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Fairy Tale Heroes: A Fairy Tale Magical Girl RP

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Max Hudson
Magic Kingdom: Cinderella Castle

Lucas Moncrief
Snow White
Magic Kingdom: Cinderella Castle

Max had always wanted to go to Disney World ever since he was a kid, but never had the chance to go. Mainly because his father refused to take him, and he never had the chance to go with his mother. Finally, after years of waiting, he finally had his chance. He was grateful for Luc for paying for all of this, not that Lucas would turn him down on the idea.

Max held Lucas’ hand around the park. Taking pictures with characters they could meet up with, and riding rides. Max even got himself a Mickey Mouse ear hat. Lucas was a little overwhelmed, feeling about a decade too old for some of this, but he was happy Max was happy. “Thank you so much, for all of this!” Max said while clutching Lucas’ arm. “You have no idea how badly I’ve been wanting to go here. You do so much for me, I wish I could do something nice for you.”

Lucas chuckled, adjusting his new Minnie Mouse ears (which he only got to match Max). “Dearest, you do something nice for me every day I get to wake up next to you,” he said, pulling Max closer and kissing him on the cheek. “I’m happy to take you.”

Max and Lucas eventually approached Cinderella’s castle in the middle of the park. “Ooh, we have to get a picture in front of the castle!” Max put his arm around Lucas’ shoulder, took out his phone, and took a selfie. “Come on, there’s still so much to do!” Max grabbed Lucas’s hand, and the two skipped into the castle.

As the duo walked through the castle, Max took several pictures of the walls that retold the story of Cinderella with mosaics. Then it happened. “Hello, what’s this?” Max said. Lying there in the middle of the pathway, was a pair of glass slippers like the one Cinderella famously wore to the ball. Max found himself drawn to them, and picked them up. “How on Earth did these get here? Did someone lose their souvenir? Somebody must have spent good money on these.”

Lucas shrugged. “Must have been one hellova souvenir, these look… way, way too nice to be sold somewhere…” He looked around. The room was empty, except for the two of them. “Well, maybe just keep them for now?”

“No kidding. Hm, maybe we should bring these to the lost and found. I’m sure somebody is pretty upset they lost their replica glass slippers.”

“Yeah,” Lucas nodded in agreement, “We’ll hit that along the way.” He grabbed Max’s hand, gently rubbing his thumb against Max’s fingers. “Ready to see the rest of the castle?”

“Oh I wish I could. The castle isn’t that big unfortunately. There’s just the bibbidi bobbidi boutique, the restaurant, and a secret exclusive suite that’s reserved for special people to stay in.” Max grabbed Luc’s hand and went forward. “Come on, let’s go have lunch!”

“Oh thank God, I’m starving,” he smiled, following Max towards the restaurant.

Max found the elevator and went to the second floor. “I made us a reservation for Cinderella’s Royal Table. It’s a really popular restaurant located inside the castle. It’s so popular because the princesses visit your table!” Max said getting very excited about meeting them. “I’m gonna get so many pics!”

“I’m sure you will,” Lucas said smiling, “I hope Tiana is there. I think she, Merida, and Snow White are my favorite princesses.”

“Unfortunately not. It’s Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, and Snow White.” Max replied. “It’s still a good lineup.”

“Ah, well, one outta three isn’t bad.” The elevator dinged, letting them out into a whimsically decorated dining hall. Even Lucas couldn’t help but grin, and Max seemed to be bursting at the seams with excitement. “Table for Lucas Moncrief and Max Hudson,” Lucas said as they approached the counter, where they were led to their table. Lucas pulled out a chair for Max, letting him sit down before he took his own spot.

Sitting untouched on the table was an apple, made up of a large ruby with an emerald leaf at the top. Lucas stared at it, mesmerized, as if it was drawing him in itself.

“Ooh, that is a gorgeous apple.” Max observed. “Kinda seems out of place though.”

“Right,” Lucas mused, “What’s it doing in Cinderella’s castle? Are people just spectacular at losing things today?”

“Excuse me, sirs, how are we doing today?” the waitress asked, bringing both boys back to reality.

“Oh, um, great, thank you.” Lucas gestured towards the apple, “Did someone leave this here?”

The waitress cocked her head, glancing at the table with a confused look. “Um…” she started, upping her customer service voice, “I’m sorry, sir, leave what?”

Lucas glanced at Max, raising an eyebrow. He shrugged, shaking his head and looked back up at the waitress. “I’m sorry, um, I thought I saw something, but I must have been mistaken.”

“Of course,” she said with a waitress grin, “Well, what can I get started for you today? Drinks and appetizers?”

“If I can get a Mt. Dew, and a Charcuterie plate for us to share, that would be great.”

The waitress marked it down in her notebook, before turning to Max. “And a drink for you?

“Do you have grape soda by any chance? I’ll take one of those.”

“Okie dokie, I’ll have these out in just a minute!” the waitress chirped, before turning off to another table.

Lucas took the apple in his hands, and looked at Max with a tone of seriousness in his eyes. “Um. What are the odds this is just some weird coincidence? You with those slippers, and that waitress not even seeing the apple…”

Max shrugged his shoulders. “Chalk it up to Disney Magic?”

“Let’s hope so…” Lucas shook his head, putting the apple in his side bag. “Let’s just enjoy our lunch, okay?”

“Definitely!” Just then the waitress came back with their drinks. The boys clinked their glasses, drank up, and had a good time.


(OOC: What you have to do is go about your day in Disney World. You find your artifact somewhere in the park. Only you (and the other player characters in the group) can see the artifact. This RP takes place during Spring Break.)
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Summer Time for Husband & Wife
Kogoro Waite
Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
Magic Kingdom: Adventureland

"Hikaru! Slow down!" Korogo said as he was nearly dragged by his girlfriend.

Thankfully, she did listen to his words, skidding to a stop and staring wide eyed at him.

"Ah! Sorry! Are you all right?" she said, grin sheepish and pale blue eyes filled with concern.

He shook his head in exasperation but still smiled fondly, nodding in answer.

Her worries vanished with that and her expression brightened. "Good. Don't wanna lose you because I was way too excited."

He squeezed her hand and said, softly, "It's fine."

After all, that was why he managed to get tickets for the attraction, thanks to both his family and Floryn, their mutual friend. Though he knew it was a largely corporate attraction, and if he had his choice he would've preferred somewhere at least more calm, but this was called Disney World for a reason. It was filled to the brim with absolutely everything related to it...and thus filled with much of what Hikaru loved.

"All right then, let's go! I wanna see how many rides I can get on this morning!"

Kogoro chuckled as his curly haired girlfriend now merely led him to one of the many rides in Disney World. Thankfully, the line to the first one they went to, Pirates of Caribbean in Adventureland, wasn't very long. But as they took their seats and began the ride, Kogoro knew Hikaru picked this first specifically to ease him into the bustling activity of the place as unlike outside, it was a relatively calm ride as the pirate show was certainly less terrifying than the sudden drop of a roller coaster. And when he did, he gave Hikaru's hand a squeeze, one he knee she understood as she returned it.

With that done, they were on their way to see if the next ride Hikaru wanted to go on, The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, when Kogoro noticed something hanging on the rim of a trash can, a bright green bycocket with a red feather and white rim, its cloth looking smooth and comfy. When he went near it to examine it, it was as high quality as it looked, but thst begged the question: what was it doing in the trash?


Kogoro jumped, startled out of his thoughts and turned to his girlfriend. But before he could say anything, her pale blue eyes twinkled.

"Huh? Woah! That's the hat Robin Hood wears, right? That looks so good."

He hummed and nodded.

Hikaru leaned towards him, curious. "Where'd you find it?"

He gestured to the basket trash can with a hand.

"Haaaa...? Really?" she said, befuddled, but then a familiar glint flashed in her eyes. "Well if that's the case..."

And his hands were suddenly empty, once again startling him and being unable to do anything, as she took the bycocket and put it on his head, the hat fitting quite snugly on his head.

"Heehee... Looks good on you."

Kogoro frowned and narrowed his eyes, grumbling.

"Yeah yeah, I know. It's from the trash. But it doesn't stink, does it? And if it's in the trash, then we can just get it, can't we?"

He just kept up his stare.

"Oh come on! What's the harm in getting a cool looking hat that someone obviously didn't want anymore? It'd be a waste if you ask me."

He sighed. It looked like he wouldn't be able to convince Hikaru today. But he might as well let it pass. She has a point. It was just a hat. And if she wanted him to wear it, then fine. Besides, it was a bycocket, just like Robin Hood's hat. He had, admittedly, always wanted to wear one.

Kogoro held out his hand and tilted his head to the direction of their next ride.

Hikaru smiled and took it and then they went off.

Unfortunately, they weren't so lucky with the Aladdin ride, having to wait much longer to get on it. By the time they finished riding on the mechanical carpets, it was almost time for lunch. Unsurprisingly, it bummed Hikaru out. Her disappointment, however, disappeared when they went past the threshold as she stopped suddenly, Kogoro nearly tripping over and bringing her with him. He turned to his girlfriend, wondering what could've made her stop but then she said,

"Sorry, sorry. I just saw this on the ground."

And she stood up from having knelt down, and in her hand was...a golden ring.

Kogoro blinked and raised an eyebrow. A ring? Did someone lose it?

"Yeah, maybe," Hikaru said, most likely knowing what he was thinking if not having the same thought. "Maybe they're still here?" She turned around to the receptionist. "Hey, did you see someone drop this?"

The man's expression scrunched up in confusion.

"I'm sorry ma'am but...lost what?" he said.

"Huh? This ring. Did anyone lose this ring?"

"Again, I'm sorry ma'am but I don't see a ring or have seen anyone drop it."

Once again, Kogoro blinked. Did he hear that right?

"Oh. Um...okay. Thanks then. Bye!"

And so they left, Kogoro being led by his girlfriend. After a few steps, she said,

"That was weird."

Kogoro nodded. The man couldn't see it? No, that couldn't be right. And yet...there was no other explanation. After all he and Hikaru could see it and it was glitterring gold. Even with its size it would be hard to miss its sheen. And yet this man insisted Hikaru held nothing. So that could be explanation. But that still begged the question: why could they see it but not others?

"I wonder if this is like Gollum's ring. Maybe that's why he can't see it."

That earned his girlfriend a deadpan stare from him, paired with an arched eyebrow and downturned lips.

"Okay yeah, maybe shouldn't have jinxed it with that, but still..." With that, Hikaru put the ring on her middle, her smile and eyes turning soft. "I can't wait until I can actually wear one of my ring finger."

Images of wedding dresses, laughter and flowers flashed in his mind, blood rushing into his cheeks because of them. He stuttered, trying to say something but not really sure what to say even if he didn't stutter. Hikaru let out her melodious laugh and leaned against him as they walked, Kogoro feeling her warmth.

