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Fan Fiction Recommendations & Reviewers' Leaderboard


Winter can't come soon enough
(Leaderboard updated May 31, 9:10 PM EDT)

The Fan Fiction Recommendation & Reviewers' Leaderboard Thread

Welcome to version 2 of the SPPf Fan Fiction Recommendation & Reviewing Thread!

To view the original topic, click here!

What we've got here is your one-stop shop for showing the world (or, at least, whoever's viewing the forums) the fics that you enjoy. This topic is for giving some love to fics you're currently reading, or for taking part in a friendly little reviewing competition: the Reviewers' Leaderboard.

Please note that Leaderboard participation is by no means mandatory. It was created as a way to recognize those folks going above and beyond the call of reviewing duty and try to offer some encouragement to those hesitant to review. While authors would love it if you can review their works, we understand that you all lead busy lives, and sometimes that's not easy to do. So, if you'd like to give a fic or an author a shout-out (maybe you've been sucked in, or you're planning to review at a later date), you can do so here. Fics, oneshots, posts in the drabble thread. They're all welcome here. I only ask that, for the sake of avoiding spam and clutter, you try to group your shout-outs together into one post. And avoid the shameless plugging, because there's a thread for that already. Sounds simple enough, right? :)

If you are interested in joining the Leaderboard competition, I've got all the details for you right down here.

How it works is simple:

1. Review any fic on Fan Fiction. This includes completed works, oneshots, and non-Pokémon fics, but not shipping fics as those are a separate community and thus will not count! If a fic is being hosted on other sites besides Serebii (e.g. FanFiction.net), you are free to copy over your review to the Serebii topic. However, only reviews posted on the forums can count toward the Leaderboard.

2. Copy the link to your review, then paste it as a link in this thread. When you make your post, please note down how many points your review nets you, according to this chart:
- For every chapter covered in a review, you will receive 1 point. This means that you should mention something specifically from the reviewed chapter. It can just be sentence or two!
-Unfortunately, things get a bit more difficult if you simply submit a very broad, sweeping review for a cluster of chapters, without making specific references (or, as some members call them, "general reviews"). In this case, it may end up being a case-by-case basis, based on how in-depth the review. But if you do post a really broad review, tell me how many chapters you read and I'll try to award as many points as possible, within reason. Right now I'm kind of operating on 1 point per cluster of 5 chapters in a short, general review.
- Reviewing the monthly featured fic will net you 10 bonus points, in addition to whatever points you collect from the above. Featured fics are always located at the bottom of this post.
- If that featured fic is one of Del's Hidden Gems, however, it's worth 15 points, not 10.
- With permission from the mods, certain months may feature special point bonuses. If the current month has a special bonus, it will be announced at the start of the month, and the bonus will be shown at the bottom of this post, along with the featured fic.

It would be of great help to me if you could also note your total for the month whenever you post. Here's an example of what a post for the leaderboard could look like:

Operation Cloudburst +1
Skybound +1
Foul Play +1
Total: +3
Running total: 160
You do not have to follow this format exactly. Do whatever you would like to spice it up. Want to leave a little blurb recommending a fic? Go for it! Just as long as you note how many points you get, we're good.

3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the end of the month, when the results are posted. If you’ve gotten the top score for that month, then you’ll be featured on the high scores section of the next post.

4. At the end of each year, all of the topmost scores are collected and analyzed. Whoever had been crowned #1 the most frequently and whoever earns the highest 12-month total will both get awesome swag. Assuming it's not the same person, of course.

Speaking of which...


Awesome swag, you say?!

Why, yes, disembodied voice! Achieve a high ranking, and you’ll receive the following swag:

For the Top Reviewer of the Month: For achieving the top score in a single month, your name will be featured on the list of high scorers in the next post! You—yes, you—will be immortalized in a permanent list of winners right here in this thread! You may also be eligible for an interview in Nerdy McNerdface's "Interviewing the Reviewers" thread (if you haven’t had one already).

For the Top Reviewer of the Year: For being crowned the Top Reviewer of the Month more often than any other top scorer, you’ll receive the following badge on your postbit:

You will also receive a guaranteed interview, even if you’ve already been interviewed perviously. The scope and variety of questions just might be a little different.

