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Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Water Spirit, May 30, 2004.

  1. Water Spirit

    Water Spirit ~*Animus Aquae*~

    Hey guys, I'm sorry that I couldn't get the chapter done but here's a taster so that it should give you something to think about.

    Enjoy and have a good summer!

    Chapter 31 – “Till death do us part…”

    May leaned over Misty to inspect the view from the blimp window. They were travelling over the sea connecting Houen to Kanto and had already passed an hour of the journey in light conversation. Delia had explained to the group that she wouldn’t be accompanying them to Cerulean but would journey back with Professor Oak to Pallet, who had received an urgent call from a neighbouring friend, somewhere in a region called ‘Sinnoh’.

    “Attention, passengers.” An overhead voice echoed throughout the blimp. “I’m afraid that we must make an emergency stop on Pummelo Island as our fuel gage has dropped dramatically. We assure you that you are in no immediate danger but as a safety precaution, we must land straightaway. Our attendants will direct you to the nearest rest points and will inform you of what will happen as the blimp is checked out. Thank you for your patience and we apologise for the inconvenience.”

    Misty looked towards Ash with a puzzled expression.

    “Isn’t Pummelo Island where you won the Orange League, Ash?” She queried.

    Ash nodded excitedly as Pikachu gave a cry of agreement. He rummaged into his bag and pulled out the picture of Misty and himself that Pikachu had shown him in the Houen changing rooms before his match.

    “Do you remember this picture, Misty?” Ash asked her. “It’s the one Tracey took after I’d won my match against Rudy! I wonder what happened to all the pictures that Tracey took after we fell off Lapras?”

    Misty shared his curiosity as the blimp descended but replied that she didn’t know and perhaps they should confront Tracey about them when they reached Cerulean. Beside them, May escorted a disheartened looking Brock to the refreshments counter, who was unfortunately forced to leave his beloved Cassie behind in Ever Grand City, as she was still committed to her work on the beach for the rest of the summer. However, after a tearful goodbye, the two had agreed to keep in contact with each other until she had finished her contract, at which point she would return to him.

    Brock sipped distractedly on his drink as May tried to comfort him and watched her friends in their seats from afar. Delia and Professor Oak were engrossed in animated conversation before they were distracted by Max chasing Pikachu and LuvDisc, which caused May’s focus to watch Ash and Misty. They appeared to be giggling at a joke one of them had made and May felt a twang of uncertainty inside her.

    “Attention, passengers.” The overhead voice resounded throughout the blimp. “We have now arrived on Pummelo Island. Please disembark via the nearest exit and wait to be advised by one of our attendants as to what will be happening.”

    Misty quickly recalled LuvDisc to its ball as the group huddled together and walked down the ramp out into the crisp sunshine with the waves softly lapping up against the cliff face next to where they had landed. A young man dressed in a bright blue uniform waved to them to follow him towards a long white hut, with the whole of the front side decorated with curving windows. He opened a glass door to admit them through and ushered them to sit down of the plastic white seats in front of them.

    “Hello, and welcome to Pummelo Island,” the man greeted them warmly. “As you know, your blimp needs to have some examinations and possibly some repairs so we estimate that the waiting time will be about an hour before you can leave for the Kanto Coast BlimpPad. We are fortunate enough to have two Orange Championship matches taking place today, so you are welcome to watch them while you wait at no extra cost.”

    At this point, he withdrew several special passes from his pockets and distributed them amongst the group.

    “If you could meet us back here in one hour, we will most likely be able to continue your journey to the Kanto Coast but we hope that this has not been too distressful for you and we apologise profoundly for the inconvenience.”

    The group thanked him and made their way out the opposite entrance that let to the Pummelo Town and conversed on what they all wanted to do. Ash explained that he wanted to show everyone his record in the ‘Hall of Heroes’ and seeing as no one else had visited the Island except Ash and Misty, it was agreed that they would be the group’s guides. As they walked through the quaint little town, it became apparent that the deserted atmosphere was a result of the anticipated matches, which the townspeople had gone to watch. The coliseum in the distance on top of the hill emitted cheers of support and excitement as it appeared that the first match had begun.


    Take care and love ya all!

  2. el_toro

    el_toro Superfly

    Good teaser, now I can't wait for the next chapter! :D One thing that drew my attention though was the name of the chapter since I'm writing a two-shot of the same name! Seems you beat me to it...

    But anyway, it was a good teaser, now I can't imagine what they'll be doing on the Orange Islands (I can sense that there will be a ton of PSing moments in this chapter though! :D)

    Have fun on your vacation WS!
  3. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    oh man...you shoudn't have done that WS....cause now I am really impatient to know what comes next. Because you hit in the bullseye my favourite feeling to write about : nostalgia

    Man, this is really getting me impatient for the rest...

    Anyways, enjoy your vacation, and have a good time :) <3
  4. Sableye King

    Sableye King The Ghost Guru

    Oh man. What's gonna happen, what's gonna happen, what's gonna happen! I really want to know, and good teaser, even though it's increased my curiosity 10-fold! I can assume that Orange Islands=pokeshipping hints! Have a great vacation WS!
  5. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    *Sigh* Oh, I am so going to enjoy the next chapter. It seems to me that we’re going to see some nostalgic moments. Now, I’m not psychic but I predict that Prima will be participating in one of those two matches. You guys remember Prima, the woman with the big… ah-hem.