"Don't worry," she said.

"I..." he said. He wanted to make sure she knew he dreamed of that day, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. But...

"It's okay. I won't rush. Not unless you want to too. I can wait. As long as you need."

Kogoro felt a burst of affection surge through him. She was willing to wait for him, wait until he felt comfortable with the thought of marriage as he wanted a stable job before he even thought of it. After all, it was usually reckless to just marry young but...

He stopped, now his turn to startle his love, before enveloping her in his arms.

"Eh? Ko-kun...?"

"I'll marry you whenever you want us to," he said into her ear, voice.

She gasped. "Kogoro..."

And, taking a page out of his girlfriend's book, he couldn't stop himself from smirking slightly as he said, half-joking and half-serious,

"When you're of marrying age, of course."

As he hoped, that made her laugh for a while. But even when she calmed down, she still held him.

"Thank you."


Here they let go of each other's bodies but their hands went back to being linked.


"Yeah. Let's go."

OOC: I know very little on Disney World in Florida. So if there's any inaccuracies, blame Google.


Fire and Ice Combo
Lentil & Clementine Charme
Rapunzel/Beauty and the Beast
Magic Kingdom: Tomorrowland -> Fantasyland

A pair of near-identical twins exited Space Mountain side-by-side. They were looking quite pleased as they stopped off to the side to consult their map. Due to the over-protectiveness of their grandmother, they only had the opportunity to visit Disney World once, despite living in Florida their whole life. Even then, she made them watch a bunch of shows and only allowed them to get on a bunch of baby rides. Now that they were adults, they could finally enjoy every attraction. The two planned to get on everything they could on within the day.

"We completely conquered the rides of Tomorrowland~" Clementine, the blonde with the long braided, ecstatically spoke. "That line was long even with the fast pass but so worth it!"

"I agree, zipping through the dark at high speed was quite the rush." Lentil, the shorter-haired blond with his hair in a high ponytail, smiled back at his sister. His green eyes turn back to their map. "Since it's nearby, we should go to Fantasyland next and just loop around from there."

Clementine nodded in agreement before the pair marched off to their next destination. Fantasyland was quite the scenery change from the futuristic space world of Tomorrowland. It had the very Disney fairytale world vibe. Lenny strategically planned out their route through the area. The siblings got on three pretty mild rides before they ended up at the Be Our Guest restaurant for some food. As they waited to be seated, the twins looked over the menu.

"I don't know about this, Clem... this place is expensive." Lentil was wincing at the prices he saw in front of him. It was expensive enough just getting into Disney World. But this place would cost around $120 for the two of them to eat, and that was if they didn't get any extra stuff. It might not have been so bad if they were paying for themselves, but he was positive his sister would want him to pay for her, too...

"Don't be such a penny-pincher, Mr. Future Doctor. Splurge, a bit!" Clementine encouraged, she looked so excited as she took in the lavish interior of the restaurant. It looked like they had walked right into the Beauty and Beast grand ballroom. The girl's eyes were exploring the entire area, and she joyfully snapped pictures on her phone. When she finished her tourist-style photoshoot, she began to hum the Be Our Guest song along with the soft melody playing. Her eyes eventually landed on her less jolly brother.

"Mr. Future Pharmacist is still in college and has student loans to pay back and has not the highest paying internship job. Why doesn't the fully graduated, hardworking hairstylist pay for it?" Lenny was enjoying this much less than Clementine, especially with his money on the line. He didn't look around at all as he was merely searching for a cheaper eatery. Finding a nearby place on the map, he pointed it out to his sister. "Gaston's Tavern has food that won't break the bank."

"Oh, come on, won't you buy your sweet little sister food here?" She begged and gave him to the sad puppy eyes. Lentil just frowned back while he diverted his eyes. Every time he glanced back, she was still giving him the same expression. The dilemma on his face was clear as day, as well as his fading resistance. As his emerald green eyes met hers once more, body drooped as he gave in.

"...Ugh, fine, but I'm not paying for any more fancy restaurants or expensive trinkets." Lenny groaned as he agreed. With that statement, Clementine raised her arms in joyful victory. He, however, grumbled annoyingly in defeat. She gave him a great big hug.

"Thank you, Lenny! You're the best big brother ever!" Clem squeezed him tight as she expressed her gratitude. Though he kind of sarcastically responded back, he was actually pretty glad that she was happy about it. Lentil hoped that maybe if he kept her joyful smile on his mind, the upcoming check would be less painful.

After some more waiting, it was their turn to be seated at a table. As the siblings reach the table, the pair noticed a single red rose on it. The way it sparkled in the light, it wasn't just an ordinary rose. Clem was drawn into it immediately. She picked it up and examined it.

"My gosh, it's so beautiful! Is it like the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast? It's a fancy table decoration." Though after saying that, the girl soon realized that only this table had the rose on it. How strange, did someone leave this here? She smiled and held it against her chest. "Maybe it's for me from my secret admirer." Clementine dreamily speculated as she imagined a hot, sweet guy leaving such a lovely gift just for her.

"Not a chance," Lenny immediately put an end to that fantasy. "Somebody just left behind their souvenir." Clem glared at her brother's nonchalant dismissal of her messager of love. She pulled an annoyed pouting face as she continued to look at the rose. "We're not going to take someone else's souvenir even though they carelessly forgot it."

Clem gave an irritated fine as she placed the rose back on the table. The two looked over the menu in the meantime. Lenny was trying to not show his dismay as he looked at the fancy and very pricey food items displayed in front of him. He denied many of his sister's suggestions of getting an appetizer and wine, but he did allow for her to get a dessert they could share. Right after decided what they would order, a waiter came over.

"Hey, someone seemed to have left something here," he pointed towards it. The waiter just scanned the entire table before quizzically look back at Lentil. After he asked him what he was talking about, he knew something was off, and he just played it off as if it was nothing. "That was strange... it was like he couldn't see it."

"It's him~ my secret admirer, who left me the rose! He was kind of cute, I could give him a chance." Clem loving stated as affectionate gazes shot off toward the waiter strolling away. Things would definitely out great this time if such a romantic person courted her.

"Still zero possibility of that being true." Once more, he dashed her dreamy fantasy. Adding a bunch of logical facts and reasons that it wasn't possible. Again, it annoyed Clem as she once again swiped the rose and held it close. "There something weird about that rose.... we should just leave it here."

After going back and forth on the subject, Len couldn't get his sister relinquished her control of the rose. Ultimately, Clementine stored it in her bag, and he just gave up trying to talk sense into her. Their time at the restaurant was average for them but definitely uncomfortable for their waiter. Clementine threw him flirty glances, while Lentil glared at him to keep moving. Eventually, their meal was finish, the dreadful check was paid, and they were on their way. They moved on to a little village area when they decide to stop at the restroom before heading for the next attraction. This one seemed to be the Tangled Rapunzel theme by the frying pans decorating it. Of course, the siblings went their separate ways for this.

Lenny did his business, washed his hand, and then spotted it. A lock of golden blonde hair tied together by a decorative violet ribbon sitting on top of the hand dryer. It was puzzling, someone was being bullied in here was his first thoughts, but something just seemed unnatural about it. He picked up and began to examine it. Shortly after he started to do so, he heard a shout from the bathroom's entrance.

"Hurry up, Lenny! The rides are awaiting," Clementine boldly called into the boy's bathroom. She really had no shame in doing such indecent actions. Deciding to think about it later, Lenny stuffed the hair into his jacket's pocket. Rejoining his twin sister hastily before she does anything else questionable.
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Internet Overlord
(The following contains depictions/references to an unspecified mental illness. It's very likely not perfect, but it's not intended to be disrespectful.)

Allison De Luca
Alice in Wonderland
Magic Kingdom

Allison happily bounded down Main Street USA, looking at all the shops and restaurants. It was so big, and colorful, and crowded, but it smelled good, and there was a wee tiny castle just down the road, or a huge castle fairly far away from them. One could never quite be sure.

She stopped, peering into the bakery at the muffins and mouse eared cookies, and people drinking fancy coffees behind the window display. Everyone looked happy. A hand landed on her shoulder and her brother's voice reached her ear, or maybe her brother's voice reached her ear first and then she felt his hand on her shoulder, the order didn't particularly matter. But the words mattered, “I didn't think you were ever going to slow down. We should try to stick together.”

Allison turned to look at Danny. He was just a few years older than her, but he looked a little older then that even, his curly light brown hair speckled with grey. He looked rather mature in his blue polo and dark tan cargo shorts. He smiled softly and continued, “But if we do get separated, call me right away, okay? And I'll come find you.”

“Right,” agreed Allison.

“And if something happens to your phone or it's battery has died, then wait for me at Town Hall, by the exit,” continued Danny. He'd make a great father. If only he'd bother to start dating and find someone already. Allison patted his shoulder, “You worry too much. It's fine. I have my phone, I took my meds, I know what to do. . . Now come on, we've got a lot of rides to go on, and only a couple days in which to do it,” she turned towards the castle, moving to grab his hand, “It's hard to say what we should go on first though. I watched some videos online. Splash Mountain looks fun, though I understand it's dated? So does the Haunted Mansion, oh, and the Buzz Lightyear ride! It's a ride and a game!”

Danny pulled an already crinkled map from his pocket, replying, “Well, we're close to Tomorrowland, so we can go ride that, and then maybe see if the line for Space Mountain hasn't gotten too long yet.”
_ _ _

Quite some time later the siblings finally left Tomorrowland, heading towards Fantasyland. Danny pulled out the map and looked at his watch again, very much in dad mode, “We spent pretty much all morning in just one land. Let's go on one more ride then find some something to eat. . .” He shuffled the map and pulled out his phone, “I'll check the menus prices nearby for something we can afford.”

“Sure Dad,” chuckled Allison, snatching the map from him while he focused on his phone. But before she even looked at it, she spotted the perfect ride, the teacups! It would be perfect timing, Danny wouldn't want to go on those after lunch. Danny looked up from his phone protesting, “You don't really think I'm like Dad, do you?”

“Get over it, if you were like Dad, we wouldn't even be here,” returned Allison shoving the map back at him. Awkwardly he tried to grab it while still swiping on his phone. Allison started to run for the Mad Tea Party. Danny shoved the map back into his pocket, calling after her, “Allison! Where are you going? Don't just run off!”

“I know what ride I want to go on!” she called back. Following her into the queue, Danny mumbled, “The teacups, really? Isn’t this kind of a kiddie ride?”

“What's wrong with that? Grown-ups can like these rides too. Besides I know you, you'll be all calm kiddie rides only for at least an hour after lunch,” defended Allison. Danny rolled his eyes and went back to his phone, only looking up when the line moved forward, which was only between large batches of riders. Allison sighed and watched the ride for a moment, then bored, looked around. She noticed something on the railing behind them, a large white top-hat with a fancy blue ribbon around it. She picked it up and looked it over. It seemed clean, and had a card stuffed in the brim. Was this one of those fun souvenir hats they sold all over the park? She hadn't seen another one of these. She flipped it over and slipped it onto her head. A perfect fit.

