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Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

Blazing Charmander

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Wow. Well I cannot believe it has been four years since the birth of this wonderful fic. I remember when I started reading the fic, and although I have been absent from the forums for lengthy spells due to my increasingly busy life outside of the internet (e.g. school/college), I am glad that I may be able to be here to see out the last couple of chapters. It sure has been a pleasure been a fan of your work, WS, and it has also gained me a great friend on here too.

Anyway, I can't wait to see how the climax of the story turns out, and it will certainly be emotional reading the last chapter, knowing that it will be the end of one of the best (if not the best) ever Pokeshipping fics. Don't worry about how long it takes to complete it either. Best of luck with the completion of what is certain to be a legendary fic.

Lavender Ice

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Ohmigod, I haven't been able to get on these forums in forever! I'm glad to have caught your last post though. I can't believe that FaDoF is finally ending. It's been an absolutely amazing read, even if I was only there for the last chapter or so. Your skill and grace with words is far beyond any expectations I had when I began reading FaDoF. I'll be patiently waiting for your final chapter on June 3, along with every other fan of this story. I just hope I don't start crying when I read it!

~Lavender Ice

Water Spirit

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Tried to respond to everyone's inspiring comments but the forums crashed on me so I'll keep this short and sweet and reply to the tomorrow.

I have not gone back on my word, Chapter 31 WILL be posted tomorrow as promised, BUT...

Chapter 32 will follow in one week's time. The chapter is too long and needs to be broken up, so I'm making two chapter (plus I hate ending things on odd numbers) so I've made two chapters with a bit of space in between so that it gives everyone a chance to read Chapter 31 first and absorb it before it continues.

So, I repeat:


Hope this leaves you loving me rather than hating me. XD

See ya tomorrow and thanks again for your comments, which I will reply to tomorrow.

Take care,


Lavender Ice

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This isn't the last chapter!! There's going to be another!! I've got the urge to get up and do a little dance I'm so happy. *grins so big her face falls off*

Well, now that I've calmed down, I've gotta say, this just make me anticipate the next chapters even more! I'm actually not very good with last chapters, lol. I have a tendancy to almost not want to read them or to read them as slowly as possible just to make the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I'm reading or thinking about the story last as long as possible. I also get really sad after I read the last sentence. So, i was really happy when I read that you're splitting this into two chapter-- as you've probably already guessed! *giggles*And it's really encouraging to hear that the chapter was so long it had to be split. That means it's gotta be even better than I anticipated-- if that's even possible with your amazing quality. So it looks like I'll be patiently waiting for another week-- and checking this thread the moment I get computer access tomorrow!

~Lavender Ice

EDIT: Yay! I'm the first responder!
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St. Star

oeh! I like that there's going to be another chap! Now it will take longer before it's finished :D woo!

Aaron Highest

.....Yes! I managed to get into my account after 3 or 4 months! It drove me insane but I got it...I'll be billing you for my therapy WS lol.
Man, I can't beleive it's ending, this is what got me into pokeshipping, this is the most amazing thing i've ever honestly read. You'd be an amazing author. I think I started reading this like in the middle of 2005, Any chance of maybe doing a sequal if you ever get the time. I hate to see it end. I hope the end chapter has a lotsa es'plosions >:D lol. Did you ever consider doing a few more chapters? Meh, I guess when you get used to something, you hate to see it end. I can't describe how amazing the story is. Well, i'll be looking foward to your next fic, btw, I forget, what type of story is it? I think you told before, but my brain is like a empty shell, it'll have something trapped in it every now and then, but normaly it just falls out, and it makes a neat sound when you hit it. You can also hear the ocean in it :D. Well. See ya later.


Brian Random

How long has this fic being on the serebiiforums? Four years. It all started out when Water Spirit was a young teen who was inspired by a two characters, Ash and Misty, who showed hints that they cared a lot for each other, which fans named this pokeshipping, from one of the most popular shows on the planet named Pokemon.

When I started reading this, I was known as Big Evil at the time but I changed it to Brian Powell when I got all ‘Simon Cowell’-like when it came to fanfics. During the past four years, I’ve been a fan of this fic because it’s got the drama, the action, the humour and everything else that kept us entertained and make us want to read more of this.

You know, patience is a virtue. Even though we waited a long time for each chapter, it’s well worth it in my opinion because they all delivered. Also, we understand about your education and other priorities in life, Spirit, and that takes up most of your time and I for one highly respect and salute you for that.

I know that you have other plans in mind, Spirit, like placing up a new fic on the forums and such. If you’re looking to be an author after education, I know that you’ll do great. I’ll be looking forward to the next chapter and the last one.

Last one... kinda makes you feel... happy but sad, huh?

Water Spirit

~*Animus Aquae*~
Chapter 31 (Part 1)

Ah, so the forums have finally let me on. Well guys, this is what you've all been waiting for. I'll reply to posts after the chapter because I'm sure you would rather read it first. XD I just want to dedicate this chapter to everyone who has read, commented and supported Fate and Destiny of Friends over the last few years. If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't have found my ability to write creatively like this.

In particular, I would like to pay special thanks to: Peach, Brian Powell, ~Mist~, Cloud Strife, Cap. D. Blue, Cerulean Girl, Moonlusion, shadow_shipper, Hypershell, Hakajin, Blazing Charmander, el_toro, xsweet_peax, Cyndaquil, gladdecease, Kaori, Stacee, Kaiviti, ~Coral, The Red Butterfly, Melody, WaterTrainer243, pokemon4eva and Chris for their priceless friendship and support you've give me in life and for this fic over the last four years. You guys are the best! Please don't be offended if your name wasn't in this list! All of my readers are special to me and value each and every one of you as individuals and as friends. ^_^ I hope we can get to know each other as well as the friendships I have made over the last four years.

Anyway, I won't keep you any longer. Thank you all again for your support and I hope you enjoy the chapter! I warn you now: this chapter is the first of two parts: explanation and consequences. Personally, I don't like this chapter but I prefer the finale. Reviews and criticism always welcome! Enjoy!

Chapter 31 – Till Death Do Us Part…

May leaned over Misty to inspect the view from the blimp window. They were travelling over the sea connecting Houen to Kanto and had already passed an hour of their journey in light conversation. Delia had explained to the group that she wouldn’t be accompanying them back to Cerulean but that she and Professor Oak were going to continue on back to Pallet, as he had received an urgent call from a friend in “Sinnoh”.

“Attention passengers,” an overhead voice echoed throughout the blimp. “I’m afraid that we must make an emergency stop on Pummelo Island, for technical reasons. We assure you that you are in no immediate danger and should remain comfortable in your seats until we land. Our attendants will direct you to the nearest rest points and will inform you of what will happen as the blimp is inspected. Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for the inconvenience.”

Misty looked towards Ash with a puzzled expression.

“Isn’t Pummelo Island where you won the Orange League, Ash?” She queried.

Ash nodded excitedly as Pikachu gave a cry of agreement. He rummaged in his bag and pulled out the picture of Misty and himself that Pikachu had shown him in the changing rooms before his match.

“Do you remember this picture, Misty?” Ash asked her. “It was the one Tracey took after I’d won my match against Rudy! I wonder what happened to all the pictures that Tracey took after we fell off Lapras?”

Misty shared his curiosity as the blimp descended but replied that she didn’t know and that perhaps they should confront Tracey about it when they reached Cerulean. They turned their attention to May escorting a disheartened Brock to the refreshments counter, who had had to leave his beloved Cassie behind in Ever Grande City, as she was still committed to her work on the beach for the rest of the summer. Regardless, Cassie had assured him that she would return to him as soon as her contract has expired and that they would keep in contact in the meantime.

Brock sipped distractedly on his drink with May offering words of comfort as she watched the rest of the group from their stools. Delia and Professor Oak were engrossed in animated conversation before they were distracted by Max chasing Pikachu and LuvDisc around their seating area and passed Ash and Misty. The pair appeared to be giggling at a joke, which caused May to feel a twang of uncertainty at the happinees she felt for them.

“Attention passengers.” The overhead voice resonated throughout the blimp again. “We have now arrived on Pummelo Island. Please disembark through the nearest exit and wait to be advised by one of attendants for further instructions.”

Misty quickly recalled LuvDisc to its ball as Pikachu ran up Ash’s arm to take its usual perch on his shoulder. The group huddled together and walked down the ramp out into the crisp sunshine, with the waves softly lapping up against the cliff-face next to where they had landed. A young man dressed in a bright blue uniform waved to them to follow him towards a long white hut; the whole of the front side decorated with plastic curving windows. He opened a door to admit them through and ushered them to sit down on the plastic white seats in front of them.

“Hello, and welcome to Pummelo Island.” The man greeted them warmly. “As you know, your blimp needs to have some examinations and possibly some repairs, so we estimate that the waiting time will be about two hours before you can leave for the Kanto Coast BlimpPad. We are fortunate enough to have two Orange Championship matches taking place today, so you are welcome to watch them while you wait, at no extra cost.”

At this point, he withdrew several special passes from his pockets and distributed them amongst the group.

“If you could meet us back here in two hours, we will most likely be able to continue your journey to the Kanto Coast but we hope that this has not been too distressful for you and we apologise profoundly for the inconvenience.”

