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Fan-fic Soundtracks - The Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-RE-UP...

EonMaster One

saeculum harmonia
Yes, I know...it's been done about a hundred thousand times. And seeing as nobody's revived it from the grave just yet, I decided that I'd do it myself.

Unless I missed something - in that case, please kindly tell me I'm an idiot and shut down the thread.

Other than that, full speed ahead, I suppose.

Pokémon Revolution: Advent Phoenix

1. Main Theme (Chapters 1-29):
It’s Not Over, Daughtry

2. Main Theme (Chapters 30-ff): In The Air Tonight, Nonpoint

3. Travis’ Theme (Chapters 1-29): Fall To Pieces, Velvet Revolver

4. Travis’ Theme (Chapters 30-TBD): Unbreakable, Fireflight

5. Katrina’s Theme: A Little More, Skillet

6. Kenjiro’s Theme: Busted, Matchbox Twenty

7. Reivyn’s Theme: Already Over, RED

8. Nate’s Theme: What I've Done, Linkin Park

9. Shiro’s Theme: It’s Not My Time, 3 Doors Down

10. Madeline’s Theme: Golden, Switchfoot

11. Matt’s Theme: Quasimodo, Lifehouse

12. Gym/Important Pokémon Battle: Headstrong, Trapt

13. Phoenixshipping (Travis x Katrina): Everything, Lifehouse

14. Templeshipping (Kenjiro x Reivyn): Anchor, Lifehouse

15. Elrik's Theme: In My Place, Coldplay

16. Ivanna's Theme: The Reason, Hoobastank

17. Rashid/Roald Theme: Lost!, Coldplay

Well, that's all I've got for now. Any other takers?
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The Admiral

solid state survivor
I guess nobody likes these things. I'll bite. Currently, I'm writing a series of prompts on a journal community; they all fit into a single "concept piece," featuring the six fandom and two original characters all in one city. This series of songs relates to the plot events and the characters.
  1. Aya Brea {Parasite Eve} ~ YYZ - Rush
  2. Howard Roark {The Fountainhead} ~ King of Mars - Monster Magnet
  3. Sister Mary {Operation: Mindcrime} ~ Closer - Nine Inch Nails
  4. Florianna Menschmaschine {O/C} ~ Das Modell - Kraftwerk
  5. Snow {Snow} ~ Stranger in a Strange Land - Spock's Beard
  6. Nicholas {Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory} ~ The Memory Remains - Metallica
  7. Florian Menschmascine {O/C} ~ Benzin - Rammstein
  8. Dr. X {Operation: Mindcrime} ~ More Human Than Human - White Zombie
  9. Main chapter theme ~ Empire - Queensryche
  10. Howard & Florian fight for corporate control ~ Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
  11. Mary vs. Dr. X ~ The Hitman - Queen
  12. Nicholas gains Snow's power ~ Reflection - Tool
So far, I have one chapter finished which, as of yet, does not have its own theme. I'm going to be writing the Mary vs. Dr. X chapter soon.


Don Ledianni
I don't mind them. I just find myself repeating the same playlist over and over again. Because it is that powerful.

Starbolts Mix:

Save Me- Remy Zero
Did You- Hoobastank
We Are- Ana
Whatever Happened To the Heroes?- Joss Stone
Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
Drops from Jupiter- Train
Accidentially in Love- Counting Crows
I Melt With You- Bowling for Soup cover
Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters
Hero- Chad Kroeger
Miracles Happen- Myra
True to Your Heart- 98 Degrees
All Star- Smash Mouth
A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton
What We're All About- SUm41
Srmi Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind
Can't Stop the World- Ginger Sling
Young and Pround- Ace of Base
Stronger- Kanye West
Turn Back Time-Aqua
What I've Done- Linkin Park

And that's it.



Well-Known Member
My problem with soundtracks is that my taste in music is constantly changing, so what I like right now I probably won't like as much in a few months. I actually have been building a soundtrack to use the past few weeks, though, so...

Theme Song:
The Day That Never Comes - Metallica

Battle Theme:
Avenger - Toshiro Masuda

Dark Theme:
on the precipice of defeat - Shiro Sagisu

Shadow Beginning Theme:
Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria

Duncan's Theme:
What I've Done - Linkin Park

River's Theme:
In The Air Tonight - Nonpoint

Venus's Theme:
No Quarter - Led Zeppelin

Hunter's Theme:
All Nightmare Long - Metallica

Overlord Theme:
Orochimaru - Toshiro Masuda


Let's do our best.
I don't know if I can do this right but I'll try: my fic is base on the pokemon games and I use some of the manga characters names.