For the High Scorer of the Year: For reviewing the most fics overall in a year, you will receive all of the above, plus a non-legendary shiny of your choice in the current gen of games (Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon are recommended, due to moveset changes that are incompatible with Sun and Moon).

(Credit to JX Valentine for the current prize lineup. More prizes may be added later. I'm looking into a small prize for those willing to put in the time to craft a 20+ chapter review. If you’d like to volunteer to pitch a prize into the ring, please don’t hesitate to reach out!)

For those of you who already have the badge: Then you get fame and glory.


Now, there must be rules to this thing…

Yes again, good voice! Before setting off on your reviewing sprees, please note the following:

1. As mentioned earlier, only fics within Fan Fiction or its subforums will count. This means reviews to Shipping Fics do not count, but reviews to Completed Fics and Non-Pokémon Fics do. Assuming they don’t violate any other rule listed here, of course.

2. All fics must meet the standards for Fan Fiction, and all reviews should follow the forum's guidelines. That is to say, they must follow the rules outlined in Rules for Readers, on the Fan Fiction Rules. Or in other words, no one-liner reviews, and the review must be specific, relevant to the story, and not a flame to count. Likewise, the review must not bump a thread if the fic is not eligible to be bumped. (Please see the forum’s rules thread for further information on this and more.)

3. If you’ve already reviewed the story, then you may still submit a link to a review for that same story. (For example, if you’ve reviewed chapter four, then yes, you may also submit a review for chapter five.) However! There must be a post by another member in between. You cannot, for example, sit down and submit six different posts for a fic in Completed in rapid succession and have them all count. (I mean, among other things, this breaks the no double posts rule, so…)

4. Yes, you must actually submit links to this thread to have them count. At the same, try your best to state how many points your review is worth as well as your total score after submitting reviews, although you’re free to submit multiple links in a post. Otherwise, the folks maintaining the leaderboard can’t count what they don’t know about. :(

5. If engaging in a reviewing spree, try to wait until you're done, then gather up your links and post them all at once to avoid flooding the thread.
-- If, however, you've finished a spree but managed to fit in a fic or few after the fact, check the timestamp at the very beginning of this post before editing yours. If the timestamp had been updated, please make a new post so the scorekeepers can see you're making a new report. If the timestamp hadn't been updated, feel free to hit the edit button.

And that’s it! ^_^ Not too bad, right? As always, feel free to ask questions or make comments (yes, even to congratulate newly crowned winners!) below.

Happy reviewing!


The current featured fics are Marika_CZ's short story The Missing One, and Rediamond's guidance. A review of either will net you 10 bonus points!

The current Review Game subject is Virgil134's Casting Off. You can earn points toward the Leaderboard and set yourself up as the next contestant. What's not to love? ^^

The Deli Hidden Gem bonus is now in play! A review of Starlight Aurate's Drowning will get you 15 bonus points!


To see the current scores for the month, click here!
(Please let me know if you see anything wrong with the scoring spreadsheet!)​
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Winter can't come soon enough
Ye Ole Liste of Monthly High Scores

Reviewer of the Year: Negrek

Reviewer of the Month:
May/June: Negrek
July: Negrek
August: Sike Saner
September: DreamSayer
October: Cutlerine
November: Cutlerine
December: Negrek
January: Cutlerine
February: Negrek
March: Negrek
April: Negrek
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Gone. Not coming back.
In the spirit of recommendation and review, let's break the new thread in with a review of one of my favourite current fics, shall we?

Phantom Project
(one chapter) +1
Running total: 1

If you're not reading Phantom Project, and if you like character-driven fiction, then-- actually no, don't read Phantom Project, read the prequel, Survival Project, and then read Phantom Project. That way, chapter four will get you with a proper emotional gut punch, and also you will have read two great character-driven fics instead of one.