The group thanked him and made their way out the opposite entrance that led to the Pummelo Town Centre so that they could decide what they wanted to do. Delia and Professor Oak said that they would go and wait in the hut for a while and that the group should go and take in the sights of the Island. Ash proposed that he show everyone his record in the “Hall of Heroes” and since no one else had visited the island except Misty, it was agreed that the pair would be the groups’ guides. As they walked through the quaint little town, it became apparent that the deserted atmosphere was a result of the anticipated matches, which all the townspeople appeared to have gone to watch. The coliseum stood proudly on top of the hill in the distance, emitting cheers of support and excitement as it appeared that the first match had already begun.

The group raced eagerly through the streets towards the stadium only to find, as the guard outside explained, that the match had reached its interval to allow both Drake, the Orange League Champion, and the challenger to recuperate from the intensity of the battle.

“How are they both doing so far?” May curiously asked the guard.

“Both contenders have three Pokemon left.” The guard replied formally. “They will resume their match in half an hour.”

The group thanked the guard and made their way towards the “Hall of Heroes”, where Ash was persistent to show off his placed amongst the Orange League Champions. As they approached the aging building, they saw two older teenagers entering before them to inspect the monuments of previous champions. The group silently walked passed them gazing at a particularly old monument and towards the newer selection, where Ash’s small coloured photo stood out prominently amongst the others against a large tablet marking his Pokemon’s footprints. It was clear that a few more people had been victorious against Drake since Ash had challenged him, as the winners began to circle around the room. The group huddled around Ash’s position in the circle and smiled down upon his victorious expression at winning the Championship.

“You’re Ash, aren’t you?” A soft voice asked behind them.

The group turned around to see the pair who had been previously viewing the older monument smiling at them. The girl walked towards him with a smile and held out her hand to shake Ash’s.

“My name’s Marina.” She said as she pushed her prominent red hair away from her face with her free hand.

Ash looked up at her and guessed that she must be around Brock’s age, if not slightly older, as the young man accompanying her also walked towards them with a smile. He was taller than Marina by a fair margin and introduced himself as Alex, whilst catching sight of Misty and grinning.

“You must be Misty.” He said with a knowing glance. “I hear your temper could rival Marina’s.”

Marina shot him a dirty look and directed her attention back to the puzzled group.

“We’ve been travelling around the Orange Islands together and have heard a lot about Misty and Ash. You’re very famous here.”

It was apparent that Ash’s ego had swollen to the point of puffing out his chest and adopted a cheeky grin at her words.

“Well, I can’t help it if the public adores me.” He replied with a drawn-out sigh. “After all, I did win the Orange League Championship and the Houen League…”

Marina and Alex smiled impressively at him and then invited the group to inspect the old stone tablet and photo they had previously been viewing. Marina explained to them that the man in the picture was her father when he won the Orange League, but it was Alex who had found it and told her.

“It gives me hope.” She said fondly and directed her sheepish gaze towards Alex. “To be the best that I can be.”

“That’s so romantic!” May squealed dreamily as she caught sight of the way Marina and Alex were gazing at each other.

“So… what else have you heard about us?” Misty piped up eventually.

“Oh, just that you two have an incredibly close connection and that everyone else in the archipelago knows what it is and that you two don’t.” Alex said casually as he admired the ceiling. “We better be heading off, Marina. We don’t want to miss the second half of the match.”

Marina nodded in understanding, took a deep breath and said fond goodbyes to the group before leaving with Alex. The others waved enthusiastically after them but Brock seemed to have fallen in some type of trance and began floating after Marina and Alex. The trio disappeared behind the side of the entrance, where the others distinctly heard Brock declare “did you know you’re absolutely gorgeous?” to which they heard a heavy thud and Brock came skidding back into the chamber, knocking Max over in his path.

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE HEAD-OVER-HILLS-IN-LOVE WITH CASSIE?” Misty screamed angrily in his face.

Brock remained motionlessly on the floor as May attempted to pull her brother from underneath him. Brock sat up spontaneously, rubbed his chin and looked at Misty.

“I am but she was stunning…” He replied dreamily.

Misty slapped him across the face.

“You are unbelievable!” She screamed.

Brock shook his head in shock.

“I am fine.” He nodded to himself. “I am in love with Cassie.” He nodded again.

“I guess he can’t help it if Cassie’s not around.” May pondered thoughtfully. “Well, they do say you can ‘look but don’t touch’”.

Misty folded her arms irritably. “That’s not the point. You should be faithful no matter what the temptations.”

“Yeah, like you’re a fine example.” May muttered under her breath.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing.” May replied innocently and helped Max to his feet.

His pocket started ringing, making him panic that his PokeTech was broken but after frantically pulling it out of his pocket, he realised that he was receiving a call. Professor Oak appeared on the screen to tell them that the blimp was fine and that the needle on the fuel gage had disconnected so they were recalling all passengers back to the blimp for take off. He explained that there was a blimp leaving now and another one would be leaving in just over an hour for those who couldn’t be contacted, so it was up to them which one the wanted to board.

Eager to get to Cerulean, the group agreed to meet their elders at the hut as soon as possible to board the earlier blimp. They took one last look at Ash’s place amongst the Champions and sped out of the building and back through the town, where the sun was beginning to set behind the vast ocean in the distance. A large crowd of passengers were gathered around the white hut waiting to board the blimp as they caught sight of the professor and Mrs Ketchum waiting to one side.


“Are you sure you don’t want to go home first, Ash?” Mrs Ketchum asked her son as the walked towards the dividing paths between Pallet Town, Pewter City and Cerulean City.

Ash smiled at her.

“The last time I was at these crossroads, I had to say goodbye to Brock and Misty.” He replied. “This time, Misty has to leave and we’re all going with her. It’s urgent that she gets back and we can always come back to Pallet on her day off.”

Mrs Ketchum nodded in understanding and got back into the four-by-four with Professor Oak.

“I’ll send Tracey over in the morning, Misty. I’m sure Daisy would appreciate his help.” Professor Oak said as he waved goodbye to the group with Delia.

“Take care, everyone!” She cried as they drove off.

“Bye, Mom!” Ash cried with Pikachu on his shoulder, waving both his arms in the air.

“Bye, honey! Let me know if you need more clean underwear!” She cried as she disappeared into the distance.

Ash face-faulted in embarrassment.

They walked along the path to Cerulean and saw the city coming into view. It was beginning to get dark as they ventured through the quiet streets, following Misty through a short-cut side-alley to the gym. May and Max looked impressed by the front of the gym as Misty felt a small grin form as she realised she was home. Brock walked over to the poster board and observed the new attraction.

“Looks like you’ll be playing a mermaid again, Misty.” He stated knowingly as she walked over to him.

She sighed in frustration and commented ambiguously that she had had enough of mermaid tales. She walked around the side of the locked-up gym and to a house beside it, which had a few lights glowing from some of the windows. Misty walked up to the door and knocked until it slowly opened. Expecting to see someone in front of her, she looked down in surprise to see a small little girl with fawn shoulder-length flowing hair, and wearing a bright peach-coloured dress. Her piercing green eyes narrowed as she observed the group waiting at the door, then opened it widely and cleared her throat, adjusted the peachy bow in her hair, then with her hands behind her back, addressed them formally.

“May I help you?”

“Primrose?” Misty shouted in alarm. “What are you doing here?”

Primrose cleared her throat again.

“I am here to add more to my acting CV by playing the part of the mermaid in Cousin Daisy’s play.” She continued formally and rocked back on her heels. “Now why are you here?”

Misty felt her temper rising.

“I’m here to play the mermaid in Daisy’s play.” She replied through gritted teeth.

“I don’t think so.” Primrose said with a sigh. “You best be on your way.”

“But I live here!”

Nooo… Daisy’s says you live in the gym.” She threw a set of keys to Misty. “Enjoy!”

With that, she shut the door in Misty’s face, which became set with anger and attempted to kick down the door. Brock and Ash attempted to restrain her as she began lashing out screaming wildly that she’d teach that little brat not to mess with her.

“She’s just a kid!” Ash argued as he tried to calm Misty down.

“That little brat is a nightmare!” She screamed in his face. “She causes nothing but trouble!”

The door opened to reveal Daisy looking surprised to see Misty being held back by Ash and Brock.

“Like, all you had to do was knock on the door instead of screaming your head off.” Daisy said with her arms folded.

Seeing that Misty was about to burst again, Brock and Ash led her to one side while May and Max explained what had happened. Daisy seemed confused and said that Primrose was up in the spare room but ushered the group into the living room where Lily and Violet were talking over a cup of coffee. They greeted the group warmly as they were introduced to May and Max, who Daisy said would be perfect for their parts in the play.

“What do you mean?” Misty asked. “They’re just here for a visit. I thought you just wanted me back?”

“Well, since all you friends are here and you said that they were on vacation, why can’t they play parts? I like, didn’t hire extra actors because I thought they’d want to do it if they had the chance.”

May and Max nodded eagerly.

“Oh wow! I’m going to be on stage!” May squealed excitedly.

Agreeing to discuss the play in detail tomorrow, it was decided that May would share Misty’s room in the gym and Brock, Max and Ash would use the other spare room next door to them.

“I’d give you Misty’s old room upstairs but Primrose has kinda taken over.” Daisy explained sheepishly and wished them all good night as they walked towards the gym.

“So how come you live in the gym and not with your sisters, in the house?” May asked Misty curiously.

“We just fought so much that I moved into one of the rooms above the gym to get away from them. I’ve just stayed there ever since.” Misty replied wearily as memories of her sisters’ bullying began to surface.

