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Fast or Slow?

Fast or slow?

  • Fast!

    Votes: 16 42.1%
  • Slow!

    Votes: 22 57.9%

  • Total voters

Pansy :]

When you get a new game do you like to rush through it or take it slow?

I personally try to take it slow because i tend to lose intrest pretty quickly once i get through the main game. But what about you?


Servant of Mewtwo #1
First time: Slow

After that whenever I reset or go through an older version, I go through as quick as possible. (Or Nuzlocke)


I am a fic-man
I usually intend to have a slow run, but then, somewhere along the lines I end up beating the last gym within the first day of playing.
Guess it just always sorta happens that way...


not the color
I tend to play quickly, although I took my time with HG. I'm not sure if that's part of the reason why I didn't find the experience especially thrilling or what, but I do like the idea of taking it slow. I'm going to have to take it somewhat slow anyway, as I will be rotating my Pokemon and will have to continuously level up my Pokemon to keep them in shape.


Quickly for Black, and Slowly for White.


Holier Than Thou
Hmm.. Medium pace? XD
I like to take my time in order to fully understand the story and appreciate the game, but at the same time I'm always eager to beat it.
I do tend to go a little bit slower though, because I take more time catching many of the new pokemon the first time I play to see what I like.
On subsequent playthroughs I generally don't catch as many pokemon and instead just use a few ones that I know are strong and can get through the game quickly.

Sara Hysaro

Well-Known Member
I try to take it slow for the most part. Walk around, talk everyone, explore the region...I take it so slow I don't even use the autorun in HG/SS. I like walking when I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere. I usually wind up beating the game in about a week if I'm excited about it, meaning to take it even slower. xD


Well-Known Member
Slow all the way. What's the fun in just beat the game in 2 seconds? I have to take everything in and appreciate everything for what it is.


Well-Known Member
Definitely slow for the first couple of playthrough so I can really understand the story and appreciate the region.

On subsequent play throughs I go a little faster but I always do everything there is to do so I always have a good impression of the game.

PKMN Trainer Rex

~'3'~ Swalot face
I take it nice and slow, get all the items i see, talk to everyone in the towns, and catch majority of the pokemon on the route. After a lot of runthroughs I speed up the pace because I already know whats ahead.
Take it slow.

I don't want to have a game I've been waiting for for quite some time to be over in about 2 weeks.

Del Mundo

Ghost Fan
Fast. It's not that I purposely get through the game asap. I just seem to get through things quickly. :)


Want a hug? :)
Slow for the majority of games.


Pokemon-- First 2 versions = slow. 3rd version = fast.

(like diamond&pearl i go slow. but when platnum is out, i know where everything is, what pokemon, and i go fast)