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Fan-Comics Rules

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by Umi Mizuno, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Umi Mizuno

    Umi Mizuno ☠ one girl army

    Whoo last one for revision, since Infinity did such a damn good job I've only really minor updated. Still a fresh thread is always nice.


    SPPF Fan-Comics Forum FAQ​

    Welcome, welcome to this crazed place we like to call the Fan-Comic forum. Here you'll meet a bunch of people, whether they are seeking this as a profession or doing this out of leisure we all love comics.

    It should be noted if you ever using existing sprites or images you should give credit to the original creator. Also, when you do upload a comic try to keep in mind to update the first post with every new comic so your readers can check up on your newest submissions.

    What is the purpose of the Fan-Comic forum?

    The purpose of this forum is to post ORGINAL user-created comics. Generally, you will see a majority of sprite comics with a few computer and hand drawn comics thrown in every now and then. The max rating in here should be Pg-13

    The Comic Basics

    If you are completely new to comics I suggest that you read up on some professionally done comics to see what they are like. Just pick up your Sunday funnies and then perhaps you can gain some inspiration, but try not to copy off of them.
    Once you have completed that task please follow the guidelines below.

    Alright, what does every successful comic author need to know?

    The Idea

    First off you need to have an idea. Spend time on that idea, like how you are going to make it funny or what am I trying to say? DO NOT simply make a comic on a whim. Think out every single little detail; it will greatly improve the overall quality of your comics. Quality > Quantity.

    If you can avoid it try to avoid making a "Pokémon Journey comic" because it is basically a very boring cliché, we know how the Pokémon games are played out, and otherwise we would not be on a Pokémon forum.

    Laying it all Out

    Now you need to basic layout in mind, create a new panel every time a new action occurs. Limit yourself on how much your characters think or talk per panel. Try not to make a comic wider than your screen. Draw your readers in by involving many curves to your plot; it would be best in my opinion if you created a new panel for it.

    Classic Communication

    There are methods of communication throughout the various comics here, but I often find speech bubbles to be the most effective way of characters communicating amongst themselves. Speech bubbles are needed unless there is a white background for your comic (and you better have a darn good comic if you are using a white background). I recommend using a rounded or oval speech bubble as it signifies professionalism.

    Please use computer generated text when your characters are talking or thinking; it can be hard to read if you handwrite it. Make sure your text is large enough for other people to read it. If you are forced to use smaller text please bold it.

    Spelling & Grammar

    Grammar, you need it here. Would you hand in a paper if you knew you had legions of grammatical errors on them? I would hope not. It is very unprofessional to be having all sorts of misspellings and grammar mistakes and it lowers the quality of your comic. The spellchecker is your friend.

    The Background

    If you are going to incorporate backgrounds please spend some time when you are doing so (NOTE: the default Microsoft Paint colours do not work too well in backgrounds of comics).

    The Plot

    The plot has to have a start, middle and end; creating as you go along can leave you open to giant plotholes. Try to think ahead of yourself in what might or will happen. If possible, try keeping a written copy of how the plot is going. It wouldn’t have to be fanfiction like, just notes you can use to help yourself.

    Like any good stories remember the kicker comes at the end. You will leave your readers feeling unfulfilled if you simply end it at a random thought (this is okay on rare occasions, but you must draw your reader into the plot to be successful).

    Character Development

    I have to say some of the characters in many comics I see need more character development. Stereotypical heroes are just boring. Some lack quirks, and they are like, “Let’s do this, beat the bad guy.”

    In a good story many characters are centred on one particular trait and they draw their outer traits from that. This may seem completely unrelated, but for the purpose of giving an example this will work. If you’ve seen Fullmetal Alchemist you know how rash, impulsive, and ready for battle Edward Elric is. Then you see the timid, follows along what his older brother does, Alphonse Elric.

    As a telepath I have a tendency to analyze emotions (their cause, why, etc.) and I’ve realized something important to any form of storytelling. Every character is influenced by one or (a couple) predominant trait(s). Both of the Elric brothers have one trait both of them are centered around; if they didn’t have it their characters would be incomplete.

    That trait is being a child at heart. You can draw different characters from one trait, but ultimately they will go by that particular trait in their own actions. My point is you need to give proper traits to each character and that will make them succeed.
    Everyone has different ways they do things and without them everybody would be alike, lacklustre, and boring. If you need help with that, please ask for someone to help you in the Comic Academy.

