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Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Water Spirit, May 30, 2004.

  1. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    Wow... it was certainly a long-awaited chapter, but it most certainly didn't disappoint :D

    I must say, that chapter was absolutely breathtaking. Everything from the detail of the surroundings, to the interactioon of the characters was outstanding. My favourite part was most certainly when Ash and Misty were sleeping on the sofa together, leaning on each other. While reading that scene, I had a vividly cute image spring to my head of them together. Kudos for capturing my imagination to that extent, as I don't have many vividly clear scenes when reading. (Maybe only in Harry Potter also) ;)

    Also, I found the retelling of the ancient stories very absorbing. It's very interesting to discover more and more about them through Misty. I also like how they are almost a parallel to the current state of affairs around Ash and Co., especially between Ash and Misty lol.

    Phew, well as I say that chapter certainly didn't disappoint, and I now eagerly anticipate the next - and unbelievably - final chapter.
  2. Lavender Ice

    Lavender Ice +SatoKasu Supporter+

    After five days of unbelievably annoying internet issues, I HAVE FINALLY READ THE CHAPTER!!!!!!! I just about died waiting to read this when I knew it had already been posted!

    But anyway, I was amazed all over again. Once I started reading I couldn't stop...even though I'm technically supposed to be asleep about an hour ago(oh well, my parents will never find out and it's not like I have a test or anything important tomorrow anyway). Having them stop in the Orange Islands was brilliant, although I was surprised Melody didn't show up. After Rudy and Danny did I guess I expected that she would too eventually.

    Primrose cracks me up with her ability to get on Misty's nerves. And I just had to laugh at how she played up the fact that she was playing the mermaid when it was really only the young mermaid.

    I held my breath for practically the entire library scene. It was so suspenseful. And then with the memory from the book, that was really good. It reminded me of the memory thing in Harry Potter that I temporarily forgot the name of(this proves that I need to go reread those books again, for the billionth time, lol), although I don't know if that was your intention or not. I love your creativity with the names and your use of Latin. I just took Latin I lat semester, so I have this urge to try to translate it every time I see it in there, but my vocabulary isn't very big yet, so my attempts aren't going so well, lol!

    Wait, if misty was absorbed into the book, how was she there for Ash and Brock to wake up? I don't get it. And I can believe Ash would be dense enough to believe Misty's excuses, but shouldn't Brock be getting suspicious by now?

    Oh, poor Misty, I feel sorry for her, tryin to figure out how much of Nebulosa and Cinereus' story relates to her. She seems to be nervous over Ash and May's relationship all of a sudden. They are just nervous over their kiss scene in the play, right?

    Awww, Ash and Misty fell asleep on the couch together! That was just so cute! And Max took a picture of it too. I can just see their expressions if they ever saw it!

    As for whether I've gotten a name change, I did use to have account under the the name of Aquaflower(yes, I'm the person who was 'compelled' to ignore your wishes about not writing about your grandfather's death--I'm actually pretty embarassed about that now!), but it wouldn't activate, so I made this one. I didn't make a lot of posts with it though, and only a couple to you, so I don't think I'm the person you're thinking about. I'm actually thinking about getting a name change as I found out there's another Lavender Ice on deviantArt who's pretty well known for her pokeshipping art(or so I'm told, as I seem to have somehow missed it until now) which could make it a little awkward if people think I'm her over here. I'll let you know if I do.

    Well, I should probaly get some sleep in, so I'll finish up now. I won't say anything about the next chapter this time, so maybe I'll actually be able to read it on time(keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I didn't just jinx myself here!)

    ~Lavender Ice
  3. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife JElliot

    Well, we are here, this is the last day before the Final Finale. Been an amazing ride WS, and like all series/season finales that get cut into multiple parts, I will review chapter 31 and 32 as a whole. Suffice it to say I am very much liking what I am seeing in the first half though. You really do paint a picture, much more vividly than any other fic writer I have ever seen, I can see what is going on clearly in my mind the whole time (With the 4 Kids voices :D).