Theme song:

Our time now- Plain White T's

Red's Theme song:

Breaking The Habit- Linking Park

Blue's Theme

I'm not gone- Three Doors Down

Green's Theme

U.G.L.Y- Dapnhe and Celeste

Ending Song

It's my life- Bong Jovi

I know my taste in music's kinda weird, but I actually like any song that has a good rythm.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
I've never gotten around to doing one of these. I guess I can come up with a soundtrack for The Weather Makers of the Mysterious Planet: The Floodgates of Hell (because I'm thinking of bringing it back since it got pruned).

Actually, I picture most of the background music being from Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime which it's based from. It had an excellent orchestral suite for a soundtrack (especially for a Saturday Morning cartoon). However, I got a few songs in mind that would fit the Weather Makers in particular.

1. It's Raining Men - Weather Girls
2. Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
3. Iron Man (instrumental) - Black Sabbath
4. All Star - Smash Mouth
5. Walkin' on the Sun - Smash Mouth
6. How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
7. House of the Rising Sun - Frijid Pink
8. Pop Corn - Hot Butter
9. I just Wanna Rock 'n Roll All Night - Kiss
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Well-Known Member
Here's mine, for What You Wish For:

Harmony Interrupted - Pokémon 2000 OST
Idea - Euphonius (From Noein)
Pokémon Symphonic Medley - Pokémon Advanced Gen OP
Right On, Right Now - Powerspace
Honjitsuha Seitennari - Do As Infinity
Meditational Field - Susumu Hirasawa
VFD - A Series of Unfortunate Events OST
Will I Ever Make It Home - Ingram Hill
One Last Look - A Series of Unfortunate Events OST
Us Against the World - Play
Where We Went Wrong - The Hush Sound
Rush Together - Quetdrive
Wine Red - The Hush Sound
Pressure - Billy Joel
Snow - Hero OST
Both Ways - Quietdrive
Taken By Supreeze - A Series of Unfortunate Events OST
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) - Lostprophets
Nadie como tú - La Oreja De Van Gogh
The Steward of Gondor - Return of the King OST
How Far We've Come - Matchbox 20
Finale - Pokémon Live!
The Letter That Never Came - A Series of Unfortunate Events OST
Don't Dream It's Over - Sixpence None the Richer
Summer - Kikujiro OST
You Are The Moon - The Hush Sound

The Admiral

solid state survivor
My problem with soundtracks is that my taste in music is constantly changing, so what I like right now I probably won't like as much in a few months. I actually have been building a soundtrack to use the past few weeks, though, so...


Nonetheless, it's a pretty damned cool songlist. Especially the use of The Day That Never Comes (which I'm also using as the titlesong and main theme for my novel project) and All Nightmare Long.

I3. Iron Man (instrumental) - Black Sabbath

Wait, what? You also get huge points for It's Raining Men.

While I'm here, I'll address reasoning for my prior song list.
  1. YYZ - Rush ~ I couldn't find a very good song for Aya, however, YYZ's frantic feel works well for the atmosphere of her stories.
  2. King of Mars - Monster Magnet ~ Anyone who knows Howard Roark knows that he is arrogant. The song title fits this VERY well. Largely only title-related.
  3. Closer - Nine Inch Nails ~ Go look up the song. Mary is/was a harlot. I think you can figure this out; I'll give further explanation if needed.
  4. Das Modell - Kraftwerk ~ Florianna is similar to sister Mary, but she's never had any connection to the church. The title ("The Model") suggest similarity to another song, The Showroom Dummies, which comes close to describing Florianna well. She is best described as being like a puppet. A bit tenuous.
  5. Stranger in a Strange Land - Spock's Beard ~ Comes right out of the album that Snow hails from, and describes his life very well.
  6. The Memory Remains - Metallica ~ Another one that's mostly title-linked; Nicholas has memories of a former life that cannot be removed.
  7. Benzin - Rammstein ~ Florian is a maniacal weapons dealer. This needs little explanation.
  8. More Human Than Human - White Zombie ~ Not so sure why, but it seems to fit.
  9. Empire - Queensryche ~ The title of the full series of fics is The Metropolis and the Corruption It Breeds - which is really the theme of this song.
  10. Tick Tick Boom - The Hives ~ How do you explain away the use of a Hives song? At least Florian looks kinda like a neo-Nazi Pelle Almqvist. Not to mention, the song's very loud and fast, and the competition for control of the city is very intense.
  11. The Hitman - Queen ~ In this chapter, Mary goes to kill Dr. X. Um... what do I say to this? Obvious!
  12. Reflection - Tool ~ This rests mostly on the most-audible (arguably) lyric, "Before I pine away." In this chapter, there is supposed to be a mind-switch, except that this just gives Nicholas Snow's power and does not remove the memories from him. He nearly cracks from the insanity.

