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Fan Fiction Catalog: Entry Thread


Moribund WarriorPoet
Name: rust
Fiction: The Cannons to Heaven Cycle
Summary: A mercenary becomes a dictator. A soldier becomes a hero. A man becomes a leader. A misunderstanding becomes a conflict.

After the theft of a powerful ancient relic, the Orre Republic launches a biological missile at Kanto that transforms people into Pokemon hybrids. Amidst the chaos, a mercenary troupe steals an aircraft carrier to raid the high seas. With humanity quickly becoming monsters, high-stakes political tensions, a powerful cult, an anarchist militia, and a rogue army hellbent on world domination, Hoenn President Harry Kim is now the only thing that stands between the world and total war. It's Game of Thrones meets House of Cards meets The Walking Dead meets Band of Brothers meets Pokemon: the ultimate wargame.

Genre: War, Action
Type: Chapter fic set all over the Pokemon World (named Maridia).

Subzero Dragon

Resident Muse
Title:Enigma Rising - Discovery
Summary: When an airhead new trainer named Amber stumbles across a strange egg that won't hatch, her world turns upside-down. Who is Team Night? What is the Silicon Movement? Why does the Silicon Movement want the egg? Meanwhile, a crisis of unprecedented proportions threatens to unmake the entire world!
Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama
Type:Chaptered Fic (In-progress)


Title:Wandering Storm
Summary: Jake decided he wanted to be a trainer. Though the choice was sudden, he was unafraid of the consequences. Little does this teen and his Espeon know what they're really in for when their first night out is interrupted! Soon, he is faced with the greatest threat the world has yet seen: the Awakened. On top of this, a homicidal Zapdos won't stop following him. Is it more than a fourteen year-old newbie trainer can take?
Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama
Type: One-shot (first chapter), Chaptered Fic (continuation)


Spheal Lord
Title: The Cosmic Voyage
Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?629879-The-Cosmic-Voyage-PG
Degree of Completion: In Progress
Tagline: In order to discover the origins of Deoxys, a large spaceship is sent to its possible home world, another planet named Plikaa. However, things do not turn out as expected.
Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
Type: Pokemon Chaptered Fic


buys meat
I'm Cold and I Want to Go Home by Keysmash (x)

Your tears are freezing as they fall, but there's no stopping now.

Status: Multichaptered PMD GTI Fic, Ongoing

Genres: Action/Adventure


The aura is with me.
Story: The Bonds Within
Summary: I have a confession to make: my trainer abuses me. But I have to forgive him—he's my trainer. Besides, Trainer can't help it—he's emotionally unstable. He needs me to be there for him, he needs me to help him through it. So why do I find myself hating him so much?
Status: Complete / One Shot
Genres: Drama / Tragedy


Guess who's back
Sinnoh: A Tale of Time and Space by Dmerle - As their time at school comes to an end, Blake and Hugh, two budding trainers prepare to embark on their journey across Sinnoh, collecting gym badges, and battling to become the best. But with tales of a legendary Pirate who boards and plunders ships and ransacks towns at will heading towards Sinnoh, and whispers of a strange organization calling themselves Team Galactic, the two find themselves plunged into an adventure neither had ever imagined.

Status: Chaptered Fic, (ongoing.)
Genres: Adventure/Action/Mystery
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