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Fan Fic Idea Adoption

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Manchee, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    *this thread can be bumped.*
    Please also note that the first post archive is no longer updated regularly

    Okay, so I recently asked Dragonfree and Zephyr Flare if I could create a thread for the Authors' Café where people could post ideas of theirs that they DO NOT WANT so other people can use, or "adopt," them.

    1. Make sure you do not want the idea you are posting. If you're looking for a thread to share your idea that you'd like to use and get feedback, I suggest you go here.
    2. Please notify me if you choose to adopt and idea so it can be removed from the list - we do not want multiple Fics with the same plot/ideas now do we?
    3. One can only adopt one idea at a time, this way everyone has a chance to find and use one that they like.
    4. You may submit as many ideas as you want, just make sure you don't want them.
    5. You can reclaim your idea as long as no one has adopted it yet.
    6. Please use the following format when submitting:
    a) Possible title, if you have one (just put n/a if you don't).
    b) Genre(s) the idea falls into.
    c) The idea.​

    Ideas up for Adoption



    The Intrepid Adventures of Indiana the Vulpix (Submitted by Ysavvryl)
    Set in the Mystery Dungeon realm, the title character is the son of a pair of famous explorers who, for one reason or another, have stopped exploring altogether. They even lost Indiana’s twin sister as an egg, without doing anything about the theft. For various reasons, Indiana the Vulpix is annoyed and frustrated with this. He decides to take off after his missing sister himself, based on some information given to him by a shady Xatu. He ends up in the strange land of Zestralia (Australia?) and finds interesting adventures. But can this lone adventurer find his sister, or will he find his own doom?


    (Submitted by oRaNgE~1337)
    Instead of plastic surgery and all, most of the time people use Ditto corpses that are killed quickly so they don't transform back to Ditto. Then they stitch on the desired part. It's still experimental, so you don't see things like Buttercanths or whatever spriters make these days; only things like gender swaps or a new face of the same species. Eh. So, anyway, there's this guy who does a brain transplant so he can become a Pokemon because he's in love with this other Pokemon and I don't know. It used to make sense.




    (Submitted by gmandiddy)
    In a Parallel Universe a great empire is rising. Innocent young Pokemon are being forced from their villages and forced to work for the New Empire. The 4 Pokemon in charge of this uprising are Rhyperior (Ruler of the Land) Milotic (Ruler of the Sea's) Honchkrow (Leader of the Skies) Dragonite (The Grand Master). Meanwhile an ancient prophecy is being written. It says that one day 5 Pokemon shall meet 5 people in the other Universe and then they shall overthrow the 4 Rulers

    Ghost of Maiden's Peak II (Submitted by Willow's Tara)
    The main plot is the following of the episode Ghost of Maiden's Peak. I always had this idea but never could put it to words, so maybe someone else can. Perhaps this could be set in the Battle Frontier when Ash and co heads back to Kanto. They come across the same festival as they did about nine years ago but this time the Ghost of the Maiden's Peak returns as well and believes either Brock or James are her husband who were reincarnted into one of them. Now if you can't do Ash and Co it doesn't have to be them. Three characters aleast, two boys and a girl (So the ghost will still think it's one of those two, does the ghost even have a proper name?). I always wanted to see someone or me write a second part but I never got the muse to do so.






    Staff Wars (Naughty Pichu)
    Sven Flamma is a young teacher at the JAYT (Jubilife Academy for Young Trainers), teaching battle physics. In his first week at the academy, he befriends his paraprofessional, Hestia Johtan, and his star pupil, Nathaniel McPichu. But trouble lurks behind every bookcase, for the school librarian, Rebecca Binder, seems to be plotting a revolt against the school's principal. And who can this mysterious coordination professor, Mrs. A. be?

    (Submitted by Ventus3)
    And so Kara Mills has gotten herself out of work again. Her days of travelling around looking for Pokémon long gone, she never got a long-lasting source of income afterwards. Now having been fired from her previous job at a PokéMart sixth months ago, she is forced to look through the ads for a job. Eventually, she finds a job as a private investigator. Her first case is a case involving the theft of several Pokémon from a rather snoody trainer by the name of Marcus, whose family's money has propelled him forward through his Pokémon journey.






    Puffball Love (GalladeRocks)
    Jigglypuff is quite lonely in her life in the Pokemon world. All she wants in life is to find love, but she just can't meet the one. Then one night, she wishes upon a shooting star. However, that shooting star then crashes to earth and changes her life forever. From the faraway Dreamland, someone has ridden in on this star. He is pink. He is round. He is Kirby. And Jigglypuff has found love at first sight at last.