Johnny Knoxville

I have a litt'l bit for The Days We Used To Know: De Oppresso Liber

1. Warrior - Kid Rock
2. Sleeping Awake - P.O.D.
3. Bartender Song - ReHaB
4. Citizen/Soldier - 3 Doors Down
5. Animals - Nickelback
6. Next Contestant - Nickelback
7. Side Of a Bullet - Nickelback
8. Click Click Boom - Saliva
9. Doperide - Saliva
10. Riot - Three Days Grace
11. Set It Off - P.O.D.
12. Alive - P.O.D.
13. Boom - P.O.D.
14. Never Again - Nickelback
15. Sinner - Drowning Pool
16. Bodies - Drowning Pool
17. State Of The Union - Rise Against
18. Give It All - Rise Against
19. One Night Only - Saliva
20. Survival Of The Sickest - Saliva
21. F*** All Y'all - Saliva
22. No Hard Feelings - Saliva
23. Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll
24. I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
25. Condescending - P.O.D.
26. When Angels And Serpents Dance - P.O.D.
27. Voices - Disturbed
28. The Game - Disturbed
29. Stupify - Disturbed
30. Down With The Sickness - Disturbed
31. Violence Fetish - Disturbed
32. Conflict - Disturbed
33. Droppin' Plates - Disturbed
34. Meaning Of Life - Disturbed
35. American Bada** - Kid Rock
36. Hate - Drowning Pool
37. Killin' Me - Drowning Pool
38. Bawitdaba - Kid Rock

If you want to read The Days We Used To Know: De Oppresso Liber then jus' go to the Non-Pokemon Fic area and it will be listed as above.

Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not.
It's back and badder than ever...

Relax, EM. Not everybody enjoys music whilst writing. Some, like duncan have shifting tastes and so find it hard to contribute to this thread.

I changed some tracks for some people and added the image songs for the Pokemon too. So here's the Re-re-re-re-REEEEEMIIIIX!


DISC ONE - Heroes and Villains​

This Dream (Pokémon Advanced Challenge Theme) (Opening Theme)
Underdog by Mudd (Sapph’s Image Song)
Number One by Hazel Fernandes (Main Battle Theme/ Rubin’s Image Song)
You and Me and Pokémon from Pokémon Heroes (Emma’s Theme)
His World by Zebrahead (Rickie’s Image Song)
Never Look Back by Crush 40 (Kamren’s Image Song)
Follow Me by Kay Hanley (Haley’s Theme)
Perfect Day by Hoku (Carla’s Image Song)
You’re Gonna Crash by Shebang (Calvin/Dex’s Theme)
Believe by AI (Joy’s Theme)
Ikari by Takanashi Yasuharu (Team Shadow Theme)
Black Sheep by Sonata Arctica (Theologos’s Theme)
Believe in Myself by Karen Brake (Nora’s Theme)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Elite Beat Agents version) by The Rolling Stones (Reg’s Theme)
I am the One and Only by Chesney Hawks (Slate’s Theme)
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head by Burt Bacharach (Tony’s Theme)
I’m Just a Kid by Simple Plan (Sky’s Theme)
Akatsuki by Takanashi Yasuharu (The Light Theme)
I Can Be by Taio Cruz (T.J.’s Theme)
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Dixie Chicks (Zeta’s Theme)
Survivor by Destiny’s Child (Zuzana’s Theme)
Bravely Folk Song by Namco (Doracus’ Theme)
Doubtful Judgment by Khan (Orion’s Theme)
Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Julius’s Theme)
Fabulous by Ashley Tisdale (Cleopatra’s Theme)
Just to Get High by Nickleback (Zula’s Theme)
Garnet Sky by Shinji Hosoe (Vulca’s Theme)
Princes of the Universe by Queen (Kahn’s Theme)