Misty opened the back door of the gym and allowed everyone to walk through before locking it behind her. They walked around the famous Cerulean pool that Max and May watched excitedly as some of the Water Pokemon were practicing tricks in the water. When they saw Misty, they swam over to greet her. A broad smile spread across her face as she laughed and couldn’t resist the urge to join them. She released her Water Pokemon from their balls, Gyarados roaring proudly as Corsola, LuvDisc and Staryu jumped happily into the pool, with Psyduck grabbing a floating ring and lounged in it on the surface. Kicking off her shoes, she dove neatly into the pool where they surrounded her affectionately with the other Pokemon. She swam powerfully through the waters, taking in the freedom it gave her spirit and how natural it felt for her. Staryu swam in front of her, urging her to take hold as it sped through the waters with the other Pokemon following. Taking out her ponytail, she kicked towards the surface as Gyarados launched a powerful fountain of water beneath her feet. She sped to the surface, broke the waters and balanced on the fountain of water beneath her, as her friends applauded. Diving back into the water, she swam towards her friends as Brock helped her out.

“That was awesome, Misty!” Max said, impressed by her talents.

“I’ve missed being home.” She sighed calmly as she took a towel from a hidden cupboard to dry her soaking form.

She led the group away from the diving board to the opposite end of the pool through the large opening that led back up to the main reception area. Once there, she walked towards an ascending set of stairs and stopped at the first flight to admit them through a door labelled “Private”. The room consisted of two large sofas and a TV with an open kitchen at the far end and another set of stairs to Misty’s left. Wearily, she walked up the stairs to a corridor with three doors and opened one for the boys to enter.

“The door opposite yours is our room and the one at the end of the corridor is the bathroom.” She explained to her friends. “Is anyone hungry?”

“I’m starving!” Ash exclaimed happily at the prospect of food as Pikachu chirped excitedly on his shoulder.

“I’ll get started!” Brock said enthusiastically as he walked back down the stairs towards the kitchen.

Misty smiled gratefully and opened the other door to allow May through into her bedroom. May looked around the water themed room, where a “Pokemon Dolls Set” sat proudly against a wall near a fluffy blue rug, which leaned ended by Misty’s bed that was decorated with the ocean waves. She walked across the wooden floor towards a photo set in a wooden blue frame above the bed of Ash, Misty and Brock all sitting together on a bank with Pikachu and Togepi in front of them. They all beamed at her watching them, as May noticed how close Ash and Misty were, with Misty’s head almost resting on Ash’s shoulder. She noticed the collection of photos on her bedside table of her adventures with her friends; most of them with Ash. She turned around quickly when she saw Misty dragging in a mattress from the other room and moved over to help her pull it through.

“You’re room’s lovely.” May said as she continued to take in the atmosphere while Misty set up a spare bed. “You can really tell that you love Water Pokemon.”

Misty smiled at her as she stood up from fixing the sheets to the mattress.

“Your plushie collection is really cute, too.” May set with a grin as she eyed the pile of Water Pokemon toys at the foot of Misty’s bed.

In a panic, Misty attempted to shove them under the bed with the excuse that they were Primrose’s and that she’d probably left them there. May giggled understandingly. Misty opened her wardrobe next to her bookcase and told May that she could hang up her outfits in it if she wished. Leaving her to unpack, Misty walked through to the boys’ room to see how they were progressing. Max had already claimed the large single bed, leaving Ash and Brock to occupy the bunk bed. He was unpacking Brock’s and his own stuff when he saw Misty enter and smiled at her.

“Your gym is SO cool!” He exclaimed excitedly. “Can I see all your Pokemon in the morning?”

Misty laughed and assured him that she would by giving him an opportunity to interact with the Pokemon in the pool. Unable to contain his ecstasy, he thanked her repeatedly and ran to tell May. Ash came out of the bathroom as Max ran passed him, almost knocking him off his feet. He saw Misty standing in the doorway of his room and invited her to join him in the kitchen to help Brock with dinner. She nodded and followed him, turning on the TV as she walked passed. A news bulletin came on to deliver the headlines for the local area. Brock was hovered over a large pan full of a steaming hot liquid that he decided to throw some more carrots into.

“Brock! You know how much I hate carrots!” Misty exclaimed in a panic.

“You won’t even taste them, Misty.” He replied casually.

She looked unconvinced and began pouring out some steaming cocoa into mugs. She rummaged in one of the cupboards and pulled out some marshmallows that she dropped into each of the mugs.

“Now I know I had some Pokemon Chow around here somewhere…” She mumbled. “Ah! Here it is!”

She pulled out a yellow tin with a lightning bolt on it and poured the contents into a bowl.

“Here ya go, Pikachu!” She said happily as the Pokemon jumped off Ash’s shoulder and on to hers as she held up a piece for it to eat. “Is it still good?”

It cried out happily, so she set the bowl on the floor by the kitchen table as it hopped down to eat its meal. She began to lay out the spoons for their soup on the table until she saw Ash staring intently at the TV screen.

“What’s wrong, Ash?” She asked.

“It says that Wallace received the Key of Sootopolis City for his generous donations and for opening his family’s private art gallery to the public.” He replied and scratched his head.

“Why is that a problem?”

“Because he opened the gallery the day he visited you and took you to that old building, but he was also at the party he held for all the guests who came to the opening. What’s up with that? They must have made a mistake, right? He can’t have just teleported back and forth.”

He laughed at the possibility. Confused and slightly unnerved by this news, Misty remarked that he was probably right and that they shouldn’t worry about it. Brock called out to them that their stew was ready and began serving up portions on plates that Ash and Misty distributed around the table. Max and May appeared from the stairs and took their places around the table as their food steamed in front of them. All of them ate their food eagerly except Misty, who seemed to be lost in thought as she stirred her dinner around her plate. Wallace had said that he could perform an ancient type of magic – could it allowed him to have temporarily transported himself from his party to tell her about the secret scroll? Anything seemed possible with him. Trying not to let it bother her, she explained to the others that she felt weary and was going to head to bed early and that she would see them in the morning.

“Is she all right, Ash?” May asked her friend quietly as Misty left.

“Yeah, she’s fine.” He nodded lazily as he patted his full stomach with Pikachu dozing on his lap.

“I think we should all head off to bed as well.” Brock said to the others. “It sounds like we’ll have a busy day tomorrow and it would be good for us to have an early night.”

They quickly cleared up the plates and turned off the TV and lights as they made their way up the stairs to the corridor to their bedrooms. Whispering good night, May quietly opened her door to see Misty sound asleep on the made-up bed, leaving her bed free for her friend. She turned the nightstand on as she changed into her pyjamas and quietly crept into bed, staring in detail at the photo frames that covered Misty’s bedside table and the new addition of the painting Wallace had made her propped up against it, as she turned off the nightlight.


“This is awesome!” Max shouted in delight as Misty’s Staryu took him at full speed around the pool.

“Hold your breath!” Misty shouted from the edge of the pool as Staryu dove underwater with Max to see the other Pokemon.

She was dressed in a dark green halter neck bikini with her legs draped over the edge of the pool; Corsola and LuvDisc playfully dancing in front of her. May walked towards her in a pink and yellow bikini and sat down beside her.

“Do you want to join him?” Misty asked her politely.

May shook her head and smiled.

“I’m fine. I’ll just watch for now.”

“You know, Misty, it’s not like you to be wearing a bikini and not be sunbathing or in the water. What’s wrong with this picture?”

Misty turned around to see her good friend hovering over her, dressed in blue swim shorts and a white sleeveless T-shirt.

“Tracey!” She said happily and stood up to greet him. “Professor Oak said that you’d stop by.”

He nodded happily and explained that he was here to help out with the play, mainly backstage.

“I hope Daisy doesn’t start fantasising about us playing a mermaid and prince again.” He said sheepishly and held his hands behind his head.

“Oh, have you two dated then?” May asked innocently.

“No way! S/he likes someone else!” They replied in unison and looked at each other in embarrassment.

“Oh, Re-ally?” May asked with an amused grin.

“Which reminds me, what happened to those pictures you took of Ash and me after we fell of Lapras in the Orange Islands?” Misty queried Tracey and folded her arms curiously.

“Is that Primrose over there?” He asked innocently and pointed to the other side of the pool.

“I don’t know why she keeps saying that she’s going to be the mermaid when that’s clearly my part.” She said boldly from the other side of the pool.

Misty glared at Primrose with her hair covered by a flowing mass of red hair, identical to her cousin’s, with two pink seashells covering her chest and a green mermaid tail covering her from the waist down. She dove neatly into the pool and swam over to Misty.

“You are clearly not worthy for the part.” She said and began swimming with one of the Goldeen.

Misty grinded her teeth and made to jump in the water after her before Tracey pulled her back and calmed her down. Ash and Brock emerged from the corridor leading to the pool and walked over to greet Tracey. Daisy walked in shortly after them and told them, in an excited tone, that she wanted to discuss the storyline for the play with them.

“OK, like, this is the coolest love story ever!” She cried out and waved the scripts around in the air. “There’s like, this little princess, Primrose, who is engaged to be married to this little prince, that’s Max, and they’re like, kinda in love, or at least the princess is but the prince is too young and thinks girls are icky.” She began to explain as she gave them all a script.

