, and a rowdy golden lab pup. It seemed like life couldn't get anymore perfect for the De Luca family, and then they learned they were going to have a little girl. How perfect, a little sister for their little Danny, what a perfect addition to the family. They even had the perfect name, Allison, after her late grandmother.

But as she grew older something became apparent, the child was odd. It is normal for children to talk to imaginary friends, and sometimes even to use them to talk about darker subjects like death, but Allison's conversations were exceptionally concerning and her mother felt the need to consult a child psychiatrist. His assessment brought into question many of her behaviors, things the family had dismissed as quirks and creativity, and was confirmation that they had reason to be concerned. He informed them that Allison appeared to be suffering from a range of delusions and even experiencing hallucinations. Follow-up appointments and treatments would be necessary. It was a financial burden for a young family, with only one and a half income, but as long as their children were as happy and healthy as possible, it would be worth it.

And for a time Allison seemed to improve. She was a bundle of joy in elementary school, learning basic math, reading above her grade level, making friends, playing with the dog, attending slumber parties, and begging to go to Disney World. That was her biggest dream at that age, to visit the happiest place on Earth (though the family just couldn't afford it at the time). It was a golden era not destine to last.

As she grew older, Allison started to have what her middle school teachers referred to as 'fits'. The truth was much darker, these were not mere tantrums or even seizures, but terrifying re-occurrences of the events that had so concerned her mother. She screamed and lashed out, and accused people of bizarre things. Eventually, it became necessary to hospitalize her. Because of this Allison missed a lot of school and lost a lot of friends. She was in and out of the hospital for around 10 years, and she hated it. She felt betrayed, and stopped talking to her parents unless absolutely necessary, though her relationship with her brother remained strong. To her, it felt like he was the only one who wanted to help her, though their parents were only trying to do what the doctors told them would be best for her. He continued to listen to her and comfort her, even after all her friends had given up on her or drifted away. He became her closest friend.

At 21 Allison was able to secure her own release and move into a sort of halfway house. She worked hard to find a job and get her own apartment (though her brother does come by to check up on her regularly). She speaks more with her parents than she used too, but the situation is still tense between them. Her brother is still her closest friend, and recently he surprised her with a childhood dream, tickets to Disney World!

Fairy Tale: Alice in Wonderland

Artifact: Mad hatter's tophat

Allison's 'Alice Costume' consists of a fluffy blue half-sleeved dress with a white apron and a matching tophat (white with a blue band, that has card stuck in it). The sleeves are puffed at the top, and both the apron and skirt have white lace ruffles around the edges. A large blue bow hangs off the back of the dress, and another adorns the back of the tophat. Underneath the dress, she has black and white stocking that go all they way up, as well as tall white button-up boots.

Weapon: Giant Key - A oversized old style bronze key, that she uses like a sword or bat, with a blue ribbon bow tied to the 'hilt'.

Ability 1: Have I always been this Size?
- Allison is able to grow and shrink herself at will, from around the size of a two-story house to the size of a fashion doll. Her key grows and shrinks with her, though the scale may not stay exactly the same.

Ability 2: Is this a Garden or a Forest?
- She can temporally cause flowers and similar sized plants around her grow huge like trees, instantly changing the dynamics of the battlefield.

Ability 3: Is there a Rabbit in my Hat?
- Lowing or dropping her hat, Allison can release whatever is 'inside'; and a herd of smaller animals such as rabbits, dormice, hedgehogs, flamingos, mome raths, house cats, playing cards, borogoves, or teapots will come rushing out. Besides from causing chaos and generally being a distraction, some of these creatures may even follow orders.

Ability 4 Are you completely Mad?
- Words have power, and these four word allow Allison to inflict some form of temporary insanity or obsession on her foes (at the GM's discretion). Of course this doesn't work if they're already completely insane, and may not work on those with particularly strong psyche.
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@Gamzee Makara I’ll mark you as pending

Honestly, The Sign Up looks like a WIP. I would appreciate more detail in all the sections. Particularly appearance and personality. History is ok, bur more details nevet hurt!

I hope you understand, The Big Bad Wolf in your History is not the same Big Bad Wolf our characters are going to be fighting at some point.

Be careful about abusing the “pulling items out of nowhere” power...

A few general announcements

@Sketchie Is my Co-GM. And also has authority to comment on SUs.

As for the abilities, you can have four. However, I was struggling to come up with four abilities for my characters, so you can have less, and learn more later if you think of them.

Gamzee Makara

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@Gamzee Makara I’ll mark you as pending

Honestly, The Sign Up looks like a WIP. I would appreciate more detail in all the sections. Particularly appearance and personality. History is ok, bur more details nevet hurt!

I hope you understand, The Big Bad Wolf in your History is not the same Big Bad Wolf our characters are going to be fighting at some point.

Be careful about abusing the “pulling items out of nowhere” power...

A few general announcements

@Sketchie Is my Co-GM. And also has authority to comment on SUs.

As for the abilities, you can have four. However, I was struggling to come up with four abilities for my characters, so you can have less, and learn more later if you think of them.

I'll clean up the spacing and do a bit of dressup.

Any specific personality traits or appearance bits you need/would like(I don't do avatars)?

There IS another Big Bad Wolf in Fairy Tales than the one we'll be fighting, that this guy could be a front man/henchman for, or warlock/alias/avatar/disguise of(Depending on if we're fighting LRRH or The Three Little Pigs character, or something else)one version...and there's some potential plot hooks I dropped in the sign-up.

And I'm not going to pull Deus Ex Machinas out of there. Out of Battle it'll be mostly be mildly useful stuff like glass cutters, delicious food or a tarot deck. In combat, swords, axes, and her mallet...nothing "modern", like a tank, bazooka, etc...

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@Gamzee Makara You don't really need to add anything, just go into more detail. Give examples of how certain personality traits are displayed. Don’t just list traits, but go into detail. Be more prosey. It’s a description, not a list. Sketchie’s SU is the only WIP that’s up ATM, but that’s a good example. (You don’t need to do avatars)

Also, what does “Sukeban" mean?

Hmm, not sure if I’m going to do that... The villians are already henchmen for Yasha. But I’ll keep that in mind!

Just... have limits. I’ve seen characters with teleporting and pulling stuff out of nowhere related abilities make RPs go nuts.
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Can do

It's a specific type of delinquent. I'm referring to the type of perm she has.

The CLASSIFIED is a big part of the hook. It relates to "Grandma" and her biological parents.

I wrote limits in to the cloak and teleporting:Cloak cannot pull overly complex devices and teleportation 1. must use Grandma's House as a waypoint, and 2. must know a substantial amount about where she's going(In visual aim and/or details as to not "crash" into/on top of/Materialize inside an object). I'll specify such.

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@Gamzee Makara Let me know when you’re ready

@Schade You’ve already been reserved

They’re done woo!

Name: Maxwell "Max" Hudson
Age: 22
Gender: Gay Male


Appearance: Max is a tall and muscular young man standing at 6'3". He is physically fit, and has a, toned, well muscled, physique that he enjoys showing off. While he hated being forced to be on the football team, he admits it's done wonders for his body, and he enjoys showing it off. He still works out regularly to maintain it, just at his own pace, and not as intense, He has a fair complexion, and his face is free of blemishes and facial hair. His strawberry blonde hair looks messy, but he likes it that way, claiming that it adds character to his look. It appears to be longer on the top than it is on the sides, and it seems to go in many different directions. He doesn't wear any hair gel, since he doesn't like the feel of stiff hair. He has a round, boyish face with wide expressive eyes that are a deep shade of blue. He often has a smile on his face.

Max's choice in clothes changes with his mood. Some days, he dresses casually and wears a simple tank top and jeans. On other days, he wears fancier clothing. He does know how to sew and make clothes to suit his own tastes. He likes bright colors, but usually wears various shades of purple. His signature outfit consists of a light purple tight fitting tank top, and a dark purple cotton hoodie over it if it's cold enough. On the bottom, he wears a pair of blue jeans held up by a black belt with a metal buckle, and purple and white high top sneakers on his feet. He carries around a purple messenger bag to carry his things in.

Personality: Max is a cheerful, optimistic guy who doesn't like to be bogged down with unpleasant thoughts. He enjoys laughing and making jokes with others, even in inappropriate situations. He is easygoing and friendly, which makes it easy for him to befriend people. He is really good at understanding other people's emotions, and is an emotional guy himself. He is not embarrassed to show his feelings. He cries when he is sad, and is openly affectionate towards those he cares for. Even with people he is just friends with, he still expresses affection through handshakes, hugs, and other forms of touch. Max considers himself a hopeful romantic. He has an idealistic view of love, and is passionate about these views. He seeks out love for himself, and ultimately wants a fairy tale happily ever after of his own. Max has a lustful side to him as well. He is openly gay, and doesn't bother hiding it, since he's spent too much time having to repress his sexuality already. He is often fawning over attractive men. He often makes teasing and flirty comments to other guys he finds attractive, as well as even outright touching them, even if he knows they're not gay. He just sees it as being friendly, and doesn't see any harm in it. Now that he has a boyfriend he’s happy with, he won't do this as much. Of course, he’s not blind to the attractiveness of other guys, but he doesn’t want to ruin the relationship he has. He now wants to do more coupley things with his boyfriend. He is driven more by his emotions than logic, and tends to act impulsively as a result. He does not think about how his actions affect others until it is too late, and winds up feeling bad about it afterwards if something goes wrong. Someone not responding to his friendliness the way he expects makes him try harder to make that person his friend. He doesn't mind occasional teasing from friends, so long as they're laughing with him, not at him. When someone does become his friend. he gets attached to that person very easily, and can be clingy and overly dependent. He will always be in your business, will constantly call/text you, and do things for you whether you want it or not. He also doesn't take rejection very well, he'll usually deny the rejection, or come up with excuses to avoid feeling heartbroken.

