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Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML


Wandering the Forums
I’m honored to finally be posting here. You may not know me but I know about you and have been reading this fic for a long time. Several years ago when I first came to this site I stumbled across this when it was only on chapter seven or eight at the time. I loved it and quickly became engrossed reading it. I read it for a long time enjoying it, even when you went on long hiatuses the chapter you always posted afterwards made it all worth the wait. And now you’re saying that after all this time you’re finally finishing it, and I have to say that I’m stunned. It’s been so long it’s hard to believe it finally being finished. I never posted a review because as you can see I didn’t have an account then, but I still think I have to say I’m sorry for not reviewing earlier. There a lot of people I think who read this without having an account, so going by the amount of reviews this is an incredibly popular fic. It’s one of the most descriptive fics out there. And that really helps paint the scene to those reading it. The most important thing is that you got them in character, that is is make this so enjoyable. Because that way you can imagine them like on the show.

I have to say though that I’m kind of worried. You said that there was going to be the loss of a character, and when you say that you’re going to be finishing this it makes me think of killing off Ash or Misty for the ending. That thought scares me incredibly because I just read another fic where something like that happened and it made me incredibly sad. I’m sorry for sounding like this. I’m just saying that I will cry hysterically if you kill them off, though if you do it would probably be a lot better than what I read. Though I don’t even know what you’re going to do. So I’ll just shut up now, because it’s not my job to give my opinions on this.

Another thing I have to ask is have you ever heard of Fanfiction.net? If you have then I didn’t know and if haven’t then you could check it out if want. They have a huge Pokemon section if you’re interested in reading or posting anything there.
This weekend is mine. I intend to finish FADOF once and for all. I need to get it out of the way so that I can finally push my attention towards a fic that has been waiting in the wings for four years. Once FADOF is completed, it will make its debut.

I don't know yet whether FADOF will finish in one or two chapters but I can assure you that they will be posted together. Expect the chapters by the end of the week, along with a small account of my absence for the last couple of months, a response to your posts and a brief introduction to my new fiction if you are interested.

I will see you all very soon.

Take care and thank you for supporting this fic after all this time.

All the best,


Water Spirit....man, what is there really to say?

Um, this has been an absolutely amazing ride. I can't even really put it into words. I am happy it will finally have a conclusion, but at the same time, I sit here misty eyed (pun not intended). This fic, was pretty much the single reason I still visited SPPF. Every time I come on here, I always hope to see the PM from you saying a new chapter is up, in fact, I still have them all, I never deleted them, for memories I guess.

I believe I came to this fic the first time at chapter 2, and I am very positive that of the ones still here, I have been here the longest. To put in perspective, when this fic started, I was the #1 Poster on SPPF, now I wonder if I am still top 20? As the server became more and more fickle, I came to this forum which was once quite literally my life less and less. But one thing that never changed, was the hope that Water Spirit had added another incredible chapter to Fate and Destiny of Friends.

As time passed, I still wanted AAML to happen, but it became less important to me. Now I don't even rank it #1 anymore, if given a choice between JD and Elliot from Scrubs getting together in the finale this year, or Misty and Ash getting together, I believe I would choose JElliot 95 times out of 100 easy. Now, of course, there is nothing wrong with that, I became older, I cared less about what happened on an anime. But even so it is a little sad, since it was Ash and Misty Love that brought me to this forum in the first place, and to get where a point where I would choose anything else in fiction over it, it makes one wistful of the previous times. So how ironic that at the time I read this fic will be ending in the next 7 days, is one of the very few times lately that I would pick Ash and Misty over anything. Today I watched Gotta Catch Ya Later for the first time in ages, and I remembered why it was that Pokeshipping brought me here in the first place, why I have had spent countless time and energy looking for hints, analyzing, defending and arguing, why I care so much about the young and mostly one sided romance of two fictional young teens that will in no way change my life. See, right before "Misty's goodbye", I cried, not bawling or anything, but teary eyed, enough to cause me to pause it throw the headphones on the ground and curse myself for caring this much about a darn anime though.