“What was that?” asked Danny. Allison looked up, realizing he was looking at her. She tilted her head, requesting clarification, “What was what?”

“This,” commented Danny, and mimicked the motion of her putting on the hat. Allison nodded, and pointed to her new hat, “Oh, someone left this hat. Should I put it back?”

“What hat?” asked Danny, before assuming, “Are you sure you took your meds?”

“Yeah,” defended Allison, before wondering aloud, since she could still feel the hat on her head, “. . .unless they weren't real either?”

“Let's not start worrying about that,” worried Danny before biting his lip. Quickly he tried to hide his own worry. He put an arm around her shoulder, “But just to be sure, I'll count them when we get back to the hotel, okay?”

“Okay,” groaned Allison stepping forward as the gate opened to let their group onto the ride. The announcer gave out instructions as they all slid into their seats, including hold onto your hats. Allison didn't figure she really needed to hold onto an imaginary hat though. Besides it fit so well, it wasn't likely to come off too easy.


Why not both?
Nina Rose
The Little Mermaid
Magic Kingdom: Uptown Jewellers

A trip to Disney world. When her mother brought up that idea, Nina was less than thrilled. While she loved being out in public, theme parks were a bit too hectic for her tastes. There were different kinds of hectic: the kind where people are bustling about, filled with energy and enthusiasm, and the kind where there were just a lot of people concentrated in one place, the energy in the air coming more from the sheer volume of humanity stuck within the space rather than anything remarkable about the people themselves. In her experience, even the best theme parks were typically overwhelmed by the latter.

Besides, she was never one to enjoy those sorts of thrill rides. She was prone to scream and that wasn’t good for her throat. So it wasn’t even like there was a lot for her to do. She’d invited some friends along, but they’d all been busy. Whether that was an excuse or the actual truth, she couldn’t be sure -- even though they were hardly best friends, she liked to think they were close enough that they wouldn’t lie to each other about these sorts of things. Most likely, they did have other options, and simply found them a bit more palatable.

Either way, she was alone.

But despite all her misgivings, her mother seemed enchanted by the prospect of sending her to visit this place that she used to long for. Her efforts had, as a side-effect, generated quite an income for her family, and they were now affluent enough to afford these kinds of things, even if she was now too… old? Jaded? Tired? -- whatever it was, she was no longer all that interested in Disney World. Nevertheless, she knew that her parents were full of regrets and guilt over how things had ended, and desperately wanted something good to have come out of it. Regardless of how she herself felt, it was her duty to try and convince them of that and ease their conscience -- because they certainly didn’t deserve to feel the way they did. Not after they’d believed in her, and risked everything on helping her achieve her dream.

And now she found herself wandering inside a jewellery store, trying to pick out a souvenir for her parents. Her mother had always been a fan of earrings, and would love to have some shiny ones to show off. She browsed the displays, feeling slightly out of place in her baggy jacket and drab, grey skirt, looking for something her mother might like. Instead, her eyes caught on a scale-shaped pendant hanging from the neck of a mannequin. It was beautiful, an ocean blue colour, and elegant in its simplicity. For what might be the first time in her life, Nina found that she was interested in a piece of jewellery.

She waved one of the sales people over and gave them her customary, gleeful smile. “Good morning!” she said, giving the boy -- he looked quite young, maybe a part-timer, or a high-school student trying to earn some extra cash -- a respectful nod, “I was just wondering if that pendant was for sale?”

The look of confusion on the employee’s face came as a surprise to her, and she watched as it quickly turned into annoyance. “Ma’am,” he said, making a reasonable effort to appear cordial, “I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about.”

Nina, who was holding up the pendant right in front of him as he said this, was understandably confused and also a little worried -- she hated to hurt people’s feelings, and it appeared that the boy thought she was attempting to mess with him. He looked right through the pendant in her hand, obviously unable to see it.

Thinking quickly, she dropped her hand down to pull at the scarf wrapped around the mannequin’s neck, which was also a warm, ocean blue colour. “Sorry,” she said with an apologetic laugh, giving the boy one of the cutest smiles she could offer, “I’m a little out of it today… I was meaning to say, could I buy this scarf? Like this one, specifically. It’s really pretty.”

The employee’s facial expression was skeptical at first, but the genuine apologetic tone of her voice, and her beaming smile, seemed to win him over and his expression softened. As much as she didn't really appreciate it, she'd found out over time that you could get away with a lot if you looked cute. “Don’t worry about it,” he said, “I’m not sure what the policy is on selling clothing that’s on mannequins, but I can look into it for you.”

“Yeah, that’d be great.” Nina replied, making sure to keep her smile on her face, “Sorry for the trouble -- it’s just something about it that I really like.”

The boy nodded and turned around, disappearing around a corner. Nina looked down to find that the pendant was still in her hand. She moved to put it back over the mannequin’s neck, but suddenly found that she couldn’t quite bear to give up on it. Instead, she slipped it into her pocket, deciding to try again at the cashier to see if she was the one being messed with, and not wanting to hurt the employee’s feelings. She let out a soft sigh and turned back to the scarf she’d unwittingly bought as an excuse.

It was nice enough, she supposed, and she certainly wouldn’t mind adding something like that to her wardrobe. It looked quite comfortable, and well-worn after being (most likely) here out in the open, which she liked. She’d always preferred clothes that showed their age a little. It made her feel more grounded, an affirmation to both herself and those around her that she was no longer an idol who belonged up on a stage, looking down at them. Nina looked up at the ceiling, weathering the wave of emotion that suddenly crashed down over her. She’d made her peace with it, at least she’d thought she did, but the idea that she’d never again step back on stage, the finality of that fact, would sometimes come falling onto her shoulders all at once, in all its unbearable weight, and she’d find herself crushed underneath it all over again.

She looked back at the scarf, which she’d suddenly begun to feel attached to. Yes, it’d have to be this one, not a brand new one wrapped in plastic bag, insufferably perfect. It would be comforting, to have its comforting weight on her, to be able to bury her face in it if she wanted, without it still smelling of whatever factory it was just made in.

Now that she thought about it, he had always been a fan of this ocean blue colour.
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Not thinking twice!
Giuseppe Oak
Magic Kingdom: Frontierland

The play was over. Giuseppe, along with the rest of the actors, gave their final bow as the stage was struck by thunderous applause, with the audience roaring like a herd of lions. It finally felt like the good ole’ Reverie was about to take off and begin its stride towards becoming a major theater. The curtains finally closed, and the entire cast went backstage and plopped into the nearest cushion out of satisfactory exhaustion.

“You all outdid yourselves tonight, the Reverie has never been so packed! It almost brings a tear to my eye, this is truly a dream come true.” Said, or rather blurt out Alex, the director.

José, Alex’s best friend and another actor, excitedly jumped up to say “We were awesome, weren’t we? Thus, today WE CELEBRATE!”

Lucy, whose character during the play had to scream at the top of her lungs multiple times, opened her heavy eyes for a moment and groaned out.

“Yeah I really don’t think we’re in a state to do that right now, I can barely even talk”

This gaveAlex a fun idea.

“Celebration…………What if next weekend we all go somewhere fun to rejoice in our success! Now who should pick where we go?”

Despite her raspy voice, Lucy was the first one to respond.

“My vote goes to Giuseppe, he was the real star today”.

Giuseppe, the newest actor of the Reverie, and who had been zoned out since the play, replied in a mix of happiness and confusion.

“Wait, wha- me? What’s going on? Do you really mean it?”

“You may be strange, but you have some skills. It’s like if you just disappear into your character whenever you act. How do you do that?” José says

“I have no idea, I think it just……. happens, but well, I’m not complaining, it just feels nice.”

To avoid getting derailed, Alex interrupts the discussion.

“Well then, it is up to you, Giuseppe, where do you want to go? Do not worry about the cost, you have most definitely earned it.”

For the next few minutes, excitement and intrigue took over the room. The tension got lifted once Giuseppe finally spoke up. “Hmmm…………. I think I wanna go to Disneyworld. I just think that could be really fun, so what do y’all say?”

José immediately screamed “REALLY? HELL YEAH!” and fell to the ground once more.

“Come on guys, all I want is for us to just have some fun, so let’s not get injured before that”

Realizing everyone is about to finally collapse from exhaustion, Alex excitedly makes the final statement. “It has been decided then, next weekend the Reverie goes to Disneyworld!”

Before they realized it, the day had come. The sun was shining bright in the sky and the winds were blowing harder than usual, it felt like the perfect day for amusement. The Reverie’s entire crew showed up, and one by one they stepped down from the bus only to be met by the overwhelming awe that Disneyworld exuded, as well as the expected huge crowd of people going that day. Giuseppe heard a strange and muffled scratch, but for the moment he decided to ignore it and just exclaimed his excitement.

“Hell yeah, let’s get going!

Suddenly, everyone else started spitting out the names of where they wanted to go.

Before things got heated, Alex noticed a similarity in all the attractions they wanted to go to.

“Well, it seems like everyone wants to go to the Magic Kingdom, so what if we go there and split up once we get there? That way we will all feel the magic of this place!”

Ignoring Alex’s pun, everyone went onwards to the Magic Kingdom. Giuseppe stuck together with José to go to Frontierland, as both wanted to ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. José took this as an opportunity to be able to talk more to his strange coworker.

“You’re really hyped for this, aren’t ya? Can’t blame you, even just being here feels awesome”

“It’s much more than just that, I really can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so……. thrilled. I can’t wait until we get to Thunder Mountain”

“It just feels a bit strange seeing you this sure of things, then again, I guess I never know what to expect from you.”

“What do you mean? Coming here was always in my mind”

“I don’t really know, you just feel more excited. Either way, let’s try to pick up the pace a bit, we don’t want to get stuck waiting in an even longer line!”

“Oh well, let’s go!”

When they arrived at Thunder Mountain’s line, Giuseppe heard the strange scratch from the entrance once more, only a bit clearer, like it was against wood. Giuseppe tried to ignore it and stay with José, but the scratching sound continued, getting more distorted by the second. Getting increasingly annoyed, Giuseppe screamed.


“Hey dude, are you ok?”- José replied

“It’s this stupid muffled scratching noise, can’t you hear it?”

“Scratching noise? All I hear is the crowd”

“How can you not hear this? It’s so loud I can practically hear it inside my head”

“I don’t know, maybe my ears just can’t distinguish it from the crowd, but heh, what if it actually is inside your head?”

The instant José said that, the scratching sound briefly stopped, and Giuseppe heard a sound that resembled a voice. This made him zone out for a while, and when he regained focus, he started heading towards where he heard the scratching as clearly as possible.