Max is very sensitive, and is willing to be a shoulder to cry on, and give you some words of encouragement when you are down. For him, hurt feelings hurt worse than a hurt body. It is very easy to get him to like you, and once he is your friend he will remain your friend for life. If there's one thing Max can't stand, it's being forced to do something he doesn't like. He can usually respect authority, but it becomes a problem when he feels that the authority is unfair. Telling him to “man up” or trying to control him is the fastest way to get him upset. When he gets upset, he will lash out. Max also reacts with anger when being reminded of his abusive father.

Max has always been right brain dominant. It's partly the reason why he always struggled in school as a kid, and gravitates towards arts. It doesn't mean he's dumb, just that his way of thinking is different from a left brained person. Max is a creative individual. His favorite pastime is drawing and painting, and he often be found dooding in a sketch book when he has free time. He also knows how to knit and sew, sculpt with clay, and just about any other arts and crafts based thing. In addition to his creative pursuits, he enjoys Video Games, Disney, Fairy Tales, and other things that most would consider geeky. He also has an affinity for cute things. Max doesn't care for sports all that much, after being forced to participate in them for so long. He's willing to play a few games with friends sometimes, but he isn't all that serious about it. After spending years being scared of his father, and finally getting out of that situation, he has had enough of being concerned what other people thought about him. He is going to be himself, and if you don't like it, that's your problem not his. After everything that has happened to him, Max is able to empathize with others in a similar situations. He sees himself in them, and really wants to help them. This can drive some people nuts because of how overbearing he can be. He does genuinely care about people, it's just that he can go overboard sometimes.

History: Max Hudson was born and raised in Seattle Washington, where he has spent most of his life. His father, Joseph "Joe" Hudson, is part of wealthy prominent family, as well as a retired athlete, while his mother, Kimberly, while not born into a wealthy family, made her own money the old fashioned way, by working hard. While Max grew up in wealth and luxury, he didn't have the best relationship with his father. Max's father was a strict man, and had high expectations for his son. He had a low tolerance for failure, and Max was disciplined harshly when the expectations were not met. His father had always wanted his boy to follow in his footsteps. He wanted his son to be an athlete like him, and act like the upper-class elite that he is. From the moment Max could walk and talk, he pushed that dream onto him. He was sent to elite private schools to study, and was encouraged (or rather forced) to join the football team. His mother didn't agree on what her husband was doing, saying Max should be able to make his own choices, but the man wouldn't have any of it. Claiming that football builds character, and would make him strong. Max hated football, but stayed with it in order to please his strict father. Over the years, he started to develop and get stronger. That still didn't change the fact that he hated what he was being forced to do something he didn't want to do for stupid reasons. He also didn't agree with his father's ideas about how a man should act. Still, he kept his mouth shut, but resentment slowly started to build.

Growing up, Max always had an interest in art. He was often doodling in his school notes when he should have been paying attention in class. While he excelled in art classes, he wasn't good in Math, and was average everywhere else. His mother encouraged his artistic talents, but his father chastised them. Claiming that art was for sissies, and that it would never do him any good. Naturally, Max was always closer to his mother than he was with his father. She was the one who read fairy tales to him as bedtime stories as a kid, which is how his view of love developed. She was also the one who encouraged his artistic goals where his father never did. His parents often disagreed on a lot of other things besides how to raise their child. It was not uncommon for the two to have very heated arguments on a regular basis.

One day, Joe came down on Max very hard for doodling on his school notes. He told him he would never make it as an artist, and that he was a disgrace to the family name. His anger got so bad, he slapped his son hard across his face. His wife returned home from work just in time to witness this. After seeing this, Kimberly decided that was the last straw for her. After a very loud argument, Max's mother filed for divorce. She got custody of her son, and they moved out of the home they shared with Joe. Max quit the football team, and spent time improving his art skills.

For some time, Max was happy. He lived a comfortable life at home with his mother. He was popular in school, and made a lot of friends. He still practiced his painting, and his grades improved. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to last. When he was fourteen, his mother was involved in a serious car crash that left her severely wounded. She ultimately died from blood loss on the way to the hospital. He was forced to live with his father. Max barely had time to grieve for his mother's death. His father imposed his ideas just like before. He took away all his art supplies, and Max was disciplined much worse than before. Joe had started drinking after the divorce, and as Max found out, he was a violent, angry drunk, who would go berserk, and often yell, scream, and beat him over the slightest things. It is because of his father, that Max refuses to drink any type of alcohol.

Regardless of what was happening at home, Max still kept up a cheerful facade in front of others. He didn't dare tell anyone of his father's abuse for various ranging from thinking he won't be believed, making the situation worse. His father was very good at acting like a supportive parent in public, fueling Max's fears. Due to his resentment of his father, he tried to look for the affection he didn't get at home from others. He wanted people to like him, and tried very hard to please everyone. He constantly worried about what other people thought, and kept things secret from people that he felt would make them think negatively of him. (Such as the fact he likes My Little Pony, or that he didn't have care to listen to the guys talking about girls. He didn't find himself interested in them.) Despite feeling miserable inside, he kept smiling through the pain. Every night he cried in his pillow, and swore he would get out of this one day. He found any excuse he could think of to not have to come home and deal with his father, studying with friends, trying to find a job, whatever was plausible. He also did some rebellious things behind his father's back, like sneaking out after school to go to parties, and other popular hangouts. Not coming home until very late into the night.

He attended a party that was being thrown by a popular boy in his school, Robert Valentine, known around the school as Robbie. Max first laid eyes on him when he was playing his guitar, and singing for a crowd of people. Max noticed three things about him. The first thing, he had a beautiful singing voice, two he was very handsome even though he was embarrassed to be having that kind of thought at the time, and the third was that his guitar was covered in Hello Kitty stickers. After he was done performing, Max felt the urge to talk to him. The two of them started to hit it off very quickly, and danced together. Hours flew by, and soon Max had to leave. Max knew to give Robbie his name and number so they could talk more, and meet up the next day.

The two started spending a lot of time together. They had a lot of things in common, including the fact that they were both artists, although, Robbie was a musician and a poet rather than a traditional artist. It soon became clear that there relationship was more than just platonic. Max couldn't stop himself from thinking about how hot his friend was, and had feelings about him that he never felt about anyone before, let alone another guy. He found out the feeling was mutual, and started growing closer until they eventually had their first kiss.

After that, the two stared going steady. Max was excited about the status of his relationship, but also scared. He knew his father would never approve of him dating another guy. He definitely couldn't invite him over to his house. He kept his relationship a secret so his father wouldn't find out. It was exciting at first, but all the sneaking around had a negative effect on the relationship. Robbie was openly gay, but Max was still in the closet. He wanted to be able to be public with his boyfriend. Max was worried about the reaction people would have if people found out he was dating guys, particularly his dad. He occasionally would pretend to go out with girls so people wouldn't get suspicious, which upset Robbie more. Robbie gave Max an ultimatum to come out, or their relationship was over. Max couldn't do it, and Robbie left. Max was devastated.

Throughout all this, he was able to bring his grades up during his last year of high school, and managed to graduate. Now that he was an adult, Max could go to art college and pursue his passions. Max revealed these plans to his father, and of course, it did not go well. A loud argument ensued that night, which ended up with Max coming out as gay. Max's father was drunk at the time, and proceeded to punch him in the face a number of times, threaten to kill him, and use several gay slurs before passing out. After that, Max had enough, and ran away from home. He went to the only place he could think of to go, his ex-boyfriend's house. His dad had never met Robbie before, he would never know to go looking for him there. After knocking on the door, and explaining to Robbie's parents, and Robbie himself, what had happened, the family took the boy in for a while. Robbie felt bad for leaving Max after discovering the reason why he was in the closet. It didn't take very long for the two boys to rekindle their relationship. Max hadn't seen or heard from his dad since.

After he and Robbie publicly came out as a couple, he found out nearly everybody in school pretty much suspected Max wasn't straight. All of his friends were ok with it. After everything that had happened, Max stopped trying to hide parts of himself to please people. It just wasn't worth the effort. Now, he was going to live life the way he wanted, and no one was going to stop him. Max and Robbie had planned to attend the same college, and be roommates in the fall.

However, before they could go through with those plans, something bad happened. Robbie was involved in a fatal car accident with a drunk driver. Making the situation worse, was the fact that the drunk driver turned out to be his father, who survived the accident. It was as if that man couldn't resist making one more attempt at making his life miserable. Of course, his dad was arrested and put in prison for DUI as well as vehicular manslaughter, much to Max's relief. He also discovered that he had inherited a large sum of money from his deceased mother that his father had been keeping a secret for some time. Still, he had lost his boyfriend, in the exact same way he had lost his mother. He spent a lot of nights crying alone. It left him with a hole in his heart he was unable to fill.

