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Fan Fiction Quarterly: Edition 7 (Special Edition) Planning Thread

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by AmericanPi, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Greetings, denizens of the SPPf Fan Fiction Forum! As most of you probably know already, the Fan Fiction Quarterly is an online periodical of sorts run and written by Fan Fiction forum contributors. Every three or so months, an edition of the Quarterly is posted, featuring a current fic, spotlighting a fic from the Completed Fics archives, laying out upcoming events, and presenting a fun writing challenge.

    There have been six FFQ issues so far: Edition 1, Edition 2, Edition 3, Edition 4, Edition 5, and Edition 6.

    This thread's purpose is to organize and plan for Edition 7 of the Fan Fiction Quarterly, which will hopefully be published on January 1, 2017. (General discussion and planning of the FFQ should go here.) One of the biggest changes the FFQ has gone through is that contribution has now opened up to any interested SPPf members. As in, if you're interested in helping write the FFQ, you totally can!

    I am sorry to say that Edition 7 will be the last Fan Fiction Quarterly issue that I, American--Pi, will be organizing. Edition 6 of the FFQ took much longer than anticipated to publish, mostly because I've been spending more and more of my time on other endeavors besides the SPPf Fan Fiction Quarterly. This was added to a lack of motivation, a seemingly low community response and readership, and my desire to work on other personal projects. All of the above factors prompted me to make the decision to discontinue being in charge of publishing new FFQ issues.

    The fate of the Fan Fiction Quarterly as a whole is undecided as of now, but no matter what happens, I hope everyone knows that planning and publishing several FFQ Editions has been a very fun and rewarding experience for me. This was a tough decision, but one that I feel must be taken. I just feel that I want to focus on other projects besides the FFQ, so I won't be able to be the editor everyone deserves. If anyone wishes to take the reins of the FFQ now that I've stepped down, I will throw my complete support behind that person, and wish him or her luck.

    The good news is, I've decided to stick around for one more issue. This issue, Edition 7, will be a Special Edition - it will be extra long, and include a lot of extra content to celebrate who we are as a community. The target release date of this issue is January 1, 2017, because its idea is to give a nice preview for the year ahead. I hope to make my last issue as excellent as possible as a thank-you to the SPPf Fan Fiction community, which has been wonderful to me throughout all this time.

    Because it is a Special Edition, Edition 7 of the Fan Fiction Quarterly will be written in a different way than the previous few Editions. We will try our best to get the issue published on the target publish date (January 1, 2017), but the deadline will be flexible because this is a special edition. In addition, this Special Edition will include some extra sections for all of us to enjoy. Ideas for possible sections are below, and feel free to use this thread to discuss which sections will be written into the Special Edition.

    (Note: * indicates a traditional section that every FFQ has.)
    *Editor's Choice (maybe consider splitting this up into Featured New Fic and Featured Established Fic?)
    Something from Shipping Fics
    Noteworthy One-shot
    Author Spotlight
    *Reviewers' Feature
    *Blast From The Past
    Advice for Aspiring Authors
    *Quarterly Challenge

    Here is the schedule I will attempt to follow when creating the FFQ's Special Edition. I understand that I have been pretty bad at following the previous schedules I have laid out, and I apologize for that. However, since this issue will give contributors a little more time than usual, I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to stick to this schedule.

    Now to October 1: The Sign-up Phase. In this phase, contributors - mods and members alike - will sign up in this thread to contribute to the issue, using the following form:

    [i]Username:[/i] (Your SPPf username.)
    [i]Google Account:[/i] (The Google Account you would like to use to contribute to the Edition. Note that you don't need to reveal any personal information - a non-personal Google Account works wonders with contributing.)
    [i]Skype Username:[/i] (Optional. Skype allows for a faster, instant-messaging-like means of communication, but it's definitely possible to use only your Google Account for contributing.)
    [i]Preferred Sections:[/i] (List the FFQ sections you are interested in writing. Note that for this special issue, we would prefer some extra sections, so if you have an idea for a section that isn't in any of the previous FFQs you may list down that section here. Take a look at the previous editions to get an idea of how the sections should be written.)

    And that's it! Please make sure all of the form is filled, especially the Google Account field, as your Google Account is your primary way of contributing. Once you've signed up, you will be able to access the FFQ document, which I will send to you. Only moderators and people who have signed up as contributors can view, comment on, and edit the FFQ document. After all, if anyone could look at the FFQ's progress at any time, there's less of a point in releasing the completed FFQ at a certain time.

    Feel free to list down sections even if someone else has already listed them; we may need you to step in if the original person ends up unable to complete the section.

    October 2 to October 7: Once the initial sign-up phase closes, we will move into the Delegation Phase. During this phase, I will email you your assignment - the section you are assigned to write.

    October 7 to December 26: The Writing Phase. During this phase, contributors will write their assigned sections.

    November 1 to November 5: The Check-in Phase. During this phase, I will send emails and PMs to all the contributors, checking in on their progress. This is the time to drop out if you don't think you can finish your section by January 1. If I don't receive a status update by the end of this phase, I will assume that you are unable to finish your section in time, and your section will be assigned to someone else.

    November 6 to December 26: The Second Sign-up Phase. During this phase, people interested in contributing can sign up with the above form to write sections, given that original contributors have dropped out and/or there are still sections that need to be written. In this phase I will make a post letting everyone know if people can sign up, and if so, people interested in writing can go ahead and sign up.

    December 26: The Writing Phase closes and moves into the Final Scramble Phase. During this phase, anyone who has signed up for contributing can edit the document until it is 100% ready for posting.

    January 1, 2017: Edition 7 (Special Edition) of the Fan Fiction Quarterly goes up. Any contributor can take the finished document and post it into the Authors' Cafe.​

    Please note that these dates are more like guidelines than deadlines. We want to make sure the Special Edition of the Fan Fiction Quarterly is extra special, so don't be afraid to take a bit more time to finish your section. Remember, all of this should be a fun process, and if you have any suggestions on how to make the FFQ writing process or the FFQ in general even more awesome, feel free to post them in this thread or the general FFQ Future Planning thread. If you have any questions in general, feel free to PM me or one of the Fan Fiction mods or post them in this thread.

    I'd like to note that in the highly unlikely event that I suddenly go AWOL for a month, any Fan Fiction mod has the right to decide the fate of the FFQ.

    Finally, a big thank-you to the SPPf Fan Fiction moderators, anyone who will contribute to this issue, and the SPPf Fan Fiction community in general. Without all of you, this project will not be possible. So thanks!
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2016

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