I had not cried for any reason since my graduation in May 2006, even when UK was eliminated from the NCAA tourney last year, for the first time in my life I did not cry. I had finally matured past that, we lost, life goes on. So the shock I had tonight was huge. I was watching, and once she said, "you know, without me", I actually had tears. And I questioned how I could ever want anything else in fiction more than them together. And the fact is, I can't. I know I am too old to care like that, but for some reason it got to me, and reminded me of thought I thought long since past.

And now I come here and see we have finally reached the end of an era. One reason I cared so much about this fic, was that the characters are just extraordinarily in character, the other reason is it helped me get though a couple of the hardest moments in my life. My Grandmother's passing, and my impending graduation and losing all my school friends. I doubt whether I could have possibly got though that first one without this, you can never know how much it helped, and I can never thank you enough for it, I needed something to get that off my mind, and this worked like a charm.

This fic ending will be the very definition of bittersweet to me. It is great that it will finally get the ending it so deserves, but knowing there is no chance to ever see a new chapter will still be heartbreaking. So, with this, the final chain that linked me to SPPF breaks. All my old friends are gone, Misty has been gone for 6 years, there were days I had more posts then I had all last year, Serebii no longer remembers me, I am no longer a Champion with the increased post count requirements, and the old Pokeshipping thread was locked. Now this story ends. I really can't believe it.

I never even thought of it ending to be honest. I was always looking forward to new chapters, but I never actually thought of a final chapter, that it would end someday... somehow never crossed my mind, which is insane, of course it has to end. But I never thought of it.

I will give my final review after you post it of course, though I have 10/10'd them all, I see why this will be no different.

I know you are closer to Bryan, and that he of course helped you alot, but do understand WS, I care just as much as he does, I may not have conveyed that this much till this post, but is is the truth. And Bryan, thanks for sticking it out the whole time too, it has been a fun ride, huh?

I look forward to one last time reading your masterful work, I am sure the last chapters will give me much joy, happiness, pain and many oohs, ahs, laugh, scares, surprises, and yes, for once even tears. Thank you Water Spirit, for so much.


Michael Clark (Cloud Strife)

PS. Mods, this the longest post I have made in 2 years at least, and the most heartfelt one I have made ever. If there was some rule broken there (I don't think there was) PLEASE don't erase this post immediately, at least not till WS sees it. Give me whatever penalty you see fit or more if you want. But please PM me before you do, please.

Cap D. Blue

I'm a little surprised that it's finally time for FaDoF to finish... I mean, the very reason why I joined here was because I was reading this, my very first Pokeshipping fan-fiction.

It's like watching a piece of history getting recorded into the textbook.

Don't worry, Water Spirit! No matter what happens, we'll all be your loyal readers! We swear it! We'll always be here to read your endless efforts! Being a Pokeshipper means you're always waiting for the chance, no matter how long it takes!

We'll see this story off with all the spirit and power we can muster! What better way to experience this classic tale from start to finish? :D

PS: Sorry I couldn't do a long post like some other people, but it's the thought that counts, right? =P
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Dragon's Best Friend
So the end is near, eh? Wow, it sure has been ages. Water Spirit, this is one of the finest fics of any series, let alone Pokemon, that I've had the honor of reading, and it's brightened my entire time at Serebii (half the time it's the whole reason I come back). Congratulations on this amazing effort, and the best of luck to you in all your future projects. We'll always be rooting for you.

Water Spirit

~*Animus Aquae*~
The chapter is delayed for reasons beyond my control. You can all blame my housemate for getting into a drunken and abusive state for its delay (yes, I made it to uni :) ). I will keep you updated as soon as I have news and I'm so sorry to do this to you. No one is more annoyed at him than I.

Cloud Strife, I cried when I read your post. I will do my best to make you and everyone else proud.

I'll reply to your lovely comments soon and thank you for taking the time to write here. I want to make this chapter as perfect as I possibly can. It will be very long so I think I'm going to have to break it in two. I'm planning to write more of it on Weds and Thurs because I have an essay for Friday, a logbook for Thursday and a presentation on Tuesday. Now if my team mate in the presentation would let me know what his plans are for his part, I can do mine.

