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Fake Gardavoir


Bonsly lover 4 life!
MS Pait sucks, oh well, here is my poor Gardievor D:



Final Fantasy Fan
Things that are wrong with it:

1) You mispelt her name. It's Gardevoir.
2) Gardevoir is Stage 2, not Stage 1.
3) The Lightning Energy should come first, not the colourless.
4) Why Lightning anyway? Only Delta Species and Pokemon that are dual types do this.
5) The retreat cost. 3 is way too high for Gardevoir IMO.
6) Psychic Pokemon don't resist Psychic Pokemon.
7) You forgot the -30 beside resistance.
8) Attack name alignment is way off.
9) Wrong font on everything.
10) Ken Sugimori didn't draw that.
11) If you're going to fill out her stat bar, fill it up completely.
12) The Pokemon's level goes beside their name.

Sorry to be so crushingly negative, but you won't get far if you're not told your flaws.

Also, NEVER use MS paint! It just doesn't have the sophisticated tools that Photoshop has.
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Female Steelix

A Female Steelix
It's okay if you ask me.........


Loving Longnecks
Its average if u just started, mine went terrible the first time and it sucked like heck, keep up the work!


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I just like the drawing...


Blaziken rules!
You misspelled Gardevoir.


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12) The Pokemon's level goes beside their name.
In the older cards, it was at the end of the flavor text box

Also, NEVER use MS paint! It just doesn't have the sophisticated tools that Photoshop has.
I use Paint, and the only thing off are just maybe one alignment and maybe a misused font. My Philosiphy: Simplicity > Complications; Paint > Photoshop

I agree Photo/paintshop have more features, yes, but they lack crutiality it you don't even know how to WORK the dang thing. So, I use Paint, and i'm proud of it.