“Dude, where are you going? Didn’t you say you really wanted this thrill?”- said José

“I feel like I’m being called by someone. I don’t know why, but I now get the feeling that this is going to be even more exciting. Do not follow me, this is something I want to see on my own.”- replied Giuseppe with a slightly crazed glare in his eyes.

José reluctantly stayed in the line, watching as his coworker wandered off into the distance. Giuseppe had nothing in his mind other than the allure of the mysterious voice, thus he kept walking around Frontierland for many minutes that felt like hours, until the scratching became clear nearby the strangely empty Shootin’ Arcade. Giuseppe entered, bracing himself for whatever awaited him inside, and as soon as he entered, he was met with some shining object on the floor. He excitedly picked the object up, and as soon as he did that, the shine wore off to reveal an ordinary looking wooden chisel. His excited face immediately disappeared into sheer confusion.

“Seriously?! There has to be something more, doesn’t it? Come on, I need something, anything!

Nothing happened

“Please, it can’t be just this dull chisel, where is the thrill that I’m seeking?!”

Nobody responded, the noise had disappeared, and the voice didn’t return either. Enraged and feeling duped, Giuseppe threw the chisel and left back to Thunder Mountain. There he met back with José, who had already gone through the ride.

“What was that all about? You were gone for an hour and missed the ride. Let me tell you that it was every bit as awesome as I thought it would be.”-Asked José

“It’s nothing, it was all for nothing, argh I really should have stayed, I’m sure being in the ride would’ve at least been fun”-Replied Giuseppe

“Well, even if the line is long, we have enough time to ride again!”

“oh well, I guess we can do this”

Giuseppe and José waited in the line and eventually rode the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. However, throughout the ride Giuseppe couldn’t help but ponder why he felt like he was being called and why the result was so dull. This frustration kept him from feeling much, if any excitement from what he thought would be the most thrilling day he would have in his life. The ride ended and Giuseppe felt even more frustrated than before.

“Well that was incredibly lame”

“Really? I felt it was somehow more amazing than last time”

“Good for you, but I’m looking for something…. more. There must be something somewhere that will get me pumped up, I really thought I would find it here.”

Giuseppe then puts his hands in his pockets and is about to walk away once more, until his right hand feels something. It was the chisel from before.

“So, you followed me here, huh? Are you trying to mock me or are you going to show me something?”

José, thinking Giuseppe was talking to him, said

“What? We haven’t even moved, and I’m not mocking you, I just thought you’d like the ride more than you did”

“No, it’s not you, it’s this stupid thing, this is where the weird noise came from, but it’s just some boring chisel. I have no idea how it got here though, I tossed it when I found it”

“I don’t see any chisel. Maybe Thunder Mountain got your head all scrambled up”

“But I’m holding it right here, are you sure you’re not the one with a scrambled head?”

“I usually trust you dude, but you’re really worrying me today. Maybe we should meet up with the others”

Surprised, Giuseppe once more was left wondering about the chisel, but this time his frustration was replaced by intrigue.

“Hmm, you really want to stick with me, don’t ya, so much that nobody else can see you…. Now this is interesting”-Giuseppe thought as he cracked a smirk before plainly saying

“Fine then, let’s go back”
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Fairy type Trainer
Disney World is known as the happiest place on Earth for good reason. Everyone was happy and having a good time at the theme park. Unfortunately, that joy was about to be interupted.

A mysterious figure clad in a black hooded cloak appeared in a puff of smoke on top of Cinderella castle. Nobody seemed to notice this figure, and the small children that did notice them were quickly brushed off by their parents. The mysterious figure held a large black grimoire in their hands. They opened the book, and started reciting a spell on the page. Then a black shadow shot out of the book, and up towards the sky.

Suddenly, the bright sunny Disney day turned grey and depressing. Then everything else turned gray. The buildings, the environment, even the people were drained of their color. The only ones who kept their color are our heroes!

The people who had turned gray fell to their knees in despair. They became miserable, and said awful things.

“It’s all hopeless!”

“What’s the point in living?”

“We should just give up!”

And from their despair, black shadowy creatures of various sizes and shapes emerged from the shadows. The one thing they had in common, glowing yellow eyes.


Sparkle Sunshine “Sunny” the Fairy Godbro
Magic Kingdom

A blonde haired blue eyed fairy clad in pink appeared in a puff of smoke. He arrived just in time for everything to go to Hell. “Oh no.” He uttered, absolutely horrified at what he was seeing. “I hope I’m not too late!” The Fairy noticed a dark cloud gathering above the castle in the middle of this land. Whatever was causing this chaos, that was the source, and that was where he had to go.

“Oh, I just hope the chosen ones found their artifacts!” With that, the Fairy zipped off torwards the castle. Of course it wasn’t smooth journey. He was attacked by the shadowy creatures. He had to fight them off by firing pink beams of energy from his wand.


(What you have to do. Basically your going to experience everything turn grey and go to Hell. Then, your artifact will start glowing. When you touch it, it will trigger a magical girl transformation sequence. You don’t know what the hell is going on. You do see the dark cloud forming over Cinderella Castle. For whatever reason, you head there. You’ll have to fight the Shadow creatures, and discover your powers along the way. You can run into each other and interact.)
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Fire and Ice Combo
Lenny & Clementine Charme
Rapunzel/Beauty and the Beast
Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland

The twins were approaching the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, and they were excited about another rollercoaster ride. Just as they reached it, suddenly it got kind of dark. Perplexed, they both looked to the sky. The once bright blue skies had turned grey, and all sign of the sunlight just seem to vanish. It wasn't only that... the area and people around them also turned greyscale color, which was only strange because their coloration remained the same... A woman nearby plummeted to her knee with a look of despair on her face.

"It's over... everything is over..." she depressingly grumbled, and she wasn't the only one. Others were on their knees, mumbling phrases of similar hopelessness. The siblings moved closer to one other until their shoulders were touching.

"L-Lenny... What is going on?" Clementine was first to voice her concern about the sudden change of atmosphere... Her green eyes scanned the area, and all she could see was a disheartening grey covering the once bright and colorful Fantasyland surroundings. "There's something happen over at the castle!" She pointed up toward the gathering dark clouds over Cinderella's Castle.

"We have bigger problems!" Lenny shouted out as he grabbed and yanked his sister out of the way. She felt something whizzed by her head. There... creatures coming out from the darkness... These shadow monsters seem to take the form of woodland animals... and small humanoids... Their glowing yellow eyes were all locked on the twins. Clementine was frozen in shock, but she felt a strong pull on her arm. "We need to get out of here!"

Dragging his twin sister behind him, Lentil sprinted full speed through any opening he could find. It seems in vain as more and more of the hostile shadow creatures appear to block their way. Eventually, they were forced into a dead end. Lenny put his sister behind him as he shielded her... it was his responsibility as the big brother to protect Clementine. She was firmly clutching his tricep when suddenly she noticed something shining in her brother's pocket.

"Lenny," she called out, and the blond man half replied and looked back at her. "Something glowing in your pocket." His green-eyes glance down to see what she was talking about but also notice another light.

"Clem, your bag is glowing as well," he pointed out, and she quickly located it. Not really think much about it after noticing it, they both reached to retrieve what was creating that light... the lock of hair and the red rose. As they pulled them out, the objects let out a blinding light. It engulfed them, and the shadowy creature retreated from the illumination. After a moment, the light faded, and the twins were... different from before. "What the heck is this!??"

Lenny was suddenly wearing a violet costume complete with a puffy-sleeved corset, skirt, overskirt, and lots of frills. His hair was longer, he could feel against the violet pants legs that he was thankful for having. The man was now wielding a staff with a heart-shape at the top and flowers growing off of it. There was a look of disapproval on Lenny's face as he looked at himself... he looked girly, and he hated it. He heard a familiar dissatisfaction behind him. His eyes turned to see the... his lovely sister's new outfit.

Any every inch of Clementine's light skin was covered by thick, scruffy brown fur complete with a muzzle. Her bright green eyes and long blonde hair popped from the dark-colored fursuit as well as a faded and ripped yellow ballroom dress. Her poofed out hair looked like animal ears, and pair of curved horns emerged from the sea of yellow. From her hair to dress, she was covered in red roses. And finally, on her hands were ruby clawed gauntlets. A pouting expression was on her face.

"Why am I some kind of formal furry?" Clementine finally blurted out after she looked at herself. She looked at her Lenny and sighed. "Your outfit is so cute..."

"That's not a good thing! I'm a man! Why do I have to wear this girly crap..." He groaned with a grimace, this is one of the last things he ever wanted, being dress girly like this... Distracted by his sudden transformation, Lenny momentarily forgot the situation. A shadow boar-looking creature began charging from behind him.

"Watch out, Lenny!" Seeing the monster attempt to attack her brother. The twin girl acted on a strange instinct. She scooped him up in her arms, with a leap that effortlessly cleared their attacker, she suddenly bolted off. With her swift movements, Clementine managed to lose their pursuers for now. "Wow... I feel really light on my feet, and you're not heavy at all." She looked at Lenny was covering his face with one hand.

"Put me down now!" The man's demanded furiously. Clementine complied and did so. As his feet touched the ground, he removed his hand, and his face was a bright shade of red. "I just got princess carried by my little sister... this is so humiliating..." Lentil was dress like a girl and got a princess carry by a girl, he was on the brink of dying from embarrassment. But there wasn't time for that, their shadow pursers were back once again...

The twin recognized running wouldn't solve anything, so maybe fight back was their best option. The two blondes got into an offensive stance.
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Summer Time for Husband & Wife
Hikaru Desposito
Aladdin, Arabian Thief
Liberty Square: Haunted House -> En Route to Magic Kingdom

Lunch had been quick and eaten at Tortuga Tavern in Adventureland. Admittedly, Hikaru would've preferred homecooked, especially if it's made by her dad, but it was still a good and filling one. After that, since theh rode all the rides in Adventureland and she didn't want to see the other attractions there, they headed for Liberty Square. Sure, it was quite a walk from Adventureland to Liberty Square, but she wanted to go into the Haunted Mansion. She was always of the rule that if there was a haunted house attraction in an area, she would go there. It was a staple in the school culture festival back in the school she went to in Japan. Thankfully, when they got there, they didn't have to wait so long to get in.

Yes, she knew it wouldn't be that scary since it was aimed at little kids, but she still had fun with it. She loved the atmosphere, a dark, "old" and empty mansion filled with paintings of the "past", carts to drive them through the mansion and disembodied voices giving a tour. Okay, admittedly part of the reason it was fun was because of the screams of the kids around them. Maybe it was a little sadistic but she couldn't help it, imagining how those kids would feel if they ever went through the ride again when they're older and realizing that it wasn't that scary. She did manage to keep her laughter to herself.