    The Creation of the Comic

    How do I create a Sprite comic?

    Davis and friends have summed it up pretty darn well in this thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=99139.

    How do I create a computer/hand drawn comic?

    Well, I highly recommend that you have some sort of program that is intended for art and whatnot. If you use Microsoft Paint, it usually does not come out as clean as something that Adobe Photoshop or GIMP can yield (oh and GIMP is a free program by the way).

    If you are completely new to art or you want to cheat, in Microsoft Paint there are some features that allow you to draw lines according to your desire, you can use them to your advantage and then import it to your art program to tidy it up.

    If you are drawing a comic by hand make sure you make the backgrounds light enough so that the characters stand out and remember you need a LOT of detail to have a respectable hand drawn comic. I recommend sketching by pencil and then going over it with a pen. Pencil drawn comics don't scan too well...

    Drawing comics is a form of art and there are many styles that you could use, just remember these basic tips:

    Spend lots of time making each character; put a lot of detail into them so we know what they look like and can identify their expressions so you won't have to describe it to us. Don’t use a basic circle for a head.

    Make sure that your characters have dark lines on their outline so the readers can see them.

    Make sure we can see your characters, shadowing is nice, but make sure the characters stand out.

    Regarding Critique

    As a comic creator you should not be making comics if you have an inability to accept constructive criticism or indeed posting in a public area. As mean as that can sound it's true. No one is perfect and we can always move towards improvement.

    Part of being a good comic maker knows how to take criticism; if you can’t take any criticism then you should not be here, as this is a place of growth. As stated later on there are good and bad types of criticism that should be listened to and ignored.

    If a good critic suggests something try to consider putting it into your comic, but if it is a spelling or grammatical issue, you should ALWAYS make sure you take care of that, run it through a Word processor if you have one, if not read it over carefully. Don’t think of criticism to be automatically a flame, critics are there to help you.

    Still need help?

    If you are still struggling or you need to pick up some advanced tips ask for someone to help you in the Comic-Maker's Academy.

    Comic Fans

    Very comic maker loves their fans and they love to hear feedback, but there are some things that you must look out for. Try not to pester the creator for new comics, remember they are making their comic, not you. Rushed comics tend to have a poorer quality. As a fan you should be a critic and that is explained below.

    Comic Critics

    For every author on here there are at least 15 critics. Critics help build authors up into well respected comic creators. We expect a level of competence from the critics and from the authors. My point is say a little more than just "Nice update", please say why you like it or how it can be improved. Blatantly saying, "This comic sucks," is flamebait and will often result in a flame war or begrudging someone. So elaboration is your friend...

    Let's try to transition some statements:

    Let's transition it...

    Well... Maybe not to that extent, but you get the picture.

    Let's try something at the opposite end of the spectrum:


    Constructive criticism is much better than flamebait.

    Please do NOT give a comic a number rating without a comprehensive analysis of the comic, I’m talking paragraphs here.

    If you wish to give constructive criticism to a comic please do not state that you will, instead wait until you are ready to give crit.

    This is how some people start flamewars http://www.velvet.com/barb/humor/flaming.html, so please do everyone a favour and avoid doing those things on that list.

    Nothing annoys me more on these forums than seeing, "Your comic r0x," or "You suck at making comics, get a day job." We are mature people here; we can critique a comic with a little more than a sentence fragment or an insult. An additional thread regarding such posts has also been put up. If you see any posts that cause you concern, report them over replying to them.

    I have noticed some people go lightly on crit if they are the author's friends. If you wish to be a true friend you should be the one who is the most heavy on critique. Friends build each other up and make sure they help refine each other's skills.

    I know it may be a bit annoying to type out more in every single reply to each comic, but it would benefit the author a bit more if he or she knew why you liked or disliked their comic and what should they continue doing or improve.

    No Fighting

    I have been noticing with several authors that they have been making implications through their comics at other people in this forum in a derogatory manner.

    I don't care if it is supposed to be "anonymously directed", but in your mind you do know exactly who you are talking about.

    If you are even making reference in your mind of a particular person at the creation of some entity in your comic, it is no different than actually giving that person's name to that character.

