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Fav Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
Which duel monster(s) from any of the yugioh series is(are) your fav(s)?

My list
1) Black Luster Soldier
2) Dark Magician
3) Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Valkyrion
4) Buster Blader
5) XYZ Dragon Cannon
6) Blue Eyes White Dragon
7) Red Eyes Black Dragon
8) The Egyptian God Monsters
9) Gilford the Lightning
10) Flame Swordsman
11) Gearfried the Iron Knight
12) Blade Knight
13) Kaiser Seahorse
14) Rocket Warrior
15) Breaker the Magical Warrior
16) Silent Swordsman
17) Silent Magician
18) Dark Magician Girl
19) Magician's Valkyria
20) E-Hero Sparkman*
21) Cyber Tutu*
22) Vorse Raider
23) Kuriboh
24) Marsh Melon
25) Gandora
26) Watapon
27) Beast of Gilfer
28) Beformet/Gazelle/Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast
29) Big Shield Gardna
30) Queen's Knight
31) Summoned Skull
32) Curse of Dragon
33) Obnoxious Celtic Guardian
34) Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
35) Catapult Turtle
36) Hydrogedon/Oxygedon*
37) Different Dimension Dragon
38) Chaos Emperor Dragon
39) Winged Kuriboh*
40) Magician of Black Chaos

* - Monsters from the GX series. To be honest most of the monsters from the latest series are not at all interesting except for those on my list.
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Well-Known Member
Red-Eyes Black Dragon, he looks super cool.

Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl.

Obelisk, Osiris, and Ra. All three look awesome. Pulse, their the most powerful Cards.

Buster Blader is cool.

That's all I could think of, for now.


Aim for the Top.
Anything but the E-heroes there's more E-heroes than there is Pokémon, Jaden shows a new few every episode... When I played long ago I liked Jinzo the most, it owns.

Ed Phoenix

Pesky Boy
Mine are:

Egyptian Gods
Dark Magician Girl
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Black Luster Soldier
Chaos Emperor Dragon
Cyber Dragon/Cyber Twin Dragon/Cyber End Dragon
Chimeratech Overdragon
Cyberdark Horn/Edge/Keel/Dragon

Anything not involving the E-heroes, I detest those pathetic excuses for cards.

Korobooshi Kojiro

I like the E-Heroes.....-_-

I also LOVE Groun Mole and Glow Moss.

Oh, and basically the Water Dragon compound, the 'roids, Mystical Elf, and Celtic Guardian.

Cyberdark Horn/Edge/Keel/Dragon
Speaking of pathetic.........
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Obelisk the Tormentor
Slifer the Sky Dragon
Winged Dragon of Ra
Dark Paladin
B.Skull Dragon
Magician of Black Chaos
Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Cyber End Dragon
CyberDark Dragon
Ancient Gear Golem


Bastion of Flame
The Black Magician is one of my Favorites.

I like almost all the Cards Yugi had during the Doma Orichalcos Saga.

I also like most of Jonouchi's cards.

I just have too many favorites to list.


Power Is Beautiful
Red Eyes B. Dragon
Red Eyes Darkness Dragon
and Harpie`s Pet Dragon

Hail dragons!

Walk The Rain

I love the Destiny Heroes (Dogma specifically-I was so happy when I got not one...but TWO!) and Silent Swordsman LV3-7

Ed Phoenix

Pesky Boy
Speaking of pathetic.........

They're not that bad, not when compared to the E-Heroes that is.

Although I do admit the Neo-Spacians are cool and so is Neos.

The Cyberdarks are the reverse-side of the Cyber Dragons and therefore beat the E-Heroes.

Plus, when Zane uses them they kick ***.

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
Slifer The Sky Dragon
Silver Fang
Des Kangaroo
Winged Dragon Of Ra


Charizard Trainer
Very easy and I have the cards of them!

Blue Eyes White Dragon
Ultimate Blue Eyes White Dragon
Tyrant Dragon
Metal Red Eyes Black Dragon
Winged Dragon of Ra
Uria Lord of the Searing Flames
Slifer the Sky Dragon
Master of Dragon Knight
Five God Dragon aka Five Headed Dragon