    Overall, have a great vacation, Spirit.
  6. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    oh gosh oh gosh i havent been on these threads in forever you know!! i almost totally forgot about my own fanfic, but thanks to this one it reminded me and keeps me coming back... I think im going to upload that new chapter now since you've put up your teaser! LOVE IT!!! When are Ash and Misty finally gonna have the real kiss??
  7. xXPorygonXx

    xXPorygonXx Sort of active

    Very nice teaser, seeing as how my favorite series of Pokemon took place in the Orange Islands. Enjoy your vacation, and take your time with the next chapter.
  8. Hypershell

    Hypershell Dragon's Best Friend

    Curses, I missed the Shipping Oscars. I picked one heck of a time to take a break from Serebii. >.<

    Ah well, teaser and spoiler are looking wonderful, WS! Three years, wow, didn't realize I was that late to the party (as you can see, I didn't drop in 'till nearly a year later). This fic is a truly masterful work of art, and your dedication to it equally amazing. Hope ya had a great holiday, and as always, can't wait to read more. =D
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2007
  9. NovaNight

    NovaNight Eternally Eternity

    I cant speak, ive been reading your FanFic for the past hour ( or more ) and, ive only got two words for your fic, LOVE IT. I couldnt stop reading it, really. I thought i had the story figured out and BAM something compltly unexpected happens. I hope you continue the FABULOUS work. probably the best fanfic i ever read, EVER.

    from a new fan,
  10. Lavender Ice

    Lavender Ice +SatoKasu Supporter+

    Hey Water Spirit, just dropping by to tell you I switched accounts from Aquaflowr to Lavender Ice since my old one wouldn't activate.

    Your spoiler's got me all exited about the next chapter. Looking forward to more pokeshipping hints in the Orange Islands!:)
  11. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    Nice writing, I have to admit, your writing style has become extremely elegant and graceful. And you said there will be a death in this chapter...will it be Misty?
  12. Eragon

    Eragon Blaziken Trainer

    ACK! I'm so sorry, I've been really busy (being a sophomore in high school can be murder X_X), so I haven't been able to get onto the forums lately. I missed a lot, didn't I? anyway, VERY nice chapter, I really don't know what to say.

    wait a minute...*looks at Hypershell's post* Dang it, I missed the Shipping Oscars, too!

    ;257;: >_> wow, Eragon, what a time to take a break from-OW! *gets whacked w/ a frying pan* Ooooh....tacos in the sky...@_@

    jeez...anyway, You can be sure i'll be on to review more often! (i hope...if high school doesn't kill me first XD). Can't wait for the next chapter!
  13. Misty Lover17

    Misty Lover17 Water Trainer

    Hi Water Spirit ! How's it going? It's been a long while since I've last posted here.

    It's been a long while since I've last read this fanfic. The teaser was really really great. I need to get back to reading this story.
  14. PikaTwitch

    PikaTwitch Electric Trainer

    Friggen Awesomes

    Hello everyone! I am quite new here as I just read the entire over the course of 3 days. It's friggen awesomes. I wanted to say how much of a talented writer you are. This way better than any episode written in serebii.net.
  15. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    I know what you people are thinking... you can't wait for Spirit to come back with a new update. I know it's been like three months since her little teaser. There's no need to get impatient, people. If I know her, she's been really busy with her education life. Should you decide to give up on her and her fic for any reason, then I think you'll regret missing out on one of the best AAML fics ever written. It would probably be the worst move of your life.
  16. hearts of joy

    hearts of joy Beginning Writer

    I would NEVER move on from this fic, it's my fave fic that i've ever read! (and that's alot :p) I check in every day to see if the next chapter is up, and if it isn't, I just look the next day :D

    I hope nobody gets impatient and stops reading this fic, I would even reccomend it to everyone I know, it's that good!
  17. Fire Trainer Blaze

    Fire Trainer Blaze It's been a while...

    Man I haven't read this in a while...sorry I wasn't here all that time. The new chapter was awesome as usual.
  18. pokemon4eva

    pokemon4eva Run baby run...

    This is an enjoyable fic! I started reading it a couple of years ago and yet it still has the same effect on me now then when I first read it, I wonder if it happens to anyone else? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Well done!
  19. Cerulean Girl

    Cerulean Girl Cerulean Trainer

    WS: Thanks for the teaser!!! I'm so excited! ^_^ I haven't checked this in a long time! I loved the teaser, it was great, it intrigues me! Hopefully we'll get a new chapter in 2008! I should be talking cuz I don't think I've updated my fic for at least 2 years! I haven't felt inspiration to go back to write it sadly, but I need to finish it! I hope everything is going well for you and I'll ttyl! ^_^


    P.S. I started reading ur other fic and it's awesome! Can't wait for more of that one or this one! ^_^
  20. Water Spirit

    Water Spirit ~*Animus Aquae*~

    This weekend is mine. I intend to finish FADOF once and for all. I need to get it out of the way so that I can finally push my attention towards a fic that has been waiting in the wings for four years. Once FADOF is completed, it will make its debut.

    I don't know yet whether FADOF will finish in one or two chapters but I can assure you that they will be posted together. Expect the chapters by the end of the week, along with a small account of my absence for the last couple of months, a response to your posts and a brief introduction to my new fiction if you are interested.

    I will see you all very soon.

    Take care and thank you for supporting this fic after all this time.

    All the best,


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