    Impending Zero / Cold Snap (Rediamond) - non-Pokémon idea.
    NASA attempts to build the world's fastest computer, to aide on long-space flights, by using transmission in a circuitboard kept to absolute zero (the idea is somewhat viable). Miraculously, they succeed in doing so. Then things go wrong. The capsule is broken, and the true nature of absolute zero is revealed. As no motion may occur at absolute zero, all atoms vibrating into the region would stop vibrating, and the region would expand, engulfing all areas around it one atom at a time. This freezes the ISS, the site of the leak, almost instantly, but due to the sparsity of matter in the atmosphere, the expansion is slowed, but not stopped. Back on Earth, the effect of the practical stopping of time and space around the ISS starts to have adverse effects, such as altering the tides, and even the Earth's rotation. A team of elite researchers are gathered to find a way to destroy the Absolute Zero region. The stakes are high; failure means the fall of man if Earth should reach Absolute Zero.

    One Little Experiment (Timetraveler:pikachu)
    ne crazy Metagross and a faithful Porygon try to find the secrets of life, Pokémon, and fancy food! They try to find the answer to all the minor stuff; what happens when a Slakoth and Azelf meet, what is inside a Cloyster's shell, and anything else crazy about Pokémon! Porygon surfs the web looking for ideal test subjects while Metagross is your natural mad scientist. But over the years one of the test subjects - a young Magikarp called Joe - is getting a little ticked off at them and devises a plan. This next experiment though will test Porygon's loyalty, Metagross's brains, and one little Magikarp's deviousness.

    (Submitted by MegaMeister)
    For a while, the Organization of Psychics have kept the galaxy in peace and harmony, but a sudden movement by Team Pluto, a rebel group consisting of a Purugly, Skuntank, Probopass, and a mysterious Porygon-Z who could be called the leader, has taken the organization out of the leadership position. The galaxy is now filled with strife and turmoil as Team Pluto takes over, but a group of young Pokemon, a Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Politoed and Whismur, looks to change all that using their blasters and spaceships...




    Shrine (Submitted by Intelligence)
    It's about this new criminal syndicate called Team Titanium, who want to take over the world using Steel-type Pokémon, judging them to be the dominant type, in terms of power and strength. To do it, they are trying to get into a world outside of time, a world made by and inhabited by Dialga. There are various towns in that that world, that have just slipped outside of time. They want to capture Dialga and control that world because, in effect, it is time itself. The main character is Seth, who gets trapped inside the world, and has to fight them off from the inside, and his best friend, Rose, who is on the outside. It's only accessible point is through a Shrine in Eterna forest, and it's twin Shrine in Ilex Forest, Johto.




    I'll start things off with an idea of mine that I love, but do not have the time to write :\

    a) Infection, The Ditto Disease (I suck at titles ><)
    b) Adventure, Action
    c) It would mostly be about a group of Pokémon that are running from the government/something (this is an all-Pokémon fic btw). They are running because they all have a rare virus known as the DDV (Ditto DNA Virus). No one knows how the virus started, but it alter's the infected Pokémon's DNA, allowing them to transform into other Pokémon, just like a Ditto. There isn't a known cure, but the government/whatever want to expirament to try to obtain the ability to transform into Legendary Pokémon (did I gorget to mention that the Pokémon with DDV can only transform into a Pokémon they see, and cannot change into one that they haven't seen in real life? xP).

    Yeah, my idea isn't very in-depth, but it leaves room for someone who adopts it (if anyone does) to make their own changes and give it a plotline :)

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 3, 2012
  2. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I often come up with ideas for potential Pokemon stories, but I usually never get around to actually writing them... Anyways, here's an idea I was toying around with a while ago.

    a) n/a
    b) Friendship, adventure?
    c) It's about a Deoxys that arrives on Earth, and finds a comic book about a superhero named "Grovyle Girl" that fascinates him. Deoxys decides that it wants to become a superhero, and eventually befriends a young Pokemon that it adopts as it's sidekick. Deoxys eventually stumbles upon a set where they are making an episode of a TV-show about Grovyle Girl. After seeing Deoxys in action, the producer of the show thinks they would get higher ratings if they added Deoxys to the show and thinks about the possibilities of having a legendary Pokemon on the show. However, the actress who plays Grovyle Girl doesn't like the idea and tries to convince Deoxys that it shouldn't waste it's time on the TV-show...
  3. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    EeveeandKirliafan, even though your idea doesn't show a whole big in-depth plotline and such, that's still really good. You have left enough open for someone to use and play with if they adopt it. I like it :p I'll go add it as soon as I can.