He dated other guys for a bit, but nothing ever really stuck. Then one day, while at a local pride event, he saw a performance involving a young man playing guitar on stage. He was suddenly struck with the same feelings he had when he saw Robbie perform. He was reminded of how much he missed his boyfriend, and then the tears started to flow. After the performance was over, the guitar player came over to see if he was ok. They had tacos together, and hit it off right away. That was how he met Lucas Moncrief. They’ve been together for two years, and Max is happy to have a boyfriend again.

Max graduated from college with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts.) He lives with his boyfriend, and his bandmates in a fabulous penthouse. Living with all of them is an adventure, and he loves every minute of it. He works as a barista at a local coffee shop, and does art projects on the side (doing comissions, selling stuff he makes on Etsy, personal stuff, etc.) He doesn’t hate his job as a barista, but he does hope to make it as an artist and do that full time someday. He actually is quite happy where he is right now.

Fairy Tale: Cinderella

Artifact: Glass Slippers


Max's outfit is reminiscent of the Disney version of Cinderella's gown that she wears to the ball. It consists of a light blue tailcoat, with royal blue scroll pattern on it. Under this, we wears a faint baby blue shirt, with a matching cravat around his neck. His pants also match the color of the shirt, as well as the gloves on his hands. He wears a long flowing cape that starts off blue, and fades into clear as it goes down. The cape is attached to the blue epaulettes on his coat. His outfit does include glass shoes that are surprisingly comfortable to walk in, because magic! He wears a blue tiara on top of his head. The entire outfit glitters and sparkles like magic.

Weapon: Glass Sword

Hyalokinesis: Max has the ability to control all forms of glass. If he has enough of it, he could make stuff out of glass. He mainly uses it to move his sword around without touching it, and use it like a projectile.

Glass Slipper Grenade: Max leaves behind one of his glass shoes. He is able to rig the shoe to explode, and get razor sharp glass shards everywhere that damages foes nearby. Max now has a bunch of glass shards to play with, and the shoe magically reforms on his foot.

Pumpkin Bomb: A pumpkin falls from the sky and explodes. This bomb doesn’t actually hurt foes. It just leaves them covered in pumpkin guts, and stuns them for a short time.

Stampede of Rodents: Max is able to summon a stampede of ethereal mice and birds to attack a foe.

Other: Being an artist, Max likes bright vibrant colors in general. His favorites are purple and pink, especially purple.

Due to his father being an alcoholic, and all the trouble that’s caused him, he refuses to drink any kind of alcohol.

He’s also particular about safe driving due to having lost loved ones in car accidents. He actually doesn’t own his own car.

Has become good friends with his other roommates Collin and Issak. Despite not knowing them for as long as Lucas has, he still feels included in the group. Four guys living in a penthouse together is always fun.

Name: Fiona Swan
Age: 20
Gender: Female


Appearance: Fiona is a petite, thin woman. She stands at slightly less than 5 feet tall. Her figure is willowy, lacking in curvature. Not that she's a block, rather her curves are just understated. She has a heart shaped face, and her facial features are soft and delicate. She has large, expressive brown eyes that often reflect sadness, framed by long eyelashes. She has a small button nose, and full lips. Her skin is naturally pale, and serves as a contrast with her long, silky, black hair. She usually doesn't wear make-up, and when she does, it's only a small amount that you wouldn't even notice it. Fiona has a fragile, delicate beauty that tends to make people admire her for her beauty, or take pity on her. Both reactions embarrass her.

Fiona generally dresses elegantly, but not too over the top either. She generally prefers to wear white, and other pastel colors. Her casual outfit includes a white to with a lavender ruffle around the neckline. She wears a matching lavender ruffled skirt on the bottom. Her legs are covered by white leggings, and she wears silver flats with ribbons that go around her legs, and are tied up into a bow at her thighs. She acceorizes with feathers mostly. She wears a white feather clip in her hair made from feathers. Silver earrings shaped like feathers hang from her ears, and a silver necklace with several small silver feather charms hangs around her neck.

Personality: Fiona comes across as being aloof when people first meet her. She is a quiet young woman who doesn't seem to smile very often these days. While she is capable of being polite in conversations, she doesn't speak to others much unless someone engages her first. After being bullied as a child for being "The Ugly Duckling" she's always been a bit reserved. The the things that happened in her life made it worse. She often cried and sulked for a long time. While she got a better handle on her grief now, she never truly got over everything that had happened to her. While she tries to carry herself with grace in public, she still has bouts of depression every so often.

While being slow to trust others at first, beneath her quiet exterior, Fiona is a very kind and gentle soul. She gives to those less fortunate, and is willing to help someone in need. She is sympathetic to the plights of others, and is sweet to all those who stick around long enough to form a relationship with her. She is loyal and affectionate to those she is close to, and would do anything for them if they needed it.

Due to the bullying she experienced as a child, Fiona has a rather low opinion of herself. No matter how much people try to tell her otherwise, she still sees herself as the ugly duckling, and is rather embarrassed when she is given complements. Fiona generally keeps how she is feeling to herself. The last time she spoke up, an innocent man got killed for his trouble. That being said, she does have a hidden violent, angry side that she does her best to keep to herself. She doesn't take kindly to bullies, and evildoers in general.

History: Fiona was born in Orlando Florida, with her father. She never knew her mother, and he never likes to talk about her. Growing up was not easy for her. Her face was riddled with blemishes, she was awkward and clumsy, and people found her too thin and pale. She was bullied relentlessly by her peers for her looks. She was given the nickname The Ugly Duckling, because of her family name, Swan, as well as her appearance. All of this bullying damaged her self-esteem.

As she grew older. things started to change for the better. Her father put his daughter in ballet dance lessons, in order to improve her grace and poise. The girl took the lessons well, and became a skilled ballerina. Gradually, Fiona’s appearance improved as she grew into herself. The blemishes on her skin disappeared and was now smooth and clear. Because of her dance training, Fiona now moved with the grace and poise of a Princess. By the time she was 16, Fiona was no longer the Ugly Duckling. People were in awe of Fiona’s newfound beauty, but she still remembered how badly people treated her when she was the ugly duckling. Although she kept it to herself, she still held some resentment towards her bullies.

Things got worse from her when she came home to the news that her father had tragically passed away. He died under mysterious circumstances, doctors said he had a heart attack, but he had been perfectly healthy before that... Still, the girl was of course devastated by the loss of her parents, However, she wasn't alone for long. She was taken in by a wealthy older man named Adrian Rothbart. He claimed to be a friend of the Swan family, was glad to take in their child. Especially because it would give his own daughter someone to play with.

Adrian was kind to her at first. He supported her through all the sadness she was feeling over her father’s demise. He even knew her mother when she was alive. Over time though, Adrian’s true colors began to show. As the girl grew older, he took more of an interest in her. He would order her to dance for him and with him, and make unwanted advances torwads her, and then beat her when she refused. He would apologize for it the next day, but the cycle of abuse would continue. At some point, Adrian took her out of school, and kept her as his prisoner and had to do anything he asked. Then there was the matter of Adrian’s daughter, Odila. With the exception of her clothing choices, Odila looked exactly like Fiona. She product of an affair Adrian had with Fiona's mother while she was still married to Fiona’s father, and the reason why Adrian was so obsessed with her. Fiona and her half sister never spoke to each other.

Fiona wanted to escape, but felt like she couldn't. Where would she go, wander the streets? She had no family, what was she to do? She did however make it a point to sneak out every night while Adrian slept. As long as she made sure to come back before the sun rose, she could enjoy a few hours of freedom every night. It was during one of her nightly escapes that she met a handsome young man named Derek Siegfried. The two were smitten with each other from the moment they laid eyes on each other. He invited her to a party he was having at his home the next night. Fiona happily accepted, thinking maybe this would be her chance at freedom.

Except, at some point, Adrian caught on to what Fiona was doing. He followed her out one night, and caught her with another man. Rather than comfront her right then and there, he concocted another plan.

The night of the party, Fiona arrives, but Derek notices there is something different about her. She dressed in black, she was also much more foward and flirtatious than she normally was. The young man didn't think too much of it though, believing that she was only excited, The truth of the matter was that Adrian had sent his daughter in her place. Fiona eventually awoke, and hurried to Derek's house, only to witness Derek and Odila then kissing passionately. The sight of which brings Fiona to tears, as she flees.

Derek only realizes his mistake after catching a glimpse of Fiona in tears. He manages to catch up to her, but also catches Adrian trying to take back Fiona. Derek demands she be released. It isn't long before a fight breaks out between the men. It ended quickly after Adrian pulled out a gun, and shot Derek dead.

At this point, something in Fiona snapped. Adrian had kept her prisoner for far too long. Now he went and killed an innocent man. As Adrian was gloating, Fiona snatched the gun out of his hand, and pointed it at him. Adrian taunted her, saying she would never do it. Even teasing her with the fact that he was the one who poisoned her father. Of course, she proved him wrong shot him, multiple times to make sure the man was truly dead.

