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Familiarity Breeds Strategy! (654)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors' started by Serebii, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Rebeccag

    Rebeccag Well-Known Member

    Great start loved how Infernape got the first win and also how Paul has a Drapion. I loved the ikarishipping moments and also how Paul said Reggie was like Ash. Liked also how Paul used ashs counter shield move as well. Im a bit disapointed about Buizel I hope it gets a win as it used to be so strong now its kinda not useless but keeps getting defeated. Love love Barry love how he keeps saying pauls gonna get fined and how when Ash uses a move he hasnt seen he gets all excited. Cant wait for the next part of the battle
  2. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    Great start to the much longed for battle.....Paul battling with a completely different team while Ash is going with his Sinnoh team....Infernape threw an outrageous mach punch... must have surprised Paul... Ash 2-0 but Paul's counter attack has begun... and obviously he planned for this.... Drapion is going to be one of Paul's key pokemon...Now it gets interesting
  3. Linkdarkside

    Linkdarkside Well-Known Member

    why haven't mods or admins renamed this tread to the english title?
  4. Brumrha

    Brumrha Banned

    Christ... Took me long enough to get this running; matter of fact, I had to refresh myself on the main site, but now I'm confident this time.

    - We get thrown head-first into this blood feud, but what got them all riled up? Let's rewind this, shall we?
    - Earlier today, Ash is checking out his Gliscor that he got back on Dawn's Mamoswine, & it's apparent that he's gotten a lot more powerful since last time.
    - Dawn later snoops in on Paul's conversation with Reggie, & we find out that he wants Paul to win this just as badly as Paul himself.
    - Once the two of them meet, it becomes apparent that they both want to take this home.
    - Now the real fun begins! WAR START!! Pikachu VS Aggron. FIGHT!!
    - Pikachu starts things off with an Iron Tail, but it's easily deflected by Aggron's Metal Claw.
    - Aggron then lets out a Metal Sound that's heard 'round the world. That must be really powerful...!
    - Pikachu lets out a Volt Tackle, & just as it makes contact, Aggron blasts it with a Flash Cannon. Damn...
    - Pikachu gets swapped out with Infernape...
    - ...& right away starts things off with a blaze that's called Flare Blitz! Even though Aggron's Double Edge landed as well, that Flare Blitz got him burned! That's more like it!
    - Aggron charges up another Flash Cannon, but gets a Mach Punch to the face! That also happens to be the deathblow!
    - Infernape... wait, no actually it's now Staraptor VS Gastrodon. FIGHT!!
    - Staraptor lets loose an all-out-attack with Brave Bird, but Gastrodon stops it dead with a Muddy Water.
    - What's even worse is that Paul has adapted Ash's Counter-Shield, & is using Gastrodon's Muddy Water to perform that maneuver. Needless to say, it's really effective against a physical attacker like Staraptor.
    - Ash then sees an opening at the bottom, & orders an Aerial Ace at that spot. Only problem is... IT'S A @#%$ING TRAP!!!
    - Gastrodon has Staraptor pinned down, & fires off a Water Pulse up in the sky. Why...?
    - Apparently, the force of gravity seemingly is supposed to power up that Water Pulse, which may possibly be enough to nail a deathblow, if timed properly...
    - However, Ash gets a brainwave, & has Staraptor use Close Combat on the ground. That has enough power to lift Gastrodon off his back & get the hell out of Dodge in the nick of time.
    - Gastrodon quickly fires off an Ice Beam Staraptor's way, which hurt, but didn't freeze him. Ash quickly swaps him out for Buizel.
    - Buizel comes out with an Aqua Jet. Gastrodon tries to stop it with another Ice Beam, but that ends in a set-up. The Ice Aqua Jet, a.k.a. the Ice Spear returns!
    - Alas, it wasn't quite enough; Gastrodon gets up for another Body Slam, but is countered with an Ice Punch, which puts the deep-freeze on Gastrodon! Another stunning deathblow!
    - Buizel VS Drapidon. FIGHT!!
    - Drapidon lets out a flurry of PinNeedles, in which Buizel uses the Water Gun Counter Shield to fend the barrage off.
    - Buizel slides off to vault Drapidon with SonicBoom, which is unfortunately all but nulled...
    - Worse still, Drapidon ensnares him with his tail, & since it has near 360 degree rotation of his head, that turns to face Buizel! That's never a good thing... aaaaand CUT!!