Primrose came out of the water and undid her tail to reveal matching pink swim shorts to her bikini and took hold of the script Daisy handed to her. She looked at her part and began swooning to a freaked out Max about how they needed to portray their love.

“They’re naturals at these parts.” Misty whispered sarcastically to Tracey.

“Then the princess has to make a journey to the prince’s island but there’s a huge storm and she doesn’t make it to the lifeboats and ends up swirling around the sea. Then all the Pokemon of the sea try to help this girl to survive but she’s slowly dying at the bottom of the sea so they like, all start crying and turn her into a mermaid so that she can live! The girl realises that she can’t go back so she lives happily with the Water Pokemon and they all play games and then it’s all happy. Then, there’s another storm and like, there’s this guy swirling around in the water, so the mermaid saves him and takes him to the nearest beach she can find, which happens to be his home! He sees her and is mesmerised by her beauty and wants to see her again but then he realises that she’s a mermaid and can’t come on land, so they agree to meet in secret in the water tunnels of his castle.”

By this point, Daisy began jumping up and down on the spot and grabbed Ash and Misty by the arm and swung them towards each other.

“That’s you guys!” She squealed. “Misty will play the mermaid as an older girl and Ash will play the Prince, who’s actually Max’s character grown up! Isn’t this exciting? But then it gets better! The Prince is actually betrothed to another Princess to keep peace between the lands of his people and their neighbours and there’s this really cute scene where the Prince and mermaid meet up again and she shows him her underwater world but when they get back to the castle, he explains to her that he’s engaged to someone else but he’s madly in love with her.”

“This is confusing.” Misty sighed in frustration. “So what is the Prince going to do about it?”

“Well, he like, meets up with the other Princess, that’s you May! And tells her that, no offence, but he’s madly in love with this other girl and she’s happy too because she likes someone else! So the Prince goes back to the mermaid, who is sad because she can’t come on land but then she explains to the Prince that all the Water Pokemon transformed her into a mermaid, so maybe they can transform her back! So they go to the Water Pokemon, they change her back and it turns out the Princesses are actually sisters so there’s no upset about the peace treaty and everyone lives happily ever after!”

Daisy clapped her hands in delight and beamed at the group’s puzzled faces.

“It seems a bit long.” Max pointed out.

“And the ending is cheesy.” Primrose piped up. “And why is my part only small? I want a feature length part!”

“Like, you can be one of the extras in the castle scenes!” Daisy replied casually. “You can do some dance or something.”

Primrose seemed unconvinced.

OK, so now the names of your characters! Max, you’re going to be the Young Prince Christophor; Primrose, you’re going to be the Young Princess Annina; Ash, you’re Prince Christophor; Misty, Princess Annina; May, you’re Princess Amara, Brock you’re Prince Christophor’s good friend, Silex…”

“Silex?” Misty questioned out loud.

“Yeah, it was like, the only name in the book I actually liked.” Daisy replied airily. “I’ll be the narrator, Tracey can be the King, Lily will be the Queen and Violet will be Annina’s and Amara’s mother – the other Queen. Everybody know their parts?”

Tracey looked unsure that he was no longer doing backstage work until Daisy assure him that his part was small and that he would need to help her with the backstage work after he’d played his part. Everyone nodded in agreement with Daisy’s casting except Misty, who stayed behind to talk to her sister about the “book” whilst everyone else went with Tracey to collect their costumes. When she asked where Daisy had got it from, her sister replied that it was in the Cerulean Library but she said that it had been put on the wrong shelf because it was really old compared to the others.

“I need to return it anyway.” Daisy said thoughtfully.

“I’ll return it!” Misty replied hastily and Daisy told her that she’d left it behind the counter at the reception desk. “But make sure you’re not too long because we’ve got rehearsals!” She shouted after her as Misty put on a pair of mini shorts and her yellow crop top to cover her bikini, picked her shoes up by the door and ran towards the reception.

“Where are you going, Misty?” Ash called after her as he tried to fasten a cape over his regular clothes.

“To return a library book!” She shouted in response and grabbed her backpack whilst running out of the sliding doors without a backwards glance.


“The ancient library?” The receptionist repeated.

“Yes, do you know if it explains anything about oppidum caeruli?” I don’t know where it is.” Misty replied hastily as she held the book against her chest.

The receptionist chuckled and took the book from Misty, opening it to the first page.

“You should know where that is Misty.” She replied politely. “It’s Cerulean City’s ancient name in Latin before it became the city it is now. It was known as oppidum caeruli, which translates to ‘Cerulean Town’ or literally, “The Town of Cerulean.” I’m surprised you didn’t know that. Surely you know that Cerulean is the Birthplace Of Water Trainers?”

The thought had already clicked in Misty’s mind. Wallace’s uses of the term echoed in her head; at the party on the ship… So you are from the Sensational Cerulean City? Where the birth of water trainers began? In the secret area after she’d been given the scroll… Promise me! It is also know as the Birth Place of Water Trainers… How could she not have made the connection before?

“So Cinereus was born in Cerulean City?” Misty pondered thoughtfully as she recalled Wallace’s words from inside the cave.

The Prince, who was mentioned in the legend, lived in the castle on this island, though his other home was a place, in Latin, called oppidum caeruli in the region now known as Kanto. He often spent his summers here and his winters training in the home of his birth…

He had moved from his birth town of Cerulean City to Ever Grande City… which was at the time linked to Kanto, where the people were fighting over Sootopolis with the people of Houen…

“This is too confusing.” Misty sighed, rubbing the tension building in her head. “Does the ancient library have any records on someone called Cinereus in oppidum caeruli?”

The receptionist typed into her computer and shook her head. She explained that the only reference to “Cinereus” was in the book that she was holding, which was a translation of some ancient texts that had disappeared in a fire a few decades ago. Misty’s face fell at this news but the librarian assured her that she could have unlimited access to the ancient library to see if she could find anything else for her research. Thanking the receptionist for her help, Misty took the key from her and walked down a small flight of steps that had been roped off from the public. The walls slowly aged as she descended, distinctly marking the modernised building from the former chambers of the library before it. An old oak door with iron hinges marked the end of the corridor with the shadows of a blazing torch in an iron casket hovering over it. Misty placed the wrought iron key into the lock and turned it until it clicked, opening it to reveal a large room with a few glass windows to allow the light in for the desks underneath them. Misty walked around the dusty room, looking for clues in the titles of the books lined on the shelves in front of her. Although the books were old, none of them seemed to date back to the period she wanted, so she turned to the book that Daisy had taken out, hoping that it would give her some answers, since the story also involved a “Silex”. Her eyes widened as she read.

Although the ancient scrolls were lost, this book contains a collection of ancient fairy tales that circulated the Kanto region, translated from an old diary found in Sootopolis.

Misty frowned. If the scrolls had been lost, then how had Wallace managed to get hold of one? She read on:

The diary belonged to an unnamed young woman who explains that she told these “true” fairy tales to her children and grandchildren. The entries were written in Latin, which the woman detailed was appropriate for preserving the story for her children, who all learnt Latin and became their favourite method of learning the language. The diary consisted of six different stories, all focused in areas with an aquatic history, namely: Cerulean City, Sootopolis City, Ever Grande City, Pacifilog, and Pastoria City…

Misty flipped to the Ever Grande City chapter but was distracted when an old piece of parchment fell onto the floor. It had but a few words on it but the significance of the words made Misty’s heart skip a beat.

Nebulosa and Cinereus – Praestigia Vaporeonis = Misconceptions of Vaporeons.

Anyone who had seen the piece of paper would have probably discarded it thinking it was someone’s used notes but Misty’s mind buzzed as she remembered Wallace pulling out “Misconceptions of Vaporeons” from the shelf in Ever Grande City to reveal the secret chamber. Could it have the same effect here? Frantically she looked around for a book with a match title, scanning the bookshelves with a keen eye until in the very corner, a small and worn bookcase leaned against the wall next to a tapestry with a lit torch. She bent down and found a thin book labelled “Praestigia Vaporeonis” and pulled it, only to find it locked in the book shelf as she heard movement beside her. She watched the tapestry flicker gracefully with the air blowing behind it and Misty carefully pushed it aside to reveal a dark staircase leading down to another chamber. Feeling as if nothing else could surprise her, Misty made her way down the stone stairs with the torch in one hand and the book in the other as a voice whispered: You have found it…


Water Spirit

~*Animus Aquae*~
Chapter 31 (Part 2)

“Isn’t my Psyduck, like, super strong?” Daisy squealed as her Psyduck looked at the group of friends clueless.

Daisy ordered it to use a Hydro Pump, where it looked at her curiously, looked across the pool and fired a powerful fountain of water across its length. Ash and Max watched it in awe as Misty’s Psyduck held up a peace sign to its clone. Both of them walked towards each other simultaneously and gave the other a hi-five; missing each other and smacking the other in the face instead. They looked at each other in bewilderment.

When Max asked Ash if Misty’s Psyduck was just as powerful, he sweatdropped and said it was probably best not to ask. Confused, Max walked over to Misty’s Psyduck and told it to use a Water Gun, where Psyduck remained still, blinked, and tilted its head to the other side before walking off towards its food bowl. Frustrated, Max asked it again and this time, Psyduck turned around, sucked in a deep breath, causing Max to flinch and produced a feeble spout of water from its mouth.

“That’s pathetic!” Max shouted at the Pokemon after he had recovered himself and Psyduck had gone back to eating.

