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Fan Art Rules

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Sweet May, Jul 13, 2014.

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  1. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Welcome to the Fan Art forum!

    If you're a new visitor or a returning fan artist, please take a moment to look at the rules for this forum. This post includes information about the forum, posting etiquette, what to do and what not to do, and answer some questions you may have.

    NOTE: These rules apply to the Fan Art sub-forums as well, however you should primarily follow the rules of the sub-forum you are posting in if they differ from these rules.

    Without further ado, let's begin!

    About the Fan Art forum

    As the name indicates, this is a forum for fan art, which generally describes art based off a video game, movie, book, TV show, or any other fandom. Of course, original art is also welcome! Here, members can create a thread and display their own artistic works. This can range from traditional to digital pieces of artworks, to craft-like artworks such as dolls, sculptures, clothing, and so on. It's a creative spot for you to let your art shine and get feedback from other members.

    Know where to post: Sprites/pixel art, graphic design, photography, video/audio clips, and comics belong in the assorted Fan Art sub-forums, so refer to the sub-forum list for where to post them. You may include these in your regular art gallery thread, but only alongside other artwork and crafts.

    List of subforums:
    Fan Art Shops > members can request things to be made by shop owners (such as art/graphics)
    Fan Sprites > post your sprite/pixel works here
    Digital Media > post your videos, audio work, graphics, and photography here
    Fan Comics > post your digital or traditional comics here​

    Making A Thread

    1. Only post your own work.
    Any artwork you post MUST BE MADE BY YOU. Posting others' artwork, no matter who it belongs to or where it's from, is not allowed. No exceptions or excuses. This is stealing, and doing it will result in you being banned from ever posting here again. If you see someone doing this, please report it immediately.

    Tracing (drawing over an existing artwork) is also considered stealing, regardless of whether credit is given or not. Use references or stock photos as a guide for anatomy or creating a certain pose.

    If you made your artwork by using a certain texture/brush/resource on an art program you did not create, please credit the creator of this tool in your post.

    2. How to start an art thread:
    If you have work you want to share with the community, simply press the "Post New Thread" button at the top of the page to create your own art gallery. Add a subject title and post your content in the box. It's often best if you can include images in your post rather than just links. Once you are satisfied with your post, click the Submit New Thread button.

    3. How to post your work:
    You can share work that you created on the computer, or you can scan or photograph your work and upload it to your computer. Thanks to current technology, you can also take photos using a phone or tablet.

    Please refrain from attaching the files to your post. Instead, you can upload your art to an image-uploading service, which will let you share your work. Some examples of sites where you can create accounts and upload your images:
    • Imgur (no sign up required)
    • Dropbox (recommended - sign up required - has mobile app)
    *If you are unsure how to upload your works, feel free to PM a Fan Art mod for assistance*

    Use direct image links to make the [noparse][/noparse] tags work properly here. If your image is very big, place it under a spoiler tag or post a link to it instead. Avoid posting too many images, because it might slow down someone's browser and it may make them avoid your thread.

    NOTE: New members are not allowed to post links on the forums right away. If you want to share your artwork, spend some time posting on the community until you have reached the required amount of posts that lets your share links.

    4. Quality:
    Your artwork must have had time and effort put into it. If it was clearly thrown together in a few minutes or looks unpolished, people will point it out and you will get a lot of negative feedback.

    5. Content:
    All content must be child-appropriate. Showing sex, nudity, or a heavy amount of blood, gore, or strong violence is not allowed. Anything over the rating of PG-13 is banned and will get you permanently banned from the forums without exemption. If you are unsure whether if your work is PG-13, feel free to PM one of the Fan Art moderators before posting.

    6. Receiving Feedback:
    By creating a thread and posting your art publicly, you open the doors to allow people to give you feedback. Some of it will be positive and tell you what you did well, and some will point out flaws and offer ways to improve. Listen to both the positive and the negative and try to learn from it, whether or not you agree. Don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t like your work or gives you constructive criticism - nobody is perfect!

    Please note that criticizing and bashing are two very different things. Bashing is directly insulting someone or something. Criticism will offer encouragement and ways to improve, but bashing will not. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable, and should be reported to the moderators to be dealt with.

    If you can’t handle criticism, we advise that you do not post your work here. Post only at your own risk - do not whine if you receive constructive criticism or negative feedback. If all you want is praise, stick to sharing your work only with your friends.

