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Fastest times?


Hasty Ho Oh
I have just completed FR in 29 hours and 6 minutes.

But i reckon u could do it in under 25 tbh....I was time wasting near the start :p

So whats ur fastest times?

I did it with:

Zapdos, Atricuno, Kadabra, Blastiose and Snorlax in my team.
I have 25 or so, I think. On my LG.
I had Blastoise, Fearow, Dugtrio, Snorlax, Gengar, Magneton.


I had 23 hours and 44 minutes on my Leaf Green.
My team was Venasaur, Pidgeot, Nidoqueen, Jolteon, Ninetales, and Seadra.


I Love Pokemon
Is this the Elite 4 debute time?

EDIT: If so i beat it in 19 hours.


Hasty Ho Oh
:eek: Thats fast! 19 hours is seriously quick!

Wait, did u trade stuff over to do it faster? In that case you could do it a lot faster! :p


6 Marowaks, 1 Team
Umm... yeah, actually, I clocked in at over 400 hours. I was kinda lazy. Also, I'd leave it on for eight hours, but only play it for one-ish.


I Love Pokemon
Serious? lol i did 19 hours for my emerald to, i only trained my starter though for those files, i started again of FR
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I Love Pokemon
Nice time Ruzzy
I did it in about 20 with a level 80 charizard and 5 level 5's

Edit: Rank up!
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I clocked in at 28:04:36 for Leaf Green, this being the first 3rd gen game that I have owned. I could probably go faster if I tried it again.


I have made my hall of fame debut in LG in about 18 hours. (no time wasting, but no bigger rushing either)
I didn't have any pokemon that were traded.


I love garlic. :P
24:34... Mahh, i'm not quick training.


Psephophthalmus artu
lol i did emerald in 7 hours flat only cuz i knew all the ins and outs from R/S but LG/FR took a bit longer at 9:37