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Fake/Rumored Cheats

I can remember fully, but it was along the lines of, "Catch a Sunkern, raise it to level 50 WITHOUT evolving, Fly to Azalea Town and press A at the shrine until Celebi appears."

It's amazing how many stupid methods there are for Mew, unlimited items, fake Pokemon, and the like.

EDIT: Oh, R/B/Y/G thread. How about, "Train Missingno., teach it Fly, Fly to all the cities in reverse order six times, and when you get to Pallet, You'll find a MEW in your room."
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Catch a Magikarp and nickname it "Mew". Then talk to the Name Rater 30 times and he'll become frustrated and trade you for a Mew.
Catch Mewtwo again.
Go to Unknown Cave.
Use ItemFinder
Get Scale
Take it to Professor Oak
Trade it for the starter your rival chose.
Go back to Unknown Cave.
Mewtwo will reappear but at LV.40.
Catch it.


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i fell for
if you talk to prof oak 50 times after beeting the e4 you will get a pikablue :(.. i tryed it 3 times lol thinking i misscounted... damn

Golden Wolf X

I remember the "Microwave Trick": Fight a Pidgey in Viridian Forest and put your GB in the microwave for five minutes on the highest setting and you'll get the Mew... That one was all over, anyone else remember it?


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I was told there was a way to get mew.
You had to get 6 Rydons and teach them all Strenth and Surf.
Than go to that mystery truck and use strenth.
(I was a realy gullable kid. What a waste of 3 months. lol)


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If you have a Magikarp on level 5, and let it use Splash on a Tentacool while Surfing, it does DOUBLE DAMAGE! :D

(I can't believe I fell for that one when I was a kid :p)