DISC TWO - The Pokebeats​

It Doesn’t Matter by Tony Harnell (Anuvi’s Theme)
Ultimate Secrets by Toshiro Masuda (Crimson’s Theme)
Army Men Sarge’s Heroes 2 Main Theme by 3DO (Ace’s Theme)
Get off My Back by Bryan Adams (Zen’s Theme)
Daylight of Konoha by Toshiro Masuda (Lavender’s Theme)
Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer (Arcana’s Theme)
Future Objects by Shinji Hosoe (Mighty’s Theme)
Funkytown by Lipps Inc. (Cloude’s Theme)
Strong and Strike by Toshiro Masuda (Mogshex’s Theme)
Avenger by Toshiro Masuda (Keynid's Theme)
Recollect Continent by Namco (Grandpa’s Theme)
Lazy Days… Living in Paradise by Ted Poley (Bubbles’ Theme)
Go, Go, Naruto! by Toshiro Masuda (Blitzkrieg’s Theme)
Bomber Castle Theme by Hudson (Mace’s Theme)
The Gears of Madness by Namco (Ento’s Theme)
The Fifth’s Fight by Toshiro Masuda (Pyrrhus (Pixy)’s Theme)
Dragon’s Call by Namco (Vapor’s Theme)
Need to Be Strong by Toshiro Masuda (Burner/Tora’s Theme)
Kkaduri by Namco (Ciela’s Theme)
Raikiri (Thunder Break) by Toshiro Masuda (Volt’s Theme)

Pokémon Battle Frontier Opening Theme (Japanese Version) (Battle Theme #2)
Douten by Takanashi Yasuharu (Gym Battle Theme #1)
Keisei Gyakuten by Takanashi Yasuharu (Gym Battle Theme #2)

A few notes:

1. Joy's theme, Believe is a Jap track. But the translated lyrics really display her persona well, and i like the nature of the track, soothing and soft. So haters? Nyah!

2. All Toshiro Masuda tracks are those you mostly hear in the Narutoseries whilst the Takanashi Yasuharu tracks are the background music tracks for the series's successor, Naruto Shippuden.

3. I own absolutely NONE of these tracks whatsoever and have advertised them here to show how much I like them.

OK... DJ AD iiiisss Outta Here!



Props to AD for actually adding Can't Touch This into the playlist.

As for me, seeing as I can only seem to write one-shots, I can't have a set big playlist, but there are some songs I've used as 'themes' as such for characters I've written.

9,000 Miles - Pendulum (Varla the Chimecho, the one in my sig)
Down With The Sickness - Disturbed (Ramirez, from the Serial one-shots)
Butcher Pete part 1 - Roy Brown (Ramirez again)

I might have more. But 9,000 Miles fits in so well with Varla it's scary.


I can see the future
Hmm...let's see. I guess I'll make a soundtrack for The Light in the Darkness.

1. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (S&M version)
2. This is Home - Switchfoot
3. Nageki no Mori - Ayane
4. Don't Say You Love Me - M2M
5. Wonderwall - Oasis
6. Hero of the Day - Metallica (S&M version)
7. For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica (S&M version)
8. The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve
9. When You Were Young - The Killers
10. Requiem - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
11. The Blitz, 1940 - from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
12. The Unforgiven II - Metallica
13. The Beginning is the End is the Beginning - The Smashing Pumpkins
14. Stairway to Heaven - arr. London Philharmonic Orchestra

...Wow, that's an interesting mix of music. Could come back and add more when I think about it.
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Leon is Pro!
Remember The Name Soundtrack

1. Trapped Under Ice-Metallica
2. No Leaf Clover-Metallica
3. Master of Puppets-Metallica
4. Surrender-Billy Talent
5. Worker Bees-Billy Talent
6. In the End-Linkin Park​

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Okay I am doing my newest fic (Going to be up on 12/26/08)

Into the Shadows Sound Track
1. Got to be someone-Nickelback
2. Photograph-Nickleback
3. Iron man- No voices
4.Welcome to the Jungle- Guns n' Roses
5. Who Who- the whos
6. Brown Eyed Girl- Jimmy Buffet
7. Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffet​

Intresting no?


To be honest, I've never really thought about it, although music inspires me greatly.