    ...Yeah, I saw this coming a mile away; a blood feud like this is definitely going to take more than a measely half-hour to finish this fight. Even so, Ash seems to have gotten a lot of momentum in this part - now the only problem is maintaining this, & with Buizel ensnared, I'm afraid that mojmentum may have been lost...
  5. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    This episode was a good start. I liked how Ash took the lead in this battle instead of falling way behind.
  6. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    Paul has always had the upper hand when it comes to strategies.... but this time I think Ash was prepared for that
  7. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    This episode was very cool. This 1st part of Ash vs Paul battle was great. Paul was such a copycat! He had Gastrodon use the Water-Defense shield like what Ash used in other battles. It was cool to see Muddy Water for the 1st time. It was great to see a Blue East Sea Gastrodon for the 1st time. My favorite of the 2 Gastrodons. It was cool to see Infernape take out Aggron with Mach Punch, Infernape even burnt Aggron in the battle as well. It was cool to see Buizel take out Blue East Sea Gastrodon with Ice-Aqua Jet and Ice Punch. It was cool to see Metal Sound for the 1st time. Pikachu was overpowered by Aggron. Drapion grabs Buizel cliffhanger...

  8. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    Cool to see the abilitys got activated in the battles, like Aggron got burned from Infernape,
    it was an really intresting battle
  9. So this is the battle that decides who of these two long-time rivals is truly the strongest! Ash vs. Paul!

    This is turning out to be a fierce battle that I know will not dissapoint me in the slightest!
  10. dazzaburb

    dazzaburb Adaptive Trainer

    Finally Drapion actually got some decent screen time. This episode really highlighted abilities which not many other battles do. Overall this episode was something the Sinnoh League needed :)
  11. deathseer

    deathseer Oh, u mad bro?

    Watching the episode right now.

    And Gliscor got freaking huge! o_O

    It's as big as Charizard now!
  12. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    This episode was excellent. Seeing Gliscor at the beggining was great. It was also great to see that Paul's Lairon evolved. It was also cool to find out that he owns a Gastrodon. It was great to see Infernape get the first win. It looks like Ash has the upper-hand since he has knocked out 2 of Paul's Pokemon without losing one. It was surprising to see Drapion extend it's tail to trap Buizel.
  13. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    Ash vs. Paul part one. At least their league battle started off better than their previous battle. It was also great seeing Gliscor again. :)

  14. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    Absolutely excellent episode! Full of action, couldn't take my eyes off it. Great to see Infernape get a quick win in, I bet Paul's regretting giving it up. Interesting to hear Reggie say that Paul losing the first two Pokémon is all part of his strategy. I'm intrigued to know what his real strategy is. Very excited to see the end of this battle.
  15. NPT

    NPT Just a member

    This was a great start of Ash and Paul's epic six on six league battle, I guess Paul's Lairon evolved into Aggron off-screen.

    Ash training with his Pokemon at the beginning was nice, it looked like he's making his strategies for the battle. I found it weird when Dawn was talking to Paul, but as soon as she saw Ash, she moved to his side.

    The battle between Ash's Infernape and Paul's Aggron was awsome, I glad it infilcted a burn on Aggron and defeated it. The battle between Staraptor and Gastrodon didn't go well for Staraptor, Paul copyed Ash counter shield and used it against him. Staraptor was struggling badly in the battle, so Ash returned it and choose Buizel. Buizel took good advantage of Gastrodon's Ice Beam and used it as Ice Aqua Jet and took down Gastrodon. After Gastrodon is defeated, Paul sent out his new Drapion, who can cause trouble for Ash's team. The episode ended with a major cliffhanger.
  16. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    Loved this episode. Great character development, good battle, the opening scene was also really good.

    We got some great character interactions in her too (Paul and Ash, Paul and Dawn, Paul and Reggie, Paul and everyone)

    I rate this 8.5/10
  17. Pikachu979

    Pikachu979 Sinnoh Champion

    This was a great start to my Favorite battle in the anime. I also loved the interaction between Paul and Dawn it was nice seeing him kind of opening up to Dawn.
  18. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    Finally, the last Ash vs Paul battle. I was surprised that Paul owned a Gastrodon and Drapion and even more shocked that Paul copied Ash's counter shield although Ash held his own well here, which was cool.
  19. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    Shinji using Pokemon like Bossgodora and Toritodon for this decisive match was a slight surprise to me, because I was thinking that Shinji would stick with his most experienced battlers instead. I thought that Satoshi having to resort to his secret weapon Goukazaru so early in the battle was a bad sign.
  20. Wednesdayz

    Wednesdayz Banned

    I was very pleased with this episode. I was happy with some of the techniques Paul used and I'm also very thrilled to see his expressions: he's remaining cool and collected, even though he's at the disadvantage.

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