As you can see, I'm a little stressed out, so writing Chapter 31 will be very theraputic for me. I'm doing the best I can and I promise I will do everything I can to get it to you soon.

FADOF is way passed its closing date and I want to focus all my energy into my new fic, as I did when I was writing FADOF. My personal reviewer has assured me that so far, it's looking good. You can all bug him to finish reading chapter 4 for me so that I can post it after I've finished FADOF.

Hope you're all doing well and thank you again for all of your support.

Take care and speak to you soon.



Dragon's Best Friend
First of all, Water Spirit, thanks for the update. It's always a pleasure to hear from you.

Anxious as we always are to read the next bit of your work, don't worry if you need to devote time elsewhere, either to get other parts of your life in order, or if you just plain need a breather. It sure sounds like things are hectic for you. Many of us have been following this fic for a couple of years, so a little extra wait for the last chapter won't kill anyone. =P

You be sure and take care of yourself, you hear? See you next time!
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Brian Random

Spirit, just seeing your around these puts a smile on my face. I know I said it before but congrats and good luck in uni. And your roommate... may I suggest some headache tablets?

And the fic? Don't worry about it. There are a bunch of new readers coming in and as fans/loyal readers we are very patient people and we all appreciate the hard work you put into this and other stuff that are important in your life. Like I said before, those who are impatient are missing out. All of us readers are proud of you, mate. ^^


Wandering the Forums
It’s okay that it’s taking a while. We understand that your real life can get in the way. And I just wanted to apologize if I said anything that might have offended you in my earlier post. The more I think about it, the more I think it wasn’t any of my business saying what I thought about what you might do with the characters. So for that I apologize, sorry and I hope everything goes okay with writing the next chapter.

Heart of Ice

tHe PsYcHo
Wow... Water Spirit, I've been reading this ever since you gave a description of your self, and I must say that this fic has bloomed into one of the best fics on the web! I think I speak for all the silent readers out there when I say, "We love your fic!"
Wow. I suppose it all comes down to this, huh? You know we’re gunna miss this fic. We’ve all been patiently waiting for the end, clung to every word. You’ve had us- hook, line, and sinker- since Chapter one. I certainly hope that this is the end we’ve been waiting for, but you know that whatever you put out for us, we’ll love it. :3

Well, that’s all I have to say. Short and sweet, but to the point. It’s been a long but wonderful ride, Water Spirit. I wish you luck! *hugs*

I’ll see you at the next chapter!

~The Talking Absol, over and out~
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High as the sky 8D
I have been quietly reading your fic over the past few weeks water spirit, and I have to say, it is a true masterpiece. The amount of detail you've put into this is incredible, the characters, their emotions, the plot twists, every aspect of it is fantastic. you've probably never heard of me before, i'm new to this shipping thing, but if I decide to become a shipper, I'll thank Fate and destiny of friends for inspiring my decision. I will be sad when it ends, won't everyone? but i'm still looking forward to it nonetheless:). Thank you so much for writing this fic, water spirit, and good luck with the next chapter.


New Member

I only signed up today so i could give you a review for this awesome story that i found a couple of days ago (by google i might add).

I really enjoyed this story. I also liked how you portrayed Ash, not many author's portray him close how he is in the anime.

This fic also has me inspired to write my own fic as well but how ever I'm holding back until I finish watching all the anime episodes...which will take a while @_@.

Right now I just finished Kanto, Orange Island and Johto journeys and I have just started watching the Houen Journeys.

Anyhow, I do hope you get a chance to finish this fic! I'm looking forward to it!. ^_^

Water Spirit

~*Animus Aquae*~
Replies and news

Hey everyone,

This year has gone so quickly. We're already in May! I'm writing responses to everyone who posted since my teaser... which was July 07. Jeez, that's embarrassing. Well, here we go:

el_toro: How ironic. XD I have no problem that you use the same title though. I doubt our chapters will be the same. Thanks for the positive review and I hope you enjoyed your summer!

shadow_shipper: Awww... I'm so sorry! :( I hope you enjoy it when I post it!

