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Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Water Spirit, May 30, 2004.

  1. xsweet_peax

    xsweet_peax +kiss of an angel+

    hmmm...been RE-rereading some of the chapters again and it's as good as I remembered it. I hope you update the last chapter soon. It's been a while and I'll just keep checking back. Can't wait..! =]
  2. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    So im super impatient and I want a new *chapter*
    Plzplzplz!! Its almost at the end and I really love this fic.
    I've been reading it since 2004 :x
  3. Water Spirit

    Water Spirit ~*Animus Aquae*~

    My dear fans,

    There is so much to say and so many people I need to reply to! Thank you all so much for showing your support and sticking by this fanfiction in its closing stages. A lot has happened since my last post (I know it has been ridiculously long time!) and some events are not worth talking about/not appropriate to discuss here.

    So, to give you a chance to bug me in real time, I have set up a twitter account as a trial basis to see if that will help answer your questions/keep you up to date. I'm finding it very difficult to get on to Serebiiforums atm due to lag time when I have tried to update, so I thought this might be a temporary solution until the forums are up and running smoothly.

    You can find me here: http://twitter.com/WaterSpirit28

    All the best and look forward to here from you! I will post here soon to reply to comments providing the forums don't throw me off again.

    Hope you are all well,

    Take care,

  4. pokemon4eva

    pokemon4eva Run baby run...

    Hey!!! Your welcome:) only the best for the best;) And I know what ya mean when you have a zilloin things going on in so little time.

    It's a shame this forum keeps failing you:( we've all have it happen, but we are all paitiently waiting, no biggie:) I know i am anyway:)

    I'm fine , I hope your doing ok too! Speak to you soon! xXx
  5. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife JElliot

    Good to know you are still alive.
  6. PokeTech 493

    PokeTech 493 Old School Trainer

    Hey Water Spirit, glad to hear from you. Hope everything is going well for you.

    What kind of problems are you having with Serebii.net Forum ? I'm a bit of a computer nerd and I might be able to help you out. From what you said about "lag time" that might be because of your connection to the internet. Do you a wireless network ? If so how far are you from the wireless router ? Have you tried using another computer or connecting to a different network, like a Starbucks wi-fi hotspot ?

    If you have any question for me just PM.
  7. pokeadvanceshipper

    pokeadvanceshipper Advanced Trainer

    Wow!!! I read this in two days!! It's awesome!! Keep it up . . .can't wait for the last chapter. . . (i kinda got scared that you had abandoned it when i saw post dates for 2008!!!)
  8. Cerulean Girl

    Cerulean Girl Cerulean Trainer

    Water Spirit: Oh my gosh, it has been FOREVER since I've talked to u! R those release dates for the chapters this June? I am SOOOOO excited!!! You've inspired me to at least try to finish the fanfic I've been writing since I was 14! :p I'm gonna be 19 soon, lol! :p Oh, I just got a Twitter, I'll follow u there! ^_^ My first name is on there and my user name is my typical one on everything else except for Serebii! :p It's mainly just my co-workers and I on there, but it'll be good to see a fellow Serebii friend on there! ^_^ Hope all is well for u, sounds like a lot has happened, but best of luck! ^_^ Oh, and a tip, I love Internet Explorer, but Firefox is WAY faster and I can get on the forums better with it! ^_^

    ~Cerulean Girl
  9. pokeadvanceshipper

    pokeadvanceshipper Advanced Trainer

    june 10th has passed . . . where's the last chapter (i'm getting scared). . . .
  10. L0v3 is Evol

    L0v3 is Evol Active Member

    [NOTE: Somethings are out of date..since I wrote this review while reading the chapters, and not waiting till the end, coz then I'll get lazy ;222;]

    Hey Water Spirit!;194;

    Okay, I owe you this review because of your great story, lol. It’s a shame I just started reading it recently, because you have a lot of talent when writing— Misty and Ash’s relationship is kept in character, which is really nice, because it’s like I can just see this all happening in my head ;311;

    *Sighs* It would’ve been really cool if this happened in the anime… But without all the injuries XD, you seem to be sort of fond of writing those, huh?

    In addition, I really liked how you put other people’s names/sn’s into your story. It makes reading your story even more fun and interactive. ;213; {I later learned you stopped doing it at about chapter 27ish...?}

    This scene is from Chapter 3:
    This scene reminded me of the GCYL episode, where Misty says that last line to Ash, after he complements he on a good battle. It's really cute IMO. Poor Ash though, his dense-ness at the beginning, is just a small taste of it here, you make it bigger later on in the story.

    An example that I thought took the cake was: [I believe it was from chapter twelve]
    And RIGHT when Misty was going to say something SUPER IMPORTANT!

    So far, this is the BEST PART!
    ;195;The underwater kiss idea was brilliant! I've heard it somewhere before, but I doubted it would work because of the reasons many other users said, such as the CO2 coming into Ash, which would give him CO2 instead of Oxygen [which btw isn't all we breathe in, we breathe in mostly Nitorgen, some Oxygen, and "other" if I remember my textbook right] But the reasons you gave did make sense... Lol, but I don't think I would want to try it ;munchlax;

    Also, the part with Max remembering what Ash said about Misty was cute. I really like when authors incorperate bits and pieces of the anime to strenghten the shippy-ness ;193; And in this case, I think the shippy hint was a big[-ish] hint since it was during a time when Ash was without Misty.

