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Fakemon in Fan Fics


Blazing Flowers
Is Fakemon ok for Pokemon Fics? If so, how should I introduce it so the readers can understand what kind of Pokemon it is?

Because I'm planning on putting some Fakemon starters I made in my upcoming fan fic that I created two years ago. How should I make it relevant to canon fan fics? Because I don't want readers to be lost on what they appear to be.

One of them is a fire goat starter that has red horns, these eyes like Oshawott, pinkish fur, and its size is like 3 feet.

How should I describe that without info dump?


expert breeder
first you tell the type.also wht region it is from. give detils but not too much. give about 3 the most important ones. pretend your a pokedex. and also you can use fakes. it is called fan fiction. hope i helped. aggron guy out.


expert breeder
to prove it is ok check out battle for the swirl region. i made it and made up the whole region.


expert breeder
sure anytime. if you need help post a vistor message on my profile.


I wouldn't trust fanfic advise from someone who doesn't at least pretend to properly put spaces after periods... or who recommend you read a fic that is apparently locked before its first 'chapter' got finished.

So as someone who EXTENSIVELY has way too many Fakemon to even remember the names of all of them, no, there's nothing wrong with them, fake regions or fake types, abilities, weather types, or moves.

Be aware though: DON'T give the Fakemon special treatment. Pretend we the viewer have never seen neither the Fakemon starter nor the Sentret it is battling.

If you want to do a little Pokedex type thing after the chapter... that's fine too. Heck, if anyone ever asks, I'm always willing to send people my spreadsheets... though I always warn it could spoil things to come!

Truthfully, do what you want, but I beg you DON'T just accept Aggron_Guy's answer as the only one... pretend your Fakemon are just as (not more, not less) important as the ones that already exist. People may just get lost in your story and forget "hey, this isn't an official Pokemon!"


expert breeder
It was my first time! Im new here! And how are you helping? Learn manners ok! I tried my best!


how much words
I thought some on this topic the other day. I came to the conclusion that fakemon are best when, as Dilasc says, they are seamlessly inputted into a fic description-wise. Further, I thought that they would best be either input from the start, or thought of as an abnormality in-universe, since as a reader there is already that disconnect between known canon Pokemon and author-created Pokemon, and it's somewhat jarring to read along 50k of a fic and then find out that there's suddenly Pokemon you've never heard of before inside, being treated just as any other.

I'd say it's worth thinking about whether a fic really needs fakemon. Is it worth it to need to entirely invent a Pokemon, and then show only what parts of it are necessary for storytelling purposes, if you could just as easily use any of the hundreds we all know? A fakemon should be at least as thought-out, conceptually, as any other Pokemon has been, otherwise you may find yourself looking for information about it that you just don't have (or worse, contradicts what you've previously said). I think that's a lot of work to do, and if I'm not writing something like a new region or a story with plot-specific fakemon, then I'd just avoid them entirely.

Not to say I'm one-hundred-percent right, or anything. This is just how I see it.


can make my protagonist think of the Fakemon as something he knows and treat it like other Pokemon?

Why not? If it fits the character, nobody would even begin to complain! Maybe his region has never seen a pikachu or a mankey, but maybe the zazbugaka is a a common sight and thus something trainers in that land know about.

That doesn't mean, we the audience should be robbed of our immersion. Despite all this, everyone will paint a slightly different picture in their mind about how it looks anyway no matter how artfully you manage to describe it... that is, until some wayward artist attempts to give it a visual... and even then it'd be a case of the 'Artists representation' disclaimer like you see of pictures of dinosaurs.

So yes, it's perfectly fine for someone to know what the pokemon is, even if just in sparse knowledge. It is after all, their homeland; it would be a little uncharacteristic to not know anything at all about the local fauna.

I can't tell you how to write, as there's no wrong way to represent a character: if you pull off the idiot trainer well, and it fits, then so be it and more power to you.!