When everything was said and done, Fiona was horrified with what she did. She felt guilty about killing another person. Even if it was someone who was holding captive, killing was not something good people did... She confessed to the crime, and was arrested, but paid her own bail so she wouldn’t have to sit in jail. Eventually, there was a trial for Adrian’s murder. On the advice of her attorney, she pleaded innocent, and ultimately got off because of self defense. Now she was finally free to rebuild her life. She currently goes to college, and works at a Coffee Kiosk in Disney World. She mostly keeps to herself these days.

Fairy Tale: Swan Lake

Artifact: A white swan feather


Costume: Fiona’s costume is a full on frily ballerina dress, tutu and all. The dress is white with a silver feather print on it. She has white tights on her legs, and white pointe shoes on her feet. Sheer white sleeves cover her arms, and on top of her head sits a swan shaped crown. Her hair gets done up into a bun with two strands of hair hanging loose in the front.

Weapon: A white wand with a swan’s head and wings. It’s used as a focus object for some her abilities, and she twirls it in her hand while dancing.


Featherdance: Fiona performs a graceful dance that causes white swan feathers to rain down around an opponent. It doesn’t outright hurt them, it just covers them in feathers and weaken their attacks.

Feather Knives: Fiona twirls her wand around her hand, and fires a barrage of feathers at an opponent. Theses feathers are not soft and fluffy, they’re razor sharp and do hurt.

Moonlight Dance: Fiona performs another ballet dance, with a moon glowing behind her. Anyone that watches her stops what their doing and just stares while she does her thing. She is vulnerable while she’s doing this so someone could come up from behind and attack her. The effect stops when she stops dancing or if her concentration is broken in any way.

Dance of the Swans: Contrary to the name, this is not another dance based move. Fiona turns into a whole flock of swans, and then viciously attack an opponent. There’s lots of honking noises, and it is not pretty.

Other: Fiona is a skilled dancer. Particularly ballet, but is interested in other forms of dance as well.
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Excellent. I'll post my Wip here for now then

Name: Sean Briar
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty
Artifact: The ornate pillow of endless dreams
Weapon: Scheherazade: A thin and elegant rapier sword, golden in color. It has a protective hilt shaped like thorny vines which ends in a single lavender rose at the shaft. The blade itself resembles a thorny vine, and has the ability to stretch out and become a whip.
- Apathetic Aura: Sean naturally emits an aura that weakens others by draining their willpower. It works mostly through remote proximity, but Sean can focus his energy on one specific target for greater effect. Prolonged exposure will weaken a target to the point of falling asleep while in combat, or generally to lose motivation to do whatever it is they were doing. He is also able to convert the energy he steals and add it to his own, rejuvinating himself.

- Vine Trap: He can summon and control clusters of vines that burst out of the ground at his own discretion. These thorned vines will primarily trap people in their place, making them volunerable for follow-up attacks from others.


Appearance: Sean is a lean man, standing at 185cm tall, though his posture make him look a few inches shorter. He has a fit physique from an active and healthy lifestyle which he keeps up the best he can. He has pale skin which is normally relatively blemish free, but he has been plagued with bags under his eyes and general stress. His pale blue eyes have a permanent tired look to them, as if he's somewhat spaced out or not paying attention at all. His hair is medium short and locked in a permanent bedhead situation, and while it's sandy blonde in color, a few stray grey hairs have started popping out here and there. He has high cheekbones and a defined jawline, though he doesn't smile very often.

For clothing, Sean goes for the practical. While he can afford buying good quality clothing, he doesnt care at all about fashion, and only goes to the length of making himself look presentable in public. His main casual attire is a pair of slim black jeans and a white T-shirt covered by a light blue denim jacket. He wears a pair of white sneakers of good quality and comfort. He doesn't wear any sort of jewelry besides a silver wristwatch on his left forearm. He also wears his police badge in his jacket for easy access and quick getaways should the situation require it, but if you look closely you'll see that it's expired.

Costume: Sean's costume carries a lot of inspiration from the Three Musketeers. He dons a white puffy-sleeved shirt under a black leather vest with matching gloves, with a lavender cape on his right shoulder, held in place by a belt going over his torso. He also wears dark blue pants with lavender sides and black knee-high boots. A clear rose motif can be seen on the outfit, as both his boots and belt are decorated with lavender roses.

Personality: Silent and reserved, Sean usually sticks to the back of any converastion, making him somewhat difficult to notice if you weren't expecting him. Clouded in an aura of both mystery, uncertainty and chronical hangovers, he dislikes being around other people as he has always only relied on himself for his work, detaching him from the people around him. Strict and stern, he keeps his emotions to himself, thinking that he doesn't need to bother anybody with his irrelevant feelings; that nobody would understand. He will actively push people away if they get to close to him, thinking that his proximity is enough for people to get in danger. He does have a lot of enemies, after all. Despite his socially awkwardness tho, he is always up to help other people should they need it.

To follow up on the last point. Sean's a cop. A detective, in fact. Or.. He was, until that incident happened. Really, it's astounding he's not imprisoned. He's always had a keen sense of justice, and offers no mercy to those who obstruct it. His sense of justice often cloud his own judgement, however, and he is not above bending the law as he sees fit, hiding behind his detective badge, in order to deal justice to those he views as criminals. He's an intelligent and cunning man, able to see patterns and connections where others may not. He's also just about impulsive enough to act on very small or vague bits of information.

Underneath his Steel-Clad cold exterior lies a much more reserved side to Sean. He wasn't always like this, and his psychologist would call it a pagebook example of PTSD, devolving into trauma and irrational thinking and acting. It sounds like a cakewalk when laid out like that. "Oh why don't you just get help?" they always say. Gods know Sean wishes it was that easy. He barely even sleeps anymore, as he's haunted by not only the ghosts of his past, but also the presence and future. He doesn't really have any motivation anymore

History: Born on an uncharacteristically chilly spring morning in Boston, Massachusetts, Sean is the only son of Elanor Briar; the captain of south precinct and one of the most notoriously cutthroat cops in all of Boston after a brief affair with a deadbeat she knew in her youth. Sean's dad has understandably never been in the picture, though Elanor has always been honest to him when he asked about him.

Growing up was not easy for Sean, despite living in admittadly comfortable. His mother's work brought in enough money for the two of them to live in a generous penthouse apartment downtown, but even despite that, it was difficult for him to develop proper social skills early on, considering his mother was almost never there. Elanor worked a busy schedule, and Sean remembers her office at the precinct just as vividly as their own home at the time, if not more. Doted on by everyone at Elanors workplace, as nobody wanted to be strict or mean to the boss' son, he was always given whatever he wanted, ranging from food to toys etc.

The bad effects of this kind of upbringing would start to show when Sean entered school. While he was a decent enough guy in school, he was always somewhat of an outsider. Sean made it clear from the getgo that he wasn't interested in friendships or anything of the likes, as his mother had always taught him that the best person to trust is oneself. Distancing himself from the other kids would also on occasion make him the target of bulying from other students, which was something he cared very little about. Perfectly capable of standing up for himself, Sean quickly established himself as someone you don't fuck around with, and he would eventually be left alone.

However, seeing him stand up to bullies on more than one occasion made him somewhat of a god to other students in his situations. Well, maybe not god. More like.. He became their Batman. The guy that could scare away even the meanest of meanies! Yeah, he was definitely Batman. The other kids would purposely hang around near him when bullies were nearby, kind of like the fish that hangs around under sharks. David Attenborough would have a field day at Granger High. Thinking Sean didn't notice, they would hang out where they knew he would eventually show up at. Sean noticed though, he noticed it and he kind of enjoyed the status he had gotten from his peers.

It wouldn't take too long for some of the younger students to come to him asking him for help. It was innocent at first, asking him to just be near them in case the bullies would steal their lunch money and the likes. It was difficult to say no to people like that, as Sean felt genuine pity for them. After more encouraging than necessary, he did eventually agree to be the intimidating presence for some of the younger kids, which was something he started to enjoy at some point.

It wasn't until his senior year of high school that Sean's life would change for the.... better? Decently better but eventually spiraling down into the absolute worst, perhaps. His Batman gig was going well, and while he didn't ever admit this to anyone, he enjoyed helping people out. That was, until he met Penny Blake. She was a girl 2 years his junior, and it was apparent from the getgo she was having it rough. Sean would often see her standing alone away from the others, or hear her crying from the restroom when he walked past. He knew nothing of the girl, other than he felt a strange urge to protect her. It was different from the joy he got from helping out others as ironic Batman, but he decided to leave it be. That was, until he caught whim of someone following her home from school one day. It was not unusual for someone to get picked on on their way to or from school, and as Sean rode the bus, it was outsie of his "jurisdiction". He didn't initially know what it was that made him decide to skip the bus home that day to instead follow her, but he was glad he did.

Through a small path in the woods, Penny would be jumped by three older kids from their school. Just ruffians, the bunch of them. The lowlife scum of humanity that felt powerful through bringing someone else down. Even so, this was different, as before he managed to catch up to them, one of the kids had brought out a knife. Sean never learned what they had planned to do with Penny, as he had just rushed in heads first without thinking, tackeling one of the guys from the side and knocking him down. The other two then noticed him, and the unarmed one came for Sean while the one with the knife took a hold of Penny's hair, pushing her down on the ground. None of these guys were trained fighters though, and neither was Sean. Despite that, however, he easily overpowered assailant number two. He wouldn't have time to prepare for the third guy, however, as he felt the sharp jab into his side as he was attacked.
The pain was unlike anything he had ever felt before, and before he was about to fall over, he managed to pin down the last attacker, landing on top of him. He doesn't remember much from after that, but he would later learn that he beat the guy to near death until he himself passed out from bloodloss.