    If you have an issue please take it to PMs, period.

    Basic Comic Forum Terms

    Basic Microsoft Paint Colors: The colors in Microsoft Paint other than black and white found in the color bar.

    Crit: Short for critique.

    Flamebait: Making a post that has the potential to make one or more people angry; it may escalate to a flame war.

    Flame war: A large scale argument between users, it often leads to the closing of a comic or someone getting banned.

    Forth Wall: When a character signifies that they know they are in a comic.

    Plot(line): The story of a comic.

    Outline: a. The basic frame of a character. b. Writing out your comic before you make it (a very good idea in my opinion).

    Speech Bubble: A method of communication between characters in a comic; generally in a rounded or oval shape.

    Sprite: An image of lesser detail than other forms of art and it is generally small.

    Thought Bubble: A character thinks to himself or herself in a comic; smaller bubbles are led from the character to the thought. It is generally in a rounded or oval shape.

    TUP: Text under panels. A form of Text bubble that is frowned upon. The text is below the panel, making the comic unorganised and the actions unnoticed.


    Something to add, because it fits in nicely.


    Really, these comics haven’t been updated in months. MONTHS. All of you should know better. But apparently you don't. Know why? You seem to think, that in your tiny little heads, the Fan Comic Forums are SPPf's equivalent to Spam forums at other sites. No Rules. THIS IS NOT THE CASE, AND IT NEVER WAS THE CASE.

    Now, to add to that, when a comic hasn't been updated in months, it should mean something. Oh, yeah. Perhaps the Author isn't updating it anymore. Perhaps he's sick of the comic because everyone expects an update every three days. Perhaps he has a much BETTER comic to work on. Perhaps he has a job. Perhaps he goes to college.

    Really, if you keep bumping old comics, you're pissing everyone else off. It breaks forum rules, and it annoys the authors. Please refrain from doing this.

    Originally written by Solid Kirby


    Remember that a good critique does not equal an insult to the comic maker. If I see a comic that is so absolutely miserable that I must critique it, I'll do it in a kind and caring way.

    For instance, I might say, "You've got an interesting idea for the plot, but please try to keep the text inside your speech bubbles; it'll look much better.

    I would NOT say, "The colors make me vomit." or "The colors make my eyes bleed." That, in my opinion, is an insult, and I grimace every time I see something like that used to "critique" a comic.

    No matter how much spam we find in "The Amazing Adventures of May and Brendan Part DX42", I am not going to forsake the comics forum. Nor will I leave because I've had one too many one-line posts in my own comic thread. I understand that people are often a little foolish when they first come to SPPf, and I'm willing to give these people the benifit of the doubt.

    And you know what happens? Time and again they, far from dragging down the forum, become valuable members of it. I remember when Blueray and Controller of Flames were among the inexperienced members of the forum. What did I say to them? Not "This makes my eyes bleed." but "You've got a lot of funny ideas."

    I've been around the forums of the internet a couple times, though I may seem like a recluse. And yes, there are plenty of forums that have greater restrictions upon comics than ours. Does it make them better forums? No.

    They become more arrogant, and more convinced that their style of comic is the only one worth creating or knowing. They'll slam down potentially decent comics with no sympathy at all, declaring that the creator ought to trash the entire thing and start over.

    If we were to impose heavier restrictions on what kind of comics can or can't be allowed on SPPf, (or indeed, any restrictions at all) such as "No journey comics" or "No comics featuring Brendan and/or May" or even, heaven forbid, "No sprite comics", we would rapidly hurtle toward that sort of atmosphere, where there is no sympathy for the inexperienced, and the only sort of comic around is one that conforms to the standard.

    It would be a suppression of creativity, and THAT would make me leave the forum.

    Yes, the fifteenth incarnation of a comic where Brendan starts his Pokemon journey is irritating. Yes, it's frustrating to see one-word praise filling up the threads. But bear with it.

    Because if you want a benevolent society where all are welcome to try their hand at comic making, then you're going to have to deal with n00bs and spammers. If you want to get rid of those sort of people, you can do that too- but you run the risk of eliminating people with actual potential, and destroying your chances of harbouring anything truly innovative.

    Thank you for listening.