    Anyway, excellent job so far, and looking forward to the climatic finish.


    The Ash Misty couch scene was adorable.
  4. krissy06

    krissy06 Te Amo...

    I have been reading this fic for a long time as a lurker, and it's so bittersweet that it's finally coming to an end. I know it's been a while since you started it, and I just have say thank you for never abandoning or giving up on this fic. You always came back, even if it took a while for you to post. And that is why you are one of the most loved and respected fic writers on this forum. This is by far one of, if not the best pokeshipping fic I've ever read. The characterizations are dead on. Never once have I seen any OOC-ness in this fic. The descriptions are never too little or too much...it's perfect. I can always visualize the scene that you're describing. I love the character interaction as well. Like I said, never OOC. The plot is so well thought out, and it also can be so suspenseful, but in a good way. I never know what's coming with this story, and I love that.

    I cannot wait to read the last chapter and see what happens. Whatever happens, even if Ash/Misty don't end up together (which would be such a twist), I'll still be both sad and happy because it's the end of an amazing fic that defines Pokeshipping and I was able to witness your genius. Thank you for an amazing ride.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2008
  5. HikariTajiri

    HikariTajiri Back! =D

    ...Huh? I thought the final chapter was coming yesterday... Even if it isn't updated by tomorrow, I'll still enjoy it when it eventually comes. Go FADOF! XD
  6. Hypershell

    Hypershell Dragon's Best Friend

    Well, delays are a part of all internet projects. Life has to come first, not to mention technology and circumstance don't always go well. I'm sure many of us can attest to computer troubles at bad times (on Serebii especially, as I've known these boards to be temperamental regarding speed/connections).

    WS, I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said. Your work is, as always, spectacular. It's not just a great story with familiar names, either; often times when I read your work, and especially with this chapter, I feel that you truly know the characters. Their reactions to everything happening around them are just as they should be, whether it's to a cliched underwear line from Ash's mom or a more off-the-wall suggestion like dying his hair. The tried-and-true convenient napping positions (schweet!), not to mention pretty much everything about Brock. There's really too many such moments in this chapter to list them all out, but it's things like that which cement your fic into the imaginations of all your readers. And as time has gone on, you've just gotten better and better at it. Bravo, I say!

    I enjoyed the flashback to the ancient tale, too. So, did the true story really turn out like the legend said, or no? Either way, what's going to turn out differently this time? Do we REALLY have a handle on who represents who back then, or could there still be something missing? I guess the final chapter will hold all the answers.

    And why would we hate you, silly girl? What, Misty wants to confide in Brendan? Pshaw, it'll take more than that to scare your rabid fans away. =P Sorrowful as it may be when FADOF no longer continues, I'm no less anxious to see how it'll all turn out. Until then!
  7. skip9494

    skip9494 New Member

    Wow... An amazing story.. The best one I've ever read. I'm speechless. I can't wait for the last chapter, I hope it comes soon! I've been a lurker this whole time and your story convinced me to make an account cuz I just had to comment! I hope Misty and Ash end up together, but nevertheless it will always be favorite fanfic!
  8. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Hey Water Spirit. I stumbled upon this work of art a few weeks ago or something and I've been reading it since then. I haven't had much time to read it but I have finally caught up and am waiting for your final chapter. I just want to say thank you so much for writing this story. It is so beautiful seriously. It is one of the best, probably the best fic that I have ever read. It really sucks that this story is coming to an end soon but I am glad to have had the chance to thank you while you were still writing it. Thanks once again and I am happily waiting your final chapter.
  9. zapdragon14

    zapdragon14 High as the sky 8D

    Exellent, a very clever and absorbing chapter. Haven't read it for quite a while but I'm piecing the plot back together and its getting exciting. Like everyone else said, it sucks that it has to end soon :(

    I desperately want ash and misty to pull together before it finishes (I guess thats normal In any good shipping fic), and I'm waiting anxiously to see what happens. But, please take your time with this and I'm sure me and all the other readers will love it :)
  10. Wow, I haven't come here in a REALLY long time. It's nice to know that Chapter 31 is up, I really loved it. ^__^ I gotta say my fave part was the sequence where Misty sees what happened in the past, that was really cool.