Brian Powell: My dear, dear Brian. XD What more can I say?

XxM!styxX: You'll have to find out when I post it! XD

xXPorygonXx: Thank you! ^_^

Hypershell: Awwww thank you ever so much! *hugs*

NovaNight: Oh wow! Thank you so much! That put a huge smile on my face to read that! Thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

Lavender Ice: Thanks for the heads up! Glad you liked it!

MistyLover: You'll just have to wait and see! XD

Eragon: You're sorry because you've been busy? Please don't be! I'm a fine example! XD See ya soon!

MistyLover17: Hey there! Not too bad, yourself? ^^

PikaTwitch: Thank you for reading it! I'm always so happy when my readers comment, old and new! Awww, you're too kind! *blushes*

Brian Powell: Thank you for being so loyal, Brian. *hugs* I really appreciate it.

hearts of joy: Awwww... your dedication to this fic is so inspiring for me. I hope I don't let you down!

Fire Trainer Blaze: Thank you! ^_^

pokemon4eva: Awww, thank you so much! ^___^

Cerulean Girl: Why hello there, my dear friend! *glomps* I need to get my act in gear and finish both of them, haven't I? XD Good luck with yours!

Yoshi-kun: *bows* I am honoured to have such a dedicated reader. I appreciate you making a comment and also grateful to hear what you have to say. I'm sorry that I have to end it but I'm afraid that it's for the best. FADOF has gone beyond its prime and I do not wish to drag it along any further. It needs to be put to bed and allow its team mate to finally take a stand. I started my second official fic not long after I began writing FADOF. It is now time for it to emerge from the wings and for FADOF to make its final curtain call. I hope that I won't disappoint you. As for the death of a character, I promise I won't let you down. I have heard of ff.net and almost posted FADOF there but then decided against it. I started it here on Serebii and it will live and die at Serebii. I want to remain faithful to where my writing finally came alive and give a small contribution to the site that gave me so much by allowing its popularity to only grow here. Thank you for your concern and I will do my best to make the final chapter worthy of your time.

Heart Of Ice: Awww, I'm so glad that you like it so much. It really means a lot to me. ^^

Forbidden Lugia: Awwww, thank you so much. *hugs back* I hope I don't let you down! ^^

zapdragon14: Wow, thank you ever so much for your kind words! Like I always say, I'm always happy to hear from my readers, old and new! Thank you so much for taking the time to post. Awww, I really hope I don't let everyone down!

skitty_gurl213: I find it funny how so many people have found my fic by google XD Thank you ever so much and I'm so glad that you've enjoyed it so far. Good luck with your fic! I'm sure it will be awesome! ^^

Before I get emotional from everyone's beautiful comments, I want to give a brief explanation of what has happened to me over the last year:

Last May/June, I was busy revising for my A levels and went on holiday for the summer (which is where we began with the teaser chapter) for a couple of weeks. When I came back, I collected my results, which were A in English Literature, A in Latin and B in French (5 damn marks of an A!). I got into the University of my choice, which I'm slightly dubious about telling you all (XD!) in case anyone decides to pounce on me but I'm sure you'd never find me in this highly student populated place. :D I am absolutely loving it here. It's become my second home. My course has been intense (I'm reading English, of course XD) but alongside my studies, I have taken up dancing. I do Salsa, Latin and Ballroom for 6 hours a week, and on top of that go to two dance socials for Salsa on Tuesdays and Sundays. So I've been pretty busy. XD

Through the Christmas holidays, I worked and also through the Easter holidays, so I haven't really had a break all year. I have presentations to do over the next two weeks, then I'm going on holiday for a week with my family because it's May half term in England and I have the week off for revising (I swear I'll do some on holiday) since I won't be going on holiday with them over the summer because I'll probably be working again.

And alongside all of that, I've managed to write another 10 pages of Chapter 31 today instead of doing my presentation speech. XD Over the Easter holidays, I managed to get up to Chapter 21, analysing all the loose threads I'd left to sum up in the final chapter.

