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Fake Quotes Game

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Horn Drill

Approved by PsiUmbreon. :)

Hiya. In this game you make up fake quotables for celebrities or any other famous person you might think of. Allow me to demonstrate:

"Do the twist"

- Oscar Wilde


"Watchu talkin' 'bout, Willis"


This is a fun way to satire aspects a person was made famous for, or to allude to something they do, et cetera. Have fun! :)


Beans backing up...
Yeah, don't double post.

Don't do milk.

~Mr. T
o_O (I don't get it. >_>)

"I called my friend at 2 in the morning to tell her I was a dude!"
-Hillary Duff


Horn Drill

It's my thread, I can double-post if I want to. :p (But I won't anymore XD)


"Elephant! The finest fur!"

- Teddy Roosevelt


"Stop... Jackson time"
Micheal Jackson


Beans backing up...
There is nothing to fear from Micheal Jackson

~Some dude a long time ago. Funny, huh?

Horn Drill

"Hoo hoo! Can't touch this!"

- Michael Jackson
Wait!.....I sense a disturbance.......a child is near.

-Michael Jackson

That was good an*l Hillary. But next time use some lotion so it would go in better in my *ss.

-George W. Bush

Horn Drill

"Oooh, Bubbles! You're squeezin' too hard!"

- Michael Jackson

... So wrong. XD But Michael Jackson is so great to make fun of... XD


I'm raising taxes... Umm... look a terrorist.
George W. Bush

Lady Vella

"Video games are good for you! Really! The 'hidden sex' in Grand Theft Auto was great!!! LET'S PLAY HALO 2!!!"

~Jack Thompson

"Friends suck a*s. I'm going to go mope about how depressing life is."

~Tea` (Yu-Gi-Oh)

"No homework, class. Tonight, we all go have wild sex parties!!!"

~My sophomore English teacher

"Little girls are my MO now."

~Michael Jackson

"Let's declare war on Canada for no reason at all!!!"

~Cindy Sheehan

Horn Drill

"Will you come to the Dark Side for a scooby-snack?"

- Darth Vader

"Solve all the world's problems? Nah, I don't really feel like it."

- Jesus


"According to dianetics, I'm not allowed to have sex until I'm 40... damn!

Tom Cruise

"Aaah! I got bleach in my eyes!!!"


"I've f***ed 6,000 women in my life, but I still feel... incomplete..."

Gene Simmons


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No Double Posting. Don't make me punch your throat... :D

Custom Avatars for all!

Smile Guy

Keep Smiling...
maypsyco24 said:
I'm raising taxes... Umm... look a terrorist.
George W. Bush

That made my day! Fantastic quote!

"OH MY GOD! A PRETZEL! I'm drunk! I'm drunk!"
George Bush

"Look, I'm where Hurricane Katrina was for an afternoon, doesn't that make everything better?"
George Bush

"I love life!"
Jack Dee - British comedian, you'd get it if you knew about him.

"Now that's a weapon of mass-destruction."
Tony Blair, in the shower.
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Horn Drill

"Feel me. Touch me. Hold my hand... Hug me. Kiss me. Won't you me my maaaaan!"

- Michael Jackson in a Broadway musical. :D

"No. Beer leads to drunkeness. Drunkeness leads to dirty women. Dirty women lead to lap dances... Gimme some 'a that beer."

- Yoda on beer

"Who cut the cheese? Razzle-dazzle huh!"

- Groucho Marx on farting

"My fellow Americans... ... O_O..."

Bill Clinton on weed and Carmen Electra
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