    Originally written by Mastercougar
  2. Esperante

    Esperante XJ220

    Due to heavy concerns about the sheer number of wasteful posting going on, this has been posted by Umi then hijacked by Zephyr Flare.


    Do NOT post saying anything that sounds remotely like the following:

    "wow that is the best art ever 10/10!!!"

    "good job vibrant colors this deserves 9/10 "

    “Lol this rulez”

    No. That's not how comments are supposed to be. Do you know what that's considered? Right, spam. So don't do it. If we see blatant spam like this we're going to do the following:

    1) Delete it
    2) Warn the author or the post
    3) See if they've spammed more so they can get their second warning and be banned for a week

    What you need to do is avoid using the number rating system as much as possible since it is this that most people use to make themselves look good. Yes it can be used on proper posting don’t worry, this is just at the moronic ones :)

    Unless you've given at least a paragraph, or a few sentences, of criticism, we don't want you posting (Unless you're posting art, of course). We'd like to keep this art forum nice and clean.

    Artists usually like hearing feedback and criticism – However saying something like the following:

    "good job i love it best pciture vevar!!!!1"

    Is nothing but sheer annoyance for all concerned.

    An example of a good critique procedure is as follows:

    1. What they like about them
    2. What needs to be improved on the artwork
    3. What the artists needs to do to improve his/her art abilities for the future

    These three sentences will help the artist improve his/her art abilities and gain confidences to do it. Also it'll help to know the art vocabulary or at least go to art school to learn how to do constructive criticism. Is it really too hard to show the remotest evidence you have seen the art and not just bumping your post count?

    One good example of C&C and one generally good posting is the following:
    “Your creature creations are rather well rendered. It is apparent that you’ve had some experience in drawing them from the two examples that you have provided. They are more detailed and look better than your human drawings at any rate (which I’ll get to later).

    So…what can I say about your Diaruga and Kyuubi? Well, Diaruga’s portrait looks fine, though I’m not a fan of the mouth. But then again, Diaruga’s mouth has always looked stupid to me anyways, so it’s not your fault. You left it primarily unshaded as only a reference for your morph, so I can understand that.”

    “I love the artwork, particularly the Suicune one, more so with the twist of it being centaur made. Great job :)

    Bad examples aka what people generally get annoyed with:

    “they are.. intresting, i thing they are good though...”

    “i love them!”

    “wowowowo....sooo kewl.....i hate you, i wish i could draw pic as good as you..im soo jealous....”

    “they look awsome!!!”

    That is not commentary, and for people who have a problem with it, FIX IT. Find something that the art could use improving on, comment in an organized manner, make sense and give C&C that's more then one sentence long. ANYTHING to show that you are clearly giving good critique and not just posting to raise your post count.

    If you don’t feel you’re very good at crit though, instead of mindless praise show evidence you have seen the images, why you liked what you did, if anything doesn’t seem to quite work for you.

    Here’s hoping people listen :D


    Lately I've been seeing my fill of trite and pointless comments in response to some people's art. Artists can be sensitive what you say to them in response to their art. After all some of them are "starving artists" and they feed from the comments. Okay, bad joke, moving on...

    Artists should not post solely for praise (if you do there could be some problems down the road).

    Pay attention to the notes from the artist so that you can critique properly. When an artist writes notes below or above the image it can be vital to understanding the piece.

    This was done by me so I don't have to deal with permission issues from anyone else.

    Alright, let's start critiquing. Just not in this thread, I've already received critique on this.


    Right then and there you know what the purpose of this drawing serves.

    The art forum is for critique and observation of art, flaming and comments that is flame bait will likely get you in a flame war or banned.

    How is it good? Many artists regardless of how good they are are not content with how good/bad something is. They want to know why and how they can improve.

    You tell the artist what you like about the particular piece. That's one thing the artist likes hearing.

    You tell the artist what you like about the piece and the artist knows what to improve on. Huzzah, you have graduated from critique school!

    Hope this helps you guys a bit.

    Written by Infinity


    I have something that I'd like to add. Its in reference to the person posting art.

