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Fan Fiction Recommendations & Reviewers' Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Negrek, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    The Fan Fiction Recommendation & Reviewers' Leaderboard Thread

    Welcome to version 3 of the SPPf Fan Fiction Recommendation & Reviewing Thread! You can check out previous versions here and here!

    The reviewing leaderboard is a friendly competition intended to encourage members of the fanfic section to review more and give a shout-out to some of the stories they've enjoyed. Write reviews, earn points, and win fun prizes! Each month is a new opportunity to snag the title of top reviewer.

    Interested? Check out this month's scores, or read on to learn how to join in on the game. Note that you absolutely don't need to participate in the leaderboard if you want to review; don't hesitate to get out there and leave comments on your favorite fics! If you're interested in a little friendly competition, though, logging your reviews at the leaderboard will let you throw your hat in the ring with some of SPPf's best reviewers and give you a shot at some fun prizes!

    How to Play

    1. Review anything in the Fan Fiction forum. This includes completed works, and non-Pokémon fics, but not shipping fics, as those are part of a separate community. However, if you review a fic hosted outside of Serebii (e.g. FanFiction.net), you are free to copy your review to the Serebii topic and count it for the leaderboard, but reviews made solely off-site are ineligible.

    2. Copy the link to your review, then paste it as a link in this thread. When you make your post, please note down how many points your review nets you, according to these guidelines:

    - For every chapter covered in a review, you will get 1 point. This means that you should mention something specifically from the reviewed chapter. It can be just a sentence or two!
    - For a broad, sweeping review that does not mention every single chapter, you get 1 point for every five chapters covered. If you're not sure whether your review is specific enough to qualify for the one-point-per-chapter rate, feel free to ask!
    - Reviewing a featured fic will net you 10 bonus points, in addition to whatever points you collect from the above. Featured fics are always located at the bottom of this post.
    - Reviewing one of Del's Hidden Gems will get you 15 points. The Hidden Gem appears every quarter in "Del's Delicious Fanfiction Deli," which is posted in the Authors' Café subforum. Check it out!

    Certain months may feature special point bonuses or additional events! If the current month has a special bonus, it will be announced at the start of the month, and the bonus will be shown at the bottom of this post, along with the featured fics.

    3. Format your post so it includes the total number of points you're claiming for reviews and the total points you've earned this month. Here's an example of what that might look like:

    You don't need to follow this format exactly, as long as it's clear how many points you're claiming and how many you've earned this month. If you plan on going on a review spree and posting a large number of reviews in a short period of time, then it would probably be better to wait until you've finished all your reviews to gather them into one big post, rather than posting individually. This avoids double-posting problems and any potential for the person in charge of tracking the leaderboard missing any fics you might otherwise want to edit in later.

    That's it! The leaderboard maintainer will keep track of your score until the end of the month, when the reviewers with the highest scores will receive their accolades and sweet prizes. The leaderboard season runs for one year, at the end of which the person who's earned the most points overall will win even more acclaim and sweet prizes!

    Speaking of which...


    Each month, the top-scoring reviewer will receive a shout-out in the thread, and their name will be permanently added to the Hall of Fame in the second post of this thread. If they haven't already, they'll be featured in Nerdy McNerdface's "Interviewing the Reviewers" thread. They'll also be one step closer to earning the big prize, Reviewer of the Year!

    The person who earns the most points over an entire year will be given pride of place in the Hall of Fame as well as an interview, whether they've received one before or not. Expect the scope and variety of questions to be a little different than for a monthly interview! Additional prizes are still being worked out--if you'd like make a suggestion or offer something as a prize, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

    Additional Rules

    1. All reviews must follow the rules laid out in the Fan Fiction Rules thread--you'll want to look mostly at the "Rules for Readers" section. For the most part this means no one-liner reviews, and reviews must be specific, relevant to the story, and not a flame to count.

    2. You can review the same story as many times as you like without any penalty to your points (assuming you're writing reviews for new or substantially rewritten material). However, you must wait until at least one other person has posted in the thread before you leave another review--no swooping in to drop six reviews in quick succession. If you intend to review a large number of chapters at once, it's better to wait until you're finished with all of them and combine them in one large post.

    3. Only reviews submitted to this thread as described above count towards your leaderboard score. The people maintaining the leaderboard can’t count what they don’t know about!

    And that’s it! ^_^ Not too bad, right? As always, feel free to ask questions or make comments (yes, even to congratulate newly-crowned winners!) below.

    Happy reviewing!

    Featured Fics

    The current featured fics are Virgil134's Casting Off and TikTok13's Skybound. A review of either will net you 10 bonus points!

    For the month of January, review any one-shot for double points!

    Hunter, Haunted is the current story in the Review Game! Drop a review, earn points, and get in the running to have someone else review you back. What's not to love? ^^

    The Deli Hidden Gem bonus is now in play! A review of Starlight Aurate's Drowning will get you 15 bonus points!
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
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  2. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    Season Two: 2018-2019
    May: Negrek
    June: DeliriousAbsol
    July: canisaries
    August: Cutlerine
    September: Namohysip
    October: Cutlerine
    November: N/A
    December: DeliriousAbsol
    January: NebulaDreams
    February: Namohysip

    Season One: 2017-2018
    Reviewer of the Year: Negrek

    Reviewer of the Month:
    May/June: Negrek
    July: Negrek
    August: Sike Saner
    September: DreamSayer
    October: Cutleurine
    November: Cutlerine
    December: Negrek
    January: Cutlerine
    February: Negrek
    March: Negrek
    April: Negrek
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 21, 2019
  3. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    Many thanks to Ambyssin for running V2 for more months than he bargained for, and to Negrek for stepping up to run V3! You both rock. Time to break in the new thread:

    +3 Beasts and Beauties

    Running total: 3
  4. DeliriousAbsol

    DeliriousAbsol Call me Del

  5. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

  6. DeliriousAbsol

    DeliriousAbsol Call me Del

    The Curious and the Shiny - 3 Chapters +3

    Running total = 9
  7. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    +1 Beasts and Beauties
    +1 M0NdAYZ - A fun PMD one-shot with an interesting world that could easily make for a full chapterfic if expanded upon. But as-is, it's self-contained. Check it out if you want a quick, bite-size serving of PMD!

