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Fan Art Shop Rules

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Sweet May, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o


    General Rules:
    1. All SPPF rules apply. In case you aren’t confident you know the rules or have yet to read them at all, go ahead and check the rules page out. To label the important ones in one shot:
      • Double posting is against the rules. Use the edit button located at the bottom right of your post. If you accidently double post due to lag, please delete the post by using the edit button as well.
      • Plagarism is a huge offense and you will be infracted for stealing templates or sprites/artwork without credit and/or permission to use.
      • Bumping shops is not allowed. Once a thread hasn’t had any replies for 30 days, it is considered dead and posting after 30 days will get you infracted.
    2. Regarding posting in shops, you can only have these type of posts:
      • The first post a.k.a the start of the thread with shop rules, examples and etc.
      • Posting a request.
      • The shop owner or worker posting the full result of the request for the requester to pick up.
      • Thanking the maker for designing your request.
      • Banning a user or rejecting their request.
      • A question regarding your request or the shop in general. Answers to questions apply here too.
      All other posts are labeled as spam. If you want to chat with the person, go to their profile and send them a visitor message or give them a PM.
    3. Here are some image hosting sites you can upload your graphics to your own host:
      • Photobucket – requires sign up but is for free
      • Imgur – requires no sign up
    4. In case you don’t find a shop to satisfy your hunger, you can request for free in the Fan-Art Open Request thread. Just remember that anyone will make your graphics but you are free to turn them down politely.

    To Shop Owners:
    1. You don’t need permission to start a shop. Newly constructed shops go through the moderation process where moderators will look at it and see if it meets the rules and requirements. It takes a day or two for approval but if your shop hasn’t received any status notification after 3 days, you are free to PM any one of the Fan Art Shop mods and ask. Please be patient and wait for a moderator to PM you on whether your shop was approved or disapproved.

      If you make a shop and somehow you submitted it before finishing, either start over or PM a Fan Art moderator to PM you the shop text so you can make a new thread.

      NEW RULE – Once your shop is approved, you must sit and wait until you get requests. You can’t bump/double post exclaiming your shop is now approved by *insert moderator here*. It is considered double posting and you will be infracted for it. If your shop was newly approved and sits on the 2nd/3rd page already then a moderator will bump it for you. (but don't post after them or your post is considered spam) Current shops that have done this have 48 hours to remove the post or you will be infracted for double-posting and the post will be automatically deleted.

      Speaking of double posting, you can’t make a post that just says “accepted!” and then make another post with the finished requests. You will be infracted for double posting so please edit your last post with the finished requests or delete that post and then post again with your finished requests.
    2. You are only allowed to make one shop. The others will be closed.

      You can also work in ONE other shop. This is to prevent stress upon you.

      ***NEW*** Just to clarify, if you do not have your own shop, you can work in a maximum of TWO shops. However, if you end up making your own shop, you MUST quit one shop you are working in to return the balance above. Failure to do so and being caught will result in your shop getting closed.
    3. While making a shop, you must have the following requirements:
      • Examples (at least three of each service you plan on doing) - IMPORTANT FOR ALL SHOPS
      • Rules (a rule stating to place a certain word or phrase on your post is against the rules unless it’s on the form)
      • Good format or productive first post

      Forms are recommended but aren’t necessary for approval. It just makes it easy to understand what a person wants in an organized manner.

      You can make a shop with only one service or thousands of services. Just be sure you can handle it all or take down the service. It’s also recommended that you play around with a new service you made before actually letting others request. It’s recommended you don’t do anything tedious unless you can easily deal with it.
    4. While stealing images/sprites, using them and claiming them as your own work is a serious offense, claiming ideas is almost as bad! Surely in another realm of the Internet, someone has made that idea and unless you looked across even corner of the Internet to make sure no one has done this before you, do not claim anything. In other words, don't say that you made licking icons/fusions/banners/ice cream Pokémon first and everyone should be attacked for "stealing" you idea. Chances are, you were not the creator of such an idea.
    5. You are only allowed to have a maximum of 4 workers in your shop, including yourself. Helpers or guardians are not workers and their posts will be considered spam.
    6. You have the right to reject a request for any reason unless it’s personal and you can ban members from posting in your shop. If they post while banned, simply report them to the moderators and let them infract them for spamming.
    7. All approved formats for graphics, animations and sprites are .PNG or .GIF. To save in those formats, Go to File > Save and under the tab that lets you label the file, there is an drop menu option that lets you choose what file format you want the file in. Choose .png (or .gif if making a sprite or animation) and save!

      Here is a tutorial with pictures in case you're still stuck! Warning: Large image is large to make sure your Internet is ready for it
    8. You can PM a Fan Art Shop moderator to change the title of your shop or close/re-open it. Remember if you close/delete your shop, you must wait a month before submitting a new thread or re-opening the old shop. If you break this, your shop will be deleted.
    9. Shop payments are not allowed at this time. They may in the future or might never reach the surface so don't ask about these.

    To requesters:
    1. Remember to be fully aware of the Signature Rules.

      If you’re unsure on whether your signature is following the rules, you can ask in the Signature check thread.
    2. Be specific on your requests because you will probably be dissatisfied with results that are the opposite of what you asked for. Many artists aren’t willing to redo/edit for you either.
    3. If your request was rejected, you cannot attack the shop owners for it. Same goes for being banned. However if you believe you were banned for an unfair reason, PM the moderators with the details and they’ll tell you whether it was fair or not and handle the situation if the latter.
    4. Always provide working images and/or references unless noted not to. Hardly anyone is going to search images for you and they may use different images than you had pictured.
    5. Upload your finished requests to your own computer and image hosting site so the shop owners can free up their bandwidth for other requests.
    6. Any concerns about a shop or its shop owners, PM a Fan Art Shop moderator about their behavior, not attack them on their shop.
    7. Always, always, always give credit to the person who made the graphic/sprite/animation! You should also give credit to the fanart you used in banners/avatars/etc as well as credit to anyone whom you took something from to use in your signature/elsewhere.
    8. If you’re unsure on how to place an image of link in your signature, check out this page!
    9. If a shop owner is taking forever with your request, PM them nicely asking if they’re doing alright. No need to rush them or you’ll come off as rude and they’ll get angry and reject your request.

    == If you have a question or concern, PM Sweet May =​
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2016
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