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Fanal!'s sprite thread


Here are some of my sprites. I know I'm not the best spriter out here but I hope that you can enjoy my work.

C+C would be appreciated.


These are fairly interesting at the very least. I don't know what you fused that Swampert with but the result looks pretty good, although the shading on the arms and its leg is weird with a rocky surface, probably because you removed Swampert's orange parts and didn't replace them. The Samurott/Blastoise has a pretty horrible anatomy, the legs don't seem like they could support the weight, especially since Samurott is quadrupedal to begin with, and the neck is twisted weirdly, which the stripe markings further accentuate. Those four little fusions on the first row are really well done though, although their designs are rather unambitious. I like how you scratched some parts.

Entei/Raikou is great and show some promise, the electricity is scratched rather well, however I think you should add some stripes to the body. Maybe even only on the neck fur, but the yellow looks quite plain right now. Rocky Doduo is a fantastic idea, and you did a decent job on the spriting. The shading is spot-on on the heads and just a little bit off on the body. Your best one, imo.

That last, thing (is it a scratch?) is okay, but nothing special. The shading isn't by far curved enough and the outline could use some work. I'm not really particularly charmed by the design, either. What is it?

Overall I enjoyed these, so that's a good thing. You need to work on shading and anatomy a little and just try to put that little extra creativity into your fusions.


something or other
I like Raltsaron and the Entei. They both look awesome.
1. I think the first one is Swampert/Dusclops

2. What is in Mudkip's body? Is it Deino/Cubchoo/Mudkip?

3. Did you combine Oshawott and an eskimo? if not what is it

4. I am also interested in what the last design is...a fan made pokemon? It seems like it was based off of Regirock...