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FATAL mistakes you've made on the internet.

Looking up pretty any character on google images without making sure safe search was on.
Or the time one of my online friends had to explain what a 'furry' was.
Or trying to find Sonic X screencaps.

Typing in 'Sonic X Shadow' doesn't always lead to the nicest things.

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Being careless on the Internet, accidentally clicking on some suspicious and legitimate looking download and got a computer infected with a virus.


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Joining Tumblr, lmao.

There's sj, feminism, and then there's Tumblr's brand which honestly scares me at times.
It seems my most "fatal" mistake was taking the internet to seriously and the official "worst" mistake happened to look up any one anime character...and scrolling like more then half-way down the page.

Also Once I gave a person my email address and they send me a link to serebii ^_^

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Was doing some research paper back in 8th/9th grade?? When a cousin of mine suggested I use another website other than google to search for sources on whatever I was researching at the time. The website name was something with dog? on its name.

Anyways, used it and it was normal at first.... until I clicked on something that quickly made a bunch of things pop-up. I freaked out. Mind you, the computer was a desktop comp. and we had put it in the living room. My parents and the other relatives were watching TV when it happened. So everyone saw *^* All the pop-ups were... lewd images. You try closing the ads and it would just make the images zoom in for a bit. As if you hovered over them <.>

Everyone was pretty much trying to close the ads, and mother told me to look away haha. Unfortunately we just unplugged it and sent it in for repairs :c It would not start or if it did, apparently the ads would start again or nothing would open.

Never again should you trust to look in another Google-type site besides Google >:c


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When I was a little kid I found a "gold duplicating" program for World of Warcraft. I figured it was against the rules, so I used my brothers account information and got his account hacked. When he found out he was livid with me.


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Hm... I remember I must have been 13 or 14, and I entered a URL for something (I don't remember specifically what it was)... What I got was not what I was looking for, instead I got a site for a very specific type of fetish porn.

I almost threw up and then started freaking out because back then I did not yet have my own computer and I just opened that on my parents' computer!

I'm not too bothered by that anymore, though. I only just now even remembered it for the purpose of responding to this topic. Honestly, what bothers me the most is my incredibly immature drama I partook in/sometimes started before joining here on forums and even sites like Xanga where my IRL friends could read. I know, I was a teenager... But I was pretty terrible. I started drama everywhere, and I really hate myself for it.
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i spelled "thesimpsons.com" incorrectly and ended up on some weird porn site when i was a kid.

also having embarrassing weeb usernames. we were all young once, okay!
Some of my profile pictures on social networking sites when i was younger were somewhat embarrassing, I remember one specific pic where i had my whole head of hair dyed blonde (its normally really dark brown) and its fair to say I have recieved my fair share of abuse over it.


Taking those online surveys and making free accounts everywhere in order to win that "Free iPad" or "Free Xbox" when I was a younger. I still get spam to this day T_T

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When I gave our home phone number to the "nigerian prince". Well I recieved an e-mail from him but I didn't want to give him money directly because I didn't have much (it was given by my parents) and I thought that it was probably a scam...but since I thought it was sent by a real person and not a bot like the majority of the spam I receive...I answered him and told him to call my parents (I was in another town for my studies at the time) to negotiate with them. The good thing is that he was a real African person (probably not a prince though) according to my father but the bad thibg is that he called my parents in the middle of the night...pesky time difference -_-'
So I was lectured by my parents about not givng our phone number to strangers on the internet in case they call for money in the middle of the night....


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About 10 years ago or so, I clicked on a link somebody posted on one of the threads in this forum. The thread was something like "What is the worst thing you've seen on the internet". I won't disclose the website's name here but it involved a lot of gore and other violent pictures. That was my first taste of the internet's darker sides and I was only a kid so I'd say it was a mistake.


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I genuinely thought there were singles looking for me in my area.

Just kidding. Probably just trying to connect to the Wifi "FBI Surveillance Van 1" just to see if I could.