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Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Water Spirit, May 30, 2004.

  1. brandonzard

    brandonzard New Member

    I found this Fanfic a week ago, and honestly i've never been so hooked into a story. I love everything about this story, it's characters, how this story could actually be a part of the series, and most importantly, the Ash-Misty relationship. I know that i am not in the position to make a request, (since i just started following this Fanfic, and that i register about an hour ago) but i really need you to finish this Fanfic, please, !!!!!I'M DYING OUT HERE!!!! I feel like i'm going to die out of sadness for not seeing the ending of what's probably the best love story i've ever read or watch (including the titanic and all pixar movies combined) in my whole life.

    I don't know why you haven't finished it yet, i mean it's been 5 long years since you announce the final chapter, and 3 long years since you made your last post regarding the future of FADOF, but i sincerely hope you're okay and even though it's more likely that you already forgot about this page and your story i like to think that you're working on an ***-whooping finale and that it took you so long because you were waiting for the world to be ready for your amazing, sock-knocker, heart-stoping, ***-whooping story, and i think that the world is ready now.

    So i know that this is long, but i pray for you to read it so you could realize that we still care and that we are still waiting.
    Sicerely a die-hard poekmon fan, pokeshipper and a Water Spirit fan, hope you read this, take care.
  2. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    Keeping this page alive! I'm sure WaterSpirit is now a lot older with a successful FT job probably, but I hope one day she remembers and maybe has the last chapter saved on her computer and decides to post it.... This is an excellent fic with excellent writing and plot development. We love you WS!!
  3. rosaquatica

    rosaquatica New Member

    Hello WaterSpirit, I just wanted to say that this fan-fic is beyond one of the best I have ever read! I found it recently about a week ago (thanks to tumblr) and have read everything from top to bottom and even searched through the thread of comments for the final chapters and teasers that were not linked :) I can proudly say that I made this account simply to comment here that I, along with your whole fandom, will be waiting for the final chapter and the day you come back!

    Though I was not here from the start, thank you for sharing this with us all! Your writing style evolved through the years (yes I read the dates of the posts) and is very vicarious! More importantly as a 18 year old pokemon fan, you sticked to the original characters personalities and show so well. I adore your writing style and this whole story was so stunning and emotional! I love all the Latin phrases and the meaning behind the names of the legend, the description of the battles, the denseness of Ash, the jealousy, the building up of romantic feelings/signs - over all this whole tale was an emotional and fun read! It was not cheesy, unoriginal and though you commented feeling weak you were never one bit weak!

    I am saddened to have the last chapter and the posts above as the last comments in this moment :( I wish that you will return someday and gives all the end we have been craving for whether it be for weeks, months or years! I am sure we will all sporadically log to this page and see if anything new happens! Until then I shall await :)
  4. Water Spirit

    Water Spirit ~*Animus Aquae*~

    An Overwhelmingly Overdue Update on the Future of Fate and Destiny of Friends

    My dear readers,

    Firstly, I cannot thank you enough from the absolute bottom of my heart and soul that you have continued to support FADOF and this thread despite my long absence and ever longer delay in getting Chapter 32 posted. For those of you who have given up on ever seeing the chapter reach the light of day - I can only apologise profusely for disappointing you and also do not blame you.

    For those of you who have continued to persevere and hope that one day I will post Chapter 32, I cannot thank you enough for your patience. The scariest lesson of writing this fiction is learning how quickly time flies. Reading your messages completely overwhelms me with happiness and desire to complete it and to deliver you with a chapter that you will not be disappointed by and absolutely deserve to be perfect.

    I have continuously made a promise to you all, my readers, that no matter how long it takes FADOF will be finished, reach its conclusion and be published only on Serebii Forums. There is rarely a day or week that goes by that FADOF isn't in my mind. It's the terrifying realisation that it has been years of inactivity on the Forums, and snippets of life where paragraphs at a time of FADOF are written or trawling through previous chapters to reawaken threads of story lines that need to come together. FADOF, in many ways has shaped me into who I am today and with it and the support of all my readers, I would not have the confidence to write in my particular style. YOU have made FADOF as much as what it has evolved into through your kind words and constructive feedback as much as you have continued to shape and inspire my desires to continue writing whenever I can.

    I hope my small explanation for why FADOF is taking so long can be understood as life often taking precedence over what we truly love doing. I have been in school/university for the past seven years and am currently in my final year of a PhD. My thesis, which has been an overwhelming learning curve and time consumer for the last three years, has taken up nearly all my time in overcoming a number of bumps and hurdles and in a final push to get it submitted to pass my oral defence/viva. What has come out of this rewarding yet gruelling experience is that my true passion is writing fiction, not research papers, and I'm even more determined to pursue that goal after finishing my thesis. I love researching, as many of you will now from the plots and twists of FADOF, but that thrill emerges more from incorporating those findings into fictional realms. To aid with my transition back into fiction writing, I will aim to complete FADOF after my viva/the correction period as a thank you to you all for your unbelievable patience and as a test to see if my writing style has improved/declined after a long stint in academia. My current submission deadline is December 2014, with the hope of sitting the oral defence in early 2015.

