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Fat People


I'm just curious , what do you Guys
consider "fat" to be?... Weather or not someone is overweight, what they look like? . On the whole fat issue I think everyone has a right to their own opionion, same as everyone has a right to be treated decently no matter how they look.
Pretty much, as it's one of the only ways of determining whether someone is fat lol. I agree with you that everyone should be treated equally no matter what they look like; just don't expect me to sugarcoat the facts and try to see someone as thin when they are actually overweight. :p


please wake up...
I think this picture deserves posting in this thread. Slightly NSFW even though nothing's showing; it's a model-sized woman posing nude next to an average-sized woman for comparison.

I honestly think the issue of fat versus "acceptable" is extremely skewed. I've seen people nowadays manage to get called landwhales for being just the slightest bit overweight or flabby, especially in occupations and hobbies in which they need to be photogenic. Obesity is an issue, but so is fat-shaming and fat-phobia.