“Oh, my wondrous Prince!” Primrose cooed beside him, making him jump. “We must rehearse our parts so that we portray our unbreakable bonds of love!”

Horrified by her proposal, Max escaping her approaching pouted lips and ran towards Ash, Brock, Lily and Tracey, who were conversing about their own parts.

“I like, don’t have to say anything at all, I just have to sit there and look pretty.” Lily said happily as Max ran around her to hide behind Brock. “Maybe we should like, dye Ash’s hair pink so he looks more like my son.”

Ash nodded distractedly as he looked through his script and then yelled out in realisation and disbelief at her proposal.

“But anyway, I really shouldn’t be talking to you after you like, upset my little sister…” She said harshly as she folded her arms and glared at him as Brock, Tracey and Max slowly disappeared from the scene.

Ash shifted uneasily and dropped his gaze to the floor.

“But I guess since both of you seem to be getting along well and you’re helping with the play, I have no reason to be angry at you. Just don’t do it again!” She warned and shook her fist at him, provoking an obedient nod from him as she smiled and walked away towards Brock and Tracey.

Primrose had taken it upon herself to chase Max around the pool area, insisting that they should practice their scenes together. Tracey donned a crown with Lily to get into character and Brock took up a cape and asked for Violet’s approval.

“Hey, where is Misty?” Ash asked himself as Pikachu hopped on his shoulder. “She’s been gone ages…”


Scrolls littered the small chamber that Misty had descended to, along with old books and maps of the former regions. She opened one to see Kanto written across the top and recognised the familiar layout and tried to translate the names on the page from her knowledge of the area. She spotted oppidum caeruli and to the left, a town called urbs cassiteri, which she presumed was Pewter City, and another label just below it marking Viridian City. Following her logic, she tried to locate Pallet Town but there was just a green empty space and an island to the far left marked urbs umquam grande.

“Ever Grande City…” Misty whispered, surprised to find it on the Kanto map that confirmed Wallace’s story.

She moved around the small room with the torch, looking for anything that would point her in the direction of what she was looking for when she saw a very old blue book prodding out of one of the shelves. She pulled it down and blew the dust off the cover, choking as it floated towards her and decided to take the book back upstairs to read because of her restricted light with the torch. Juggling the new book and Daisy’s borrowed book in one hand and holding the torch in the other, she made her way back up the stairs, pushing her way around the tapestry and sat at one of the desks next to the window. She set the book down and sat in front of it, turning the first page carefully as her face fell when she realised that it was all in Latin. She sighed in frustration and flicked through the rest of the pages to find that they were all blank. Curiously, she flicked back to the first page and tried to make sense of what it was saying.

“sum puella aquae,” she said aloud and a light flickered on the page.

She looked out of the window instinctively but dismissed her distraction.

“volo videre antidea… What does that mean?” She pondered out loud and recited the first sentence again. “sum puella aquae, volo videre antidea…?”

The page glowed white and Misty watched in horror as the book floated in front of her and engulfed her in a bright light, absorbing her in its pages as she yelled out in a panic, spiralling out of control into its vortex.


“Mama, I don’t want to see this silly boy.” A small child whined as she toddled along by her mother.

The mother stopped and smiled down at her serenely. She was dressed in a long pale blue dress that flowed along behind her with a golden crown upon her long flaming red hair.

“It will help all of your future people if you do, my little Nebulosa.” The Queen replied calmly.

The little girl pouted and sat down on the floor as her puffy pink dress settled around her. She blew a stray strand of her short flowing locks away from her face and crossed her arms.

“I don’t want to go.” She said stubbornly.

“I think you will love Ever Grande City, my dear.” The mother cooed and kneeled down beside her. “And this young boy sounds very charming. Perhaps he can be your new playmate.”

The little girl looked unconvinced. Misty hovered above the pair in astonishment as the realistic scene was played out in front of her.

“My darling, the people of Kanto need you to marry this young Prince so that we will have a secure connection for all the people of our region. He was born in Cerulean like you but his people have originated from the South of Kanto and by you marrying this Prince, it will bring the divided regions of Kanto under one rule. All your people will be so delighted to be finally reunited together.” She reassured her gently.

“So that means I will be a Queen?” Nebulosa asked curiously.

Her mother nodded happily.

Nebulosa laughed and cheered happily as she took her mother’s hand and walked away from Misty’s hovering form. The scene darkened and was replaced by an elaborate court, where a King sat alongside the Queen from the previous scene, as a messenger bowed in front of them.

“Prince Cinereus, son of King Robus and Queen Artemis, rulers of South Kanto, has arrived in Cerulean to meet Princess Nebulosa, daughter of King Imber and Queen Lympha!” He exclaimed, as a shy young boy with scruffy dark hair tied back in a small ponytail held his father’s hand as he walked up the carpet leading towards the royalties.

King Robus bowed his head as Cinereus followed his example.

“I would like to thank you humbly for signing this peace treaty with us.” He smiled fondly at the King and Queen. “Let us sign this treaty even if our children do not join hands in marriage.”

King Imber nodded in agreement as a piece of parchment was brought forth and both of the Kings signed their names.

“Let us rejoice!” King Imber exclaimed. “To the future of Kanto as one region!”

The entire court held up their drinks in a toast to the future of their united region as cheers and exclamations of joy were exchanged throughout the court. Nebulosa peered curiously through the gap between her parents’ thrones to look at Cinereus. Her oceanic green eyes watched him avidly until he caught side of her, causing her to hide behind her mother’s chair in fright. Her mother noticed and smiled.

“Don’t be rude, Nebulosa, greet your guest politely like a Princess should.”

She ushered her daughter around the chair and towards Cinereus, who was rocking back and forth on his heels impatiently as Nebulosa moved sheepishly towards him. The hall hushed as everyone watched the two children meet each other for the first time.

“Hello,” Nebulosa whispered nervously. “I’m Nebulosa.”

She held out her hand to shake his. He smiled at her.

“My name is Cinereus.” He said brightly and shook her hand.

Those gathered in the hall cheered happily at the success of their union as Cinereus began talking to Nebulosa about Pokemon.

“My dad gave me my first Pokemon!” He exclaimed happily and produced an old fashioned ball container.

A Pidgey flew out and sat on its master’s shoulder as he stroked it. Nebulosa smiled and went to stroke it as it cooed against her touch.

“It’s really pretty!” She exclaimed happily.

“No, it’s not!” Cinereus retaliated. “It’s fierce and powerful!”

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

The spectators laughed at the disagreement and Nebulosa produced a Staryu.

“This is MY first Pokemon!” She said proudly. “Mama and Papa trust me to have a strong Pokemon for my starter!”

“My Pokemon’s strong, too!” Cinereus replied angrily and challenged her to a match.

Misty’s heart skipped a beat.

“This is the past… but my first battle with Ash and those Pokemon…”

The scene switched again to see Nebulosa sitting in her room playing with some Water Pokemon Plushies. A Pidgey carrying a piece of paper flew into her room and landed in front of her, encouraging her to take the note. She gently took it from its mouth, stroked it and read the note slowly.

“Dear Nebulosa,” she read aloud. “I would like it very much if you would…” She tried to decipher the scruffy handwriting. “come to play with me in Ever Grande City for a few days. It would be nice to see you again. Cinereus.”

She smiled happily and ran down the steps of her room calling for her mother excitedly.

The scene switched again to see a ship being loaded with cargo and Princess Nebulosa dressed in a puffy purple dress with a matching headband. Her mother and father stood in front of her as she prepared to board the ship.

“Behave yourself, my darling and we will see you in a few days.” Her mother cautioned as she hugged her daughter.

“The Captain will take good care of you.” Her father reassured her as he also hugged his daughter.

“I love you, Mama! I love you, Papa!” She shouted as she ran up the gangplank and waved from the deck.

The ship moved away from the shoreline as her parents waved to her, along with many of those who worked at the palace as she headed for Ever Grande City to meet Prince Cinereus…

The ship was tossed ruthlessly about in the vicious storm as large amounts of water washed over the sides of the deck, causing the crew to lose their balance and control. Lightning streaked across the sky as Nebulosa screamed with the thunder roaring above her. A shipmate was thrown overboard as she huddled in a ball, holding on to the side of the ship for dear life. The air was knocked out of her lungs as a wave crashed on top of her, sending her overboard into the notorious waves below. Her little legs attempted to kick towards the surface but she felt the pull of the current working against her as she was dragged down deeper. Her heart beat fast as she tried to regain control of her panicking body, feeling her body be tossed around like a helpless doll. The current threw her into some underwater rocks and knocked her unconscious as Misty tried to swim towards the girl and take her to the surface. Her arms fell straight through her. Misty tried desperately to hold the girl, restraining her tears at the girl’s lifeless form as it floated in the darkening abyss. She fell in front of an underwater cavern, the weight of her dress holding her there as a pair of glowing eyes shimmered from within. Misty frantically tried to navigate in the preserved memory to move the girl away from the threat but was stunned to see the girl’s body move gracefully away from the seabed with a blue glowing aura surrounding her.

A pulse shot through the waters as hundreds of Water Pokemon gathered from the depths to surround the girl’s lifeless glowing body. They shed tears at the sight, which were miraculously preserved in bubbles and floated towards the girl. Hundreds of tears surrounded her and encased her in a barrier of bubbles as the glowing eyes shone brighter and changed from blue to purple. The bubbles burst around the girl to reveal her with a mermaid’s tail and shells covering her chest. The girl opened her eyes and was startled to see all the Pokemon surrounding her. They cheered triumphantly around her as she panicked when she saw the new fishy tail attached to her.