    If you're doing a drawing based off of a specific story, style, or one of your own characters fabricated from your imagination, do say so in your first post and provide information on such things. Make your intentions, ambitions, and purpose for the piece evident. Not everyone has the "artist's eye" and will be able to automatically acquire the message, and they may critique something that looks wrong to them, but was intended by you. For example:

    This is a picture by Claude Monet, entitled Water Lily Pond. Monet was a well-known impressionist, and someone may comment on the picture not being messy and claim the intended picture to be undefined. Veritibly, the is picture is done in the art technique called impressionism, which is a style of painting that is characterized, primarily, by concentration on the general impression produced by a scene or object and the use of unmixed primary colors and small strokes to simulate actual reflected light. The brush strokes are meant to appear as such.

    For a more simpler example, look at this picture. Now the style used here in common in both comic book and cartoon characters - Big feet and hands, but skinny arms and legs, with frequently large heads/hairstyles. I do admit that at times the style may be unappealing, but it is not meant to be realistic anatomy-wise. Quite the contrary, characters of this sort do follow a specified and correct framework. Allow me to explain, within cartooning, your human characters do follow specific anatomy guidelines based upon age.

    Try to help others in critiquing, make yourself clear, it may cut down on the amount of imbecilic responses that come. If you didn't want to overshade, say so, if you did not want to shade at all, say so, if you only wanted to apply a little bit of shading, say so, if you didn't mean for your character to look realistic, say so, and if your character had a large -insert body part here- be sure so say so, no everyone will be able to catch on as quick. If you made a mistake, don't be afraid to admit it. Don't try to cover up your mistakes/shortcomings by saying: "I meant for it to be like that." (when iyou didn't) or "It's supposed to be like that." (when it isn't)

    Conclusively, as Infinity has stated, don't just point out what's bad and leave it at that. It would be best if you also included some helpful hints or tips that could help the artist improve.

    Congratulations, you have just said nothing worth noting.


    Give suggestions based off of your own experience, learnings, or provide images/links that would help.
    A person who knows how to critique also knows that an artist's feelings for his work can be quite fragile. Its good to be truthful, but make an effort in trying to encourage the person as well.

    Note: It would also do you some good to stay away from number ratings. Saying: "That's awesome! I like it! It's Perfect! 10/10" Is most annoying and pointless.

    Never refer to something as perfect, as there is no perfection within the world of art. Everything, no matter how impeccable it may look, has its flaws. You may think that you are boosting the artist's confidence, but you are actually hurting them more than helping them. Even I hate to hear someone say that my art or a picture that I drew is perfect; it is not, I know its not, and a plethora of others know as well. Stop with the perfect, as no one's work is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

    Written by Psycho
  3. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    New Fan-Comics Rules 1/12/2006

    Less than one line posts are NOT good C+C, even if its something like

    "it's good, but you need more shading."

    Sure, you're pointing something out, but something as simple as this will most likely be pointed out in MANY half line posts similar to that one. So if you have something good to say about a thread, then go ahead, but if that's all, you really don't.

    Written by Danny
  4. .Bright Side.

    .Bright Side. ~(._.~)

    Yes! Salvation! Thank you for updating the rules!
    Now maybe these will bring the Comci forum back form the ways of Spam and flame wars...:)
  5. Jerry_Francis

    Jerry_Francis Evil=Immense Fun

    Was this made before or after we had our little 'dispute' DM? I like these rules, even though I never looked at the first ones so I don't know whats new!

  6. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    Actually I wrote much of those rules a year back... and so did the other N-Parody authors (Solid Kirby and Mastercougar). A lot of people just didn't bother to read them.

    If a mod reads this, do you think you could possibly merge the concerning C & C thread into this?
  7. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    I merged 'em for ya. C+C is kinda already adressed in the Comics FAQ, so I think it works. I'm pretty sure the other Art Forums don't have a big FAQ like we do, and lord knows we need to keep our sticky count low.

    I had to do a lot of editing to get the posts in an order that looked good, and ended up having to some mod names on posts they didn't actually make, but hey, it's what worked best. Don't kill me, othermods!

    I may put some tutorials into the FAQ-type posts.
  8. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    It wasn't really wise, There was a reason C&C&Gen is separate in ALL forums as people read the damn thing and reduces the length of the thread which encourages reading :/ Now the thread looks messy again.

    Coulda at least given me some warning or something, just because I'm asleep doesn;t mean I won;t want to be told in the meantime.

  9. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    Er, sorry. I was just hoping to cut down on the number of stickies at the top of the forum, which also discourages reading. And I thought it might be best to put all the major rules in one thread.