He woke up about 5 days later at the hospital, surrounded by bouquets of flowers and weirdly colorful Get well-cards. His mother was in the room with him, and this was one of the few times he could see clear cracks in her otherwise strict facade. She told him what had happened, about what happened to the other guys and of what would have happened to Penny if he hadn't followed her. She told him that Penny had visited him several times over the last few days, and that she was at the hospital now. As Elanor said that, Sean could see her peek from behind the door. She seemed awkward but sincere. Apparently, she had felt responsible for his condition, and had spent most of the past days at the hospital by his side. Hearing this made Sean feel somewhat relieved. He was happy she was safe, but there was a different underlying feeling he had never fekt before that was sneaking up on him. Why was Penny so important to him?

Sean would spend 3 more days at the hospital until he was deemed well enough to go home. During that time, Penny had been cisiting him daily, and stayed with him for hours. The two had talked, laughed and generally just enjoyed each others company. Sean learned that Penny came from a troubled lower class family, barely being able to scrape by. She admitted that while she enjoyed spending time with him, she was also relieved to be away from her abusive parents. It was a sad story, yet not one unheard of. He reassured her that she could come visit him anytime she wanted, even after he was discharged from the hospital.

The two became a lot closer after that, and after 6 months they began oficially dating. He became her pillar of hope and safety, and she became his pull back into reality. He started taking things more seriously, and decided he would become a police officer like his mother. He would join the police academy after graduating, while Penny took to smalljobs here and there to keep herself afloat. Despite Sean's insisting, she refused to let him financially aid her during their time apart. She wanted to learn to be independent, and reassured him suggestively that there would be plenty of "taking care of"'s once he graduated from the academy; an innuendo that flew right past Sean.

Jump a few years into the future, and Sean has graduated from the police academy. Elanor held an open positon for him at the precinct, and he was eager to start working full-time as a detective, his burning passion for deling justice matched only by the lengths he would go to get it. While he occasionally came into conflict with others for his methods, it was undeniable that he was bringing the results. Having solved many major cases already despite a relatively short run, Sean was often brought along on higher profile cases for his inputs and tactical cunning. Life was good for Sean, and it became even better when he learned that Penny was pregnant.

About two years later, Sean was the picture-esque image of a successful family man. Him and Penny had married, and she had given birth to a girl, whom they named Sarah Briar Blake, and his career was on the right path. He was in a good place, finally. A stable income, a loving family and just a fancy enough car to let you know that he has money, but he's not bragging about it.. much. As all love stories goes, this is about where it would all come crashing down right?

Right you are! It would all start crumble for Sean when he was assigned the now infamous Snatcher case. A serial kidnapper whose victims were always found dead, if they were found at all. The police knew who the culprit was, but they never had any substancial evidence to be able to lock him up for good. It was positively infuriating, seeng the mans cocky grin during interrogations as they knew they would have to release him. Nobody knew how he was managing to leave no trace of himself when committing these crimes.

A trail of too late rescues and dead ends spanning over the course of a year resulted in yet another doomed interrogation. For some reason, the man refused to speak to anyone but Sean, which in this kind of business was never a good sign. Indeed, the man would tease Sean during their interrogations with personal details and info about Sean's life he couldn't possibly know about unless he was somehow spying on him. These details dated back even to his school years, making them believe that the killers motives were personal despite his victims being seemingly random. Being played around like that by a very obviously guilty killer gnawed at Sean's mind, and he became restless and even paranoid following the case's progress.

Then one day when he came into the precinct, he was stopped by the doors by two deputies asking for him to wait outside. Their worried looks didn't help Sean, who only barged right in instead. Something was very wrong. He knew it. He was then stopped by Elanor, who seemed her cool calm and collected self, even though something was very obviously upsetting her. She explained to him that Penny and Sarah were gone. Just gone, just like that. Despite being under police surveillance, someone had managed to find a loophole, and snatch them up before the police could notice. It didn't help to see the only suspect sitting in the interrogation room with his eerie guilty grin either. It was, of course, the Snatcher.

Feeling a fire being lit under his feet, Sean barged into the interrogation room. He barely managed to keep his cool as he sat down and started the interrogation. As per usual, the suspect offered little to no actually helpful information. However, subtle hints in the suspect himself helped Sean figure it out. His outfit looked pedestrian, decent quality as if to blend into a crowd. However, his boots were hiking boots, as if he had just been on a hike. Considering the amount of time that had passed since he was brought in and the news of the kidnappings had come, it stood to reason the area would either be a forested area or a hillside of sort close by. The only place that fit that description was.. Before even finishing the thought, Sean was out the door.

Alost exactly on the same place he had intersected them all those years ago, he found them. It was grousome, and the state of the bodies made it clear that this was personal. Sean hadn't recognized the man's face; the beating had left him looking older and more wethered than he used to be as a teenager, but it was unmistakingly him, under a new name and forged background. Piecing the bits together was probably the last sane thoughts Sean had, and would have for a very very long time. He returned to the precinct in a blurry state of rage, barely keeping it together until he reached the interrogation room. The killer greeted him with some taunt, but Sean doesn't even remember the man speaking. Locking the door to the interrogation room, Sean simply walked over to the chair the man was sitting on, forcibly pushing him out of the chair and onto his knee, where, before he could even protest, Sean put a bullet in the back of his head.

It took every contact, every bribe and every personal favors Elanor had in order to save Sean from being sentenced to jail for life, but he would never work for the police again. The media blowout was huge, with Elanor trying to cover it up the best she could. However, Sean could not stay in Boston anymore, and Elanor prepared for him to move to Florida for a fresh start away from all of this. Sean's really just a husk of his former shell now, having adapted a more apathetic approach to people in general. With no direction or reason to move on, Sean sort of just drifts along, taking each day as it comes.

Despite being born in Boston, his mother is english, and Sean has a slight british accent.
- He is a very heavy drinker and smoker.
- He has no interest in romance at all anymore.
- While he has lost his gun liscence, he keeps a 9mm in his apartment.
- He's very skilled in martial arts.
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Flirtin' With Disaster
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literally some guy
Name: Ren Imani Jacobsen
Age: 19
Gender: Non-binary (they/them)
Theme Songs: Magic . Black Violin // Sunflower . Post Malone + Swae Lee // Dance Apocalyptic . Janelle Monae
Voice Claim: Black is Beautiful . Mayyadda

Appearance: Ren has a very spritely appearance. They're kind of short, standing at only 5'3", with a thin and scrappy build. They aren't very curvy and don't have much in the way of hips or chest, which is something they're quite happy about as it gives them a naturally androgynous air. (Are they a boy or a girl? That's for no one, including Ren, to know.) Their skin is a beautiful, rich brown with cool undertones. Their eyes are a beautiful obsidian, big and expressive, windows into how they're feeling. Their nose is big and flat, above luscious big lips that are often drawn up in a dazzling smile. Their fluffy hair is shaved short, close to their head. Their ears are pierced, and gold bars are their staple go-to set.

As for their clothes, Ren is almost always wearing overalls. It makes them feel safe, and they have the pocket space for everything they might need! (Including the lucky paintbrush.) Most of their overalls have paint splatters, as much as they try to keep tidy. Soft t-shirts are a must, and lately they've been really into knee-high socks with their signature canvas shoes. Ren loves to dress up, and loves the looks that either suits or dresses give them. Suits are sharper and cooler, whereas dresses were more elegant and distinguished.

Ren is a little sassy, a little snarky, but ultimately a kind-hearted soul. To those who don't know them, they can come off as quiet and aloof, but they don't really mean it that way. If they're going to say something, it's got to mean something; dead words are a personal dislike of theirs and they'll avoid them as much as they can. They dislike conflict and try to put down any that arise sooner rather than later. This can lead to them making hasty decisions that might not actually fix the conflict itself, but rather put it off for a later time. Ren has a fun and spritely air around them, and while they don't really seek out others, others seek out Ren.

Ren is a musician first and an artist second. Those are the two biggest parts of their personality, and without it they don't really know who else they are. They're a skilled violinist, serving as first chair the majority of their high school career and even going to school on a full ride scholarship from their musical prowess. In their downtime, Ren loves to paint. Mountains and wildlife from her Utahn home are her favorite subjects, but they'll paint anything that inspiration brings them. They love going to concert halls and art museums, and will happily go even on their own. They have a lucky paintbrush, that they almost always have on them. Ren is also fascinated by history, and likes the occasional video game. They're more into "childish" and cutesy games like pokemon, and tend to avoid games that have multiple endings.

Some call Ren childish. Ren doesn't think that's an insult, but their insecurities can get the best of them. They feel like their genuine wonder, curiosity, and kindness are strengths... but others have told them that there's no place in the cutthroat adult world for that attitude. As such, Ren is terrified of growing up. They don't know what they want to do as an adult, and everything they wanted to do was shot down as improbable or silly. (No one cares about violin music anymore, there's no money in that. Painters are a dime a dozen, you'll never make yourself known.) Ren is very insecure, and tends to hide their strengths to protect them. They have major stage fright, and as much as they want the spotlight they tend to choke up when it's given to them. Not wanting conflict, they hate making decisions because they're afraid someone won't like their decisions and consequently won't like them. Besides, it's not like they're anything special, they're just some kid from Springville. (No one's from Springville!)