“What’s happened to me?” She asked, surprised that she could converse underwater.

We saved your life in the only way we possibly could… A familiar voice echoed from the cave. In order to save you, we have transformed you into a mermaid, based on our aquatic powers and your compatibility with water that runs in your blood… I’m sorry that we couldn’t do anything else…

“But what about my family? How can I see them again?” The frightened girl asked unsurely.

I’m afraid you can’t. We will look after you in every way we can but I am sure you will adjust to life quite easily with us. You are very young, my child, you should rest…

The little girl felt her eyes become droopy and nuzzled on the sand bed into a gentle slumber.

Misty watched the scene changed again, stunned. This poor girl had to feel isolation in exchange for her life. This was the truth… this was what had really happened to Cinereus and Nebulosa all those centuries ago… in this preserved memory…

An older Nebulosa, perhaps a bit older than Misty, was swimming happily with the Pokemon of the ocean. Her auburn hair was long and flowing, decorated with a sea flower that matched the blue shells covering her chest. She laughed as a Horsea swam around her in circles. The surface of the ocean illuminated above her head and she ignored it as she danced around with the Pokemon. She jumped as a large object plummeted through the waters and headed for her, causing her to dart out the way as a heavy barrel sunk into the depths. She looked up curiously and saw a figure struggling in the water, entangled in his cape and furiously trying to right himself so that he could swim towards the surface. Nebulosa swam strongly towards him, grabbed him around the waist and hauled him to the surface when the rain fell heavily on her. She tried to keep the dazed man’s head afloat as she pushed him on to a piece of driftwood and ordered the Pokemon around her to head towards the nearest shores that they knew. Leaving the Pokemon to guide him, Nebulosa dived underwater to seek safety from the storm…


“So how do you want me to react?” May asked Daisy again.

She was sat down as Ash was trying to explain how he was in love with the mermaid and that he would grateful if she understood, which she would because she was also in love with someone else. Daisy wanted her to be calm and smiling as Ash/the Prince told her, so that they could keep the story happy and cheerful.

“And then you’ve got to kiss him on the cheek to show how you’re just friends!” Daisy squealed excitedly and winked.

“WHAT?!” They both exclaimed in unison.


Nebulosa emerged to the surface in the evening after the storm had cleared to see where the Water Pokemon had taken the man she had rescued. She saw them swimming in her direction and waved as they darted towards her. When she asked them where they had taken him, they hesitated but led her far away from their home underwater to a beach with a castle. The beach and castle were enclosed in the high cliffs surrounding it as Nebulosa hid in the water as she saw people running down the beach to play in the shallows. She dove underwater with the Pokemon and swam through a tunnel but the Pokemon held back. She encouraged them to follow her but they refused so she continued alone through the tunnel until she emerged in a cellar, where the water was used to keep it cool.

Misty’s heart skipped a beat as she recognised the surroundings to be the same as that in Ever Grande City. The mermaid propped herself up on the protruding rock and began brushing her hair happily whilst admiring her new discovery. A figure stumbled down the steps and she froze as he stared at her, an empty wine jug in each of his hands. She recognised him to be the man that she had rescued and smiled at him. He was not much older than herself but with a long black ponytail falling down the length of his back with a scruffy fringe and dark coffee eyes intently watching her. His billowing shirt stopped moving with his breathing as his buckled shoes scuffed against the uneven floor as he slowly walked towards her. He didn’t pay attention to the edge of the water and slipped, falling into the calm pool as the mermaid dove in after him. She pulled him out and ushered him over to the edge so that he could climb out.

“It’s just as Wallace described…” Misty whispered in awe.

“You are a mermaid…” The young man whispered in awe as he stared fixated into Nebulosa’s eyes. “What is your name?”

“Nebulosa.” She replied and smiled.

“Nebulosa…” He repeated dreamily in a whisper. “You are so beautiful…”

“Cinereus?” A voice echoed from the top of the staircase.

Cinereus grabbed her hands.

“Will you meet me again, here, tomorrow?” He asked her hastily.

She nodded enthusiastically, happy for him to accept her and want to see her again.

“Cinereus, what are you doing?” A tanned tall man with spiky brown hair and a small beard asked as he reached the bottom step.

He saw Cinereus stand up abruptly as the waters by his feet rippled.

“There… there was a mermaid, Silex…” Cinereus tried to start.

Silex laughed and grabbed his companion around the shoulders and ushered him back up the steps.

“I think you’ve had too much wine, my friend.” He chuckled as his friend stumbled up the stairway.

Misty frowned as the scene darkened once more. How did Cinereus and Nebulosa not realise that they were each others’ betrothed. Were they too young to have remembered? Perhaps they had only been about four years old…

The scene transformed to show the cellar and Cinereus proclaiming his love for Nebulosa.

“I don’t care if you are a mermaid, I love you. But I am forbidden to love you for I am engaged. My people of Kanto have been at war with those from Houen over the rights to Sootopolis. The wizard of Sootopolis, Peregrinus, refuses to side with either of us. If I do not marry her, a peace treaty will not be formed and our regions will continue to rage against each other.”

Nebulosa stroked his hand in hers and bowed her hair.

“I understand.” She replied quietly. “You must do what is best for your people.”

He watched her solemnly and hugged her towards him.

“I feel such an unbelievable connection to you.” He whispered against her damp hair. “I can’t marry her! I just can’t!” …

Cinereus was seen marching determinedly down a corridor and knocked politely on a room. When he was permitted to enter, he bowed to the beautiful brunette in front of him talking to a tall, aging man who Misty couldn’t help her dropping jaw and yelp of astonishment when he turned around and bore a striking resemblance to Wallace. Cinereus watched him cautiously as the man bowed to the young girl and left the room. Cinereus addressed her formerly.

“Princess Maia,” he bowed. “I’m afraid that I cannot go through with our marriage as I am hopelessly in love with someone else.”

She acknowledged what he said, seemingly unsurprised and smiled.

“I’m afraid my people will not take this news as calmly as I have.” She spoke serenely. “I apologise on their behalf for their reactions.”

He smiled courteously to her and bowed to leave.


He turned around and she kissed him passionately on the lips. Misty watched in horror at the sight and the close resemblance to the two people she knew so well.

“Be careful.” She whispered to him as he left…

“There are two many of them, Cinereus!” Silex shouted as he tried to ward off angry Houenians advancing towards him with his sword drawn against theirs.

Cinereus was fighting his own battle with a group of intruders as Misty was guided towards them. Silex attempted to walk backwards up the stairs whilst fighting the two Houenians in front of him, until one caught him off guard and stabbed him with is sword.

“BROCK!” Misty cried out desperately as she tried to float towards him.

Silex fell heavily on the stone steps as Cinereus called out his name and raced to his side. He lifted his friend on to his lap as his comrade fought around him to protect them. Silex breathed shallowly as he held his chest and then his best friend’s hand.

“Find your Princess…” he whispered feebly and collapsed in Cinereus’s arms.

He sat there in horror, tears welling in his eyes and rage burning in his heart. He took up his sword and headed towards his room, fighting whoever crossed his path. He took out a wooden box full of scrolls and slammed the lid shut as he made his way to a lower ledge over the cliff and threw the box into the raging waters.

“I trust you… my Princess.” He whispered and dove into the merciless waves.

He was engulfed and powerless to their forces, swirling around in the depths, his cloak billowing around him.

“Nebulosa!” A trail of bubbles burst from his mouth.

The current tore through him as he tried to hold his breath for longer, as Misty watched his eyesight dip in and out of focus.

“Nebulosa…” she watched him mouth as his eyesight locked on to Misty.

She watched him in alarm as he was close to fainting but he continued to watch her.

“Misty…” He mouthed.

She looked at him alarmed.

Misty… How did he know her name?

“Misty!” A voice called and she felt a hand grab her shoulder and pull her out of the memory.

She sat up bolt right and inhaled sharply, intent on finding out where the voice had come from and why she hadn’t seen Nebulosa rescue Cinereus. She turned around to see Ash and Brock hovering over her looking concerned.

“Are you all right?” Brock asked her when he saw the tears welling in her eyes.

“Brock!” She exclaimed and hugged him.

Ash watched her unsurely and folded his arms.

“You fall asleep in the library and I wake you up and you get all emotional on Brock?” He asked in disbelief.

She surprised him by hugging him as well.

“I’m just glad you guys are safe.”

“Err… would you mind explaining to us what’s going on?” Ash asked unsurely.

She let go off him and frowned.

“I didn’t fall asleep I…” Wallace’s caution to not tell anyone else echoed in her mind. She headed towards the tapestry and saw that the wall was solid and the book that opened the hidden chamber was gone.

“What’s going on, Misty?” Ash asked her seriously.

She shook her head and explained that she’d just had a bad dream, hoping that his denseness would kick in any second now…


After completing almost one full rehearsal with Misty back at the gym, Daisy called it a day and congratulated the group on their hard work.

Misty undid her mermaid tail from the scene that had previously been rehearsing and stood up to dry her hair with a towel. She’d hardly been able to focus on the play with the images of the legend now swimming around in her mind – and how she and her friends bore similar resemblances to the characters. No wonder Wallace and the Shiny Lapras had made a connection between them and the characters from the legend. But it wasn’t a legend anymore… it actually seemed real. And the Shiny Lapras’s warning that events from the past were reoccurring? Which bits were reoccurring and what parts were left in the past?