    Next time I'll warn you. Sorry. If you want it undone, then that's okay by me...
  10. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    Hey, might I request for the addition of contest hosting rules (PM a mod, guidelines, judging, etc.)? So that anyone can hold a good contest with good results and such.

    Oh and by the way, how is the compilation of comic resources going MC?
  11. Controller of Flames

    Controller of Flames Taking Care

    Your Comic Titles Are Silly!

    May I contribute?


    Through the comic forum I have noticed n eerie trend. Many comic makers are putting little effort and originality into their comic titles. A comic threads title is a very important factor, the title gives us our first impression and an idea about what we expect to look at. Here are a few examples that I have seen (none of these are real but are based off real titles).

    The last thing you want to reveal to readers is that this comic is your first comic. Keep that secret to yourself until later. Also note the grammar and lack of period at the end. I’m not sure how many times I must say this but act like your comic is a school assignment, your teacher would not like such lazy writing. Finally I have no idea what I am going to read.

    This title is slightly better as I know I won’t have to read the comics for too long. However the title has an authors comment in it. Keep your titles to the point.

    Although a few good comic authors have written “the comic” at the end please refrain from posting it any longer. We are in the comic forum and we couldn’t possibly guess what else we are going to read. Also the title gives me no idea what I’m going to read.

    (To be fair some old comics have “the comic” at the end because comics were originally posted in the art forum, out of laziness they didn’t bother changing it).

    This is a good title because it is short, I know what the comic is about, and it makes a small sexual reference while making fun of the roman numbers.

    So try to make nice short titles and save the comic forum from any further chaos.

    Copy it directly, edit it, or make a new write up I don't care.

    Furthermore I will pay the first person to run a comic series called “Final Fantasy XXX.”
  12. Sora

    Sora AKA Snagger Outlaw

    I will expand on CoF's post. In quotes are sections of titles.

    "I hope this comic is funny!"
    That's for us to decide, and for you to spare us and not advertise that fact.

    "The comic!"
    SWEET JESUS. A COMIC IN A COMIC FORUM!? We know it's a comic.

    "Not a journey comic"
    With me, it says "I WANT ATTENTION DDDD:" Sorry, the Wahmbulance doesn't make calls to the Fan Comic forum.

    "My first comic"
    What that says to me and probably a few other people: RUN FOR THE HILLS. The last thing you want to say is that it's your first comic.

    Anything with "Mystery Dungeon" in the title
    The next brand of cliche.

    ... yeah. Just thought I'd share that.
  13. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    I'm WAY too lazy to read the whole thread ( :) ), so i'm just going to ask.

    I have a comic. Then, I neglected to update it.. and stopped making them... If I bring back my comic, should i make a new thread, or is the owner of the thread allowed to bump your thread?
  14. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    Not a very good way to start out a post on any forum. No one is gonna shoot ya if you do either of those things to your comic.
  15. Poke_master!!!!

    Poke_master!!!! Lazy User

    I agree with the rules 150%!
  16. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Great now how about posting something useful or even sticking to the main forum rules rather than an "I agree" post.

  17. Paden

    Paden OG swampert fan. <3

    Do the comics have to be completeley Pokemon? I'm making a series that is mostly about something different from Pokemon, but has some Pokemon overworld sprites and a few Pokemon.
  18. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    I see no reason why not and since it has Pokemon it shouldn't be completely ignored (Sad fact for you). If it involves any other fandom however, be sure to state as some people throw fits if one they hate is in. By saying up front you've made it clear :)

  19. Ghost

    Ghost Ready, Set, Go!

    What are the rules for double-posting in this forum? Can you post with an udpate, even if nobody's posted after you?

    Technically I'm only thinking about doing that when my comic falls off the first page, unless it's against the rules. But I wanted to clear it with somebody first.
    Thanks in advance for the help, and if this isn't the right place for this... please let me know. ^^;
  20. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    You're more that welcome to double if say you previously replied to somebody and now have a new page/comic/whatever the heck you want to call or or got no replies but have the next one for posting.

    It'd be pretty silly waiting waiting till somebody else posted till you could again. Just as long it's not a I BUMPZ MAI THREAD!1! BEHOLDZ.


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