    Running total: 14
  8. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    All right, it's time to bring in some new featured fics! This month's features are all about transformation, but come at it from totally different angles.

    @RocketKnight66's Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Celestial Guardians is a classic PMD story of a boy turned pokémon, called to take on a fantastic quest. Expect action, adventure, and plenty of new friends in the colorful world of pokémon!

    On the other hand, @unrepentantAuthor's Different Eyes is about a pokémon who longs to become human. This is a thoughtful fic that takes a close look at what separates humans and pokémon and what it might be like living as a pokémon in human civilization... and what might happen to a pokémon who wanted more.

    Reviewing either of these stories will earn you 10 points in addition to whatever the review normally would have been worth. You have until the middle of July! Also, if there are any fics out there that you think deserve a feature, just drop me a line! I'm always happy to shine a light on stories that might otherwise have been overlooked.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
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  9. Cutlerine

    Cutlerine Gone. Not coming back.

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Celestial Guardians (five chapters) +5 (+10 bonus = +15)
    Land of the Roses (one chapter) +1
    The Wysteria Files (one chapter) +1
    The Alola Pokédex (one entry) +1
    Running total: 18

    PMD: Celestial Guardians is a fun PMD romp; Land of the Roses continues to deliver a really striking contest sequence; The Wysteria Files' tension is ratcheting up another few notches as the narrator finds herself in trouble; The Alola Pokédex is an exceptionally good entry into the "fun pokémon encyclopaedia thing" genre. (That's the official name. I don't make the rules.) All warmly recommended!
  10. DeliriousAbsol

    DeliriousAbsol Call me Del

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
  11. Cutlerine

    Cutlerine Gone. Not coming back.

    Land of the Roses (one chapter) +1
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light (three chapters, one bonus) +4
    Phantom Project (one chapter) +1
    Update total: +6
    Running total: 24

    You've heard me recommend all of these before, but I'd like to draw particular attention to Phantom Project -- it updates less frequently than the other two, so you may not be as familiar with it, but it's very much worth your time. Some familiarity with the prequel, Survival Project, is definitely a bonus when reading it, though I think that Phantom Project shows signs of being the more polished entry in the series. But like, I quite like Survival Project too, so you know, maybe you should read that too.
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  12. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    And that's game for June! Let's look at the scores.

    In third place, with 14 points, we have Chibi Pika!

    In second place, with 24 points, it's Cutlerine!

    And our top reviewer for June, with 30 points, is DeliriousAbsol!​

    Since all the winners this month have already been interviewed, I'll be working out an alternative prize to offer DeliriousAbsol. Congratulations to this month's winners, and the scores are reset to zero. It's anyone's game in July!
  13. canisaries

    canisaries sometimes i get a deadache, yeah

    Figured I might as well try to post here... it's not much but it's something.

    +1 System:Reboot (PMD)
    +1 Ills

    Total: 2
    Monthly total: 2

    Ills is a quick read suitable especially for fans of alternate real-life history featuring Pokémon.
    For S:R, I haven't read enough of it yet to recommend it.

    Hope I did this right.
  14. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    Looks good to me! Thanks for playing.
  15. Cutlerine

    Cutlerine Gone. Not coming back.

    The Wysteria Files (one chapter) +1
    The Alola Pokédex (four entries) +4
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light (two chapters) +2
    Running total: 7

    You've read my recommendations for all of these before, but now you can read the whole of season one of The Wysteria Files all in one go, if you like! It just wrapped up, making this the perfect time for a spooky conspiracy binge.
  16. Starlight Aurate

    Starlight Aurate Just a fallen star

    I thought I'd go ahead and give this a play!

    Salvage +5: Love Team Rocket? Love Mew, Mewtwo, and shapeshifting? Negrek's detailed and suspenseful story never failed to satisfy!
    A Mew Me: Reborn +1: Another story about Mew, this time of how Mew gave her life for her surrogate child.

    Running total: 6

    I think I did this right... ?
  17. DeliriousAbsol

    DeliriousAbsol Call me Del

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Guiding Light - 3 Chapters +3

    Running total = 3
  18. canisaries

    canisaries sometimes i get a deadache, yeah

    +2 System:Reboot (PMD)
    +1 System:Reboot (PMD) (Not sure if this counts? It mentions some stuff on one chapter but has more about the 4 first chapters as a whole. I'll fix the total and monthly total according to the answer.)

    Total: 3
    Monthly total: 5
  19. DeliriousAbsol

    DeliriousAbsol Call me Del

  20. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    @canisaries: I consider that one point, simply because the general part of the review was covering chapters you'd already claimed points for, and in general it shouldn't be possible for comments on one chapter to "count" twice. So your post is correct as it stands (+3 for 5 total). It was nice that you gave a wrap-up on your overall thoughts, though.

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