  4. Smear Vinci

    Smear Vinci Member

    a) Whatevah you want! Make it clever, I suck at titles D:
    b) Supernatural/Tragedy/Horror
    c) Several people begin behaving oddly in the small town of Salem, a small town that lies west of Lavender Town in Kanto. Back in that time, approximately 100 years before modern Kanto, pokemon were not treated in death as they are today... Panic breaks out as religious maniacs slaughter all who exhibit the symptoms, but it seems the possesion merely jumps from one person to another, as the grinning shadow claims her victims in the night...
  5. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Smear Vinci, I'll go add your idea right away. Thanks for contributing.

  6. Jason-Kun

    Jason-Kun Well-Known Member

    a) N/A
    b) Romance and Sports
    c) Taking place in the Pokémn world, a new game is sweeping the nation. The game? Pokémon Trading Card game. A shy teen gets into the game and from there it can be about him trying to raise through the ranks as well as attract the attention of another player with whom they have a crush on.
  7. Ohai.

    a) Equilibrium was my title for it, but eh.
    b) Fantasy primarily.
    c) This was my supposed Fantasy One-Shot entry. I decided not to go through with it so eh.

    There are two worlds, both connected only by a single bridge. One world accepts the possibility of natural abilities to be present with humans, but rejects it being possessed by anything not human - specifically, Pokemon. The other world is the other way around - they reject magical humans, and think magic should be kept to Pokemon. The former I dubbed as Anomalies, while the latter I dubbed as Normalities, but you can change those lame names so =P

    But the start of it for me was a Normality killing one of the five leaders of the Anomaly. Ergo conflict and all that.

    You decide from there. I included a love story between two people from the two different worlds but that's just me.
  8. LavenderEyedNinetales

    LavenderEyedNinetales Fire Spirit

    Are you also supposed to post here if wishing to claim a topic?

    Hope so, because I had been pondering whether or not to join Serebii.net and whether or not I should tackle a Pokémon fanfic, but after reading the plot suggestion for "The Ditto Disease" I made up my mind. I would like to adopt "The Ditto Disease."
  9. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    JK, accepted and added.

    DM, accepted and added.

    LEN, yes, you are allowed to claim the ideas, and I'm glad you informed me. If you end up deciding not to use it just tell me so I can add it again ;)

  10. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    a) n/a
    b) Probably any but mostly Supernatural and Drama
    c) Some new Galactic recruits meet and immediately know a considerable deal about each other, as though they've known each other for years. And as the events we're familiar with unfold, they find they know what Cyrus is really up to, even though he's kept it a secret from most of his followers. And then it occurs to them why--they're in the second universe and are remembering their previous lives in the first one, which Cyrus destroyed in his zeal to create a perfect one. But this one still isn't perfect, so he's trying again. Does he succeed or can the agents stop him? Do they even *want* to stop him? All up to you.
  11. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Blackjack Gabbiani, accepted and added. Thanks for the comtribution. I like the last little line you added :p

  12. oRaNgE~1337

    oRaNgE~1337 Well-Known Member

    I'll take DM's idea. I think I'll butcher it and then I'll try to find some glue.

    I guess I'll add mine to the crazy pot.
    a) n/a
    b) Romance, Angst?
    c) Instead of plastic surgery and all, most of the time people use Ditto corpses that are killed quickly so they don't transform back to Ditto. Then they stitch on the desired part. It's still experimental, so you don't see things like Buttercanths or whatever spriters make these days; only things like gender swaps or a new face of the same species. Eh. So, anyway, there's this guy who does a brain transplant so he can become a Pokemon because he's in love with this other Pokemon and I don't know. It used to make sense.
    Last edited: May 20, 2009
  13. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    oRaNgE~1337, I'll go remove DM's since you claimed it and I'll also add your's. Thanks for the contribution.

  14. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Can I adopt Smear's idea please?~

    a) Vengeance of the sunflower
    b) Angst, suspence, thriller
    c) A trainer was shot dead in a gang attack, leaving a sunkern in a critical coma and condition for two years. Sunkern is left devastated by the fact his friends were stolen from the gang, even more upsetting to hear his trainer died. Sunkern vows revenge on the gang. He meets a Mightyena, who was a witness in the murder 2 years ago and makes a promise to help Sunkern if he can help Mightyena can win Vulpix's heart. (Vulpix is part of the murdered trainer's team. She might have evolved into a Ninetails by now.) Mightyena also suggests evolving into Sunflora.