Ren also has ADHD, and its made most of school (and life) very difficult. They could function in class like an ace, but they forgot to do their homework, forgot to bring their homework, couldn't focus on reading, and would even daze out of their more boring classes and miss entire lectures. They required hitting an adrenaline-fueled panic to do a semester's worth of homework in two weeks, and while they always managed a good grade, they would crash hard afterwards. They can run their mouth, only realizing they said too much after it was said. However, Ren sees their ADHD as a gift and not just a weakness. They're boundlessly creative, and with a strong hyperfocus on their side, they can accomplish just about anything they put their mind to.

While Ren doesn't always believe in themself, they will believe in YOU. They are a cheerleader at heart, a support main, always trying to keep their friends and allies going. While Ren doesn't realize it, they are a natural born leader once they get past their fears. They have a never give up, never surrender attitude, and no matter how many times they fall down, you can always count on Ren to get back up. They believe in doing the next right thing, knowing that it will always lead them to where they next need to be. Ren is determined, loving, and fearless, even when surrounded by doubts and anxiety--and they will never stop moving forward.

: Howard Jacobsen met Nadia Odhiambo at the University of Utah. Nadia, however, had always been very sick. She was determined to get through school after moving all the way from her home in Mombasa, Kenya, no matter how many times her body would nearly collapse from under her. Howard was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, to well off parents, but through all of his life he had never seen a woman he was so smitten by. Their courtship was rocky at the start. Nadia was stubborn, and refused on the basis that she didn't come to the states to find a husband. Howard was patient, though. He never went past the boundaries she set, but did everything he could to stay in her life. Eventually, after Nadia warmed up to him, she realized that maybe finding a man wasn't the worst thing that could ever happen to her, and Howard's promise to always take care of her made her feel a love she hadn't known before. Soon, they were married and graduated, and while Nadia could work, she realized that taking up Howard's offer to be a stay-at-home wife was much more restful than throwing her aching body at a wall for eight hours a day. They moved to a quiet neighborhood in Springville, Utah, close to where Howard's mother lived.

Because of Nadia's illness, they never expected to have children on their own. They figured that if they ever wanted children they could adopt, but it wasn't a pressing issue. It was a huge shock when they found out that Nadia had somehow fallen pregnant. Despite their fears, they decided to carefully move forward with it. There were lots of doctor's visits, lots of ultrasounds, lots of monitoring to make sure if anything possibly went wrong, someone would be there to fix it. Things were going well and fine, until one visit midway through their pregnancy. Something was wrong with the baby's heart, it wasn't forming quite right. But... the baby was alive. Everyone held their breath through the next few months, waiting, watching, praying. Two months before the baby was to be born, however, disaster struck. Nadia's vitals were skyrocketing, and if they were going to save both lives, the baby had to come out now.

And so, Ren was born fighting from the day they were born. Fighting to breathe, fighting to beat a broken heart. Their parents had given them a different name at birth, one that meant hope. Nadia and Howard were afraid, but their hope was stronger. They believed in their child to pull through. Hours felt like days, and the NICU didn't have long enough visiting hours. Every morning they feared the dreaded "your child didn't make it" call, but it never came. There was a moment on the seventh day that they stopped breathing and their heart stopped beating, but by some miracle, Ren pulled through with the help of their medical team. From that moment forth, Ren grew stronger with leaps and bounds, and was eventually able to go home.

Their life wasn't perfect. They had several surgeries to correct their heart, each time with an extensive hospital visit and bated breath. But Ren fought, and Ren grew. They were curious and got into anything and everything in toddler reach. They had their last heart surgery at four, and their parents cheered for their miracle baby surpassing the odds once more. Finally, they were ready for Kindergarten. They were a quick and eager learner, but their favorite subject was art. They quickly found a passion for paint and crayon, which would stick with them for the rest of their life. Making friends seemed somewhat easy, although they weren't sure how they did it. They just... ended up with others who seemed to like them, and that was enough.

Ren and their grandmama, Renella, were very close. She was the one that gave Ren their first violin as a present for their fifth birthday, and being a violin master herself, taught Ren in the ways of the strings. The first few years were... rocky, as all string beginners will find, but Ren was determined to progress. They listened to the beautiful music their grandmama made, and wanted to be just like her. Renella took young Ren to the nearby art museum whenever a new exhibit came out, spoiling them with art supplies and encouraging them to grow and progress in every aspect of life.

Meanwhile, as they progressed to their late elementary school years, Ren realized something. Everyone else seemed to have solidified some identity in being a boy or being a girl. Ren had not. Everyone else seemed to attach to their name, like it really was a part of them. Ren had definitely not. They had always felt like their name was a rental, a product of when they were born, not really theirs to have. They were confused--what kind of person didn't feel like a boy or a girl? Why wouldn't someone like the name they have..? They lived with their confusion for years, certain it was a phase and that it would go away eventually. Spoiler alert: it didn't. It never. went. away. Fortunately, relief came in the form of a google search and a new term: non-binary. Suddenly, the whole world bloomed. It was them! That's how they felt! They immediately went to their parents to tell them the news. Nadia and Howard were shocked, but they knew their miracle baby would know themself better than they could. They welcomed their child with open arms. The transition to the new pronouns was hard, but it felt so right for Ren. But, they didn't have a name they loved...

... Until tragedy struck when Ren was 14. It was the summer before high school. They were excited, ready to join the big kid orchestra. They had even made it into the highest level in their first year, and was absolutely ecstatic. So was their grandmama... until she forgot. But when she remembered again, she was so excited for her grandbaby! Until she forgot again.

It was fast. Only a couple of months. The doctors said that most patients lived for many years longer than their first prognosis, but unfortunately, Renella was not part of the most. Ren was crushed to watch her beloved Grandmama start to fall apart. They were with her in one of her final lucid moments. Renella held Ren as they cried together, uncertain of what the future held. Ren reminded their Grandmama of their identity, upset that they still didn't have a name, when the lightswitch clicked. Could they take her name? Renella gave her blessing, and from that moment on, Ren would be known as one thing only: Ren. No matter what happened, they would always have their Grandmama's spirit with them.

Renella passed away a week later. It wasn't just the dementia, but several health conditions that had gone undetected, but in the situation had all gotten worse at just the wrong time. Ren didn't know what to do with themself. They couldn't even paint, and picking up their violin felt almost painful. Fortunately, Ren wasn't alone. While they were always close to their parents, they all grew even closer together in their grief. Ren was scared to go to the museum alone, but Nadia went with her. Howard dusted off his old viola, and even though he was a little rusty, his fingers eventually found their positions and the two dueted their mourning away. Ren felt comfort from all sides, but couldn't help but feel a seed of fear planted in their heart--is this all growing up meant? Leaving the people who love you? Nadia's condition was in remission with her relaxed lifestyle and advanced medicine, but what if the condition came back and Ren lost their mom too? What if something happened to Howard? What if something happened to them? Suddenly, growing up was a lot more terrifying than they thought.

But, high school was coming whether they liked it or not. So, they picked up their backpack, their violin, and their favorite paintbrush that Renella had given them, and attacked it head-on. They were determined to have fun, to be young for as young as possible. Insecure and nervous, they constantly pushed their boundaries. While orchestra was still the gem of their life, they found a nice place in the choir. They even participated in the school musical! Only in the ensemble, of course, but they found they loved being in a group. While they never sought out friends, they found the friends that naturally gathered around them, forming strong bonds and best friendships. Their lunch buddy corner was open to anyone who needed a place to be. Throughout the years, they swiftly became a known name in the arts circles. As an upperclassmen, their violin skills were enough that they were made first chair of the orchestra. This was terrifying. All eyes would be on them, and they would have to walk on stage... alone! And yet... they found the courage, sucked it up, and did it.

Senior year was fantastic, and fantastically terrifying. They knew adulthood was coming and there was just... nothing they could do about it. They realized that doing nothing about it wasn't going to make it any better, so they threw themself into the next best thing: following their dreams. Up to this point, while many supported them in their orchestral pursuits, they were now egging them on to go into something respectable. Orchestra was fun, but it was time to do something else now. Ren found themself discouraged. This was what they loved, why shouldn't they even try..? Once again, Nadia and Howard came to the rescue. They fixed their childs wings, giving them the courage to shoot for the stars. So, they did. They sent audition tapes all around the country to the most prestigious schools available. The Jacobsen's had the money for any of them, so why not at least try?

So, when the letter of acception came from Juilliard, Ren nearly fainted with joy. The prospect of moving so far away from their smalltown home in Springville all the way to New York, New York was great, almost so great they nearly turned it down... but her parents wouldn't let them. They told Ren that they would always be there for them, no matter where in the world Ren went, and that cutting their dreams short for their parents would hurt everyone in the situation. So, with hopeful heart, they said yes. Their next big hurdle came at graduation. They had been chosen to play the solo, but could they really do that? All eyes would be on them... and they did it anyway. They focused all their energy on their violin and pretended the seats were empty, and just hoped that no one knew they were shaking on the inside.