St Manga School
1. Back to school again.
2. Azumanga Diaoh theme.
3. I'm too sexy
4. Thriller
5. Sweet young dyke
6. Saturday night fever
7. When you're evil
8. Kinda I want to
9. The time of my life
10. Ain't no mountain high enough
11. Bad
12. Mad world
13. Always look on the bright side of life.

^ Random there, it's a humorous fic though

I'll be her
1. Formalin - Fluer
2. Mad world - Tears for fears
3. Life in Mono
4. Show me love - Tatu
5. I just wanna dance with you- Lemar
6. She's everything I'm not
7. Are you ready for love - Elton John
8. Stranger - Hilary Duff
9. Evergreen - Will Young
10. Sorry Seems to be the hardest word - Elton John
11. What took you so long? - Emma Burton
12. Hero - Mariah Carey


Well-Known Member
I'll follow suit. This has taken a very long time and is somewhat guess work, chiefly because I'm only eight or so chapters into a fic that's far larger than that (yay for writing ahead?), so even for myself, quite a lot of the music is speculation - especially towards the end.

Fire Eye


Ruska - Apocalyptica

The Story

1. Theme - Danny Elfman (Big Fish OST)
2. Into the Woods/The Witch - Danny Elfman (Sleepy Hollow OST)
3. Revenge - Danny Elfman (Flubber OST)
4. The Chase - Danny Elfman (Sleepy Hollow OST)
5. Evil Eye - Danny Elfman (Sleepy Hollow OST)
6. Hotarubi - Dir en grey
7. Can They Do That - James Newton Howard (I Am Legend OST)
8. Darkseeker Dogs - James Newton Howard (I Am Legend OST)
9. Main Theme - James Newton Howard (Sixth Sense OST)
10. One Last Wish - James Horner (Casper OST)
11. I’m Listening - James Newton Howard (I Am Legend OST)
12. The Islander [Orchestral version] - Nightwish
13. Prologue - James Newton Howard (The Lady in the Water OST)
14. Signs - James Newton Howard (The Water Horse OST)
15. The Hand of Fate - James Newton Howard (Signs OST)
16. Airborne - Danny Elfman (Flubber OST)
17. Swimming - James Newton Howard (Water Horse OST)
18. March of the Rebels - Ubisoft/PS3 (Haze OST)
19. Sa Bir - Dir en grey
20. Free from Fear - Capcom/Playstation (Resident Evil OST)
21. Stop Playing God - Exilia
22. Evacuation - James Newton Howard (I Am Legend OST)
23. The Sinking - James Horner (Titanic OST)
24. Holy - Immediate Music
25. Mary Goes to Jesus - John Debney (The Passion of the Christ OST)
26. Resurrection - John Debney (The Passion of the Christ OST)
27. Arirang - Steve Jablonsky (Dragon Wars [D-War] OST)


Omen (Final) - Immediate Music
Chevaliers de Sangreal - Hans Zimmer (The Da Vinci Code OST)
Faraway - Apocalyptica


For The Heart I Once Had - Nightwish
Hero - Nickleback

Andrea’s Theme
Until The End - Breaking Benjamin

Rajha’s Theme
I Am - Hilary Duff

Saerlyen’s Theme
I’m Alive - Disturbed

Kerry and Tobias Theme
Machik Gay - T.a.t.u.

Natu Theme
In The Cornfield - James Newton Howard (Signs OST)

The Cerulean Tribes Theme
Ritual - Immediate Music


And that concludes it. @___@ I imagine there's a lot more that would fit, but most songs I listen to didn't really fit the feel of the story, so I had to go hunting. I took all the links out, though, because it occured to me that might be something to do with advertising. xP

I'm especially fond of I'm Listening. It's so sad. x__x

(I'm hoping this hasn't come in too late. x__x")
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Heh, the soundtracks for “Nothing, Everything” didn’t change too much, but I added, deleted a few songs due to…me keep changing scenes. XD

