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Fan Fiction Catalog: Entry Thread


hmm....might as well say something.
Title: Mistress of Ice
DoC: In progress-one chapter currently up.
Tagline: A seventeen-year-old leads a group that puts Team Rocket to shame, and succeeds at nearly everything she does. But now she may have overreached her abilities...
Genre: OT/Action I suppose...
Type: Pokemon chaptered fic
Sinnoh/Hoenn...slight possibility of Kanto/Johto as well in the future.
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Everything's updated! I just would like to say thanks once again for everone's cooperation and support. This really is a hard job... glad //Mix\\ started it. The first post is already over 20 pages in Microsoft Word!


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No hassle. I love doing this. Sometimes it does get tiring, but I'm glad to have a sticky, which sorta "advertises" me. But yeah, I'll do anything to help the Fan Fic section =]

*Goes to add*


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I guess I should add my story.

Title: Pokemon Destiny: Kanto Legends
Degree of Completion: Currently two chapters, third is on it's way
Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=309668
Tagline: Lucas never considered what accepting Professor Oak's assignement would mean. But, with his sarcastic Pokemon Pyro the Charmander by his side, he should be able to handle even the toughest of challenges. If he doesn't kill himself first, that is.
Genre: Action/Slight Comedy
Type: Chaptered, Pokemon
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I'll add shortly. xXProygonXx, please fix your post. I asked people to please post the exact link; www.serebii.net. I said not to have it like this: Here....

...sorry if I sound rude, but I asked that people follow that formet, and I meant it.


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Don't worry, I'll add you next time I'm on the computer. That prolly wont be until tomorrow, but I'll make sure to add you, and I'll post when I do.


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Ok, thanks Buraddo Aipom! See you tomorrow! xD I will have probably have come up with more poems by then also.


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Glad to see you took this over. Way too much work for me. :)

Survive (One-Shot)
After finally gaining the strength needed, a cult leader leader puts his plan into action. However, the end result is not what it seems...
Pokemon One-Shot - Completed

Just reply, then copy and paste and you'll be good. Thanks.


Oh I remember the days back when I ran something like this. I take it you got a bajillion PMs like as soon as you made this board? Stealer!

<this is where my catalog stuff will go later>
The Origins of Arceus
The Birth of a God... The Creation of Evil... The Beginning of All...
Fantasy (Sinnoh)
Pokemon Chaptered Fic - In Progress

[indent][URL="http://http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=334954"][B][U]The Origins of Arceus[/U][/B][/URL]
[I]The Birth of a God... The Creation of Evil... The Beginning of All...[/I]
[B]Fantasy (Sinnoh)[/B]
[B]Pokemon Chaptered Fic - In Progress[/B][/indent]
You can take my previous fic listed off the list. I'm a pain, aren't I?


extra toasty
I take it you got a bajillion PMs like as soon as you made this board?
Not at all. And whenever you add the stuff for your Fic, just tell me!

Arcues Master, please fix the link - er wait, nevermind. You fixed it while Iwas posting..weird. I'll add it right now!
a) Tides of Darkness.
b) http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=332521
c) The story of a boy, and his journey though the fortress of evil.
d) Adventure.
e) In Progress.
f) Pokemon Chaptered Fiction.

Thanks, I should have gone to this earlier.
I'm surprised this doesn't have a thing for ratings.
So if you would please stick a seventh line with "E10+ rating."
Thanks again.


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^ Okay, I'll update tomorrow, don't worry. Sorry I didn't update sooner. Thanks for submitting your Fic!


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Okay, I'm adding both of your right now. Oh, and Blade Knight, I'll just put the rating next to the title. It isn't necissary for a seventh line for just the rating, but I'm pretty sure the rules say something about the rating...oh well, I'll check.

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