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Fan Arts & Stuff


Up and away
Okay, haven't been here on for a while, but I'm being whimsy today.

Katara II- This is my latest drawing, I'm really proud of this one, hopefully I'll color it soon. Pencil drawn, simply rainbowfied with PS.

Katara - My first attempt at drawing her. Super messy I know, but um... I kind of attempted the background... Oh, and yes, pencil drawn (except for the "background")

Quirky Guy - Paint Doodle (mouse) . What can I say, I love black-n-white

Hermione - Yeah, Ms. Granger (no spoils here hehe) in erm.. my plush not-so recognizable style... >>; Drawn on mouse.I think this is my first background... but it's sooo random lol

Random Girl - SO I tried a new style... didn't turn out so well, (I know she looks like a ho- but it was my first attemtp at make up). This was more of practice but I'm sort of fond it, nostalgia I guess.