Ren's now moved to New York City. The business can be overwhelming from growing up in Springville, but they can't deny that being so surrounded by art isn't the best thing ever. They go home whenever they possibly can, and their parents come to see them perform at every concert. They're excited for where life will take them here, but that nagging fear of the future just seems to have gotten louder and louder...

Fairy Tale:
Peter Pan


Ren's Peter Pan outfit screams magical person. They wear a shimmering dress with an illusion/sweetheart neckline and a skirt cut at their mid-thigh. The neckline does all the way up to a gold choker, which has an opal stone cut into a four point star. The dress itself is a brilliant green, with rich emerald trim on the bottom and tied at the waist with a large bow of the same color. The bow/belt also has opal stars on the front, as well as on the tips of the two large tails. They have a gold cuff bracelet on both wrists (think of Wonder Woman) and a golden tiara, both adorned with opal, alongside matching opal earrings. They also wear white, almost feathery barrettes on either side of their head, which has an oval ruby decoration. On their feet they have green flats with flipped up toes that match their dress, and they wear a sheer pair of dark green tights with embroidered leaves.

Sword made of Light, having a sort of diamond shape to it. It can act like the Master Sword and shoot beams of light if Ren hasn't been hurt in that fight. Being healed brings that back.

1. Mimicry: Ren can recreate any sound they've ever heard. Voices, animals, machinery... if they've heard it before, it can be done. They cannot mimick things if they don't know how it sounds.
2. Semi-intelligent Shadow: Ren's shadow can wreak havoc help Ren by separating itself and interacting with other things that have shadows. Ren can tell it what to do, and usually it does it... but it can have a trickster mind of its own.
3. Second Star to the Right: Ren has basic light manipulation. Anything Ren imagines can be turned into a construct of light... anything they imagine. Which means they need to be very careful and not imagine things that would hurt Ren or their friends, because that shows up too.
4. Lost Boy Leader: Ren has a natural air to them that can draw enemy minions onto their side. They do this by holding up their sword in triumph, and those who can't resist their call end up attacking their once-fellow baddies.

-- Ren doesn't know what to label their sexuality. They like girls and other nonbinary folks, and maybe men? They don't really know, and like their gender, they have more important things to do than find out.
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Not thinking twice!
(this is my first time on one of these RPs, hopefully this fits)
Name: Giuseppe Oak

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Giuseppe lacks physical features that would make him stand out in a crowd, being about 1.75cm tall and having a physique that wouldn’t make anyone feel envy or pity. While one may think at first that this could hamper his acting career, it allows him to slip into a large variety of roles by letting him lose himself into them. His hair is black and slightly gets past his neck, allowing him to easily put on a wig or some headpiece shall his role demand for it. His eyes are a light shade of brown, and when he’s acting, he always has a focused and cheerful look. However, once he gets off the stage, said look transforms into a distant, meandering stare. On the daily, Giuseppe tends to wear simple red jeans, a blue jacket, and a yellow shirt, none of them having anything printed on them. The only accessory he wears is a beige fisherman hat, which when not acting, he refuses to ever take off, even while sleeping, as it is the opposite of a reminder of his old life, seeing as he lived in a landlocked village without fish nearby.


Ever since running away from his hometown, Giuseppe has been trying to make his old self disappear to erase his memories about what happened to his parents. Doing so has left him as little more than a cage of bones with nothing inside, its only desire left being filling itself up whenever possible, said desire disguising itself as passion for acting.

When he’s on his own, Giuseppe isn’t really much to write home about, usually playing videogames, aimlessly daydreaming, or looking for anything going on. However, when he interacts with others it feels like the luck of the draw, one day he might act like a fearless man of action while the other he might be talking about how everything is meaningless and how there is no hope left.

There are a few constants he will always regardless of how he is acting that day. He is still a big fan of sneaking around and lurking in the shadows, but will mostly just do this to go from place to place or to eavesdrop on people to see if there is anything that he thinks could be useful or at least interesting. Due to a traumatic childhood experience, he has a strong hatred towards physical pranks, and he will always snap out of whatever “role” he is playing to try and stop any from being done. Finally, his attitude gives off this aura of trust that makes it so that other people feel like they can depend on him, even at times where he is not saying the truth.

History: Giuseppe comes from a small and calm town on the countryside with a middle class family. He used to go around setting up pranks in the nearby forest while nobody was looking, like wires to trip others into mud, or placing buckets of honey on branches that will move if one even touches the tree. Meanwhile, at home and on public he pretended to be a well-behaved "model child", with even his parents, who worked outside of town, buying into the act. His pranks became somewhat of an urban legend among other kids, everyone had their version of it that if you did a certain thing, the "shadow of the forest" would curse you with bad luck whenever you step into "its territory".

As he grew up, he managed to keep up the act while escalating his antics, placing trap holes, or putting random riddles to make people get lost. It got to the point where the adults started believing in the urban legend. One day he made a huge trap, probably the biggest one yet, a combination of everything he had done until then: riddles to lost place, wires that would trigger balls to be flung, and of course, trap holes filled with honey and syrup all over the place. As if it was fate itself, his parents were coming back home through the forest that day, and before they knew it, chaos ensued, leaving nothing but a duo of corpses. They were found by Giuseppe when he went to set up his next trap that night, he was horrified and had no idea what to do, so with nothing but the fear and anguish in his mind, he quickly ran out of town, vowing to never make a trap again. Like that, it seemed like the "Shadow of the forest" had vanished, as there should be nothing left to cast it.

He eventually found himself in a city, where he decided to start life anew to try to forget everything he had done. That proved to be difficult, with no resources or any place to live. Once more fate struck, and the first thing that came to his mind was to street perform improvised plays, which sparked a passion for acting, not realizing that that is what he had been doing all his life. However, sometimes during his improvisations his old mischeviousness started creeping in once more as some of the characters he did. Thus, he tried to get someone to hire him as an actor for their plays so that his old self wouldn't spontaneously manifest itself ever again. Eventually his talent was recognized and he got hired to an amateur theater, he had finally found a place where the lights would cast a different shadow.

(ayy, now I realize this could also kinda fit as Peter Pan with the trickery, but I settled for Pinocchio due to him becoming an actor and lying to everyone, including himself, about who he is and wanting to become something completely different)
Fairy Tale: Pinocchio

Gepetto's chisel

Costume: When Giuseppe transforms, he gains a blue bowtie almost as big as his head, strapped onto a plain shirt that changes its color depending on the way in which Giuseppe is acting (or just white if he's on his own). On top of that shirt he wears red wooden overalls that surprisingly enough don't limit his movement much and feel like slightly heavier cloth. However, as if it was a cruel joke by either fate or the fairy godmother herself, his hat, the one accesory he used to forget everything about his past life, gains oak tree leaves, the same kinds of trees that were the most common in the forest in his hometown.

-Camouflage: Giuseppe can blend in with the environment so much that nothing is seen aside from a faint shadow. Usually only happens in times of extreme emotional pressure.
-Shapeshifting: Giuseppe can make himself look like anything and anyone, he does this depending on what he thinks about himself at the moment
-Convincing: Whenever he says a lie that successfully convinces someone else about it, the leaves in his hat grow and his acting skills in general (both in terms of lies and in terms of immersing himself into character) are amplified. However, whenever he fails, they shrink (unless they’re already on minimum size) and his acting skills diminish. When they get to their maximum size, Giuseppe's acting skills are amplified to the point where he can convince anyone that anything he's saying is true, but after 1 use the leaves go back to minimum size.

Sexual orientation (Just to clarify): He barely knows who he is, so I doubt he really understands his sexuality
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Why not both?

Nina Rose
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Nina is, by most measures, very beautiful. Much of this is natural — but the amount of time and energy she spends on her makeup certainly helps. Her skin is pale, and as long as you don’t catch her as soon as she wakes up, it’s almost entirely without visible blemishes. She’s slightly gaunt now, her surgery having had a fairly negative impact on her health, but she used to have what most would regard as a perfect figure and that hasn’t disappeared entirely. She’s a very light redhead, her hair almost appearing a pale pinkish colour. She takes great care of it, and it looks about as close to shampoo-commercial hair as you could reasonably get. It’s wavy and fairly long, trailing down past her shoulders. She allows some tufts to stick out, giving a relaxed, casually unkempt look. Her eyes are a very light brown. Her facial features are well defined and striking. Overall, you’d be hard pressed to find any clear imperfect with her appearance — except for a scar on her neck, which is impossible to cover up.

In terms of clothing, Nina goes for a simple, ‘comfy’ sort of look. She favours light, warm colours, liking pale yellows/reds/pinks as well as light greys. She likes loose, casual looking clothes, usually opting for t-shirts, hoodies, and pants (or, occasionally, a skirt). She doesn’t like to show much skin, and will often wear clothes with high collars to hide her scar. She has a dull gold, triangular hairpin that she wears on the left side. She likes it a lot, and will wear it whenever possible.