She looked across the waters and say May dressed up in a pretty green gown and talking to Ash, who was still dressed as a prince. There was clearly a history between Cinereus and Maia; had she been blind and not noticed something going on between May and Ash? She shook her head. No, that was impossible. May clearly knew how strong her bond was with Ash and she’d already showed her support for them with her concern towards her relationship with Brendan. Her face turned scarlet when LuvDisc began dancing around Ash’s and May’s feet. Psyduck waddled over to her and grinned mischievously at her reaction. She smacked the Pokemon over the head and knocked it into the pool, where it cried out in a panic as it attempted to swim. Corsola balanced it on its horns and pushed it back up on the pool’s edge. Hurt by this gesture, Misty turned around and bumped into Tracey, who was carrying a large number of boxes full of props to cover the bottom of the pool with.

“Hey, Misty?” Max called from behind Tracey. “What was like for you when you started your Pokemon journey? I spoke to my Dad and he said that I could get my first Pokemon soon!”

Misty half-smiled and felt that the distraction had come at a welcome time.

“My first Pokemon was a Goldeen and not long after I left the gym, I caught my Staryu whilst fishing. I kinda had an argument with my sisters when I left… saying that I wouldn’t come back until I was a Water Pokemon Master. Then I met Ash whilst I was fishing again and ended up fishing him out of the water.” She said with a grin. “I’d also caught a Starmie before I’d met Ash and had only been travelling on my own for a few months before we met. He destroyed my bike and I wanted payback but I ended up having some amazing adventures and making a special friendship instead. I wouldn’t travel on my own again. It’s nice when you can travel with friends.”

Max smiled happily at her story as Ash called them to dinner from the other side of the pool, LuvDisc dancing between his feet as he walked back out towards the reception.


Misty sat on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around her as she watched TV after everyone else had gone to bed. She flicked through the channels as a figure dress in a black T-shirt and jeans sat down beside her. Ash smiled at her as she handed him a spare blanket.

“Are you OK, Misty?” He asked her seriously. “You still haven’t spoken to anyone about what happened to you in that chamber in Ever Grande City and you got really spooked about something in the library. What’s going on?”

Misty contemplated telling him the full truth and thought against it.

“Wallace took me there because he thought I would appreciate its history because it was linked to his Prince and Mermaid statue and the scroll he gave me is relevant to Daisy’s story.” She replied innocently. “He had to leave quickly because he had to get back to the ceremony in Sootopolis.”

“Ohh… OK.” He said happy with her logical response and carried on watch TV with her. “Something’s been bugging me though…”

She looked at him unsurely and turned to face him in her seat.

“Just before my match after you had left, I heard this voice that was talking to me about you.” He replied slowly as Misty watched his reaction in alarm. I couldn’t understand why I was acting weird and saying things that didn’t sound like me and then this voice said: Because you have just realised what your heart feels inside…

Misty frowned and blushed slightly; a secret smile formed on her face.

“Well I don’t know what it is but it sounds like it’s got some good advice.” She replied airily and snuggled further under her blanket. “I’m sure you’ll understand what it means someday.”

“That’s what the voice said. Why does everyone keep saying that?” Ash sighed irritably.

Misty grinned and yawned as a movie involving a Lugia started on the TV.


Brock walked into the kitchen and saw Ash snoring with head resting over the back of the sofa. He frowned and walked towards him, about to shake him awake when he saw Misty leaning against Ash, wrapped up in a blanket. He grinned at the sight and went back into his room. Max burst into the open plan area after Brock had told him about the two friends and stood in front of the peaceful pair with a camera. He took a picture and laughed as he allowed the flash to go off to wake them up. Ash stirred and yawned loudly, rubbing his eyes in his dozy state and standing up, unaware of Misty’s weight on him as she fell heavily on to the sofa. She woke with a start and rubbed her own eyes and blushed as Brock innocently grinned at her as he watched Ash turned to face her.

“I guess we both fell asleep through the movie.” He said half laughing and rubbing the back of his head unsurely.

May appeared from her room dressed for the day and wished everyone a good morning until she saw the scruffy sight of Ash and Misty by the sofa and giggled.

“I found this in your room, Misty.” May said happily and produced the trophy that she had won for the Water Competition in Ever Grande City. “Your sisters must have put it in there last night.”

Misty beamed at it and thanked May for letting her know. May caught Ash’s glance and blushed.

“Well, I’ll go downstairs and see if your sisters need any help with setting up rehearsals today.” She said distractedly and disappeared down the stairs leading to the reception.

Misty frowned at her reaction and folded her arms, asking Ash why she was behaving so strangely. Ash chose to ignore her question and busied himself by helping Brock set up for breakfast. Trying not to let it bother her, Misty turned her mind to the legend and what she had to discover next and how what she had seen was connected to her. If Ash hadn’t interrupted her, she could have seen the final fate of the Prince and the Mermaid. Or had she seen it? The Prince would have been better off with his betrothed as there wouldn’t have been a conflict and he wouldn’t have died in the waves? Was he meant to be with Maia then? Was that what the Shiny Lapras had meant by the courses of fate has changed? The past was being relived but for the better? Why hadn’t the mermaid come to save him? She couldn’t deal with this on her own for much longer. She needed help and someone to talk to. If only she had someone to help her look for the answers to her questions… if only she had someone she knew would understand her problems and her heart… if only she had Brendan…

End Chapter 31

Well, I really hope it was worth the wait. I'm quite worried about what you'll think of this one but I assure you, Chapter 32 is much more exciting. You'll either love me or hate me. My personal review thinks you'll all hate me but what does he know? He's never read FADOF! XD

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Back! =D
Heck, words can't describe how I feel about this latest chapter! It did lots of things to me, including almost making me cry at one point, but no, it most definitely didn't disappoint me, not at all. So the Shiny Lapras is talking to Ash now as well... oh, Ash, how dense you can be... Anyway, good luck with your exam! :)


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Well you didn't dissapoint! i loved it:D the things you come up with is amazing - the storyline for example, you have true raw talent. The way you call the Houenn people Houennians (brilliant!) i would never had call them that. Your humour in the story is as what you see in the anime- Misty blowing a fuse at Brock and Primrose. Everything is so detailed, i can acctually picture it in my head very clearly. Enough of me babaling because i'll go on for ages otherwise, its so good!:) I'll leave you with this last comment, and that is your personal reviewer is worong! I didn't hate you for it, dought anyone else will either, you'll always have our support.

I cant wait for the last part, the anticipation is killing me, well done:) Good luck on the exam, you'll do great!:)

Pokemon4eva xXx
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St. Star

IT'S GREAT! I love it! :D

I cried when I read the part that Cinereus jumped into the water. It was beautifull, but yet sad..
The part where Ash and Misty fell asleep together on the couch was cute :D

And what's with Ash and May?! =O *get's nervous*

I know for sure that you didn't disappoint anyone with this chap! It's really great and I can't wait for the next and last one!
And I also know that I'm SO going to cry again.

Good luck with your exams!

Aaron Highest

One thing to say... ROCK ON! *heavy metal blasts and he goes flying across the room into the wall." Darn you best buy for tricking me into buying the voice activation for the stereo! Well, anyways, this is so hard to beleive it's gonna be the last chapter next.. And the way you made this chapter, is good, but odd, because I can't see how this could all be wrapped up in the next chapter, tricking us and pulling out another chapter perhaps? But anyways, 10/10 on this chapter, all it needed was a battle, because you are the best battle writer. And i'll be reading your next story for sure! *SWAT team busts through the door* Oh no! They found out about my monkeys! Ahh! Swat member: PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! *puts hands into the air.* *Starts waving them in the air and gets tazered* Swat member: Guess he just didn't care. *rimshot* But anyways, can't wait to read the next. And if you need help with anything, don't hesitate to PM me. ^_^ And thanks for a great story.



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woooww! I can't believe that Chapter 31 is finally up! It's been over a year since the last chapter and I'm just sooo glad to see this chapter up! But now I CAN'T believe there's only ONE more chapter up. I'm so excited, but also dreading for next week to arrive as the FINAL chapter would come and bring this story to a close. That's sorta depressing...heh.

But then again, I'm also really excited for the next story that you have in mind. I know it's going to be AMAZING and I really can't wait for it.

Hmm..lets see what I can say about this chapter... There was a lot of stuff that happened and I am REALLY loving the history with Nebulosa and Cinereus. It's so sweet. I cannot wait for it to be acted out by Misty and Ash. There's going to be so much awkwardness and tension and blushing ahah. I really hope you included a light kissing scene in that play just so I can laugh at their discomfort lol.

As always, I LOVED the mucho pokeshipping-ness and I really hope we get to see what happens in the end for Nebulosa and Cinereus, but I'm sure we will in the final chapter. I can't wait for all the action. It's going to be great.

Lastly, I also wanted to comment on the whole May and Ash relationship in this chapter. I already get the feeling that May kinda feels SOMETHING little for Ash, but is also very supportive of Misty/Ash that she wouldn't allow herself to stand in the way. And even though history sorta shows her with Wallace, I don't see her with Wallace in the present as there has been no hints for them (as far as I can tell anyway).

