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Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures! (784)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Adventures in Unova' started by Serebii, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Marbi Z

    Marbi Z Cin-Der-Race!

    Well... Lets see what these DA islands are like.
  2. moneylesswario

    moneylesswario Shudo's Powerhouses

    The opening (not the song) for Adventures in Unova And Beyond sucks, particularly the first six seconds or so. The rest of it is just a bunch of scenes slapped together. The only part I liked was when Ash stepped on the puddle. I also laughed at how Cilan didn't appear until the end.

    As for the episode, I didn't like it much. Looks like Zoppi's back to work on his rhymes and stupid dialogue, full on.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2013
  3. (N/A) Well, I liked Sarah Natochenny's Ash at the beginning of the episode for actually putting emotion in to the dream sequence, and she did a good job with that scene. The rest of the episode she was okay, but kinda bland.

    (+ and -) The opening was good, but the "and beyond" insert was very lazily and hastily done, IMO.

    (-) I just skipped over Professor Oak's scenes so I don't have to hear his voice after hearing the first 5 seconds of it. Dear god, it just sounds really bad to me. X_X

    (N/A) Team Rocket sounded really good at the beginning of the episode when talking to Giovanni, but sounded downright awful in the second half during the battle on the ship. Overall, okay performances by their voice actors today. Not good, but not bad.

    (-) Gotta say, Carter Cathcart's James has a simply terrible laugh when he was talking about the twerps being "irritating brats" as he put it. "HA-HE-HE-YUH-EYUH!" >_<

    (+) However, Carter Cathcart's Meowth actually sounds a lot better than he has in a while. Much improved in terms of his pitch.

    (N/A) Michele Knotz is overacting as Jessie but she does a respectable and good job as Jessie as always, so no complaints or compliments from me today regarding her performance.

    (+) Porter's voice was pretty good, IMO.

    (N/A: I could care less) *TPCi Dubbing Error: Well, he says his name is Porter, but Ash called him Parker like his name was in the original JPN version. Not a big deal at all, though.*

    Dub Rating: 80/100 (B-)
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2013
  4. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    I dunno. To me, he's more "So bad, it's laughable" than "so bad, it's horrible." *shrugs*
  5. I guess that's fair enough! :)
  6. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    I'm glad that they're actually editing the opening for the respective arcs, but I don't like this one. It doesn't really show anything of importance, and it awkwardly ends right before Mewtwo would appear.

    I think this is the first english title to ever have a sub-title. It's also now the longest title.
  7. R?IDDl3R

    R?IDDl3R ace trainer

    well.... GOODBYE UNOVA GREAT PEOPLE GREAT TIMES! great region gonna miss some people but, were off on a new adventure!! i really enjoyed this episode, they did it so differently then other fillers, like the trio's attitude, that little first person perspective when they were running down the corridor we barely see that and those little text bubbles when pikachu was talking to axew haha loved the episode, bye professor juniper!!
  8. Phoenix6000

    Phoenix6000 An Alternate Reality

    You're right, it was worse.

    Agreed. That was without a doubt the worst dub opening animation to date.
  9. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    First episode of the Decolore Adventures wasn't "bad", but not the best. It was an okay start, but just with Team Rocket getting in the way (again).

    The opening, man was I off. I made a video showing 3 different versions of the DA scenes for the dub song. I hit the nail on the head about 3 times, but I got some scenes in different places (but in the right area).

    Also, at the end (before going to the title card), Mewtwo was suppose to appear. :( But he didn't.

  10. NPT

    NPT Just a member

    Just saw the episode, I'm glad TPCI updated the opening with footage from Summerly Slope.
    In this episode, Ash and the others finally leave Unova for new adventures in Decolore Islands and Team Rocket gets back to their goofy/funny selves(again!). It's hilarious when Porter introduced himself and Ash called him Parker.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2013
  11. Orton155

    Orton155 Pokemon Enthusiast

    So we leave Unova behind and we set out sights to Kanto and this will be the swan song before we hit the new X & Y anime. To be honest, I wasn't expecting a Team Rocket Centric episode and I was expecting a bit more reflection on the adventure in Unova (I suppose they are waiting until the end). However, I did enjoy this episode with Team Rocket antics going back to its original state. The dream scene was also cool.

    So we set sail (literally) for a new adventure. Onto the Decolore islands!
  12. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Ash is indirectly telling to us that Porter is a terrible name and should have kept his Japanese name (Parker).
  13. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Anyone who's only following the dub has literally no idea how much worse this arc is going to get.

    This episode is good compared to what you're going to be seeing in August and September.
  14. MidnightMelody

    MidnightMelody Hopeful for Gen 8

    But he is a ship guy so Porter works. If had to do with cars or driving Parker would work nicer. You don't park a ship in a parking lot...well you could but you would kill thousands of innocent people and their Pokemon.
  15. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    "Porter" does make sense consider how he's on a boat. Besides, it's not terrible and I like the sound of it.

    Very fitting considering the arc itself.
  16. Agreed on both accounts. Even if I myself don't really hold them in good esteem (far from it), I admit we have to give the dubbers some credit at the least.

    Really the only true problem I had with the way the dub handled this episode was the lazily "and beyond" added to the title screen. It's a moot point, though.

    Agreed. For what its worth, I feel he has a pretty good dub voice, too. The name is actually pretty good considering the nature of his job.

    ^Pretty much this.^
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2013
  17. WaterDragon trainer

    WaterDragon trainer Freak Like Me

    For me, this was a very uneventful episode. However, I do look forward to seeing Ash return to Kanto.
  18. Actually he's heading to some Islands just outside of Kanto first, but I won't spoil anything for you.
  19. theblazedtyphlosion

    theblazedtyphlosion New Member

    gonna miss unova like I miss brock and may and fooken everyone :'(
  20. ...Brock and May were not in Unova...

    Don't get me wrong, though, I miss them too.

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