Personality: At first glance, Nina’s personality is about what you’d expect from a girl who had once dedicated herself to being a pop idol. She has an infectious energy that lights up whatever room she’s in, and you’ll rarely ever catch her without a beaming smile on her face. She has a charismatic charm that puts people at ease around her. She radiates confidence (even when she doesn’t feel it) and knows how to draw attention to herself, to fill a room with her presence. It goes without saying that Nina is someone who enjoys the spotlight, and thrives in being the center of attention. She is one of those people who are energised by being around others. Even now that her ‘career’ has come to an unfortunate end, she’s still someone who chases the high of having many peoples’ eyes on her. While in the past, her attention-seeking bordered on narcissism, she’d since mellowed our to a more harmless kind of vanity — a meticulous care for her appearance.

And of course, she has a manner of tunnelling into things in a manner that borders on (or arguably exceeds) obsession. She is a perfectionist (most definitely to the point of it being a fault) and she has a work ethic that is, perhaps, a little bit too good. The most obvious example of this is her quest to become a pop star, but there are many tiny things that plague her daily life too — her obsessive care for her appearance, the tidiness of her room, the taste of the food she cooks, and almost everything else she touches. As a result of this, the idea of ‘rest’ (at least, rest for purposes other than recovering strength to continue barreling forwards at maximum efficiency) is almost completely foreign to her.

Nina is as close to a truly selfless individual as you’d realistically get. She cares greatly for others, and is very attentive to other people’s desires and needs,. Her primary motivation behind pursuing a life as a performer was to help inspire and bring joy to people all around the world. To those who care for her, her lack of care for her own wellbeing is often concerning — there are seemingly no lengths she wouldn’t go to to help someone out if the situation demands it, even if it comes at the expense of sacrificing her own health, physically or mentally. She’s very naturally empathetic and tends to absorb the emotions of those around her, being happy when those she case about are happy and sad when they aren’t.

Much of this good-samaritan-ness comes from her desperate need for validation. You wouldn’t expect it, but her sense of self-worth is incredibly fragile — her sensitivity to criticism is beaten only by her sensitivity to compliments, and she cares greatly about how other people perceive her. Nobody is a harsher critic of her than herself, but even so she is easily hurt by negative comments, even if she’s good at not showing it. She wants to be a good person, and since she doesn’t feel comfortable judging herself in that way, she depends on the judgement of others. She often finds herself feeling guilty for not doing more, or being better.

Now that everything she’d dedicated her entire life to is out of her reach, Nina is undergoing a bit of an identity crisis. She doesn’t really know how to lead a ‘normal’ life, nor does she really know where she wants to go from here, often feeling lost and somewhat worthless. Given how things turned out the last time, she’s hesitant to get too attached to people, and tries her best to keep a healthy distance. Despite her quite likeable and very social, she has very few people (if any) that she’s really close to at all, with most being nothing more than acquaintances or friends of convenience.

The instant Nina set eyes on a pop concert at the age of five, she became a child with a dream. The glimmer in the eyes of everyone in the audience, the laughter, the cheering, the applause — it was love at first sight. Since then, she lived her life with singleminded devotion to the end goal of standing on that stage and inspiring thousands if not millions of people with her song. She was young, and she had no real idea what she was committing herself to. But for better or for worse, her parents allowed her to do just that, even encouraging it. Having never accomplished much in their lives, they found the enthusiasm of their child inspiring, and saw in it, faintly, a chance to reclaim the meaning in life that they’d never had.

As soon as she could, she started taking singing lessons, dancing lessons, lessons in guitar and piano, as well as things like public speaking. Time spent outside of school and sleep was spent teaching herself everything she’d need to become successful. With her parents’ help, she auditioned for talent shows and the like on TV, tried talking with record companies, and generally tried to make a name for herself, to reasonable success. She became fairly well known as a child prodigy of sorts, almost a low-tier celebrity, and got picked up by a talent agency. It was clear to many people that not only was she talented, she had the resilience that was required to be successful.

In school, she grew to be seen either with admiration (by those impressed by her skills and her dedication) or contempt (by those who envied her success, or thought her naive and nothing more than an attention seeker). Regardless, however, she had no friends — she had no time for them, and to most, she was on too high of a pedestal to initiate that sort of reaction. Her entire life was this passion of hers — outside of that, she had no hobbies, no friends, no nothing.

This continued throughout her entire life — until two things happened. Firstly, she developed a serious throat infection. And secondly, she fell in love. She was around seventeen at the time. The boy she liked — a violinist — was in the same year, and they were both graduating. Strangely enough, she could never remember how they met, but somehow, they’d managed to become close friends, and then something more.

Nina approached love with the same obsession she approached singing with. The night before the violinist was to leave to go overseas, she happened to have a concert scheduled. It would be her first major concert — and in her mind, that made it the ideal chance to confess her love. It’d be dramatic, romantic, something straight out of a movie, and everyone would live on happily ever after. By now, her throat condition had deteriorated, and she was having some trouble maintaining her practice routine. Her parents and her manager urged her to postpone it for her recovery, but she refused. As far as she was concerned, to postpone the concert would be to give up on the boy she loved. And if she had to sacrifice her voice and her future as a pop star in order to win his love… then so be it. She was willing to make that sacrifice.

So she pressed on, ignoring the urging of those around her — and as they’d learned over the years, there was little someone could do to prevent Nina from doing something she’d set her mind to. She endured the pain and refused to acknowledge the doctor’s warnings. As the concert neared, things were set up perfectly — but at the last minute, her plans were destroyed in the blink of an eye, in a single conversation.

The person she loved loved someone else. In fact, they were already dating, and he had neglected to tell her, partially out of embarrassment, partially because he was afraid she’d take it poorly. Nina laughed it off, and wished them the best in their relationship. She was a good actor, and let nothing slip. She knew how devastated he would be if he found out her true feelings (and the true reason she’d been killing herself trying to make that concert happen). By then, it was too late to cancel the concert, and things would proceed as planned.

She got up on stage that day, and found that she was losing her voice. It pained her to even speak. But for the first time she’d gotten a taste of what it meant to be the person she’d been striving for so long to be — she saw the crowd and the way they looked at her, just like she’d looked up at those singers on the stage all those years ago. So she ignored it and pressed on through the pain. She dedicated her last song to the boy she’d loved — although she said only that he was a wonderful friend who’d given her much over the years.

The concert was a huge success. That night, she accompanied the violinist to the airport, and saw him off along with his girlfriend. She could barely talk without pain, and said goodbye to him in silence, with nothing more than a smile and a wave. She forced herself to look forward. She hadn’t forgotten the applause she received, the smile she’d been able to bring to people. Tomorrow would be a new day, and she still had things to do. The pain would fade.

But it didn’t fade. When she woke up the next day, she found that the pain in her throat had not stopped. She was still unable to talk. Worried, she was brought to a doctor — who said that the only option to save her voice, if she wanted to even speak, was to undergo surgery.

So she did. After her recovery period finished, her worst fears were confirmed — her voice had become raspy and awkward, and she was no longer able to sing (at least, not well). It strained her, and she struggled to hit both high notes and lower notes, as well as sing at anything louder than a normal, speaking voice. It was clear that her original dream was something that was, at least conventionally, no longer a possibility. Suddenly, she’d lost everything — the boy she’d loved more than anything, and the dream she’d dedicated her life to.

After that, she had no choice but to take some time away from things. She went to university, took fairly normal courses, and began to integrate into the community as just another student for the first time. She told herself that she was all right this way, that this kind of life was okay too. But in the back of her mind, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d lost something she’d never get back.


Fairy Tale: The Little Mermaid
Artefact: A scale from the little mermaid’s tail. She wears it as a pendant.

Nina’s costume consists of an simple light blue sleeveless dress, which appears almost ethereal and shimmers in the air. A white shawl is draped over her shoulders, flowing around her kind of like a cape. She also has a pair of white opera gloves that reach above her elbow, as well as white stockings. The outfit has no shoes. Overall, it’s fairly simple and elegant, without anything in the ways of frills or other decorations. There’s a simple white belt with a sheath for her dagger. When she transforms, her eyes become an ocean blue and her hair becomes bright red.

Weapon: A simple but beautiful dagger with a blade made of ocean-blue metal. It is the dagger the little mermaid was given to kill the prince with. Nina does not actually use this to stab anyone — it is simply used to channel her powers. In fact, using it to hurt others will remove its powers until reconciliation is achieved with the individual it harmed.

- Dissolvence: Nina can temporarily dissolve her body (or parts of it) into a cloud of foam, leaving her temporarily immune to physical attacks, which pass right through her. When fully dissolved, she can move very rapidly through the air / water. She requires a bit of rest between successive uses of this ability, and it tires her out. As a side effect, this allows her to breath underwater.
- Agony Dance: Nina can dance in a mesmerising ballet, creating an aura that pulls whoever looks upon it into a dreamlike trance. While they're in the trance, they hear a wonderful, enchanting melody sung in a beautiful voice in a language nobody can understand - the little mermaid's song. Nina undergoes excruciating pain throughout the duration of the dance. If she carries it out to its full duration, enemies remain in the trance for a decent while longer.
- The Unused Blade: Channeling her feelings through the mermaid's dagger, Nina can create a powerful, ethereal shield around an individual that she cares about that will protect them from harm, inflicting a portion of it on her instead and nullifying the rest.
- 300 Years of Good Deeds: Nina can focus her magic to empower those around her, greatly enhancing their physical abilities, restoring their stamina, and healing their injuries.

All characters can fly, and have enhanced physical abilities and increased healing from injuries
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