    I also liked this part a whole lot.

    Heh. Little Cinnerus and Nebulosa are like Ash and Misty when they started traveling together. ^__^

    Why would May blush because of Ash? No! I don't like this >.< Unless... I think I better not say what I just thought of since it could be misleading for the others in case I'm completely wrong. I just hope it's what I'm thinking or something similar and not what you're sort of hinting that May and Ash... I don't want to think about it. Although I like May a lot I just don't like Advanceshipping at all.

    BTW, awesome job with the whole legend/prophecy part, it's terrific. It's so accurate and neat, you really know what you're doing. You're my role model for writing, I hope I can become as good as you. See you and needless to say I'm looking forward to next chapter. Hopefully, I'll be coming here more often, too.
  11. Tsushiro

    Tsushiro New Member

    Man, I couldn't agree more. I honestly think May should be with Drew, PERIOD. And honestly, I think Advanceshipping is a ship with little more than a single episode of proof (and even the evidence found in this episode can be easily contradicted). We shouldn't worry, though, I have much faith in Water Spirit's work after reading 31 awesome chapters. Go Water Spirit!
  12. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Now to edit this since I can now give a better review... (Which is what this deserves, but I was afraid I wouldn't get to review at all before you posted the final chapter)

    This chapter was gorgeous, I can say it met expectations; in length, descriptions, and interaction. I loved the past being replayed, in fact the whole scene with Misty in library is favorite part of the chapter. I could really imagine what was going on, and the atmosphere reminded me a bit of a part of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which made love it even more. I'm really into the mysterious ancient past part of the story, and I wonder how it's all going to play out when they act in Daisy's play, which is almost a reenactment of what happened.

    I can I also say that I mourn Silex (Brock), as what you said about killing off a character in the next chapter is mostly revealed (I don't really believe that Cinereus is dead right now as of yet, since Misty didn't actually see him die and the play's script calls for Nebulosa saving him before he drowns, and the script was taken from that book so... But then again the sisters changed parts of the story to their liking, such as the names and:

    So I'm not going to say for certain, since I wouldn't be surprised if they changed anything, but I just don't believe that he drowned there at the moment.) Either way we wait for the finale where you explain everything. Don't worry about taking so long with the chapter, I've had to practically disappear over the summer due to studying and lack of computer access myself. ^ ^; And we want you have plenty of time to put your best effort into it. Good luck.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
  13. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife JElliot

    Um, I don't mind about the story being late, but, does anyone know if WS is ok?
  14. PokeTech 493

    PokeTech 493 Old School Trainer

    Let me first say that this is one of the best AAML stories I've read.

    I also don't mind wanting for Chapter 32, Water Spirts' schoolwork comes first and it also takes a lot of time and concentration to write a story, especially a final chapter. Also being back to school myself I know how much time schoolwork can take up.

    Keep up the good work WS. ^ ^
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2008
  15. I would guess her school's started back up?

    But man that chapter was awesome! I loved how misty's trip down the stairs to that secret room was actually just her falling asleep in front of the shelf to her friends.
  16. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife JElliot

    Been re reading the early chapters, forgot how awesome this was.
  17. kukkyou_ooraka

    kukkyou_ooraka Original Pokeshipper

    wow...it was a "couple days" to a couple months....where is the last chapter?
  18. Hypershell

    Hypershell Dragon's Best Friend

    Who knows? Water Spirit's last post was on June 5th. I realize these kinds of projects can be unexpectedly shoved onto the back burner, and once they are it's amazing how long they can stay there. Still, it's been a very long time since we heard from her at all.

    I sure hope WS is okay, and merely lacks internet access.
  19. pokemon4eva

    pokemon4eva Run baby run...

    I'm sure she is, she most probably really busy, uni can be very time consuming.
  20. Amras.MG

    Amras.MG tl;dr

    Reread the entire fic, WS, and it was better than I remembered. good job!

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