    Oh man, I was REALLY, REALLY hoping Misty would do something like ‘You helped me get to this point, Ash. Let’s go together!’ sort of thing. Heheheh... *Sweatdrops at her own stupidity* [Talking about myself in 3rd person ._.']

    This one is from Chappie 31:
    Now I can't wait to see the play! AAML KISS! A real kiss-kiss!
    ...Wait, no. That's wrong, it's a play/acting kiss-kiss...
    Grr..LOL! WS, you're really making us wait for it, huh?

    Also, in this comment, as you can see, I kinda did skip around [chapter-wise] since there was a day when computer didn't properly save my whole comment [it did this weird restart thing]. And because my original had stuff from each chapter, I feel kinda messed up for not re-doing it. But I really wanted to get this comment up, since I know that I owe you something for this really great story ;042;

    Btw, that boxer idea, with the quiz for Ash and Misty was terrific! And she said it without hesitating too! [If I remember correctly...she said they were blue] LOL ;324;

    Heheheh! A jealous Ash do a Pokeshipper good ;001; And LMAO to the last line! It was funny. But what I don't get is the fact that Misty can' tell Ash. He's part of the Mermaid and Prince story, shouldn't he have the right to know as well?

    They SLEPT together! *Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.* No not really XD but still, that was really cute [I'm running out of POSITIVE adjectives! Curse my 9th grade vocabulary ._.'' Sorry.. I can't think of any other good words to describe this awesome fic... Maybe it's too good for words...?]

    Woah! WOAH! What is THIS?! I spy AdvanceShipping hint!!!!!! =O! [..Well, I saw more before…but after that vision…o_O’’] And I agree to what Misty_Aquamaster said about this part.

    NOOO! =P [Sorry… I’m a pokeshipper 100%] XP That last line about Brendan made me go a bit sour… He is interfering with AAML!

    Wow… I finally caught up ;312; Wo0t! So, I'll be waiting for the last and final chappie... if you can, please PM me when you have it up. Thanks ;026;!

    L0v3 is Evol
  11. Hypershell

    Hypershell Dragon's Best Friend

    Now THIS is a pleasant surprise. I return from a break and find that WATER SPIRIT LIVES!!! =D

    Sure there's tons to tell. Twitter ain't my bag, but for now I'm just glad to see you active again (and yeah, forum lag can be a pain at times, I get that a lot too). I hope life's been treating you well (and if for any reason it hasn't, that you can bounce back).

    REALLY, REALLY need to re-read some of this. The fic is just so massive and it's been so long. Always itching to see what's coming next, WS. Hope we'll see ya soon!
  12. charmanderkesryl

    charmanderkesryl Active Member

    It's already july. Where is chapter 31 & 32?
  13. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Water Spirit! You've returned! :D Don't worry about not updating it in ages, I understand (as I'm sure we all do) that you've been busy. I'm not going to do that Twitter thing, as I don't have Twitter and don't want to register to it, but I am glad to know that you're back :) I hope things have been okay for you, and I'll be waiting for your next chapter. Thanks for returning to tell us you're okay. Can't wait for the next chapter :)
  14. Yuraenia

    Yuraenia Call me Qooky :)

    Hey Water Spirit...I'm kinda a newbie in these forums, but I just gotta say...AWESOME STORY! I love it! I started reading like a few days ago or so, but I finished until the last chapter u put up here...and I can't wait till u put up chapter 32! Oh, and good luck with writing it. I don't have Twitter either and I don't plan on registering though....

    I loved the part where Misty and Ash had to be partners in that water competition and Misty had to underwater kiss Ash....I could easily picture that in my head! *squeal!* oh and that last part where they ended up sleeping side by side...aaww....so sweet! XD :)
  15. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Well Water Spirit, I just reread your whole fic, and loved it. Again. It is seriously beautiful. I love this fic, and will be extremely sad, yet happy when it reaches it's end. Thank you so much for writing this fic. You don't know how much it means to me. I can't wait for the final chapter :) I wish there was a way I could stay updated on what was going on with you, but I'm not going to register to Twitter or Live Journal so yeah... I guess I'll just hope that you reply here, in a VM, or in a PM. Bye.
  16. charmanderkesryl

    charmanderkesryl Active Member

    This is my favorite aamrn. the best ever!! Water Spirit you are such a genius!!!
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
  17. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    Yay WaterSpirit! :D you replied right after me.
    anyway i'm glad you're still writing this fic, I'm writing mine as well now that i've come back from the dead :)
    keep on writing because thats the only form of expression on paper!
    I'm rereading the whole fic to remember everything again although its just as amazing as the last time :D
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
  18. Chargirl

    Chargirl Ultimate Fire User

    Please Water Spirit, update this! I'm sure to die of curiosity soon enough if I don't hear the end(yes, it's that good)! This was supposed to be finished months ago, which only makes me more curious about this.
  19. Cerberus

    Cerberus One Love

    Oh wow, I remember this story, I started reading it when the first chapter was published, and it's not even finished yet.

  20. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    I think I'm gonna be looking into this thread until I'm 25 just hoping for some new chapters ^^ -shot-
    anyway WS I love youuu and I totally understand that you're busy with life and stuff but please try to make a little progress :)

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