Hmmm...I did find it interesting how Misty is so intimidated and sorta jealous/nervous about May and Ash's relationship in this chapter, even though she convinced herself that May is on her side and wouldn't do anything with Ash. I believe that Ash and May are just a little nervous around each other because they believe that they have to kiss each other...or at least that's what I hope anyway.

Umm...I don't know what else to say besides commenting you on your GREAT imagination to come up with all those great names for the characters in the fairy tale book/history. But yeah, I'll end this review with how GREAT this story is, how proud of yourself you must be, and how I CANNOT wait for the next and FINAL chapter =]. I'll be anxiously waiting for next week to arrive.


For the last year or more of waiting for an update, after five months of waiting for that week-end you announced you planned on finishing this, it has eventually arrived...

And just to let you know that I have been reading every single of your comments here, whether it may be about yourself (glad everything is going neatly over at university ^^ since you're very busy with life there :) ) or about this fic or your writing in general, projects, and FADOF in particular...
But I never wanted to post anything here and decided to keep everything for the review and everything personal I wanted to tell you.

Support to a fic is a binding relationship. If we support something, we have to be convinced beyond all belief that what we are waiting for will deliver. And to this day, since I ever joined and started reading this, it has never failed me in any standards...
And for what is worth, I'll always love you rather than hate you ^^

Reading my name on your special thanks made me nothing short of suffocate though xD Since I've only been present here for the last few chapters and not by any means did we have any chance of knowing each other better ! I did consider you one of the greatests around here, and to have you remember me and thank me for my small contributions...is the only thing I will ever need from a writer :)

Thank you, for everything you have given me, and us in general.

On with the actual review !

I notice an extra adjective every time you give a descriptions, like when we expect one word, you put two, which gives an even clearer vision of what it looks and how it feels. (You may not notice but it's much deeper than the rest here, el_toro's fic aside, which has abundant and clear description lol)

Hah, Ash and Misty being fameous around Pummelo, that beats everything :p
As I said when you posted that spoiler oh so long ago, the idea of bringing them back to where they had their most glorious moment is brilliant !

“Nothing.” May replied innocently and helped Max to his feet.

His pocket started ringing, making him panic that his PokeTech was broken but after frantically pulling it out of his pocket, he realised that he was receiving a call.

Don't you mean the Pokétch ? And isn't it aSinnoh device ? Diddn't Max have the PokéNav ?

“Bye, honey! Let me know if you need more clean underwear!” She cried as she disappeared into the distance.

Ash face-faulted in embarrassment.

It never gets dull, it never gets old
The only it gets is more bold
- The Offspring, "One Fine Day"


“Well, since all you friends are here and you said that they were on vacation, why can’t they play parts? I like, didn’t hire extra actors because I thought they’d want to do it if they had the chance.”


You’re room’s lovely.” May said as she continued to take in the atmosphere while Misty set up a spare bed.

"Your" again xD

Primrose came out of the water and undid her tail to reveal matching pink swim shorts to her bikini and took hold of the script Daisy handed to her. She looked at her part and began swooning to a freaked out Max about how they needed to portray their love.

“They’re naturals at these parts.” Misty whispered sarcastically to Tracey.

She's mean lol

The description of the library and Misty venturing in the ancients parts of it and what followed was extraordinary, very captivating, nearly breathtaking :)

She bent down and found a thin book labelled “Praestigia Vaporeonis” and pulled it, only to find it locked in the book shelf as she heard movement beside her. She watched the tapestry flicker gracefully with the air blowing behind it and Misty carefully pushed it aside to reveal a dark staircase leading down to another chamber. Feeling as if nothing else could surprise her, Misty made her way down the stone stairs with the torch in one hand and the book in the other as a voice whispered: You have found it…

Yeah, just like that ;)

Daisy ordered it to use a Hydro Pump, where it looked at her curiously, looked across the pool and fired a powerful fountain of water across its length. Ash and Max watched it in awe as Misty’s Psyduck held up a peace sign to its clone. Both of them walked towards each other simultaneously and gave the other a hi-five; missing each other and smacking the other in the face instead. They looked at each other in bewilderment.

Simply this made this whole chapter worth the wait xD

And how ironic (or convenient) that the whole play is actually plagiarised from that true story that happened those few centuries ago...

“Be careful.” She whispered to him as he left…

“There are two many of them, Cinereus!” Silex shouted as he tried to ward off angry Houenians advancing towards him with his sword drawn against theirs.

Cinereus was fighting his own battle with a group of intruders as Misty was guided towards them. Silex attempted to walk backwards up the stairs whilst fighting the two Houenians in front of him, until one caught him off guard and stabbed him with is sword.

“BROCK!” Misty cried out desperately as she tried to float towards him.

Silex fell heavily on the stone steps as Cinereus called out his name and raced to his side. He lifted his friend on to his lap as his comrade fought around him to protect them. Silex breathed shallowly as he held his chest and then his best friend’s hand.

“Find your Princess…” he whispered feebly and collapsed in Cinereus’s arms.

Epic. Truly epic, and man, what tragedy and drama...
What a plot...
What a brilliant mind you have WS :)

If Ash hadn’t interrupted her, she could have seen the final fate of the Prince and the Mermaid. Or had she seen it? The Prince would have been better off with his betrothed as there wouldn’t have been a conflict and he wouldn’t have died in the waves? Was he meant to be with Maia then? Was that what the Shiny Lapras had meant by the courses of fate has changed? The past was being relived but for the better? Why hadn’t the mermaid come to save him? She couldn’t deal with this on her own for much longer. She needed help and someone to talk to. If only she had someone to help her look for the answers to her questions… if only she had someone she knew would understand her problems and her heart… if only she had Brendan…


What if...May was actually Nebulosa ? What if, Misty was the one engaged to Ash to keep peace, but she actually liked someone else, namely Brendan, and she doesn't know it herself ?

What if you made the PokéShipping fic that doesn't actually end with PokéShipping ?

What if you mislead us all for four years ?...

Damn straight it was worth the wait, and I can't wait for the finale !
Good Luck for your exams, and I'll tell you that I might not review the last chapter as it comes out, since I myself, have exams ^^'
Three weeks, the last year of high school before heading to the University of Lausanne...man I can't wait :)

See you very soon ! ;)



Now that I got that out... I can't believe this fic! It's absolutely amazing! And to think that I wasn't going to read it at first because it was long!

I love the parallel(ish, I'm not sure where your mind is going with it) story of Cinereus and Nebulosa! It doesn't help that I'm already completely obsessed with mermaids and fairy tales...

I can't wait to see how you end this fantastic story!


I can't believe it's going to end so soon! Water Spirit, you've left me hanging for the next 5 days! >:p

The chapter did not disappoint WS, I don't think I've ever read a chapter where I didn't want to continue reading and the same thing goes with this chapter.

It's great to see that the group is back in Kanto and your ability to describe the atmosphere is great by making everything come to a closing. The whole passing by the Orange Islands and showing Ash and Misty's past as well as having her reflect upon on it just gives it an aura that somethings going to come to an end.

The play that Daisy had outlined was, at first, confusing. But the way how you described the legend and mirroring everyone with existing people in the past was genius! I loved the Latin names (wish I could've taken it up) and just the whole situation is full of drama waiting to happen.

I've got some speculations though, specifically considering what's happening between Ash and May *cracks knuckles*:

In the ending scene where May comes down the stairs and blushes when she sees Ash and Ash refusing to tell Misty what was May getting so flustered about, was because they were both embarrassed to have to do the kissing scene and obviously, if Misty found out, she'd go ape on Ash! So maybe May does feel something small, but I doubt that it's strong enough to develop into something else...

What I can't understand is what the Shiny Lapras meant by "events repeating themselves, but there will be a change"? And also I kind of figure that Cinereus died when he jumped after Nebulosa (either that or he was changed into a mer-man! :p), but what I don't know is why Nebulosa didn't respond faster?

So many questions Water Spirit and yet you still feel like the story's disappointing? Don't worry about it WS, I'll keep reading no matter what you throw our way, it's bound to be good anyway!

Btw, I am feeling pretty confident about those predictions! I did get the Nebulosa thing right, didn't I? :D

Brian Random

Great plot you got there, Spirit. Having a play set by a love-obsessed girl, which sets up some comedy, who got the idea by a book, which had to be returned ASAP, that had the legend written in it. It was very intriguing at the end because the chapter didn’t show whether Cinereus survived as far as Misty was concerned.

Descriptions and the flow were great as usual. You keep your readers in suspense and entertained, so much so that you them glued to your fic, me included.

My only criticism is that there were some spelling errors like those Shadow shipper spotted. For example: There was a time when ‘two’ was supposed to be ‘too’, and ‘your’ was supposed to be ‘you’re’ and vice versa. But it wasn’t really your fault, you had those priorities that kept you so occupied and fatigued that you’re bound to make mistakes at some point… besides, nothing in life is perfect.

Overall: Brilliant as always but don’t get too stressed out on things. I look forward to the next and final chapter.

Cap D. Blue

Wow, I feel really bad for not noticing this five days earlier. Damn, I've been way too occupied with the wrong things lately.

And I don't think it helps that I lost track of the plot several chapters ago. *shot* But I'm only human. Though you have to admit, I've been pretty loyal to the story that got me to join. (I bring that up too much, don't I?)

WS, you've done a great job with this and I can't help but feel disappointed that it's all coming to an end soon. And I'll be even more upset if this doesn't get moved to the Completed Fics section once it's finished! =P