Lost but Seeking


Winter can't come soon enough
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Winter can't come soon enough
If you're interested in what I can only call a twisted, Pokémon-ified take on The Odd Couple, I cannot recommend Salvage's latest chapter enough. +1 for 1 chapter.
Alternatively, if you've binged the entired of the BBC's Sherlock already, you could try reading this chapter of System:Reboot. Also +1
Total: +2
Monthly total: 41

On a totally unrelated note, I've combed over the previous thread, and everyone's YTD totals are now available to view. The current rule format was applied. Only a couple of users actually lost points with the removal of the bonuses, and generally speaking I tried to be as generous as possible, especially during the May/June round when things were just getting under way. Hopefully for some of you this means your score is higher than you were expecting. But please feel free to PM me if you think there's a discrepancy. I tried my best here, but I'm only human. ;~;
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Gone. Not coming back.
PMD: Odyssey to Dawn (two chapters) +2
Clear Skies Above (one chapter) +1
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light (two chapters, one bonus) +3
Update total: +6
Running total: +7

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light is the best PMD fic I've read in a long time, and it keeps getting better the longer it continues; take this as a strong recommendation from me. The new revised edition of DreamSayer's PMD: Odyssey to Dawn is looking much stronger than the first version, and Clear Skies Above is off to a really promising start -- I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're looking for something new that you can catch up on quickly!


Winter can't come soon enough
We've got ourselves a new trainer fic that's got multiple perspectives and some elements of random chance involved in it. Clear Skies Above is off to an interesting start so far. And the second, third, and fourth chapters proved even more entertaining. (Four chapters, +4)
Phalanx is back with a bang. A pretty hilarious one too in the form of chapter 3 of Ionization. The chapter name alone ought to sell you. (+1)
System:Reboot is gearing up for a new arc, and I didn't see it coming. (+1)
And, in a change of pace for me, took a look at So Close, which is a nifty bit of character exploration from the Ace Attorney universe. (+1)
Total: +7
Monthly total: 48, because I apparently can't do math and didn't add the 2 points in my last post.
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Lost but Seeking

Overall: +7
Total: 11


Gone. Not coming back.
Master Quest: Beginnings (one chapter) +1
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light (two chapters) +2
Ionization (one chapter) +1
Update total: +4
Running total: 11

I'll admit it's not quite my thing, since I'm not really an anime person, but if you like the anime, then Master Quest: Beginnings is one of relatively few fics on these forums working in that canon; PMD:GL, in addition to being shortenable into a throat-stopping acronym, continues to be good -- better actually than I give it credit for in my review, since something that I couldn't decide whether it was intentional or not turned out to actually be very much intentional; and Ionization is back with a new chapter, which is frankly great news.


Lost but Seeking
Total: +7
Overall Total: +18


Winter can't come soon enough
Howdy, folks. Quick announcement for those partaking in the leaderboard:

With Yuletide just hours away from dropping and the results of the oneshot contest also coming soon, the leaderboard is going to have a holiday/New Year's oneshot special. That's right, from now until the end of January, if you review any oneshot that's posted in December or January (Yuletide/contest submissions included) you will receive 2 points! (I'm also going to apply this retroactively for Negrek's and Bay's oneshot reviews that they just posted.) I did run the idea by both Jax and AmericanPi just to be safe, and they were both fine with it.

So, if you were planning on looking Yuletide submissions over, why not score some review points off of it too? Have fun, and happy holidays! ^_^


Gone. Not coming back.


Winter can't come soon enough
Yuletidemas cheer time!

+1 System:Reboot with a hilarious take on a classic Christmas tale.
+2 Ice Hazard a satisfying saltfest about how much snow sucks in Pokémon.
+2 The Evening Thief, a fun little PMD-style romp pitting a Furret against a shifty outlaw.
+2 Fourfold a super-trippy Yuletide story perfect for those who want timey-wimey shenanigans.
+1 Sibling Rivalry, where the power of friendship is in full swing.
+2 Droplets of Joy, which has some fun with feathered friends.
Total: +10
Monthly total: 82

EDIT: Aaaaaaand I forgot +2 for Wild Horses in Winter, which I recommend for any fans of pre-tech Pokémon stories or period pieces (namely things taking place in the Great Plains).
Monthly total: 84
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