    I know that this is still a while to go but I hope for those of you still around that would like to see FADOF finished, that this comes as bittersweet or even good news rather than a further disappointment. I will, however, endure to be more forthcoming with updates on my progress than I have been so in the last three years.

    As an honest update on Chapter 32, it has had a number of rewrites and extensions in the snippets of time I can muster away from my thesis. It has, (unfortunately for some) evolved into two separate chapters, making the total chapter count for FADOF standing at 33. I have tried and tried to tie up most of the loose ends into one final chapter, but my instinct has told me that I'm not going to do the closing story line justice.

    Thank you again to all of you who have posted in this thread and for those who continue to read it anonymously. I hope this small update answers many of your pending questions. To my new readers, a huge, huge welcome and thank you for reading FADOF after all of these years. To my faithful and veteran readers, thank you to all of you for your support over the years, whether it be through posts, ratings, views or for the smiles your gave me through your support and believe in Fate and Destiny of Friends. I hope you are all doing well and wish you all the happiness, success and prosperity that you all deserve.

    Thank you again for continuing to support Fate and Destiny of Friends. I will not be regularly active on the Forums due to thesis demands but I will endeavour to pop in from time to time.Thank you again for continuing to support Fate and Destiny of Friends. If I do miss its big day, a very Happy 10th Birthday to FADOF on 30th May 2014. How we have both lasted this long, I have absolutely no idea but you have succeeded in making me feel like an aging parent.

    Faithfully yours,

    Water Spirit
  5. Hypershell

    Hypershell Dragon's Best Friend

    I can only imagine how daunting a task it must be to pick up such a detailed work after such a long period of inactivity. On the other hand, I also know that when you are passionate about a project, it always kreeps into your mind in those few spare moments you have to yourself every few days, whether you're able to knuckle down or not.

    WS, thanks much for the update. I wish you the best of luck in whatever direction life takes you (or the direction you take it), and I look forward to the day when I can see this masterpiece completed.
  6. Cerulean Girl

    Cerulean Girl Cerulean Trainer

    Water Spirit: Oh my gosh!!! I am SOOOOOOOO happy to hear from you!!! I am rarely on Serebii anymore, but I have been thinking about you and all the other friends I used to have on Serebii and how much I miss those times. I still need to finish my fanfic too. I have so much I want to talk to you about, I'll send you a PM next year when hopefully you'll be able to respond. I graduated with my M.A. in English in May 2014. Unfortunately, I didn't get into the creative writing program, but at least I got to write a lot of papers on Harry Potter, and even one on Pokemon with my literature program. I am so proud of you for working to obtain a PhD.!!! I decided that a Master's Degree was enough for me and some things have happened in my life that have made it very difficult to function, so obtaining that degree was a major accomplishment in itself. After being in school since age 3, at 23 I decided I was finished. I cannot wait to read the next chapter!!! Well, I guess I can, but I'm super excited to hear that there will be a Chapter 32! :) And I can't believe it's been 10 years, happy belated 10th anniversary FADOF!!! Well, continue with your studies and please send me a PM if I don't get around to it first. Take care! ^_^

    ~Cerulean Girl
  7. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Er... Hi, Dawn, or Spirit-san, or Spirit-chan. It’s been ages, hasn’t it?

    Sorry that I haven’t been around and such. Life can be pretty hectic. At one point, I thought someone murdered you or something. *Shudders* It’s great to hear from you after such a long time. So, in your last year at uni, hey? PhD? Now, that’s a tough one. I can see that you’re doing very well for yourself. I’m proud of ya. Best of luck with the final assignments. I know you can do it. Knock ‘em dead... well, not literally.

    As for FADOF, despite that I haven’t been replying until now, I can still see it going strong. And as your final chapter, I’ll be waiting patiently for it. And judging from your past chapters, I’m sure that it's going to be great.

    Hope to see you again soon.
  8. SceptileFan

    SceptileFan I AM RACCOON MAN

    I remember reading this story as a 6th grader, and now I'm almost done with college. How time flies. Might reread it if I get some time :)
  9. Marie A

    Marie A New Member

    Hello, Water Spirit!

    I would just like you to know how much this fanfic meant to me when I was younger. I don’t know if you will finish it but I would just like to tell you it is still on my mind until today. Good luck with all your endeavors! Be safe ~

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