    The rest of the teams idea if your choice, as long as Vulpix/NInetails is a part of it.
    Last edited: May 23, 2009
  15. Concept

    Concept Führer of Fun

    Claiming Blackjacks fascinating idea.
  16. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    C.Gholy, thanks for adopting an idea and I'll go add your submission to the list ;)

    Concept, thank you for adopting an idea, I'll go remove it from the list.

  17. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    I have not been in the Authors Cafe for a while. And surprisingly, I had a somewhat same idea the Jason-Kun had, I will take his idea, thanks ;)
  18. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Mr. Joker, thanks for adopting, I'll go remove the idea from the list so you can have it.

  19. Ejunknown

    Ejunknown be creative

    I had an idea earlier, something that I may write a variation of someday, but in the mean time, I am certainly not using it. xD If anyone can work with what I came up with, I'd love to read it. xD

    a) n/a
    b) Drama/Suspense?
    c) Set a hundred years into the future of the Pokemon world; shortly before the announcement of the result of the General Kanto Election, the leader of the newly formed and developed 'Higher Pokemon' party and winner of the election is assassinated. The idea is a sort of introspective during the ensuing events as the Kanto region falls into civil war because of the flare of tensions between races, caused by the multiple factors of:

    - The culprit not being found
    - The remaining conflict over the capitivity of so many Pokemon by 'trainers' over the previous years being stirred up again as a result
    - Factions becoming motivated on both sides (the trainers wanting to regain their status and way of life -with left over righteous attitudes over Pokemon, as their former 'Masters' - whilst the freed and angry Pokemon take advanatage of the chaos to get revenge)
    - And the threats of using the legendaries powers.

    Maybe from multiple perspectives, as people in the various factions, to consider fully the frustrating stupidity of 'people' (in the sense of conscious life forms, humans and Pokemon alike) as each side doesn't want to start a fight and the general trend of each population wants to prevent it, but can't seem to stop the triggers, that eventually lead to a huge civil war that they will be lucky to ever recover from. :c


    xD If anyone would want to work with that. I probably screwed up the delivery. God, we are frustrating. We are going to kill further generations with global warming. D:
    Last edited: May 31, 2009
  20. UltaFlame

    UltaFlame I'm weird accept it

    this... still working? If so, I have an idea.

    title: Alternation: Mewtwo's Future.

    Set in an alternate universe, Mewtwo was created by a group of scientists hiding underground in Kanto. He was created because a creature, a pokemon, completely and always shrouded in shadows began a systematic destruction of human settlements. all governments pulled together, setting aside differences temporarily, to select a group of people to create a pokemon strong enough to rival this beast, as the Legendaries seem to be doing nothing to stop it's assault on the world.

    They were caring people, who were chosen for their ability to get close to a pokemon in a partnership. They managed to create Mewtwo, who matured from a young Mewtwo into a fully grown psychic creature of power. He analyzed daily all the information they had on the pokemon attacking humanity. Humans began to retreat into small places of safety, and even pokemon began to flee from it's bloodthirst.

    One day, Mewtwo approached the scientists. He told them he would go to face the creature, right then. But he wouldn't be able to stop the pokemon for good. At best, he might be able to put it out of commission for a while, sacrificing himself in the process. They asked him not to go. Mewtwo told them he had a plan. They should leave the laboratory, and take a suitcase he had prepared to all world leaders. He told them the suitcases contained instructions on what to do, three years from then, to finally defeat the pokemon.

    Days went by. the scientists did as Mewtwo had asked them. And for a year and a half, underneath the ground... in that same lab... were young mewtwos. None were the same as eachother, nor the original Mewtwo. They were clones of a clone, designed by Mewtwo, instructions left to an artificially intelligent machine Mewtwo had left in charge of their raising with Mewtwo's voice and holographic image to guide them. They contained Mewtwo's DNA, as well as the DNA of a different pokemon, which had different types. There was one for each type, but only a few would survive. Cloning, and DNA manipulation were complicated technologies, and if they weren't compatible enough, the procedure would fail, and the creature would die. Those that awoke... were charged with protecting not the human race, but the world they and pokemon lived in.

    Not sure how good it is... I didn't make it too long, did I?
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