Though, of course, Ko-kun gave her a deadpan stare that she felt more than saw, no doubt knowing she was holding it in.

She gave him a cheek grin. He rolled his eyes at that but even with the little lighting, she knew he was smiling.

The ride passed by in a flash and soon they were back in the light.

As Hikaru stretched in a spot where they wouldn't block anyone on their way to other parts of Disney World, she said,

"Have any place you wanna go in mind?"

Kogoro glanced at her before he put a hand below his chin, humming as he gave it thought. Before he could answer though, suddenly everything got darker, but thankfully still bright enough they could still see but it was still noticeable. Confused, they both looked up to find that it was indeed cloudy.

"That's weird. There weren't any clouds earlier," she said. "I hope it's not a storm."

Next thing she knew, she heard many, many sounds of bodies thudding against the ground, followed by the low din of voices slurred together. Hikaru snapped her head to see the source and stared wide eyed at the sight. Everyone looked as if they had been drawn in an old Disney cartoon, their colors black and white, their bodies slumped on the ground like they were puppets and their strings had been cut. But worse of all...

"It's hopeless..."

"We're doomed..."

"What's the point of living...?"

Hikaru gasped and clenched her fist.

"What's going on?"

It was then she realized that only she and Ko-kun were the only ones still with their colors in the area. Her boyfriend didn't answer because two things happened. The first was that, just as quickly as the people who had fallen to the ground, things started appearing from the shadows around them, emerging like they were a part of them that split off. It was creatures of various kinds, many she recognized and many the wrong size, and all of them had golden glowing eyes.

The second thing was a bright lighg engulfed her vision for a second. When it was gone she saw that she had lon white sleeves. Surprised, she looked over herself and found her clothes reminded her of Aladdin's getup from the movie, except it was black and white and she was wearing that Arabian cloth headdress that she couldn't remember the name of. Oh, and she had a sword. Somehow.

"Hikaru...?" Ko-kun said.

His voice made her look to him and found that he was in the same situation. Except he looked like a superhero with his green bodysuit, mostly white Robin Hood hat, and bright red bird mask, two swords at his side. If this had been any other situation, Hikaru would've laughed. But then her love's eyes widened.


Hikaru sidestepped.

A lion went past her and barreled into her boyfriend.


In a flash, Ko-kun punched its eye, it yelped then stopped, and then he grabbed one of his swords to slash at it, making it roar as it cradled its eye. Before Ko-kun could do anything more, his eyes glanced around and Hikaru followed his gaze.


Many more were coming their way. But she and Ko-kun weren't the ones she was worried about...

"Get away from him!" she said.

An griffin was nearby a boy and Hikaru took out her own sword, curved like Ko-kun's but shaped differently, swinging at it. The unbelievable creature avoided it and then pounced to her. Hikaru managed to dodge it by turning on her heel. Using both her and the bird-lion's momentum, she slashed at its side and it screeched when it hit. Hikaru was about to press her attack but then Ko-kun said,


And she only turned in time to see the giant claws of an equally large eagle coming her way. She wished she could block it but by that point it was right in front of her. However, before it had the chance, a green blur tackled it away and it turned out to be her boyfriend. With that, she turned and put her back against his, her eyes now trained on the shadow monsters surrounding them, seemingly a little more wary now that they knew they weren't going down easily.

"Damn it...what are we going to do? They're everywhere..."

"Hikaru..." Ko-kun said in that tonr of his that meant he wanted her to look at what he was seeing.

She turned her head to the left just as Ko-kun turned to his, effectively switching sightlines so they could still react to threats, and Hikaru saw it. It was a ways away, but there was a heavy concencration of especially dark clouds somewhere over Fantasyland. And it seemed to call to her, or at the very least something within her was telling her to go there and that this was the cause of everything. But even with that lead, as little it was, Hikaru frowned.

"But what about..." she said, but she didn't finish her sentence.

As Ko-kun said, "Look again."

She knew what he meant and they switched sightlines once again. At first, she wasn't sure what she was looking for until she saw it. The monsters were only paying attention to them, the ones with color, completely ignoring all the despairing bystanders. She might not get why that was the case, but that was enough of an answer for her. She tightened her grip on her sword, which was a scimitar she realized, and tensed, ready to spring into action.

"The source then?" she said.

She felt him nod as he hummed.

"On three?"

Another nod and hum of confirmation.


And with that fake out, they were off. The monsters seemed to think it was the opportunity to begin their attack and they did as well. Yet somehow, despite their combat inexperience, they were holding relatively well against the barrage of shadows as they made their way to what seemed to be source of all of this. Questions would be asked when this was all over.

Hikaru just hoped there was some way to stop it when they got there.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Fiona Swan
Swan Lake
Magic Kingdom: Coffee Kiosk > Uptown Jewelers

Fiona gave the customer a coffee and a cookie with a plastered on smile on her face. “Here you go. Have a Disney Day!” She handed the customer their stuff, they paid for it, and walked off. The second the customer left, Fiona's face relaxed. She had spent the entire day smiling, and now it was finally time for her shift to be over. She left the kiosk, then went into a bathroom to change into her regular clothes.

Fiona quietly walked through the theme park.While she was grateful to have a job, having to smile and be happy all the time was exhausting. Especially when she wasn’t feeling like smiling herself most days. She was relieved that at least she didn’t have to be one of the characters. All she had to was smile and be a polite for a few moments in front of the customers face. Characters had to be upbeat for the entire length of their shift. That would be exhausting.

Fiona walked through the park, alone with her thoughts, when suddenly, a pure white feather fell from the sky, and landed perfectly into Fiona's hand. The young woman looked up, and didn't see any white birds in the sky... Maybe they flew away? Who knows... As far as Fiona was concerned, this feather was a sign of something. Of good luck, that life would get better, who knows. Fiona quietly tucked it behind her ear.

On her way, she walked along Main Street, and passed by Uptown Jewellers. She saw someone vaguely familiar to her inside the Jewelry shop. It was Nina Rose. A singer she had followed when she was younger. She never expected to meet anyone remotely famous today. Fiona thought about going in and saying... something... But shook her head... She couldn't possibly.

Then she thought back to that feather she found. And her coworkers trying to push her out of her shell or whatever... As if any of them understood. A court may have found her innocent, but that didn't mean a thing. Her father was murdered, an innocent young man who's only crime was being nice to her was dead, and worse her own hands had killed someone... How could she possibly move on from that? But... maybe that feather signaled a change... Seeing someone she kind of knew confirmed it.

Fiona took a deep breath, walked into the store, and approached the former singer. "Um... excuse me..." And then she lost her nerve. "Oh um... I'm sorry... I don't mean to be a bother but um..." She started shuffling her feet, and avoided making eye contact. "A-a-are you Nina Rose by any chance?" Fiona mentally facepalmed for asking that question. That was stupid, of course she was.

(I'll acknowledge the drama I started in my next post with Fiona.)
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(The following contains depictions/references to an unspecified mental illness, as my character questions her own sanity. I know it's not perfect, but it's not intended to be disrespectful.)

Allison De Luca
Alice in Wonderland
Magic Kingdom

Allison laughed as the teacup spun around rapidly. She could tell Danny wasn't quite as thrilled with her making it spin more than it naturally would, but he wasn't arguing or trying to stop her fun. The announcer called out instructions to stay put until the ride stopped completely as the cups started to slow down. Allison sighed and pulled at the center wheel, trying to get as much as she could out of it. Then something strange happened. As she and the other riders started leaving the ride vehicles, the world around her seemed to drain of color. She looked around curiously, of all the curious tricks her mind had played on her, this was a curiosity she'd not yet seen.

Then came the dull thuds, all around her, people were falling to their knees. She looked back at her brother, he was as grey as everything else, and on his knees. Panic rushed through her, “Danny are you okay?”

“No. No one's okay. How could anyone be okay?” he moaned. Allison dropped down at his side, “D-danny? What are you saying. Please, don't do this. I'm kind of freaking out right now and I really need you. . . I need my brother.”

“You don't need anyone. No one is worth needing. . . Everything is pointless. Everything we do or say. It's pointless. All pointless,” he moaned. Allison shook his shoulder, but she couldn't seem to get through to him, “Danny? What's wrong with you? . . I. . . I'm going to go find help.”

She stood and looked around again. But everyone else was on the ground moaning as well. And all of them were grey. The only thing that didn't seem to be grey was her own hands, and the rest of her body that she could see. She assumed all of her, but until she found a mirror, that remained unconfirmed. And it wasn't over yet. Distort black shadows were forming among the depressed people, shifting into dark creatures with glowing yellow eyes. Eyes that seemed to be locked on her.

Allison adverted her gaze. They weren't real. They couldn't be. She knew that. That's what anyone would have told her, if they weren't on the ground moaning about death and taxes. But they looked so very real. So very real. Then one of the dark creatures, which looked very much like a mangy jet black wolf with glowing yellow eyes charged at her. Allison jumped out of the way, ran, and scrambled over a low barrier.

Looking back, she could see a menagerie of such creatures had joined it and were chasing after her. Plus there was a bit of a glow from overhead. She looked up. Was the glow behind her now? Allison turned around, creatures were still coming, before realizing it was on her head. Curiouser and curiouser. She reached up and grabbed the brim of the tophat.

Bright blue light shrouded her form. She felt her clothes shift, and when the light faded she found she was wearing a short puffy ruffly blue and white dress, instead of jeans and layered casual shirts. Her socks and replaced by stockings and tall boots. And she was holding. . . a giant key? Bronze with a silky blue ribbon.

Looking up from the clothes and the key, she could see the shadow creatures had fallen back a few paces. She looked again at the key, and a wicked grin crossed her face. It seemed like an unconventional weapon, but it had enough heft she'd probably be able to fend off these shadow creatures with it. Whether this nightmare was real or not, she was ready to face it.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Sparkle Sunshine “Sunny” the Fairy Godbro
Magic Kingdom

Sunny flew through Disney World, and soon encountered a man with really long blonde hair, accompanied by a furry brown beast in torn up yellow dress. The pink fairy breathed a sigh of relief and flew up to the pair. “Oh thank goodness I found you!” He exclaimed. “There should be more of you, but this is a good start.” He then started stroking Rapunzel’s hair. “Oh my gosh! Your hair is so soft and lovely!” He nuzzled his head against it. “Why haven’t you used it?” He tapped the boy on the head with his wand. Immediately, his long hair came to life it extended itself out, and turned into a pair of fists at the ends. They punched the shadowy creatures in the way, clearing a path for them. Then the hair retracted, and returned to normal or as normal as hair that long could be...

Then he turned his attention to the beast girl, and frowned. “Oh honey. I am so sorry you’re in this situation... But well, you did pick up the rose!” He laughed, but then got serious again. He spoke to both of them this time. “Anyway, my name is Sunny, a Fairy Godbro. Not specifically you’re Fairy Godbro, just a Fairy Godbro. I’m here to guide you on the adventure you have been chosen to embark on. Sorry, no take backsies. You’re in this like it or not. I’ll tell you more later, but right now, you’ve got to get to that castle, like now!”