    Special Threads

    Special threads are contests, projects and tutorials created by members of SPPf. All special threads must first be approved by one of the Fan Art moderators. At the begging of the thread, you must state which mod approved it. If you post a contest or a project without approval, the thread will be closed automatically. If you lie about being approved, your thread will be closed and you may not be allowed to make another such thread again in the future. If it becomes inactive, the thread will be closed, however you may be allowed to restart it later.

    - Contests cannot have real money or items as prizes. Only user-designed awards, recognition, and honour may be prizes.
    - They should be fun and allow anyone to participate.
    - To create a contest, private message a Fan Art moderator with the following information:
    • The idea/theme
    • Start date
    • Deadline(s)
    • Type of contest
    • Rules/regulations
    • At least three active judges (judges may not enter contests)
    - Make sure you have planned it out accordingly before starting.

    - If you are designing a project, YOU must be the creator of it.
    - Projects can be done by one person or more. Open projects are acceptable as long as they are organized well.
    - Projects are not a collection of different artists’ works to use for your fan-made game. This is solely for fun, collaboration purposes.
    - When creating a project thread, private message a Fan Art moderator with the following:
    • The idea/theme
    • Purpose/goal
    • A sample of what the first post will look like
    These types of threads will allow a time of being added to the list of stickies once posted.

    - Tutorials are instruction guides made by you on how you created a certain artwork/style/etc.
    - Tutorials must be easy to read and understand.
    - They can be one image with instructions or contain step by step text guide.
    - You must send a draft of the post to a Fan Art moderator via private message to have it approved
    - If you would like to make a tutorial but aren't sure where to start, feel free to message one of the the Fan Art moderators for help.
    Refer to the Fan Art Tutorials thread for examples of past tutorials.

    Tutorial threads may be bumped, however the new post must contribute or add something to the thread in some way.


    All general SPPF rules apply. You will be infracted for breaking these or any of the rules listed below.

    1. Do not ask for illegal content. Don't ask for a free copy of Photoshop or share links to download it. This also applies to ROMs, emulators, etc. There are free alternatives available. We are not responsible if you download a virus or otherwise get in trouble for doing this.

    2. Do not post Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages, also known as SPAM. Stay on-topic and only discuss the artist and their work. Do not ask for advice or request a tutorial.

    3. Do not advertise anything but artwork. Artists may link to their deviantArt profile, tumblr blog, or personal website only to show off more of their work. Don't post your art or links to your thread on anyone else's threads. If you drew something for them, give to them personally via VM or PM.

    4. Do not post multiple times in a row. If you wish to add something to your post, use the Edit button on the bottom right-hand corner of your post. The exception is that the artist/thread creator may double post once a week to post new work if nobody else has posted. Artists who take advantage of this will be infracted.

    5. Do not bump old threads. If the last post is from 30 or more days ago, then the thread is officially dead/inactive and cannot be posted in anymore.

    6. Do not mini-mod. If someone breaks a rule, do not post just to tell them they are breaking the rules. It is not helpful. Simply report to the moderators via private message or using the Report button at the bottom left-hand side of a post.

      If you believe someone has committed art theft, please do not make accusations in the thread. Report it to the Fan Art moderators with the proof and we shall take care of it.


    Anyone may offer feedback in an art thread, sharing reactions and thoughts toward an artist’s work. All posts should have some time and thought put into them.

    The following types of replies are not acceptable and are considered SPAM:
    • One-line posts. Ex: “That was great!” “You’re the best banner-maker here!”
    • Posts that simply contain a number rating. Ex: “I love it 10/10!” “2/5 it wasn’t that good.”
    • Begging the artist to include a character. Ex: “You should have included a Dragonite!” “Ash should be with Misty instead of Dawn!”
    • Flaming/bashing the artist or their work. Ex: “Everything about this is terrible.” “You’re a bad artist, you may as well give up.”
    Ideally, criticism should describe what you liked, what you disliked, and ways to improve.
    - If you like something, point out what exactly you liked or thought was well-done. Spend a few sentences letting them know what they did a good job with.
    - If you dislike something or think it needs improvement, explain why, giving specific examples and offering ways to improve it.

    Some things to look at while offering feedback for art includes:
    • Use of colour
    • Use of lines
    • Use of space
    • Composition
    • Lighting and shading
    • Anatomy, pose, facial expression
    • Concept/theme
    • Quality of audio/video when applicable

    Lastly, be respectful. Not everyone is a professional artist, and many people are still learning. Different people have different methods and styles, and everyone must be respectful of one another.

    And that's all for now! Keep in mind this thread can be updated anytime and it is your responsibility to keep track of any changes/updates. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message the Fan Art moderators!

    Thank you, and have fun!​
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2017
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