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Fan Fiction Catalog: Entry Thread


Makes me wonder...
Even though the guys ban ends i ntwo days, you should really check put this fic

Title: ~*~the lauren chronicles~*~
Tagline: One small dream becomes reality in the eyes of another...
Genre: adventure, comedy, romantic at parts, thriller, at parts, fantasy
PLace in: sinnoh

Even though you might find this wierd, there is a girl with telekenisis in in... anywyas read it, its awesome!
It is not vompleted yet


extra toasty
Griff, added

Leafeon12, denied. You cannot add a Fic for someone. If they really want their Fic in this catalog, they can post it themselves.

elyvorg, added

~*~milotic~*~, the Fic does not have to be completed.
Erm.. may I suggest something.

There are many completed fic which are really good but not on this catalog because the authors have left or haven't bothered posting here. In that case, I think people should be allowed to post other's fics if they haven't themselves.


extra toasty
poke poke said:
There are many completed fic which are really good but not on this catalog because the authors have left or haven't bothered posting here. In that case, I think people should be allowed to post other's fics if they haven't themselves.
Yes, but if the Author (for some reason) does not want their Fic advertised here, that would cause problems between the Author(since it is their Fic), whomever posted the information here(since that would be bad), and me(because I added it even though the Author never gave permission [and I don't want any enemies]).

And the Catalog itself is rather large already, which makes it harder to add Fics/edit the list. I'm not kidding; the list takes about ten minutes to save after editing - and that's just when Serebii isn't lagging. You people don't understand how hard it is to be the "owner" of the thread. You might just think that 'Oh big deal, people post the info about their Fic and you push EDIT and add it. Big whoop.' But it is a lot harder. When anyone adds their Fic the post just has the info, but on the actualy list their are many codes and precedures(sp?) to get it to save correctly. Most of the time is doesn't appear the right way because maybe I forgot to add a simple ']' at the end of a code. Then I have people yelling at me because I forgot an end bracet which messed up the way it appeared. After that I have to go back an edit it which takes even longer just to fix one little mistake.

This is my thread, so I make the rules. If an Author really wants their Fic here then they can just go ahead and post the simple 6-8 lines of information themselves. I'm going through the whole entire list and will be checking every single link. If one doesn't work or the Fic has been closed/completed/etc then I will do what needs to be done.

Everyone clear now? 'Kaygoodthanksgoodbyefornow


Title: The Gates of Moonlight
Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=345903
Quick Information: The moon and the truth can never be hidden. A war abruptly breaks out. Tensions are high, limits are pushed and hearts are filled with fear. Yet love, despite being pitted against hatred and cruelty, is victorious among all.
Genres: Adventure / Mystery
Degree of Completion In-Progress
TypeL Pokemon Chaptered fic.
Location Johto.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
Title: Pokémon Crusade
Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=263312
Quick Info: Fear of his past made Jack run away into an unknown revolution. Fear of not having control will provoke an organization to unleash the greatest terror the world will ever know. Fear of losing what they have inspires them to fight. But fear is what they must conquer to be victorious.
Genre: Action/Tragedy
Degree of Completion: In Progess
Type: Pokémon Chaptered Fic
Region: Kanto and Sinnoh


♚ get s l e a z y
Hey heres mine

Title: ~*~The Lauren Chronicles~*~
Link: click the pic on my sig.
Genre: Action, adventure, fantasy. Romance at points, and suspense.
Status: Not completed
Type: POkemon chaptered fic
region: sinnoh


I review too!
Title: Taxonomy of the Heart
Quick Summary: It’s a fic about drugs that make you happy…all the time. No one deals with their problems the traditional way, there’s a pill to lift your spirits and protect you from regret, remorse, grief, and guilt. The main character, Michael, has been “dealing with” the vivid memory of his parents’ death (he witnessed the murder-suicide that took them) with a pill for so long and he begins to question the sanity of the whole thing. This is when he meets Michelle in a bar. Together they begin to search for meaning in this drugged-up world. There are pokemon involved, but it’s kind of a twist, so I can’t say how.
Genre: Suspense, Drama
Degree of Completion: In Progress.
Type: Pokemon Chaptered Fic
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Bone-ified dinosaur
Hi, I know you said that you were refurbishing the first post and stuff and that fics might not get added right away, but you've added fics since I asked for mine to be added and mine has not. Here's the link to the original post. I'm not angry or anything, you probably just missed it or forgot or something, this is just a reminder :).


Title: Serial: The Book
Summary: The story of one, a Gallade, trying to find a true place in the world. Sadly this world looks down upon murder. And that's all he knows.
Genre: Horror/Pokemon POV
Degree Of Completion: In progress (On Hiatus)
Type: Pokemon Chaptered Fic
Region: (Johto)


Naval warfare geek
Title: The Silent Service in a New World
Genre: Supernatural/Adventure
Type: Pokemon Chaptered Fic
Status: In progress
The USS Humpback was prepared for anything the Empire of Japan could throw at it-but not for being transported to a new and strange world.....