WARNING: Most of these songs are from movies and anime. XD

Chevaliers De Sangreal- Da Vinci Code soundtrack, composer Hans Zimmer
Tell Me Now (What You See)- King Author soundtrack, composer Hans Zimmer
Ibelin Reprise- Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack, composer Harry Gregson-Williams
Crusaders- Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack, composer Harry Gregson-Williams
Molossus - Batman Begins Original soundtrack, composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
Forever- Rome: Total War [Ending Song]
Season 3 Trailer- Avatar: The Last Airbender
Elba- E.S. Posthumus
Extreme Ways- Moby
Bara Bara- Black Hawk Down soundtrack, singer Rachid Taha
The Wind Forest-Totoro soundtrack, composer Joe Hisaishi
Open Your Heart- .hack//SIGN
Requiem Overture - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack, composer Howard Shore
A Prayer for Peace- Munich soundtrack, composter John Williams

Theme Songs
Hero’s Come Back!- Naruto Shippuden [1st Opening Theme ](NE’s Opening theme for each chapter)
Tasogare no umi- .hack//SIGN (NE’s Ending theme for each chapter)
-Guilty As Charged- Gym Class Heroes (Bunny theme)
Hollabackgirl- Gwen Stefani (Jenny theme)
Numb- Linkin Park (Jacob theme)
Nausea- Beck (Brenda theme)
Run Rabbit Junk- Ghost in the Shell (Timmy and Lucas theme)
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing- Jack Johnson (Jenny and Ernest theme)
Same Direction:- Hoobastank (Jacob/Bunny/Jenny theme song)
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My Bloody
I like the way you layed yours out Bay... so I am stealing it... most of it.
This is a soundtrack for my in-progress fic. I only have the prolouge up, so this gives you a preveiw into the inner workings of... nothing really. If you can find out anything from reading this, I give you a freaking medal. Well, you might be able to get somthing of the characters personalities.

Castlevania: Fading Hope

1: Thriller- Michael Jackson
2: Don't Fear the Reaper- B.O.C (Blue Oyster Cult)
3: Soul Man- Blues Brothers
4: Revolution Deathsquad- DragonForce
5: Castlevania Punk- 14 Year Old Girls
6: I Wear My Sunglasses at Night- Javier Martinez
7: Comin' Home- Lenny-Skinny (shortened... mostly because I forgot how to spell the name of my favorite band)

Theme Songs​

Barrabas- TNT- AC/DC

Boss- Schadenfreude- Avenue Q original cast

Charon- Me Against the World- SImple Plan

Kamek- Canned Heat- Jamiroquai

Death- Big ***** Rock- From 'The Full Monty'

Dracula- Can't Touch This- MC Hammer

Soul Stones- Lost Souls in Endless Time- DragonForce


The Magma Incarnate
(Returning from the dead to make this post.)

For Tarnished Scars, I would use my own music. Using an orchestra, I would create all of the songs, know the tones and leitmotifs to establish, etc. It would be a work of art within a work of art! Therefore, I wouldn't use any songs that are owned by certain artists; they probably wouldn't convey the message I was trying to get across, anyway. So here's a list of the titles of the songs I will compose and have my orchestra perform. I'll let you imagine the melody.

Disc One: The Muses
(Book One: Origins)

  1. "Ballad of the Rising Star"
  2. "Genesis"
  3. "Strength from Within"
  4. "Requiems and Nightmares"
  5. "Death Bells Ring a Doomed Desire"
  6. "Hope for a New Dawn's Arrival"
  7. "Elemental Fundamentalism"
  8. "Sheer Thrills in a Teenage Life"
  9. "Love at First Glance"
  10. "Crimes of Flamed Passion"
  11. "Lights in a Dark Alley"
  12. "A New Dawn's Arrival"
  13. "Escape from Freedom, Return to Savagery, Part One"
  14. "Disparaging at the Wrong Time"
  15. "Escape From Freedom, Return to Savagery, Part Two"

More to be added. Let your imagination run wild.

Umbreon Ruler

Swim for your life.
This is the soundtrack for my fic, Many the Miles, which is off to a startling depressing start. Sigh.


1. A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton
2. Miracle – Paramore
3. Here I Am – Leona Lewis
4. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
5. Home – Daughtry
6. Violet Hill – Coldplay
7. Wheel of the World – Carrie Underwood
8. Come Home – OneRepublic
9. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
10. Clockwork – Autopilot Off

Theme Songs​

Main Theme
Many the Miles – Sara Bareilles

Danny’s Theme
Over My Head (Cable Car) – The Fray

Samantha’s Theme
Fingerprints – Katy Perry

Chloe’s Theme
New Soul – Yael Naïm

GEMINI’s Theme
Tyrant – OneRepublic