FADOF's fourth birthday is soon approaching us and I think it only appropriate to end where it all began. Unfortunately, I will be on holiday when it's anniversary arrives but providing I have finished it before I go, I will post it then. If not, it will be on 3rd June 2008. Yes, you heard right. FADOF has a deadline to be finished by.

I'm gonna be so stressed out but it will be such a relief when it's finished. I hope I don't get soppy and cry.

Anyhoo, I hope this is some good news for you.

I'm so sorry for being such an unreliable pain and you can't imagine how much I appreciate all your support and loyalty to this fic.

Thank you ever so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Take care,




Run baby run...
That is good news to hear it's gonna be finished, four years has been a long time (i started reading it then-wow!) let it end with a bang, and who cares if you cry, i bet i will, i did it earlier in your fic, and most of your other readers will too! Us loyal subscribers will always give you our support and loyalty no matter how long it takes you to finish, i know that because i'm one of them!;) I will be anxiously awaiting the final chapters, till then i hope you have a great holiday and enjoy it!:) Oh and congrats on your grades/univercity stuff and good luck on your dancing!:)
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Jeez I expected more of a booming response to such news! o_O;

Well I can't really describe how to sum up FADOF finally ending. To me it's both a sad and happy feeling: happy that we've reached the end, but sad because, we've reached the end!

I'm glad that you're able to finish your story though Water Spirit, you've put a lot of hard work into making it what it is and I'm sure you'll end on a great note, being the great author you are. ;)

Best of luck and I'll be here on June 3rd! :D

St. Star

hey WS!
It's been a long time, but I'm still here too. =]
When I first started reading this fic I was very.. VERY impressed with your writingstyle and the fact that EVERY ONE loves it.
It took me few days to read the whole thing and I have to say WS.. I cried because it's so beautiful. I like most of the fics I read, but I never had to cry when something happens to a character or when a character is sad or something. So that means that your fic is the best I've ever read.
Just like el_toro already said, it's both a sad and happy feeling: happy that we've reached the end, but sad because, we've reached the end!
Good luck and I have a feeling that every single one of us will be here on June 3rd =]

Star Dust

live let live.
First off, I'd like to introduce myself. Scratch that I'd just want to congratulate you for writing, imo, one of the best fan fictions on Sppf. One of the main reasons I came here to Sppf last October was mainly because of this. Back then, I was pretty much just a newbie, clueless, and spammy but I knew I should leave my comments out of here, at least until I was ready to give a real review. I hope it's satisfactory. ^_^;

The general elegance of your fic, and the way it flows through the plot was seemingly flawless. The way you developed the battles, and the mysteries of the story, seamed into it, going along yet always having that small thought pushed back into your head that you had caught something, but hadn't quite figured it out yet, and the subtle hints, with those priceless wacky moments, you can't stop laughing about.

So many emotions were shown, and your story made me feel all excited about Pokeshipping, "angry" at some character, having mixed thoughts about certain characters, and got me to nearly understand the characters and their feelings in some way. The stunning connection to the anime, yet had your own style incorporated into it. No character was out of character, yet no character was stale and boring.

Though I may not be the biggest Pokeshipper around, whenever I read your work, I get all giddy and remember why I supported it, and what made it so good. The fights, Ash's dense moments, the small shippy talk, the slight hints, were interpreted so well in your fic, I'm sometimes left speechless.

I'm sure you will not disappoint all of us, and will continue to inspire other members with your writings.

Best of luck, and good day.


Back! =D
OMG, I just read the whole thing and... this is incredible! Those bits where you used the songs, and swapped between Ash and Misty, I could really see that happening in the anime. This is the most popular fic ever on these forums for a reason. And the latest chapter... so romantic! I love how you keep using Latin... I know where Misty's gotta go, though. To her hometown... I must admit, I almost cried at some points. I know I only started reading this yesterday... but... it really feels like this whole thing has been a quest to discover Ash and Misty's destinies. Not just for the characters, but for us too. And now it's coming to an end... I'm pretty certain that this'll be a legendary fic for long after it's ended. Just like Ash and Misty's love.
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