Then Sunny waved his wand, and made multiple duplicates of himself. Sunny sent them off to go find the other Fairy Tale Heroes. Then he sighed. “Using this much magic is exhausting for me, but it has to be done. I really hope all of you can handle what’s to come.” Then he went back to nuzzling Rapunzel boy’s hair.



Sunny soon found a girl wearing a large top hat, wearing a dress that resembled the one Alice famously wore, and wielding an oversized key. Sunny zapped one the shadow creatures in front of her. “You know, it’s been said that the one who finds the Mad Hatters hat is also a little cray-cray... but usually in a good way! Anyway, I’m Sunny. A Fairy Godbro. Not you’re Fairy Godbro specifically just a Fairy Godbro. I’m here to help you out! I have a lot to cover, but just know, all of this is very real, and very serious. We need to get to castle right away. Oh, but... if we could run into Rapunzel boy, and Beauty and the Beast girl on the way, that’ll be good too. They’re also around here.”



Sunny encounter another couple fighting of shadows. The girl’s outfit had a middle eastern vibe. She was clearly Aladdin, but he had to wonder what was up with the boy? His hat suggested Robin Hood, but his outfit was way more colorful than Robin Hood normally was... Eh, whatever, they weren’t gray, that was good.

Sunny flew up to them. “Hey, sorry to interupt, but you have to get to the castle. Now! I’m Sunny by the way. A Fairy Godbro. Not you’re Fairy Godbro, just a Fairy Godbro. I have a lot to explain, but just know, this is a matter of grave importance. I know you humans think that Aladdin and Robin Hood are just stories, and us fairies aren’t real.” Sunny blatantly rolled his eyes at that last comment. “But they are, and you have to believe me.”


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Not thinking twice!
(This is about the previous one, I was busy for a while)

Giuseppe Oak
Magic Kingdom
Adventure Land: Thunder Mountain->Liberty Square

Finally having found something that could make him feel real excitement, Giuseppe began to walk back with José to meet up with the rest of the crew on Liberty Square to rest a bit before going on another ride. He was sporting a grin of pure thrill as he thought about what finding the chisel could mean for him. Could it be a key to a magical adventure or was some sort of spirit simply toying with him? It could even be an object sought by many and he’d have to fight them off. Whatever it was, it’ll surely be something unlike anything he has ever seen.

“Your sudden change of attitude was strange, but hey, at least you now got the hype you were looking for, didn’t you? Even if it’s about a supposed invisible chisel” Said José

“I would say it’s more intrigue, this may be what I have been looking for. I’m telling you, this thing is special.” Said Giuseppe gleefully

“I’ll take your word for it, you did seem to be noticing some strange things” Replied José

They kept walking for a while until they finally got back to Liberty Square, when suddenly black clouds violently started spreading all over the place. All the once vibrant color was replaced with a soulless grey. As far as Giuseppe could see, everyone, even José and the rest of the Reverie, looked like they had been stripped of their will to live. Then, indescribably amorphous yellow eyed monsters started silently crawling out of the shadows themselves. Giuseppe thought this could be what the chisel was for, and he was eager to use it for what seemed like a mission to defeat these creatures…..

“It’s useless, we’ll forever stay as empty sacks”

Giuseppe froze at listening to these words coming out of José’s mouth. Before he could try to say anything or get himself back together, all the apathetic wailings of the masses began invading Giuseppe’s head.

“Why should I keep going? It’s not like I’ll ever be able to make a difference”

“Life is nothing but a cycle of misery”

“I wish I were a kid again, I miss being free to have emotions”

“I just want to go back home and never think of anything ever again”

“I am nothing but a burden on everyone around me, just look at everything I’ve caused”

Grabbing his head in pain, Giuseppe’s body dropped into the ground. The shadowy creatures began creeping near as Giuseppe’s body uncontrollably shaked. More and more voices kept echoing their lack of hope into his mind, slowly but surely taking over it. Being unable to take it anymore, he stopped moving while letting out a sorrowful scream.

At that moment, a light began emanating from the pocket in which the chisel was tucked in. Giuseppe’s hand instinctively dragged itself towards it and grabbed it. All the voices disappeared from Giuseppe’s head as he was enveloped in the emanating light, and as his mind was cleared, he saw that his appearance was changing. A giant blue bow tie suddenly grew on top of his now bright red shirt, as did a strange red wooden overall. What he didn’t notice, however, was that some oak tree leaves grew on top of his hat. The light then dissipated, leaving a renewed Giuseppe in front of a horde of shadowy monsters.

“It’s time” said Giuseppe filled to the brim with crazed excitement

He then rapidly transformed into a huge lion. Without any hesitation, he gave the mightiest roar he could muster, scaring off the yellow eyed creatures back into the shadows they came from. Huffing and puffing, Giuseppe turned back to normal, albeit still in those strange clothes. There was a change though, his shirt’s color had now become white.

“Wow, that was such a rush, was this what the chisel was for? But really, what is going on here? What were those creatures? What’s with everyone’s voices?” Giuseppe told himself

He looked up and saw that the clouds were coming from Cinderella’s castle, so he figured out going there could help him get some answers and maybe keep feeling that rush.


Summer Time for Husband & Wife
Kogoro Waite
Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
Magic Kingdom

So many questions went through Kogoro's head. What was happening? Why were people collapsing? Why were they turning grey? Why was the sky and surroundings the same? What were the things attacking them? Why were they attacking them? Did they have a goal? But he knew he would have to push them aside as he slashed and dodged said strange creatures around them, or more accurately focus on getting to the possible source of all of this, the storm-like occurance above the castle in the Magic Kingdom.

He was grateful that, whatever these costumes were, they seemed to have increased their resistance to damage as most of the scratches that would definitely be wounds only hurt from the impact. Which was good as, though they were more athletic than the average person, they were not trained in any form of combat or self-defense, as such they weren't able to avoid a lot of the hits, but still enough that neither he nor Hikaru were seriously hurt.

Still, even with their stamina, they had their limits, especially from running from one part of Disneyland to another. So when he the area seemed to have less monsters at the moment, he stopped, Hikaru following his lead. Both panted but while Hikaru took measure breaths hunched over, he kept an eye on his surroundings, ready to spring into action.

Which was a good thing because suddenly, a voice said,

"Hey, sorry to interupt, but you have to get to the castle. Now!"

And he looked to see a blond man in pink attire, a wand and butterfly wings from his back.

"I’m Sunny by the way. A Fairy Godbro. Not your Fairy Godbro, just a Fairy Godbro."

Hikaru snickered at that. Kogoro would've rolled his eyes but said "fairy godbro" was still speaking as quick as his wings beat.

"I have a lot to explain, but just know, this is a matter of grave importance. I know you humans think that Aladdin and Robin Hood are just stories, and us fairies aren’t real.”

Here Sunny blatantly rolled his eyes at that last comment while Hikaru chuckled.

Then he said, “But they are, and you have to believe me.”

Well, as unbelievable as everything that was going on around them was, only a complete idiot would deny any of it, in Kogoro's opinion.

Which Hikaru shared as she laughed and said with an amused grin, "Ha ha ha, don't worry, say no more. In fact, we were heading there ourselves. Right, Ko-kun?"

He nodded in confirmation,

"See? Like I said, don't worry. We'll head right over."

Hikaru made to move but Kogoro glared at her and she froze.

"Are you rested?"

"I'm fine, Ko-kun, really!" she said, moving to a more natural pose.

But he wasn't convinced. So he took one of his sheathed sword and threw it at her. As he expected, he startled her and she reached to catch it, but she fumbled until she finally got a proper grip. He narrowed his eyes and Hikaru, realizing she had given her true state away, chuckled sheepishly.

"Okay so maybe I'm still shaken from all the people despairing, but I'm fine." Then her smile turned somber as she said, "We don't know how long we have to help them, right?"

He thought so. Seeing all those people lose hope and all those things try to attack them, the only people who seemed to have not given up so far, as if trying to destroy hope, must have shook her. Not only that, but she wanted to help, and with so much uncertainty as to how made that worse. So yes, it was true, she was "fine", but she wasn't "okay" either. And the best way to fix that...

Kogoro sighed.

...was to get rid of source.

So he said, holding his hand out for both her and his sword, "Then let's go."

Hikaru blinked, no dount thinking that he had been about to scold her. She wasn't wrong. He was going to...but when all of this was over. Besides, it was worth her grateful smile as she put his sword in his open palm and said,

"Thanks Ko-kun."

He gave a small smile in return. "Always," he said as he clipped the sheathed blade back on his belt.

He held out his hand again, which Hikaru took, before he looked to the "fairy godbro". He would admit, a part of him wondered if he was leading them to a trap, but they didn't have much else to go off and they had originally planned to go there anyway, so he would play along for now.

"I assume we'll see you there," he said, not expecting nor wanting an answer before he pulled Hikaru with him.

If it was a trap, he would simply deal with it.

If it wasn't...then either way, he would make sure he and Hikaru got out of this alive.


Fire and Ice Combo
Lenny & Clementine Charme
Rapunzel/Beauty and the Beast
Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland

Clementine was easily tearing through the shadowy creatures with brute force unnatural or her yet, it felt natural. Lentil was having more difficulty as batting them away with his flower staff wasn't doing much. It appeared that the weapon wasn't meant to be used as such, but he didn't know what else to do with it. With the lightening of the enemies, a strange... winged person(?) made an appearance. The pale-skinned boy had a head of short curly blond hair, big blue eyes, and was wearing a pink outfit.

The boy appeared to be very happy to see them by his exclamation when he spoke to them. As he talked he eventually started stroking and rubbing his face on Lenny's now ankle-length hair. His brow furrow and his lips turned to an uncomfortable frown when he commented on how soft and pretty the hair was. Before the man could give a response, he tapped his head with the pink star wand and his hair sprung to life. After punching the shadow creatures away, the hair fell lifeless back beside him once again. How was he supposed to know he gained magic hair powers?

After activating Lenny's hair, he turned to Clementine, whose bright green were fixed onto the magical guy in front of her. She thought he was rather cute as she gave him a smile. Then he started pitying her 'unfortunate' appearance and then laugh at her with a 'well you picked the rose' statement. The beast woman was absolutely speechless. Do... do I look that awful, the thought went through Clem's head as she looked at as much of herself... a rough-looking brown fur, a ripped and faded yellow dress... She gently pulled out a lock of her blonde hair... it looked unkempt and wild... She was devastated at the idea that she looked ugly.

Sunny the Fairy Godbro was how the boy introduced himself. As their self-proclaimed guide, he pointed them toward the castle with the looming dark clouds over it. With a wave of his wand, the fairy split into multiple versions of himself, and all but one left. This Sunny returned to being intimate with Lenny's hair which put him on edge.

