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Fake Youtube Account Confirmation

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Am I the only the person that sees this announcement as somewhat frivolous? To be straightforward, who cares? This doesn't effect the site or the members at all, and crusading to clear up rumors/lies/whatever is a little pointless.

Thanks so much for letting us all know, we can take refuge that you're still God. While your at it, make another announcement about how your not really fat anymore, just to make sure we all know.
Not sigging this is a crime against humanity.


Wants name change
Normally I wouldn't post stuff like this here but people are honestly starting to believe it and hilariously has its believers insult me on my actual account accusing me of being fake
To confirm, the people behind this channel are spreading many hilarious things about the site such as there being 12 owners.
I know I used to be quite large but thats hilarious.
Assuming this is quite a hilarious matter.


Wow. Honestly, though, I didn't even know about this. I swear, people will rip off anything if it gets them attention.
Not sigging this is a crime against humanity.
YeAH MenZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO BADASS AND INTENSE.

Closing this crap, intergalactic platypus is right. Also, (s.i.e), even if the link wasnt there, anyone could jsut c/p the name and search it up on youtube anyway.
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