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Fate/stay night

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by XY Rules, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. XY Rules

    XY Rules Pokemon Master

    So let's discuss the anime Fate/stay night (also the movie Unlimited Blade Work counts as well)
    But please only discuss if you actually like it or think it's okay. But if you hate it, well you can still discuss just don't be bashing it or just come here to say it sucks.

    One more thing, please try to avoid talking about Fate/zero since that's a different anime altogether.

    So I'll start us off with a topic:
    Which Servant battle was your favorite
    Mine was Archer vs Berserker because it was epic. Archer went out with a bang. Plus we got a little hint on who he was.
  2. Vernikova

    Vernikova Champion

    I didn't find it so bad, but I never read the visual novel so I can't compare the adaptation. I've heard it was a bad one. Shirou was pretty awful too.

    It was average in my opinion. Nothing about it really stands out.

    I can't remember the UBW movie but it was, expectedly, really nice to look at.
  3. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    A mod should just combine the Fate/Stay Night threads since there's a ufotable adaptation thread just below this one.

    The DEEN anime was subpar to say the least. Randomly combining all three routes in a mediocre fashion and then adding stuff. Shirou's character definitely got the short of the stick, making him more stupid and less badass than he actually is in the VN. Also overemphasized the love story IMO, although Fate route was heavy with the Shirou x Saber.

    As for the UBW movie, well...it might have been better if it was an hour longer (how do you have 15 hour route stuffed into an 1h40 min). You basically had to have played the UBW route, which is arguably the most popular route in the game, to understand what was going on otherwise the fast pace would have left you likely confused. Could have definitely used a lot more Shirou x Rin. Even if Shirou vs Archer wasn't as emotional and awesome as it was in the VN, I still thought that was excellent, especially with Kenji Kawaii EMIYA in the background. I also really liked the intro sequence (and the epic background music): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVEJhhY9eGU
  4. XY Rules

    XY Rules Pokemon Master

    Oh, didn't ever notice that before. Probably because I just found out about Ufotable. But anyway, I guess I'll ask a mod to close this for me and join you guys over there. (As long as there is little to no talk about Fate/Zero).
  5. Born Better

    Born Better God of Lightning

    So what's the original source material for this series/ franchise? I've been thinking about checking it out for a while now.
  6. Vernikova

    Vernikova Champion

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