"Back off, personal space," Lenny barked, and his hair reacted by pushed the fairy away from him. Now that he knew he could move his hair, the blond man could consciously control it. His green-eyes caught Clementine's upset and pouty expression on her new beastly face. "...We should get heading to that castle." He tried to change the subject and get them moving forward.

"What did you pick up, Lenny?" Clementine demanded annoyedly and he could feel the heat of her stare on his face. He told her about the lock of hair that he found in the bathroom, and she didn't look any happier knowing that fact. "This is such BS. You creepily pick up hair in a bathroom and turn cute and I picked up a beautiful rose and turn into a hideous beast... This isn't fair." Suddenly she heard something approaching and with swift and powerful movement eliminated the shadow monster. A sigh left her muzzle and she was looking rather upset. "Let's just go to the castle..."

"Clem," Lenny called out just before she started trudging forward. "You're my cute little sister no matter what. And if anyone gives you trouble over it, I'll make them pay." He looked at her firmly as he made that vow. Though she was obviously still not 100%, Clementine looked a little better as she smiled.

"Thanks, Lenny but... I'm stronger than you right now so I'll be dealing the pain." Clementine teased, she was definitely feeling better after her brother's sweet words. The woman's green eyes turned to Sunny. "Clementine and Lentil, got it? Well, let's go!" After the quick introduction, the twins and the fairy began to fight their way to the castle.


Internet Overlord
(The following contains depictions/references to an unspecified mental illness, as my character questions her own sanity. I know it's not perfect, but it's not intended to be disrespectful.)

Allison De Luca
Alice in Wonderland
(Fantasy Land) Magic Kingdom

Allison swung her key left and right, batting off the creatures as they charged in. “Ha ha,” she laughed as they tumbled and scurried. Another strike and one exploded into streams of dark gas. So they weren't invincible thought Allison with a wicked grin, good to know.

Another creature exploded without her touching it. . . no, it exploded due to some sort of bolt coming down from above. Allison looked up. Quietly she took mental stock; so far she'd hallucinated a hat, lack of color, shadow creatures with yellow eyes, and a little floating man in a pink suit. That last one was kind of cool until he started talking and accused her of being crazy. Allison's eyes narrowed and she grumble over part of his speech, “Hey, even if it's true, it's not okay for you to say it!”

She missed his name because of that, but she caught the third reiteration of 'Fairy Godbro', ah yes, this was particularly interesting hallucination, even if it was tactless. Of course if it was tactless, and she was hallucinating it, then it was her own lack of tact. . . Oh ****, and he was still talking. Okay focus. . . hear and repeat it back, “Get to the Castle, find Rapunzel and Beast Boy. Got it!”

And then act on it. She turned to the castle, noting the swirling cloud of darkness over it, that didn't seem good. Definitely not good. . . and then she started to run. She swung her key at monsters as she passed, trying to clear a path, and dodge the bemoaning grey citizens.

Luckily the twins Sunny had mentioned were not hard to spot. They were the only bit of color around here. A long haired person in a purple dress-thing and some horned werewolf thing in a yellow dress. Okay, so maybe she hadn't paid perfect attention to the fairy's explanation of who to look for. She golf swung a smaller shadow creature out of her way and then jogged up to them, “Hey are you guys. . . gals. . . uh. . . The Rapunzel and Beast my other hallucination told me to look for? . . . Oh hey, that guy!”

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Max Hudson
Magic Kingdom - Cinderella Castle

Lucas Moncrief

Snow White
Magic Kingdom - Cinderella Castle

After lunch, the boys started making their way out of the castle. Max was showing Lucas all of the pictures he had taken with the princesses. “I managed to get some great pics with all of them.” He eventually landed on a photo of Lucas standing next to Snow White. “Can you believe Snow actually spoke German? The two of you look like siblings!”

Lucas chuckled, playfully nudging Max’s shoulder. “I know, it was like looking in a mirror,” he joked. “Gotta say, though, it's always nice to have a conversation in Deutsche. Makes me miss home a little.” He sighed, wrapping his arms around Max and resting his head on his shoulder. “Maybe that’s our next vay-cay. Let’s go to Munich, huh?”

As quick as his next breath, the sky turned a sickening grey. “Hm… That’s weird… It wasn’t supposed to rain today,” Max muttered, confused.

“I don’t think it’s rain,” Lucas responded, as everything else around him started to change. The grass, the flowers, the pathway he was on, all sapped of their color. The last to go was the people; the color drained from their faces as they sank to their knees.

“It’s hopeless,” a voice wailed.

“I can’t do this.”

“We’re doomed…”

Lucas flinched at the sudden change in demeanor around him. “This feels… particularly wrong. Are you feeling okay?”

Max cringed at what was the whole world falling apart. “I’m… not liking where this is going…”

“Can’t say I do either,” Lucas said, shaking his head, “but it looks like you and I aren't affected. I wonder…” Suddenly, a gleam of light caught his eye. His saddle bag was glowing. He tugged on Max’s shirt to get his attention, and slowly opened up the bag.

The slippers and apple gently floated out of the bag, gleaming and shimmering, a beacon of light against the grey. They boys stood mesmerized as they hovered gently in the air. Suddenly, the slippers placed themselves on Max’s feet, replacing his sneakers. A stream of sparkles floated around him like a breeze, starting from his feet and gently spiraling up to all the way to his hair. His casual clothes shimmered, before magically turning into a shining suit of blues and silvers. The sparkles swirled around the crown of his head, leaving a tiara in their place.

Lucas himself was caught in the magic of the ruby apple. The apple shattered into diamond-shaped fragments of ruby, and swirled around him. Some fragments floated into place, turning into apple-shaped earrings and emblems, while others turned into glistening crystal birds. They flew around him, and he too found himself changing. A red cape, a blue doublet, yellow leggings, the whole outfit seemed spritely. Young. Princely.

Max admired his new outfit. “Oh have you ever seen such a beautiful outfit!” He did a twirl. “And look, glass slippers!” Max laughed out loud. Despite being glass, the shoes were surprisingly comfortable. “I would totally wear a white version of this at my wedding! Maybe minus the glass slippers though.” He winked. “Yours isn’t bad either. Love the yellow pants.”

“Thank you, dear,” Lucas said with a blush, chuckling a little bit as he admired himself. He supposed that some might find it silly with how colorful it was, but he thought it was quite fitting. “How coincidental, I guess I really am Snow White’s brother. Oh, and cape is nice too, but...” He looked around, puzzled. “What just happened?”

Then a small blonde fairy clad in pink flew in right on cue. “Ohmigosh your here! Thank goodness! And you found the glass slippers too. My mom made those. She says it was some of her best work! Besides me of course.”

Lucas chuckled at the fairy’s retort. “Aww, aren’t you fun?” He booped Sunny on the nose, a playful smile on his face. “Look at him, Max, he’s just a little guy.”

“I know! A cute widdle pink fairy!” Max cooed as he patted the fairy’s head. “He’s adorable!”

Sunny crossed his arms. “Excuse me! I may be small and cute, but I’m probably older than you. Anyway, you can fawn at my cuteness later. We’ve got serious problems right now.”

“Serious problems? You don’t say,” Lucas teased. “I can’t imagine the serious problems include everyone suddenly needing a therapy appointment and the backdrop’s new Instagram filter.”

“Yes… I’m Sparkle Sunshine. Just call me Sunny. I’m a Fairy Godbro! Not your Fairy Godbro specifically, just a Fairy Godbro. If we don’t put a stop to this, your world isn’t gonna have a happily ever after.”

“Put a stop to what?” Max asked. “All of this happened out of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love the clothes but, what exactly are we supposed to be doing?”

“I’ll explain when the rest of you get here so I don’t have to repeat myself, but… you’re the chosen Fairy-tale heroes!” Sunny exclaimed as if that was the most obvious fact in the world.

“Uh… huh. Okay.” Lucas said, nodding slowly and giving Sunny a double thumbs up. He looked at Max with a nervous expression and shrugged. “I guess we really don’t have any other option here.”

“I for one think this is neat!” Max cheered. “I never in my life thought I would be a magical boy!”

Sunny grined brightly. “See, Cinderfella’s got the right idea. Now, Snow White boy. Could you do your thing and summon some woodland creatures and take care of these pests. I’d handle it myself but… I’ve used so much magic having to get you all together.”

Lucas blinked. “I’m. I’m sorry, uh, do what now?”

Max laughed. “At least in the Disney movie, woodland animals come to her aid when Snow White sings. Although… all the princesses kind of do that… Snow’s the most famous for it.”

“Right,” Lucas said, nodding, “I guess I could give it a shot, how does that go again..?” He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. “Ahhhh-ah-ah!”

From the trees came a response, the sounds of birds calling back to him. Lucas looked at Max, a little shocked.

Max clutched Lucas’ arm and smiled. “Looks like you’re a Disney Princess too.” He giggled. “That was cute.”

“Keep going!” Sunny called out.

Lucas tried again, a little more confident this time. “Ahhhh-ah-ah!”

Birds came flooding out of the trees, cats of all varying colors scampering out of the bushes towards them. A white dove landed on his head, a pigeon on his shoulder. The cats stopped at their feet, rubbing Lucas’s legs and purring. Lucas stood astounded, his mouth hung agape in awe.

“Good job!” Sunny patted Lucas on the shoulder. “Now make them to do something. Preferably something useful.”

Lucas sung some different notes. These notes were much more aggressive than the standard Disney Princess singing. These caused the birds and cats that had just appeared to charge forward, and attack the shadowy monsters.

In the meantime, Sunny then turned his attention to Max. “As for you…”

“What about me?”

“Why don’t you try singing a few notes yourself? The birdies and the mice attacked Cinderella’s stepfamily at her wedding. Ended up killing the stepmom, and leaving the stepsisters blind… Of course, stepmom isn’t dead anymore… but that’s not the point!”

Max raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry what?”

“Just do it please.”

Max closed his eyes, and started to sing a familiar song.

“Oh, sing sweet nightingale,
Sing sweet nightingale,
High above me,
Oh, sing sweet nightingale,
Sing sweet nightingale,
High above me...”

Then, various birds and mice came into existence. These weren’t real birds and mice. They were ethereal and as sparkly silver and blue as the clothes Max was wearing. The birds pecked at the shadowy monsters glowing yellow eyes, while the mice nibbled at their feet. It was a vicious scene, and did not go at all with this song.

“Great! Now we wait for the others to get here.” Sunny said with a smile. “I promise, this will all make sense soon.”

Meanwhile, the two boys looked at each other in disbelief. Both of them wondering what on earth they had just gotten themselves into.
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Summer Time for Husband & Wife
Hikaru Desposito
Aladdin, Arabian Thief
Magic Kingdom: Cinderella Castle

If Hikaru was being honest, Hikaru was scared, not just for herself, but also for Ko-kun and especially for all the people they passed by. Unlike her and Ko-kun, who seemed unaffected if not outright protected from the strange happening, they were in despair and utterly defenseless against the strange shadow monsters. The only bright side was that said creatures seemed more focused on them than the bystanders, but they still didn't know what was causing all of this.

So Hikaru was relieved when Sunny appeared, being a helpful "Fairy Godbro", as he put it, and telling them that, yes, they should be going to the castle in Magic Kingdom, the place they had been heading for because of the storm above it. It was nice to have confirmation and a bit of help, even if Ko-kun was clearly cautious about the fairy if how he held her hand was any indication. But that just made a burst of affection warm her heart and smile paint her lips as they ran side-by-side, only letting go when they needed to fight off enemies or avoid them.

Though not far from the castle, as if things couldn't get any stranger, a bunch of cats rush past them, making her yelp in surprise and both of them skid to stop, lest they accidentally ran over one or more, along with many birds of many kinds. Hikaru stared as they all went towards the castle, jaw dropped. She looked to Ko-kun, asking him in silence on what they just saw, but found his face blank from the sight. After a moment, they looked back at the path the felines and birds went for a few moments, long gone now, and with no hint of why that happened.

"Well, only one way to find out now, huh?" she said, glancing at her love.

That snapped out of his daze, shaking his head to clear the last of it. With that, he met her gaze and nodded before they both followed where the animals went.

Thankfully, there question was answered.

But not so thankfully for her beloved, the sight was somewhat baffling.

The cats and birds from earlier were attacking some of the shadowy monsters. But not only that, there were some glass looking birds and mice were attacking as well, surprisingly not shattering from the force of their own attacks, theit movements as natural as any animal. And Ko-kun once stared, dumbfounded. Well at least until Hikaru couldn't help but giggle at his reaction, which only got worse when he glared at her.

"Oh come on, you look so cute like that," she said, cheeky smile cheeky.

He rolled his eyes but didn't say anything in retort.

Instead, he took out his swords and smashed the hilts together. Now it was Hikaru's turn to stare once more as a string and arrow of light formed and Ko-kun he let the arrow loose after pulling back. The arrow turned into a streak of light on its trajectory to one of the monsters that was about to strike one of the glass animals. Ko-kun continued to repeat this, focusing on assisting the animals that were in danger first. Hikaru was tempted to ask how he figured that out, but then she saw movement in the corner of her eye and turned to it, blinking when she did.

There, a few feet away from them, was Sunny, floating beside two guys, one that looked like he was cosplaying Disney's Snow White, and the other reminder her of a prince, his clothes fancy and white with a tint of blue.

Seeing that, she turned back to her beloved and said,"Ko-kun! Look!"

Of course he was startled, nearly ruining his aim. He glared at her at first until she pointed to what she saw and realization flashed in his eyes. Then he frowned and looked back at the animals handling the monsters, no doubt thinking it wasn't a good idea to not be on the offensive. However, only after a moment, did he sigh and nod, assenting to her. She smiled and ran towards the two boys and one fairy godbro, the click-clack of her beloved's footsteps behind her.

When she was right before them, she gave a bright smile and said, "Hey there! Good to see we're not the only ones."

Her boyfriend stopped behind her and observed the two, obviously to her assessing if they were dangerous or not, but to anyone else likely looking like he was just eyeing their looks or something. She smiled, cheeky as a thought came to mind.

"Name's Hikaru," she said, before gesturing to her love. "And this is my boyfriend, Kogoro. Don't mind the look he's giving. That's just how he is."

Her grin only got worse when her love stared her, flat as a pancake, as she laughed.

"Aw come on, don't give me that look. They might get the wrong idea on why you're staring," she said.

His stare remained flat as he said, soft as usual, "Thanks to you."

Hikaru couldn't help but laugh despite the craziness of the situation, or maybe because of it. Either way, her love rolled his eyes, exasperated, but she knew he wasn't truly annoyed as he wasn't frowning. Once she was done with her outburst, she said,

"Sorry about that. Couldn't help it." Them she turned serious, some of her worry returning. "So...? What are we supposed to do stop this?"


Not thinking twice!
Giuseppe Oak
Magic Kingdom
Adventure Land: Thunder Mountain->Liberty Square->Going to Cinderella’s castle

While running towards Cinderella’s castle, Giuseppe kept on fighting off hordes upon hordes of shadowy creatures as more distraught voices tried to creep into his mind. As he kept fighting, both the color of his shirt and the creatures he transformed into kept changing. From a burning red to a vibrant orange, from a mighty lion to a raging wolf. He felt like the thrill of battle fueled his every move. However, said fuel would burn quickly, as eventually the creatures' number advantage would prove to be too much for him, and the voices would rapidly begin overwhelming him.

Every single voice wildly twirled within Giuseppe’s mind. His brain got filled with a clash of fear, rage, apathy, and sorrow, all consuming the brief excitement he had just felt. For just a brief second his shirt turned black, and then he began dissolving into an unintelligible mass of confused despair. However, at that very moment, an unknown light began shining in front of him, and out of it came a fairy-like being.

“No, no, no. This is all wrong. We can’t have one of our heroes give in so early”, said the fairy

This being’s arrival managed to dispel the thoughts that invaded Giuseppe’s mind, reverting him back to his blank state, but not without many questions promptly emerging into his head.

“W-what happened to me? Why did I keep hearing those voices? Just who are you and what did you just do?”, asked Giuseppe in quick succession

“I’m Sunny, a Fairy Godbro. Not yours specifically, just a Fairy Godbro who came to help you. As for your other questions, I'm afraid there's no time for me to answer the ones whose answer I know. Let's just leave it saying that all of this is truly happening and we're in a dire situation. We'll meet again once you get to Cinderella’s castle. Be sure to get there as quickly as you can."-Sunny answered in a hurried voice before swiftly going forward

Sporting a blank expression on his face, Giuseppe felt like he had gotten more questions than answers from Sunny. However, since he was already planning on going to Cinderella’s castle anyway, he had nothing to lose from following Sunny from a distance.

There seemed to be no more creatures or wailing voices on the road ahead. As Giuseppe kept walking on this silent path, he began pondering about everything that had just happened.

"What did I almost turn into? Where did all my excitement from before go? Those voices, how were they getting inside my head so fervently? Is that why I can't even feel thrilled for the urgent situation Sunny mentioned? Am I going to end up just like those people? Will I just….give up?"

As more and more questions without answer kept popping into his mind, Giuseppe grew more frustrated. He began hoping for more of the monstrous creatures to attack just to have something to take it all out against. However, for a long time absolutely nothing appeared and Giuseppe's frustration kept slowly building up, with his shirt gaining both a burning red and a sorrowful blue tint to it.

Eventually, Cinderella’s castle was almost in reach, but so was Giuseppe's frustration's breaking point. However, to Giuseppe's temporary relief, a monstrous mass whose appearance could only be described as hellish slowly began emerging from the shadows. It let off a blood-curdling screech made up of what sounded like a hundred furious spirits screaming in pain. This thing seemed larger and more powerful than any of the previous creatures Giuseppe had encountered, but by this point all he saw was an outlet. Sunny realized the danger Giuseppe was in, but the Fairy Godbro's warnings went completely ignored. He immediately let out a powerful battle cry as he transformed into a wrathful bull, but neither his scream nor his form could even begin to compare to that monster's.

Losing sight of everything else, Giuseppe charged at the creature, channeling every ounce of anger and frustration into a single blow. However, that was far from enough, for the beast did not even budge. This only frustrated Giuseppe even more, prompting him to attack again and again to no avail, until he had no strength left to keep on going. Once Giuseppe's miserable barrage ended, the beast grotesquely tore apart one of its own limbs and utilized it to strike him down with a powerful blow. Just like that the fight was over, and Giuseppe laid motionless on the ground unable to do anything but get wrapped up in his own thoughts once more.

"Just what am I doing? Why do I keep ruining every chance of joy I get? Why can't I truly feel? Is there anything wrong with me? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me?"


Fire and Ice Combo
Lenny & Clementine Charme
Rapunzel/Beauty and the Beast
Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland

Both twins were battling what they believe was the way to Cinderella's Castle. There wasn't really time to check the maps but they had a basic understanding of the structure of Magic Kingdom. Their eyes caught a rare sight in these moments, something with color. A pinked-haired girl in a blue dress and tophat carrying a giant key. Her eyes looked at them confusedly as she mentioned a hallucination that told her about them, the hallucination being Sunny they assumed.

"I'm a guy/girl," they spoke in unison as they stood in a similar body posture, Lenny with his arms cross and Clementine with her hands on her hips. The two glanced at each other before their green eyes snapped back towards the girl. Lenny approached a couple of steps losing his previous annoyance that was planted on his face.

"My name is Lentil and despite the outfit, I'm a guy." The man in a purple corset and skirt combo introduced himself. His face softened considerably and gave the large-eyed girl a friendly smile. "Honestly, I wonder if this would be better if it was just a hallucination..." Their fun time at Disney World devolved into this.

"And my name Clementine and I'm of course a lovely lady when I'm not covered in fur." She claimed proudly with a much chipper tone. She came closer to the girl and her green eyes gave her an examination. "You look like a cute Alice in Wonderland! And your hair is very pretty! It's so adorable... I might dye my hair pink after seeing it." The beauty beast girl was honestly considering it now seeing it on an actual person. She was just gushing joyfully over the new girl that showed up.

"We need to keep moving before more of those monsters come back," Lenny reminded his overly excited little sister. His green eyes roamed again to their new arrival. "So um... Alice, let's go together. It's safer in numbers."

One way or another the girl ended up going with them, and the trio transverse through the park pummeling through any monsters that approached. Eventually going down a path between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, they found themselves at Cinderella's Castle. Spotting another rare bit of color in the monotone world nowadays, they headed for it. It was four people and they were dressed up in pretty fancy outfits. Lenny stopped a fair distance away from the group as he spotted three guys and a girl. His green eyes looked over toward the new people with much caution. Though that expression quickly changed as his sister, spotted some handsome tall guys that immediately brought her attention to them.

"Hello, my name is Clementine," she sweetly told them as her bright green eyes adoring stared up at them. The blonde beast moved in incredibly close. "I'm 22, single, a Pisces, and work as a hairstylist." She divulged this information with zero prompts and without worrying about the current situation. Lenny could only sigh and press his fingers to his forehead, his sister was surely something. "Oh also, I normally look more like that." She pointed with her thumb at her older brother and the blond man frowned in exasperation.

"Leave me out of this!" Lenny shouted his disapproval. The last thing he wanted was some weirdo guys checking him out. His eyes narrowed into a glare to anyone that turned their gaze to him.